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Specialized Experience

Hardware / Software IBM 370, AS400, Sun Microsystems, Cisco VOIP, Windows all versions , Unix, AIX, Novell, Linux, Apache, Squid Proxy, Tivoli Storage Manager, Tivoli IT Director, Altiris Client Management/Asset Management, .NET, Java, C , ColdFusion, MS Sharepoint, Visual Basic, SAP, PeopleSoft HRIS, Hyperion Financial Management, Lawson, WebSphere Portal, Weblogic, Oracle 10i, MS SQL, All Productivity Suites, e.g., MS OfficeXP, MS Project, LiveLink Knowledge Management, Siteminder

Business Experience



  • Responsible for the development of ERP architectural engineering plan and project management for implementation and migration for clients including Cargill, Society of Human Resources Management Automated Data Processing and TASC, Inc
  • Performed requirements assessment and developed project specifications for SAP and Oracle ERP implementation, including data migration, contingency plan and risk management.
  • Provided project and program management services including, project plans, business analysis, work breakdown structures, functional and gap analysis
  • Conformed all activities to CMMI5, ITIL, Six Sigma and Lean Management standards
  • Provided detailed reporting on project performance and cost to budget


Chief Technology Officer/Chief Application Systems Integrator

  • Responsible for the strategic vision of core technologies including enterprise services, hardware and infrastructure.
  • Provided consultation services to external customers in areas including, Enterprise Resource Management, Customer Relationship Management, Human Resource Information Systems, High Performance Computing, Storage Area Networks, Content Management and Business Intelligence. Customers included, National Security Agency, National Reconnaissance Organization, Department of Homeland Security, and commercial customers such as Continental Airlines and Toyota Motor Company-USA
  • Supervised the development and deployment of a user and application portal employing state of the art, two factor security processes.
  • Participated on the corporate executive council to craft and present technology strategies to senior management and the board of directors.
  • Supervised the planning and implementation of a 22million SAP and PeopleSoft HRIS ERP system.
  • Supervised portal and web development services utilizing IBM WebSphere and Microsoft Sharepoint technology.
  • Supervised the maintenance of a 3 terabyte Oracle database for external business partners.
  • Designed and deployed a 5 terabyte SAP Business Warehouse and storage area network.
  • Participated in knowledge management planning activities and the implementation of an enterprise document management system.
  • Responsible for interfacing with Federal regulators and participating in annual audits as well as supporting Sarbanes-Oxley policy and process edits.
  • Led two Six Sigma technology process improvement projects that resulted in saving of over 2million per year to the corporation.
  • Managed a 25,000 user network supported by 1,700 servers and three IBM Mainframes maintained by 650 professional and technical staff.
  • Supervised the consolidation of 148 data centers into 8 national facilities ITIL service management model saving the corporation nearly 40 million annually in operation costs.
  • Responsible for developing technical and procedural manuals for hardware, software, and change control systems.
  • Planned and managed training systems for nearly 4,000 professional and technical staff.

Projects Included:

  • High Performance Computer Network Designed and managed the creation of a high performance computing data center for Northrop Grumman and its customers. This included network design, hardware/software selection, resource implementation, asset management and liaison with Silicon Graphics and Cray Computing during implementation and testing phases. The network served as the core system for Northrop Grumman engineering services and was used as test beds by several government agencies, including NSA, NRO and DHS.
  • Data Center Consolidation Supervised the consolidation of 148 data centers into 8 regional facilities nationwide. The activity resulted in an annual savings of nearly 40 million while improving operational efficiencies and improving customer services. Responsibilities included site selection, data center design, hardware/software acquisition, server, data, and application migration from existing facilities, local and national infrastructure management, and disaster recovery planning. Implemented ITIL standards and processes in newly stood up data centers including comprehensive service management support and delivery systems , business process improvement, security service management, and software asset management systems.
  • SAP and PeopleSoft HRIS Implementation The 22million ERP upgrade was focused on retiring aging, interface driven legacy ERP applications Lawson and migrating to commercial-off-the-shelf COTS software designed for large-scale business operations. SAP v4.6c- the corporate standard was installed to support the accounting system, payroll, asset management, cash management, and price cost estimating, contracts administration, planning and administration, materials execution system, project management, data warehousing. PeopleSoft HRIS was implemented to support human resource and benefits requirements, customer relationship management, and business development activities. I directed over 175 professional, technical and contractor support staff in planning and implementation activities. Blueprinting has begun to move to mySAP 2005 in late 2007. The upgrade was completed on time and resulted in annual savings of over 8mil per annum.
  • Service Oriented Architecture Framework Platform Established the framework for SOA and defined the architecture of interfaces and process flows for application development at Northrop Grumman Corporation. SOA has served to increase both the business process effectiveness and the efficiency of application development as well as increase the ability of the IT Sector Internal Information Systems IIS Business Unit to team with other NGC Sectors and Business Units and share applications.


Chief Technology Officer Senior Vice President

  • Crafted the first and thereafter annual technology plan that defined the direction and budget for technology to meet the corporate objectives.
  • Directed the annual SAS-70 report development team for the investment firms.
  • Planned and directed development of comprehensive account management program using data extracted from the legacy host accounting system, delivered on time and at an annual savings 850,000 to the corporation.
  • Planned and directed the development of a 710,000 client record Customer Relationship Management database that enhanced client service and directly led to an increase in cross selling of bank and investment services.
  • Planned and directed the extraction of customer data from legacy accounting program to MS SQL7.0 and co-developed browser-based front end to SQL for customers to access account data.
  • Responsible for developing technical and procedural manuals for software, hardware and change control systems.
  • Directed the analysis and planning of e-commerce/web development projects.
  • Planned and directed the development of help desk software including electronic trouble ticketing and knowledge based user directed query systems.
  • Responsible for the corporate auditing of all data systems to ensure data integrity and confidentially were maintained at all times.
  • Responsible for interfacing with Federal and State regulatory agencies, including conducting the annual audits as directed by the FDIC and SEC for banking and investment firms.
  • Managed the migration of a 41 workstation Apple IIe network to a state of the art 8,500 user network including Intel based local area network, fiber optic connectivity and high speed internet.
  • Designed and managed a 24x7 network operations center supporting a mainframe, 500 servers, 250 switches/routers, VPN, analog remote access, and web hosting functions for 250 customers.
  • Designed and directed the implementation an enterprise firewall and network security systems, including IDS systems e.g., NetRanger to protect network assets from malicious attack.
  • Developed and supervised the disaster recovery plan for the corporation that included daily offsite storage of data, nightly backup cycles and procedures, and the semi-annual recovery testing of all corporate critical mainframe and server applications.

Projects Included:

  • Nettrust -Client interface to Legacy Host Accounting System - Prior to 1999, there was no method to extract data from a proprietary mainframe accounting system. Users were required to interface with the host via 3270 SNA sessions archaic architecture. Worked with mainframe programmers to design a strategy to extract the embedded data from the host application. Data 25GB 38,000 records was translated from VSAM files into ASCII text format and downloaded into a MS SQL6.5 database upgraded to SQL2000 11/02 nightly. Designed and co-developed browser-based front end to SQL for user access to data. Supervised the testing and QA process. Delivered this product on time and 10,000 under budget. Supervised a development staff of 6 direct reports and 18 vendors that were comprised of database programmers, mainframe programmers, system analysts, web developers, quality assurance engineers, and project/corporate auditors. Responsible for writing the specification documentation, as well as the maintenance/support manuals, and training booklets.
  • Customer Relationship Management Program CRM - Prior to 2002, the financial institution did not maintain a centralized CRM. Result loss of cross-selling opportunities between investment and banking divisions as well as a inability to maintain centralized record of client activity, e.g., a listing of investment and banking products use by a client. Worked with mainframe programmers to design a strategy to extract the embedded data from the host banking application and downloaded into MS SQL nightly. Utilized investment division data that was previously extracted into a MS SQL2000 database. Established a data warehouse to manage the 88GB database 710,000 customer records including investment and banking transactions, account balances, holdings, etc. Designed and directed the development of browser-based front end to SQL for user access to data, including advanced Boolean search engine as well as an enhanced report writer. Project was scoped for 14 months --- fully operational and tested in 12 months. Roll out met the project end date. Supervised the testing and QA process. Supervised a development staff of 8 direct reports and 41 vendors that were comprised of database programmers, mainframe programmers, system analysts, web developers, CRM project management specialists, quality assurance engineers, technical writers, and project/corporate auditors. Served as senior editor for the specification documentation, as well as the maintenance/support manuals, and training booklets.
  • Network and Infrastructure Installation - Prior to 1998, the financial institution had limited technology resources. For example, the network consistent of 41 Apple IIe computers, no Internet access, no external e-mail, and two financial news/quotes workstation on opposite ends of the floor. Designed the network and infrastructure topography. Researched hardware and software solutions. Designed and supervised the cabling to over 8,000 locations pulled fiber in the backbone and to 60 of the workstations. Purchased 335 servers, 178 switches, 64 routers, 4 firewall systems CISCO Pix , 300 workstations for users and accompanying software. Built the servers, installed software and hardened the boxes. Designed and constructed the firewall as well as the DMZ, employing a variety of tools e.g., Intrusion Detection Software to prevent outside attacks on network resources. Installed a SONET ring, TLS service band between operations center and central offices. Built the servers, installed software and hardened the boxes. Designed and directed the installation of a 5,136 station Cisco VOIP telephony system, including server, software, and infrastructure support. Reconstructed nearly 175 databases from Apple FileMaker Pro to MS SQL 6.5. Deployed workstations and provided corporate training on OS and productivity suites. Provided access to the Internet and installed a global e-mail server. Designed and managed the UNIX web and proxy servers, including the LDAP and DNS servers for the corporate enterprise. In short, built an entire network and infrastructure, with less than 5 people. Over the past five years, there has never been a network outage except for routine maintenance and periodic disrupted in Internet and external e-mail services.


Director of Technology and Information Services

  • Crafted the first comprehensive technology plan for the school system and annual plans thereafter that served as funding requests to the County Executive.
  • Planned and directed the development of a client/server student records applications that resulted in the migration of student data e.g., grades, testing data from a legacy mainframe system saving the school system nearly 200,000 per year.
  • Planned and directed the development of an enterprise computer-based assessment application and database to electronically capture student academic performance to provide perspective instruction to increase achievement.
  • Planned and developed the first bulletin board and web site for the school system designed to enhance parent participation and student achievement.
  • Planned and developed a help desk application in Visual that was employed to support over 5,000 users.
  • Responsible for integration of computer applications into the elementary and secondary school curriculum.
  • Responsible for auditing data systems to ensure the integrity and confidentiality of student and employee records on mainframe and client/server systems.
  • Developed policies and procedures manual for all technology operations and systems.
  • Established training program for teachers, school administrators, and technical staff.
  • Planned and directed the installation of the first local area network for the school system, including web access for all of the schools and administrative offices, building a firewall to protect network resources, and interfacing client/server applications to legacy mainframe and AS400 solutions.
  • Established the first disaster recovery protocol for the school system, including an annual recovery drill offsite at Sungard facilities in Philadelphia, PA.
  • A principal planner with Bell Atlantic nee Verizon to establish video distance learning centers in 6 high schools for interactive distance learning permitting students to enroll in classes at other high schools in Maryland.
  • Member of the Superintendent's Executive Staff.

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