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Systems Analyst Resume Profile


Extensive experience in the IBM mainframe systems programming environment including successfully functioned as a systems programmer, project leader, systems analyst and Technical Support Manager with budgetary responsibilities. Successfully operated a consulting firm since 1989, completing a wide range of projects for a large clientele.

  • Hardware: All medium and large scale IBM z/Series processors
  • Data Base: DB/2, DB2/2, DDSC/2 and a working knowledge of IMS
  • Software: JES/2, JES/3, SMP/E, SDSF, TSO/E, ISPF/PDF, Dialog Manager, CICS, RACF, acf2, CLIST, REXX, IPCS, DF/SMS, DF/HSM, DF/DSS, DF/RMM, DMS, CA-1, CA-7, CA-11, CICS/OS2, PANVALET, VSAM, MICS,, SUPERSESSION, TPX, PDSMAN, TMONITOR/CICS, TMONITOR/MVS, SAS/MXG, Tivoli Work Load Scheduler, Omegamon, OS/390 Open Edition/USS, TCP/IP, Top Secret, DF/SMS, CICS Transaction Server.,
  • Fault Analyzer, Debug Tool, TMON/MVS, TMON/CICS, TMON/DB2, HCD and IOCP
  • Languages: 370 Assembler, SAS, JCL, REXX, CLIST


Founder of a highly successful consulting firm specializing in technical support for MVS, data communications, CICS, and DB/2 software. The following outlines some key projects:

  • Staff augmentation and support for customer. OEM software and operating system upgrade support. Upgraded all OEM Software, z/OS: from z/OS V1R9 to z/OS V1R11, CICS TS V3.1 to CICS TS V4.1
  • Provided systems programming expertise during operating systems upgrade from OS/390 V2.10 to Z/OS V1.4. Also, performed staff augmentation during upgrade installation process.
  • Mainline Professional Services is an IBM Business Partner providing contract systems programming services and staff augmentations services for a large and diverse customer base nation wide. The sites supported range from small monoplexes to large parallel sysplex installations with multiple platforms and many LPARS.
  • Provided systems programming services to a large and diverse customer base. These services included installation, maintenance, tuning, support and migrations activities for the operating system software, ZOS, and all other IBM software as well. The software supported included ZOS, DB2, CICS, Websphere/MQ, DF/SMS, DF/HSM, DF/RMM, VTAM, TCP/IP, WLM, OSA, Tivoli Workload Scheduler for ZOS, System Automation, GRS and others. Systems Programming support services for non-IBM software were also provided for products like CA1, CA7, CA-View, CA-Endeavor, TMON Monitoring Tools, BMC Monitoring tools and others. Installation and support of z/VM and running z/OS under z/VM was also supported. Disaster recovery planning and execution were implemented as necessary. DB2 administration included cloning DB2 instances, ensuring adequate backup of table spaces, monitoring performance, assisting programmers with problem determination, installation of JAVA, Websphere/MQ and XML support into DB2. CICS administration included defining resources, cloning CICS regions, performance tuning and problem determination.
  • Installation and migration of Z/OS V1.4, V1.6, V1.7, V1.8, V1.9, and V1.10. including all necessary other program products and third party software that needed to be upgraded to match the appropriate Z/OS Level. Provide day to day administration of Z/OS for RACF, DF/SMS and DF/HSM. Monitor and tune the operating system to ensure performance goals are met and adjusting WLM rules as necessary. RMF and other monitoring tools to ensure service level objectives are met and making adjustments as necessary.
  • Installation, maintenance and upgrades of CICS software for CICS TS/V1.3, CICS TS/V2.2. CICS TS/V2.3 and CICS TS/V4.1. Daily performance monitoring and problem determination to ensure service level objectives are met, Diagnosing CICS software problems, testing and installing fixes as necessary
  • Installation, support and migration of DB2 V6, V7 and V8 for various customers. Performed daily support the DB2 system software and operations support to the operations department to meet service level objectives. Performed problem determination on the DB2 system and applied corrective maintenance as required. Ensured adequate backup and recovery procedures were in place and created the necessary backup and recovery jobs and procedures as necessary. Participated in various disaster recovery drills as require by customers.
  • Provide storage management for mainframe software using DF/SMS, creating new environments and modifying existing HSM plex's. Installation and support of TS3500 ATL and VTS systems.
  • Creating and modifying disaster recovery plans and creating the jobs, procedures and documentation to ensure successful recovery of customer data at remote sites.
  • Monitor and report on DASD pool utilization and provide sufficient dasd storage exists to support daily operations. Assist end users in determining DASD requirements and then meeting those needs. Move dasd and catalogs as necessary to ensure optimal systems operation using whatever tools are available, either IBM or Innovation tools.
  • Support rehosting DASD devices to different platforms
  • Perform installation planning for hardware upgrades for z/Series hardware platforms, installation of requisite software maintenance to support the new hardware. Using HCD, I defined the hardware to IOCP and assisted the hardware vendor in installing the physical hardware.
  • Provided System Automation support to several customers using BMC Mainview and IBM Tivoli Netview products. Created an RYO Automation implementation for a customer for one customer who did not wish to purchase the required software.
  • Installation, customization and support for CICS TS/1.3, CICS TS/2.2, DB2 V6, DB2 V7. Development of JAVA/JDBC and Unix System Services on mainframe environment. Participation in OS/390 V2.7 and V2.10 installation and support and development of Z/OS 1.4. Also support for SMS and HSM environment. Performed preliminary planning for parallel sysplex implementation. Installation of SuSE Linux/390 in LPAR mode and provided customization and administration to that software. Established a DR Data Center in Dallas for Hot Site backup. The processing and network infrastructure switches between each data center on a regular basis.
  • Installation and migration of OS/390 V2.8, OS390 V2.10, Z/OS V1.4 and Z/OSV1.6 including all in house IBM Program Products and third party software. Monitored the system daily for performance issues and taking remedial action to maintain service level objectives. Provided day to day support for DF/HSM and DF/SMS and tape management software.
  • Support of STK silo's, EMD Symmertix SRDF replication to remote data center
  • DFHSM day to day support, ACS routine creation and updating. Monitoring dasd pools to ensure sufficient space. DR planning and exercise as required
  • Supported Systems Automation using BMC Mainview.
  • CICS4.1 Production Support and CICS/TS V1.3 Migration. Performed proof of concept to get CICS/WEB access implemented. Assisted with MQ Series integration to CICS and supplied backup support for MQ Series Projects.
  • ACF/2 Support for several software products. Revised the existing ACF2 environment and defined the necessary structures to allow several BMC products work in an ACF/2 environment.
  • JES3 Systems Programming Support for work load move from another data center.
  • OS/390 software installation and support for diverse client base, general systems programming and problem determination assistance for customers, tuning, hardware and software support. Performed project management for processor installs and OS/390 software implementation for version 1.2 thru 2.5. Implementation of OS/390 Open Edition Services and TCPIP networks, installation of Domino Go Web Server. Additional software implementation for a variety of OEM software related to OS/390 implementations. Many, Many customers serviced, details on request.

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