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Networking Architecture Resume


Almost thirty seven years in the Information Technology (IT) field, including programming, Cisco and Unix Administration, marketing and system support, professional services, project management and network planning, design and integration.

He has strong organization skills and the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships. He has consistently demonstrated the ability to work in a fast-paced, complex multi-vendor environment. Where independent action an initiative are required in resolving problems and developing recommendations.


Thesis: Building the Business Case for Professional Services - Open Systems
BS Computer Science
Diploma Programming and Computer Technology


specializes in networking architecture, planning, design and integration. As a networking design consultant, his primary job duties have been continued wireless implementation, coverage, capacity, & network design activities. RF (wireless) design practices for wireless networks, wireless system design-services & traffic definition, plan resources, simulate traffic, verify performance & backhaul design. Ensure wireless equipment meets desired throughput and compliance.

He has a strong working knowledge of the above environments, which also includes working with customers to identify individual needs and work with technical and project teams to make adjustments and produce measurable results. Work as a member of a several project teams using good customer relation and project management skills and effective communication.

He has received training and hands on in all Network environments described above, which includes Cisco Wireless, Routing and Switching equipment and environments. Extensive exposure to Cisco’s and Symbol’s (now Motorola) Wireless Switch technology and network management for Office, Warehouse and Yard Management Systems.

Employment History

Confidential / Torrance CA - Contract
Jan 2000 – Dec 2008
Networking Architect

Successfully designed, engineered and implemented the wired (Cisco) and wireless (Symbol) network infrastructures for Honda’s Warehouse Management System (WMS) project. A six year, $25 million dollar project that exceeded its ROI, and included all nine of American Honda’s Part Distribution Centers and three (3) hubs.

Served as the primary network Infrastructure Design and Engineering (IE&D) team member assigned to Honda America’s first wireless infrastructure using Symbol’s Wireless Switch Architecture to affect wireless coverage, security and roaming. Followed by the Yard Management System (YMS) project using Cisco’s Aironet Outdoor Mesh wireless architecture.

Other successful completed projects include, but not limited to: Frame Relay to MPLS wide area networks, Token Ring to Ethernet, SNA Replacement, CICS Client Upgrade, …

Confidential / El Segundo CA - Contract
Aug 1999 - Jan 2000
Networking Connectivity Consultant

Member of the Xerox’s Network Printer Services Connectivity Team. Duties include Network connectivity testing using Windows 3.11, 95, 98 and NT clients on NetWare 3.x, 4.x and 5.x networks, along with Windows 2000 and NT clients on Windows NT 3.51 and 4.x networks.

Confidential / Woodland Hills - Contract
Oct 1998 - July 1999
Networking Consultant

Member of the Year 2000 Network Migration team, that successfully migrated to Y2K compliant Cisco and SNA router based Frame Relay network. Duties included migrating from NetView V1R3 to V2R4. The decommission of an 3725 (ACF/NCP V4R3). The 3725 resources migrated to 3745 (ACF/NCP V5R4). Then the 3745 supporting Token Ring attached Cisco Core routers, 21 SNI nodes, NPSI (CommPro), NJE/RJE, NPA (NETSPY), Novel SAA gateways, was migrated to the Y2K compliant release of V7R1 of ACF/NCP.

Confidential (Division of Northrop/Gruman) - Contract
1995 - 2000
Network Planner, Designer and Integrator

Member of the Year 2000 Network Migration team, that successfully migrated from MVS/XA to OS/390 V2R6 with VTAM V4R4.1, NCP V7R1 and IBM TCP/IP. Design and implemented a Cisco, Frame Relay router network to replace remote SNA/NCP networks. Currently testing Cisco’s DLSW+ environment for remote RJE printing.

Confidential / Los Angeles
1990 - 1995
Practice Leader, Technology Services

Developed and lead the Enterprise Network Design Center Practice in providing solutions for the design and planning of Enterprise Networks. Served as primary Professional Services Consultant to ARCO, CCH Computax, Farmers Insurance Group, Transamerica, and U. S. Navy. RFP’s. Designed and implemented the Great Western Bank Data Network Utility (Cisco Frame Relay Backbone Network) for a minimum of $166 million in revenues over a 7 year period.

Confidential / Los Angeles
1982 - 1990
Principal Marketing Systems Support Analyst

Advised and assisted analyst in complex situations involving Comten and IBM marketing and software solutions. Provided technical support for host-related procedures and facilities supported by Comten.

Protocols Environments: SNA/SDLC (LU6.2), TCP/IP, SNMP, Token Ring, Ethernet, FDDI, Frame Relay, ISDN, Routing Protocols (IGRP, E-IGRP, OSPF, RIP), Unix (rlogin, telnet, remsh, ftp, tftp, bftp, rcp), X.25, BSC, EP
Operating Systems: UNIX V.4, OS/390, IBM MVS, IBM DOS/VSE, DOS/Windows, Windows NTAS and NT, NetWare, ACF/NCP, ACF/VTAM, NetView, CICS, Comten (COS2), Cisco (IOS)
Hardware: NCR System 3000, 3600, Comten, IBM 370, 4300, 3090, 3745, 3725, 3270, Cisco Routers and FDDI Concentrators, Synoptics Token Ring Hubs, Paradyne and Cray Multiplexers and DSUs / CSUs
Software: TOP END, OCC, OCCA, ONE, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Mail, Microsoft Project, Windows95, “C”, NetWare for SAA, Remedy (ARS), NCR Neat 3, IBM Assembler, Comten Assembler, COBOL, PL/1, Basic, PASCAL, HTML

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