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Networ And System Administrator Resume Profile


Professional Profile

  • Excellent organizational skills with the ability to successfully handle multiple concurrent tasks
  • Excellent communication skills both verbally and in written form
  • Expert user with Apple computers and servers, Windows operating systems, all Microsoft office products and virtual machine software for Macintosh
  • 32 years of experience in providing Communications support and subject matter expertise including eleven years as the Airborne Communications Engineer at the White House.
  • Awarded the White House Communications Man of the
  • Gifted with strong leadership and exceptional management skills
  • Able to work on his own or to lead large groups of people to accomplish any task
  • Vast knowledge in network hardware integration as it applies to satellite, microwave and many other transmission systems

Employment Summary

IT Management / Engility Corporation


He manages a thirty-person team. He currently serves as a Senior Staff Engineer inclusive of assessing and analyzing the design of systems providing data management support developing business models, functional processes, operating diagrams, and standard operating procedures and organizing policies and interpretations of business rules and requirements. His work within the MCIA involves direct coordination with senior leadership developing OPSEC security processes as they pertain to the various enterprise networks within the organization and organizations they support. .He develops, prepares and presents various presentations and narratives in meetings and in classroom activities.

Engineer / Oasis Systems


Enhanced Position Location Reporting System EPLRS , the EPLRS Network Manager ENM , the AN/MRC-142C and the Tactical Elevated Antenna Mast System TEAMS . He participated in various testing functions to verify that results were correct to include developing Requirements Tractability Matrixes RTM's and other engineering related programmatic documents. He developed functional operating manuals outlining established methods of performing work in accordance with organizational policies to assist in the fielding of these systems.Test Manager for MCOTEA supporting test and evaluation for the Marine Corps Tactical Data Network system. Mr. Dahl is very familiar with all aspects of testing, from test planning and scheduling, to test execution, analysis and test reporting. He conducted planning to develop test schedules, identified measures and metrics to support evaluation objectives, and develop data collection methods within existing communications and test architectures for the DTC-R and the TDN-GW-R. Many objectives required conformance or compliance testing to existing standards. He evaluated, recommended, developed and then implemented automated test tools and strategies for an Operational.

Community Service and Professional Development


His service to the community was both technical and interpersonal. His tasks included writing planning documents for the organizations to begin the process of procuring of ADP equipment. He established and maintained network systems for these organizations, which included, Local Area Networks coupled with Wide Area Networks, video on demand servers, live video servers and backup servers. He was also responsible for establishing training and education programs to teach individuals how to maintain the servers, which included official education curriculums using the ISD standards of education.

Senior Engineer / American Systems Corporation


He was assigned the task of ensuring that the COC passed all of the Joint Interoperability Test Command JITC certifications. He created data and voice threads to be tested by various agencies to include MCTSSA and DISA. These testing procedures were completed in conjunction with other Marine Corps COC programs e.g. the MAGTF C2, TDN-GW-R and the DTC-R programs.He was required to participate in TEMP TIWGs with MCSC and MCOTEA by addressing engineering issues associated with systems undergoing DT/OT/FUE. He applied systems engineering processes to ensure that the design of Combat Operations Centers would meet the requirements as outlined by future concepts.

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