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Senior Systems Engineer Resume Profile

Wood Dale, IL


Senior HP OpenVMS operations professional with a solid record of achievement in application maintenance and system uptime. Significant team leader experience in day to day operations and in new product training and support. Also have over a decade of Disaster Recovery DR successes with Fortune 500 companies.


  • Over twenty-five years of VAX/Alpha/Itanium OpenVMS system management starting with VMS Version 1.01 up to OpenVMS Version 8.2 on hardware ranging from VAX 11/780 to HP RX6600.
  • Over twenty years of performance tuning and capacity planning on standalone VAX, LAVC, and VAXcluster and Alphacluster platforms.
  • Over twenty years of system management with UNIX/ULTRIX/DIGITAL UNIX/HP-UX/SunOS operating systems.
  • Over fourteen years of Disaster Recovery DR experience on DEC, HP, SUN, and RS6000 systems.
  • Over seventeen years of experience with Windows, Word, Excel, Powerpoint, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3, and Lotus Notes.



Senior Systems Engineer

  • Supported disaster recovery tests and 8 declarations for DEC, HP, and RS6000 customers.
  • Supported and upgraded OpenVMS, Tru64, and HP-UX systems.
  • Installed hardware on DEC and HP-UX systems.
  • Used Ignite-UX on HP-UX and Jumpstart on Sun platforms to prep them for customer DR tests.
  • Taught DR Procedure Development Workshops for OpenVMS, HP-UX, and AIX IT clients at their home sites. Also conducted stand-up IT DR needs assessment training business impact analysis for client's technical users.
  • Produced more than a dozen final DR procedures for our clients as part of the Statement of Work.
  • Trained local and remote internal staff how to use the new ORACLE-based scheduling system via WEBEX.
  • Responsible for Midrange staff scheduling for customer DR tests. Generated weekly 30-day reports for staff.


Senior Midrange Specialist

  • Supported disaster recovery tests and 6 declarations for DEC, HP, SUN, and RS6000 customers.
  • Did consulting for OpenVMS, HP-UX, and SUN customers when requested by our consulting group.
  • Installed hardware for DEC, HP-UX, and SUN platforms.
  • Used Ignite-UX on HP-UX and Jumpstart on Sun platforms to prep them for customer DR tests.
  • Went on sales calls with account executives to handle technical questions from client's IT staff.


MidRange Application Analyst

  • Was responsible for ALL-IN-1 System Management on a 2000-user and a 500-user VAXcluster.
  • Second-level user support for ALL-IN-1, WordPerfect, Message Router, Oracle, Jnet, and Internet.
  • Network print queue maintenance on two VAXclusters, one here and one in the UK.
  • Oversaw timely delivery of mail messages in the X.400 enterprise-wide mail system.


Computing Services Manager

  • Installed new PCLAN Pathworks for one division and upgraded Lantastic network for finance and sales departments.
  • Installed PC based Financial system. Converted old VAX-based AP system into the PC based system.
  • Implemented corporate-wide security procedures for all PC systems and PC LANs.
  • Added Appletalk capability to the existing Lantastic network.
  • Set up new file and print services for Pathworks network.


VAXcluster Manager

  • Oversaw the expansion of the VAX facility at West Chester, PA and Washington, DC and provided training for users. Increased processing power in West Chester by 300 .
  • Aided Washington, DC office in setting up its DEC machines networked them via DECnet to West Chester.
  • Tracked system usage for capacity planning and tuning purposes. Developed new cost algorithm for VAXcluster project billing and created ORACLE interface to record Federal project charges on WESTON's DEC systems.
  • Upgraded VAXcluster with new 6440 business system. Helped convert ORACLE from Sperry to DEC 6440. Installed ORACLE Financial Package, Foundation, with GL, AP, and PO modules.
  • Responsible for System Management of remote sites in Chicago, IL and Albuquerque, NM.
  • Responsible for customizations and training in ALL-IN-1.
  • Supported UNIX systems in other divisions DEC and SUN .

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