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Network Security Analyst Resume Profile


Short Overall Experience Summary:

  • Very well versed in interfacing with C level management.
  • Researching and recommending visionary architectural solutions.
  • Experience with conducting presentations to C level management.
  • Current role involved being the go to person for everything Security related.
  • Experience in Network security Forensics Investigations
  • Experience in SEIM, SELM technologies
  • Experience in HIDS/HIPS/NIDS/NIPS, Vulnerability Scanning, APPScan Pen Testing
  • Experience in Project Management for Network, Security, Compliance, Audit activities
  • Experience in Firewalls, Proxies, DLP, PKI and many other security platforms.
  • In depth knowledge of PCI-DSS, HIPPA, ISO27001/2, SOX and many other Security policy requirements.
  • Ability to perform network/security architect collection, planning, implementation and management of network security technologies along with knowledge to create policies, processes, procedures and detailed M/S Office documents such as Visio, Word, Excel, PowerPoint.
  • Experience in demonstrating overall strategies to Management, C-Level or interfacing with lower level Subject Matter Experts.
  • R. Comeaux
  • Overall very well rounded experience in Network Security, ability to learn new technologies quickly and apply them to environments rapidly.

Technical Summary:

Operating Systems:

Linux many flavors , Windows NT/WIN2K/XP/VISTA/7, IBM AIX, HP-UX, PC-MS DOS, OpenVMS UNIX, NOKIA IPSO, CISCO IOS, Sun Solaris, SCO UNIX. Familiar with MainFrame/RACF.


Vulnerability Scanning-Penetration Testing Application other on windows, linux, Unix, AIX and other O/S's, Incident Forensics Management, CheckPoint FW1/VPN 4.0-4.1-NG-NGX-Provider-1, CISCO PIX Firewall, IBM SecureWay Firewall, Cisco PIX Device Manager PDM , Symantec Firewall, Nokia IPSO, HIDS/NIDS Host/Network Based IDS Cisco,ISS,Sourcefire,Dragon,Snort IDS/IPS, Encase, Snort, RBAC AD, Unix, etc. , PKI, Cisco CSA Cisco Security Advisor host based IPS , Active Directory, WEP/WPA/WPA2, EAP, TLS, TKIP, Wireless, VOIP, PKI, Nessus, Nmap, Fireeye, Sniffers, DHCP, RADIUS, SecureID, PGP, Voyager, Microsoft Office Suite: Microsoft Project, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Access, Visio, SSH, SSL, HTTPS, , LOTUS SMARTSUITE, LOTUS Notes, AIX, Shell Scripting, X-Windows, TACACS, Websense, Webtrends, Motif, Reflections, SecureCRT, MultiNet, DNS, PCM, Scheduler, SLS, ALL-IN-1, DEC-Event, PSSP, DECPS, HealthCare DIAG/LAB Proprietary Software ,Internet Explorer, FrontPage, M/S Exchange, SiteMinder, Scripting, Outlook, Ghost, Tripwire, XLNT, Splunk,Secure IM, Remedy other PC related software packages.


Many brands, types and configurations of IBM iSeries RS/6000 Cisco Wireless devices routers, wap, print servers, etc. , SP Frame control workstation, Nokia, Contivity, HP 3000/8000/9000 Series Servers, VAX/Alpha, all models of PC based hardware, RAID Hot-swappable arrays from various manufacturers, network devices: Cisco Routers/Switches, Cisco Wireless, Hubs, CSU/DSU, servers, Terminals, RAS network servers. From manufactures: Cisco, Bay Networks, Compaq, Hewlett Packard, IBM Dell. Nortel Switches Routers, fiber cabling termination hardware, Network printers, PLC's, Modems, NIC's, familiarity with Cisco 4200 series IDS devices.

Networks: Windows N/T-WIN2K-XP-Vista, Windows 2000/2003 Servers, Windows 7, 10/T-100/T-Gigabit Ethernet, Token-ring, Wireless, VOIP Voice over IP , DLP, LAN/WAN/MAN, VPN, TCPIP, Subnetting, Load balancers, SONET, ISDN, Frame Relay, T-1, DECNET 4 5, OSPF, RIP, IGRP, EIGRP protocols, encapsulation, Citrix, SSL, VPN, Twisted Pair, thick/thin Ethernet, NIS, NFS, FTP, BOOTP, LAT, CiscoWorks network management software , CGMP Cisco group Management protocol , VSM Cisco visual switch manager , WEP/WPA/WPA2, EAP, TLS, TKIP, CSA, CSS Cisco Content Services Switch , DNS/DHCP, familiarity planning of Cisco Wireless MESH.

Security: SOX, COBIT, HIPPA, ISO 17799/27002,PCI, HIPAA, Graham-Leach-Bliley, GSD331, ISEC, ITCS104, 802.1x.,BlueCoat Proxy,FireEye, ISS Proventia HIDS/NIDS/NIPS, ISS Vulnerability Scanner, Penetration testing, Cloud Security, familiar with COBITand NERC-CIP, McAfee HIDS-File Integrity Monitoring-Endpoint protection-DB Event Monitoring.



Network Security Analyst

  • Performed Vulnerability scanning-penetration testing on Windows, Linux, Unix, AIX and other O/S's, PM on projects to eliminate findings. Execute AppScan on customer accounts and help rectify findings. Managed many groups in various environments ensuring best practices security.
  • Research, designed, performed capacity planning, implemented and managed network security architecture configurations for secure networking environments: This included firewalls, routers, AAA solutions, proxies Bluecoat, etc. , DMZ, Wireless, SIEM/SELM, HIDS/NIDS/IPS, and many other Security configurations based upon requirements.
  • Performed the research/design/architecture/capacity planning and drove teams for projects involving existing firewall environments and new firewall environments.
  • Planned for future network designs/growth/bandwidth based upon current and future projects.
  • Hands on configuration of Cisco routers, switches, firewalls in test environments when required.
  • Review daily the HIDS/NIDS/NIPS findings-take actions to resolve.
  • Security Project manager to implement new HIDS/NIDS/NIPS, participate in configuration/fine
  • tuning of this solution. Primary contact for this HIDS/NIDS/NIPS environment.
  • Highly familiar with ISO17799/ISO27001/2, PCI DSS, SOX, HIPAA, ITCS104, GSD331, ISEC, FIC 20001 security policies, JCAHO. Familiarity with NIST.
  • Created and Reviewed Architecture for Risk identification. Defined, design and created requirements and documentation to be used for guidance by various teams.
  • Security Analyst/Architect/Guardian for a multi-year contract, multi-Billion dollar Global Account. This role was responsible for everything security related on this huge customer. This involved analyzing Information security systems against IT Best Practices and recommending/developing security resolutions to found issues in these environments.
  • Defined and Created an Enterprise Security Policy if one did not exist. Defined/created Security process/procedures and Standards for all environments based on the Enterprise Security Policy.
  • On a daily basis, I monitored the primary security sites for the latest known vulnerabilities, outbreaks, known issues in the wild and evaluate the customer environment for possible actions to avoid security issues.
  • Primary Security Interface to the external customer driving the Security Policy Implementation, ensuring compliancy. Also drove PCI, HIPAA, ISO 27002 SOX security compliancy for this customer.
  • Technical PM, creating project plans, interface with SME's concerning successes, issues, problems, essentially making things happen .
  • Daily reviews of logs, firewalls, IDS/IPS HIDS,NIDS,WIDS,IPS traffic reviews to identify possible actions that need to be taken.
  • Review configurations of firewalls, switches, routers and AIX, Windows, Solaris Linux Operating systems for security gaps, holes, services/ports and made recommendations for changes to remedy any found security problems to ensure a more security environment.
  • Network Security Architecture planning for IDP, VPN site to site, remote users, etc. , network infrastructure, security infrastructure.
  • Evaluate all Operating systems environment settings O/S configuration parameters and interface with system administrators to recommend best practice O/S configurations for a more secure environment on: Linux, AIX, Unix, Windows, AS400, OS390 Operating systems according to ISO 27002/17799.
  • Review DMZ network configurations, traffic flows from the insecure and secure networks, evaluate R. Comeaux
  • the data stored in the DMZ and based upon Best Practices, make recommendations to management on what is needed to bring the environment into a best practices secure scenario. Drive the project to implement these changes.
  • Perform overall Security Environment reviews based on current Best Practices, latest ISO 27002/17799 security policy. Advise C-Level management and IT staff of these recommendations. Recommended new solutions to further secure their environments. Conducted security overviews for all levels of Mgmt.
  • Conducted training for management and IT staff on corporate policies and recommend a plan to achieve compliancy with these policies.
  • Functioned as a SME Subject Matter Expert for all issues security related.
  • Evaluate/Test/Recommend and Implement security tools to streamline the security compliancy process i.e.: automated health checking, SAD systematic attack detection , etc. .
  • Streamlined processes to use document repositories for efficiency and audit document retention.
  • Scheduled notifications were put into place for consistent security policy compliancy.
  • Architect new secure environments for SSL VPN, firewalls, routers, switches, AAA security, digital certificates, Virtual environments. Evaluate current environments for security improvements. .
  • AIX Systems Administration: AIX O/S system loads, security modification of O/S parameters,
  • network configuration, in test labs.
  • Monitored and developed SLA criteria for security related activities. My role was crucial to my client
  • Was the primary focal for all audits. Performed periodic spot checks to ensure compliancy to Best Practices and to Enterprise Security Policy. Presented Monthly formal presentations to C-Level Management of overall Security Posture on the account and recommended changes to produce a more secure environment. All recommendations made from an Industry Best Practices standpoint.
  • dramatically improving their SLA posture which had severe monthly financial penalties associated with any missed SLA's.
  • As a result of the peer audit review task list, focused on resolving these issues and advanced the completion timeline by at least 4 to 6 months ahead of schedule.
  • Oversee PKI environment, ensuring compliance with Best Practices, oversee the revocation lists,etc.
  • Create processes/procedures for environment compliance to PCI, SOX, HIPPA ISO27002..
  • Conducted all Training of personnel in the use of these processes/procedures and methods of data/document retention for audit purposes. This included C level training as well.
  • Conduct sniffer activities to determine what traffic is flowing on the networks, make determinations on what should be allowed based on critical production applications and made recommendations to eliminate unwanted and questionable security traffic flows.

ACCOMPLISHMENTS: As a Professional motivated self starter and working independently, my role as Security Analyst/Architect/Guardian was crucial to taking actions to correct architectnew or update existing configurations, security incidents, recommendations to upper level management on ways to improve their security posture, monitoring in the wild for future possible security breaches, driving security projects, etc.. This was a critical security role and I received reviews that indicated a very satisfied customer. These reviews are available upon request


Enterprise Network Security Engineer

  • Conducted sniffing activities when situations dictated.
  • Take actions to rectify vulnerability scans findings that showed security flaws in the infrastructure ie: traffic flows blocked at the firewalls and routers .
  • Evaluated leading IPS solutions and made recommendations on best fit IPS solution for this enterprise environment. This particular health care provider had 9 hospitals and over 5000 employees in a multi-county environment.
  • Planned/implemented new infrastructure IP addressing schema for new and existing network projects, existing security infrastructure and made recommendations for a more secure environment.
  • Monitored network bandwidth and performance, took actions to remediate any situations that would affect the network.
  • Planned network modifications/enhancements to bandwidth/hardware to enhance performance based on current growth, future projects and expected required performance.
  • Participate in HIPAA SOX security audit and compliancy requirements.
  • Delivered executive level presentations on HIPAA and requirements of this act.
  • Configure/Implement/Troubleshoot new dual redundant Checkpoint firewalls on a Nokia platform.
  • Responsible for multi-million dollar infrastructure requirement for implementation of a new
  • 3rd level support for the enterprise related to networks, infrastructure devices, firewalls, etc..
  • Radiology PACS. This involved technical project management, network device routers, switches, firewall implementation/configuration.
  • Received an excellent Letter of Recommendation from the Enterprise DIRECTOR based on the



  • Architect new and existing infrastructure and enterprise-wide firewall/wireless/network/security solutions. These efforts were based on collaborative efforts with many teams and involved: researching/building requirements, designing/developing solutions, implementing and tracking, and project management and final documentation.
  • Manage/Administer/Monitor Host based Intrusion Prevention Systems Cisco CSA .
  • Run security scanning against applications, systems and network infrastructure and network devices pro-actively looking for security vulnerabilities. Recommend/schedule change management for implementing these vulnerability resolutions. Advise assist parties on resolutions of same.
  • Make aware the corporate environment of current security patches and help them when necessary with implementation issues concerning these. This included allowing time for lab testing and conclusion reviews before implementation to minimize impact on production environment for Unix hosts, windows, firewalls, cisco wan devices, SAN Storage Area Network , Linux hosts, etc..
  • Research/implement/test/assess new security tools and assess their usefulness and relevancy to stated security goals and posture in the Corporate production environment.
  • One a regular basis, perform awareness to staff of current security stance, on-going issues, etc.
  • Run regular monitoring reports showing reconnaissance, attempted intrusions, log file analysis of firewalls/servers/network devices and take actions accordingly.
  • Schedule security training and awareness throughout the corporate environment and remote offices where possible.
  • Perform as a Security resource to any department needing my expertise.
  • Assist with SOX HIPAA audits and compliancy issues. Also performed evaluations to ensure compliance with stated corporate security stance and goals.
  • Architect enterprise-wide wireless rollout using latest secure implementations.
  • Advise many internal divisions on security/firewall/network related scenarios/questions.
  • Assisted with many internal projects firewalls, routers, switches, wireless access points, wireless devices as needs arise.
  • Conducted security forensics on various scenarios/persons involving internal projects.
  • Consulted on the F5 SSL VPN Enterprise Implementation.
  • Manage/monitor/upgrade the Host Based IPS CiscoWorks Management Center utilizing the Cisco Security Agent.

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