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Systems Administrator Resume Profile


Certified Cognos Report Author, / Cognos Administration/ with 16 plus years of IT experience and having excelled at major projects by implementing the Cognos software in areas such as the US Government, Manufacturing, Insurance and Health care involving different technological skills in Data Modeling Design, Development, Management and Administration. An Expertise in Cognos 7.x / 8.x/10.x Series and acquiring a sound knowledge in Data Modeling, Cognos environment setup, OLTP and OLAP, and problem solving of critical issues in the business environment. Acquire a strong understanding of Ralph Kimball methodology. Handled offshore clients.


  • Cognos Environment Setup and the solution provider
  • Cognos 10.x/8.4/8.3/8.0/7.x
  • Design Reports as per Company's Requirements.
  • Cognos Environment Setup and the solution provider
  • Environment upgrades, Model recovery /Backups and creating the BI environment Diagram.
  • Cognos Administration- owing to the IT Standard
  • Implementing New Technology and techniques in the BI Environment.
  • Supporting Project Managers, Team Lead /developers and providing the solution to the critical problems with in the Cognos Environment.
  • Cognos Security Reports/Model /Data level Security
  • Secured Framework Model, Catalogs and the reports as per keeping with pace of IT Standard.
  • Supporting Database and the ETL team and resolve the critical issues.
  • Optimization and the performance tuning with in the Cognos servers environment.
  • Creating the System Design/Document for the BI environment
  • Server level Tuning and the Capacity Management
  • 24X7 Support to the users.
  • Well Experienced in Cognos Reports/Cubes /Power Play Transformer.
  • Oracle 10g /MS SQL server 2000/2008/Winodws 2008 R2 and 2000.X and UNIX

Additional Skills.

  • In-depth Knowledge in SQL DB Maintenance.
  • Visio tool /Meta Manager Tool.
  • Worked with VERITAS software for backup.
  • Handled Corporate Network consisting of multiple Servers with different Domains and work stations.
  • In-depth knowledge in windows 2003/2007/2008 R2/ Servers.
  • Have real time experience in TCPIP, DNS, DHCP, Active directory, Exchange
  • Expertise in VOIP, Ethernet Broadband Router etc..
  • Worked with IIS,Windows 2000 and 2003/2007 Active directory and firewalls
  • Worked with Visio, Share point portal servers, Visual Interdev, VB, COM etc..

Reference: http://www.linkedin.com/pub/stephen-m/21/248/546


Sr. BI Techinical Consultant

  • Cognos Technical support to the users.
  • Working Area: Frame Work Model, Report Studio,Dashboard Design, Cognos Administration Support

Environment: Cognos 10.2 Suite/ Visio/ Excel,Oracle Windows 7, Windows 2003/2007/2008 R2 Servers.


Sr. BI Report Author/Administrator

  • Designed the entire BI Environment at MetLife. Cognos 10.2/64 bit Installed in Windows 2008 R2 64 bit with IIS 7.5. Load balancing configured for a better performance. Security implemented for all European, Middle East and Asian countries. Provided the idea of implementing and designed the security for different country users enabling them to view their respective reports on their home page when they login in through Cognos. Migrated Cognos reports from 8.X version to Cognos 10.2.
  • Currently leading the Cognos team and which supports 30 countries around the world


  • Handled complex reports
  • Designed and developed Actuarial Sub Ledger Cognos reports for various countries
  • Handled Multiple Projects by providing solutions to the Business Users

Designed Dashboard/Portal reports and implemented security for different country users.

  • Cubes create using Frame work package.
  • Created automated reports scheduled to reach users by Email.
  • Handling Framework model and data level security implemented for various county users.
  • System Administration for the multiple Cognos environment servers.
  • Designed Framework Model and have created financial related reports
  • Created security for the users
  • System/Model /Report Design
  • Managing Cognos Administrators.
  • Production support to all European Countries
  • Managed Multi server environment.
  • Installed Cognos 10.2 for different environment.
  • Providing technical solutions to the ETL /DB team and solving critical issues.
  • Designed Cognos 10.2 BI Environment Setups which have been implemented In MetLife International.
  • In charge of Development, UAT and the Production Server.
  • Designed BI Environment Setups which have been implemented In MetLife International.
  • Configured Cognos security for enterprise level
  • Coordinate with international users
  • Handling of Report /Model Deployment on a daily basis.

Environment: Cognos 8.3/8.4/10.2 Suite/ Meta Manager, Visio/ Excel, MS SQL, Windows XP, Windows 2003/2007/2008 R2 Servers.


Sr.BI Consultant /Lead

  • Prepared the Technical Documentation for the Developers.
  • In charge of Production and UAT Servers
  • Created security for the Users.
  • Designed Framework Modeling for different applications
  • Assess business user requirements and designed the Report Specifications.
  • Maintained 15 Framework models in DHS.
  • Maintained dimensions, Fact and Created DMR in the Framework Manager.
  • Prepared supporting documentation, such as metadata models, user guides, diagrams of entity relationships, business process and process flow
  • Tested the quality data in the Test Environment using tode and moved the report to dev and Production environment.
  • Maintained Daily Extract, Transform ,staging DB ETL Process
  • Maintained the entire FM model in VSS.
  • Created different complex reports for DHS.
  • Designed Court Modules and integrated them with DHS Reports.
  • Tuned and Verified the SQL.
  • Created different cubes at DHS for their Management purposes.
  • Created graph and comparison of the amount spending Reports
  • Created Dashboard Reports.
  • Wrote store procedures and generated reports using Framework manager.
  • Designed Court modules and DHS Service related Reports
  • Maintained Cognos Environments in DHS
  • Created various cubes using IQDS and through the Framework models.
  • Document created to minimize the risk and increasing the productivities for the management.
  • Worked with budget analysis, estimated budget and generated Reports for them.
  • Worked with Multiple skills like system side, admin, modeling, ETL process, cubes and reports
  • Created Reports and integrated with .NET applications using Cognos SDK.
  • Maintained Star Schema and avoided Snowflake Schema for better performance.
  • SQL analysis done for OLAP and OLTP in DHS
  • Analyzed Data Quality for this environment
  • Maintained Security, performance analysis and taking care of production issues
  • Implemented new technology and techniques in the BI environment.
  • Explained the business process to the Technical and non technical team.

Environment: Cognos 8.3/8.4/Suite/ Excel, PL SQL/Store procedures /Oracle 10g, Windows XP, windows 2003 Server


  • Generated Cognos Reports.
  • Administrating DW OLAP Applications
  • Maintenance of security
  • Metadata modeling
  • Collaborate with outside team members and management
  • Manage process reboots, data source modifications, and perform upgrades as necessary
  • Create and execute test plans/scripts to find errors and confirm reports/cubes meet specifications
  • Supported technical issues
  • Performance Tuning and applied Folder level Security to the package
  • Developed report business document for Framework model and report specifications for each report
  • Calculated time framework for framework model and Report development
  • Act as primary technical contact to Cognos for support and enhancement issues


BI Report Author/Lead/Administrator

Worked in ETL environment and supporting the Users. Managed offshore WIPRO team members in India. Implemented Ralph Kimball method in the staging and production Environment.


  • Installed Configured Cognos 8 environment in Red Bull.
  • System Administration for the Cognos Environment servers.
  • Administrate the Cognos Environments
  • Created Security for the users
  • Managed Multi server Environment.
  • Designed the ETL Architecture for red bull North America.
  • Co-ordinated with the Management team for upgrades and Cognos new release.
  • Designed OLTP modal and OLTP for different DB.
  • Extracting data from relational source DATA MANAGER an ETL tool Managed WIPRO team in India Gathering the Business Concepts and Designed dimension build. Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation, Loading ETL data from various DB Handled Fact Tables and dimension tables Handled Error Loading Loading to the data warehouse includes full record replacement and insert with update for historic data maintenance Analyzed SQL Query Migraration work did from SQL 2000 to SQL 2005. Worked with OLTP/OLAP for different environments. Lookup created in the Dimension tables.
  • Moved the data from the staging table to the target.
  • Created Data mart in the target Schema for dimension tables and fact tables.
  • Created surrogate keys and the foreign keys at both fact and the dimension tables.
  • Created functions and Variables.
  • Scheduled the ETL process for everyday Data load.
  • Used Erwin model and Tode.
  • Worked with DB side for better performance
  • Created IQDS using impromptu and created data Source in Power Play transformer
  • Created measures, Dimensions and levels.
  • Worked with Frame work Manager/Created cubes and generated reports.

Environment: Cognos 7.X/ 8.3 Suite/Data Manager, Excel, SQL Server 2000, 2005,Oracle, MS Office, UNIX, Windows XP , windows 2003 Server


BI Consultant /Administrator

Comcast is the one of the world's leading communication companies. Installed Cognos 8.0

Environment and worked with ETL Process, Frame work Manager and Cognos8 Reports.



  • Installed Configured Cognos ETL
  • Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation, Loading ETL data from various DB Handled Fact Tables and dimension tables Loading to the data warehouse includes full record replacement and insert with update for historic data maintenance Issues of dimension maintenance over time present a design choice for dealing with changed information. This is referred to as SCD slowly changing Dimensions. Lookup created in the Dimension tables.
  • Moved the data from the staging table to the target.
  • Created Data mart in the target Schema for dimension tables and fact tables.
  • Created surrogate keys and the foreign keys at both fact and the dimension tables.
  • Created functions and Variables.
  • Maintained Staging Area and the Data Mart
  • Full record replacement, and insert with update for historic data maintenance.
  • Data Cleansing /Business name conversion in the Staging.
  • JOB Log and rejected data file Maintained.

Administration and Cognos BI Suite

  • Installed Cognos 8 and integrated with Active Directory
  • Created content store and data access configured with Oracle9i.
  • Cognos 8 integrated with Active Directory
  • BI Server Gate Way Configured
  • Security Created for the Users.
  • Calculated time framework for framework model and Report development
  • Generated Standard Reports, Various prompts, and Complex Report using Reportnet.
  • Calculation and filters used in the Frame Work Manager.
  • Created Framework Manager model as per the business needs
  • Source ,Data and Business Layers created in the Frame Work Manager
  • Set security for the models at both the package and the object level
  • Improved efficiency of the model by incorporating SQL in the creation of various query subjects
  • Tuned the models for better performance
  • Prepared detailed documents on the source and schemas for the published packages
  • Eliminated loop joins and cross product joins in the canned models
  • Applied Governor Settings for the models to limit the rows processed for testing purposes
  • Maintained Star Schema in the package
  • Maintained IWR /Transformer/Cubes

Environment: Cognos 8/Data Manager, Report Net, Frame work Manager,,Oracle9i, Excel, SQL Server 2000,Oracle, MS Office, Windows XP and windows 2003 Server.


Cognos consultant/ETL

EDIC Employers Direct Insurance Company is one of the leading Insurance Company at California. EDIC project is to provide the solution for their Business process.


  • Installed Configured Cognos 8 product for different servers
  • Responsible for the administrative support of the Business Intelligence reporting tools.
  • Install, upgrade, configure and administer cognos products including ETL
  • Extensive experience in Extraction, Transformation, Loading ETL data from various Staging and the Data mart maintained using Data Manager
  • Created lookups to pinpoint the fact build by creating a separate connection.
  • Integrates the BI platform with other transaction and operational systems within the business, handles global security controls
  • Dimension Build created to load the Dimension table in the staging Area.
  • Prepare and process production change control requests for platform changes
  • Ensure backup and restore processes are in place and working. Responsible for the platform across: development, QA and production environments
  • Provide expert assistance and guidance to global report developers and Sys Admins
  • Collaborate with outside team members and management
  • Created and supported Complex reports
  • Created various policy reports using Prompts, Level spanning, Query calculation using Reportnet
  • Developed Complex reports.
  • Review the Business Analysis
  • Worked with Frame work Manager
  • Developed Reports for cause of injury detail, claim information, claim list, employee status injury review, late reported injury summary and accident summary using calculation and prompts.
  • Generated various Reports in HTML, PDF , and used Queries/Filters/ Conditional Variables
  • Worked with Report alignment, structure and overall view of the Reports.

Environment: Cognos8/DATA MANAGER ETL TOOL Report Net, Frame work Manager, SQL Server 2000, MS Office, Windows XP and windows 2003 Server.


Infrastructure Lead Database/System/ Administrator

Worked with various database by ensuring the backups are in line, Database Tuning, User creation, profile allocation for each database users, Maintained large number of databases, Importing and exporting the database for various client places through the internet, Security maintenance for the database server, Scheduling the daily data base backup, Allocating different database for the different project team, Disaster Recovery, Continuity Business plan implemented in the Production database server. Setup the Project Environment and Technical support to Project Managers/Project Leaders/Web Server Configuration. Extract the Database and restore in the DB, maintained the Backup using Veritas Software, To Maintain the Quality process for the Server and the client Systems, To ensure the Mark up Recovery process every month, Checking the Disaster Recovery process for every two months and maintained the Log Report, To maintain the Scheduled backup for various Database, Maintained various Switches and Routers, AN Diagram preparation for the management Requirement, Handled 25 Xeon Servers and 200 Systems, Critical Database/ Server/ switches problems solved in the company. Tape utilization and Hard disk utilization Report maintained for the Management Tape identification secured data protection, Data migration for Client request ion. Monthly Report preparation for the activity. Maintained FTP Server to access important folder and data, Monitoring Network balancing and tune the Network, Maintained the Storage arrays and switches, Discuss with management to improve the quality. Maintained proper released software products in one

  • Created Different domains for the different projects
  • Handled ERP Packages.
  • Involved in Management Role
  • Involved in ISO 9001 Process Owner.
  • Security for the Each applications for different projects
  • User control, Act as DBA, IIS setup for the .net applications
  • Handled VERITAS Software tool for the Backup
  • Fire wall, Security Applications, Active Directory, Installing Various Software
  • Domain Trust, Install and configured Windows 2000 server
  • Also involved in networking problems, Handling brad bond Routers, VOIP, and Switches etc
  • Designed the entire Network, Server Setup for the entire development environment and network Architecture for this company.
  • Security for the Each applications for different projects
  • Fire wall, Security Applications, Active Directory, Installing Various Software
  • Domain Trust Etc, Install and configuring Windows 2000 server
  • Attending Networking problems, FTP Server/TCPIP/New hardware installation etc..


Database/System/ Administrator

Position: Tech. Lead

Client : Telekom Malaysia

System Monitoring and Transport System


Administered the entire Telecommunications system throughout Malaysia. A central server is connected to over 40 servers throughout Malaysia. The central server monitors all the servers. If any problem occurs in any one of the 40 servers, the problem will alert the administrator. It has the features like Job scheduling, Transferring files through FTP, Mailing System, Tracking IP addresses and storing in the database for security reasons, Disk Space Alert


Solely designed the project by involving in the complete cycle right from Analysis, to System Requirement Study design, Graphics, Development, Testing and Implementation of the project. Maintained the database in Telekom Malaysia. Allocated user roles to various departments.

Environment: AS400, DB2, UNIX, Oracle and Windows NT

Project management: Project planning, Scheduling and providing project status information to management.


System Manager

  • Maintained multiple domains enterprise network with 300 users and 10 servers.
  • In-charge of network monitoring, standards, security, disaster/recovery, resource utilization and stability.
  • Oversee projects, train users, and manage second tier and remote support.
  • Established Tape backup routines, anti-virus updates, data integrity analysis, and ISP Internet connectivity.
  • In-charge of equipment inventory, documents, backup rotation, logs, off site storage and router
  • configuration and maintenance.

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