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A highly experienced and results oriented Information Systems Specialist with over 21 years of experience. Possess a proven ability to develop, administer and troubleshoot state-of-the-art, wide area networks for major corporations. Skilled in utilizing hi-level networking skills, as well as an excellent background in programming and operating systems, to analyze company requirements, define optimum network specifications and troubleshoot network, software and hardware capability problems. Work extensively with top network hardware and software vendors.








SNIFFERS NETWRK GNRL, COMPAQ, IBM , Mc Data GB 64-port Switch, IBM INRANGE FCC9000 former Brocade FC Switch IBM HMC 9119 to manage IBM LPAR pSeries, IBM 3534 F08 FC Switch w/Zoning feature , McData 6064 FC Fabric Switch, INRANGE 48 FC Switch, CISCO SWITCHES 8500, 7200, 6509,3600,etc , IBM CISCO IGESM,ROUTERS, GATEWAYS, BRIDGES, DMZ Firewall, Cisco ASA 5500-X, Firewall, ATX, COPPER GB FIBER OPTIC CABLES, UTP, STP, 10/100/1000BT, CAT 3 5, DSU/CSU, ATX, FRAD



Virtualization App on top of the OS

Cloud Computing Mobile Enterprise Technology


IBM Flex Systems, PureFlex, IBMMobile First, IBM SmartCloud Apps Suite like Big Data, IBM Analytics, SmartCloud Provisioning Orchestrator, Open Stack, Smart Cities, IBM Smart Cities Maximo Integrator for Tririga,etc





DAS, NAS,SAN on IBM ESS Shark 2105 F20, FastT 700, 900 flash copy, remote mirroring, Zoning DS4800,DS8000/8300, 2145-8G4 SVC, V7000 StorageTEK, Hitachi, Tivoli TPC, IBM Enterprise Storage Mgr 8.3, IBM CISCO IGESM v 12.1 , BladeServers J20-40,HS20-40 IBM Tape Lib .3584,3494-EMC Symmetrix,1000, DMX 3 4, V-MAX Clariion CX600, etc ATL, Storage Tek 9710 DLT 7000e-ACSLS -DEDUP



NT 5.0, 4.0 SP1- 4 3.51 SP1-4 , WIN XP,WIN 2003, Windows 7, NT BACKOFFICE MODULES: EXCHANGE 4.0, 5.0 5.5, SNA 3.0 4.0, TCP/IP 3.51, 4.0 5.0, DNS, DHCP, RAS SMS, SQL 6.5, 7.0 and 2000


ksh, bsh,csh,ssh,sftp, IBM pSeries p4-650, 670,690 p5 520,550,595,p6 570 9117-MMA, Power 7 LPAR, DPAR, CoD, VIOS 1.5.1,2.1.3,2.2 AIX from: 3.1.5 to AIX 5L 5.4 TL7, 6.1 now AIX 7.1 using HMC vs7.3.2, HPC/AIX xCAT, CSM ,GPFS ESSL . HPC stack with Infiniband.

Regatta 7026 6M1, 6H1/7017 S85 Blue Hammer SP PSSP, 681/7040, S70, S7A, S80, S85 SCO 3.0, 4.0 4.2 HP-UX 9000 10.2,11.0 HP 3000 MPX, ALPHAUX, SUN FIRE V480, V880 HA , E10000 BSD AT T SYS V, XENIX LINUX


3.11, 3.12 4.0


IBM i z series: z9000, OS390,ES/9000, IBM 7038 M2, 7026 6 M1, 6H1, 7017, DEC Alpha2100 UX, AS400, S/36 38, IBM 3090, IBM 5290, IBM 3174, IBM 3494 ATL CONTROLLERS BARR CARD FOR CHANNEL ATTACHED LINK SERVICES USING NT O.S.




May 2012 to present

IBM Global Business Services

System Analyst


  • Performed Bid and Proposal as well as Delivery and Implementation Solutions Presentations at the customer site
  • Capacity Planning for Intel chip x86, RISC chip ,SPARC chip, Itanium chip and zSeries LPAR , z10, z196, zBX processors according to the applications needs and integration with the rest of the network peripherals, topology and connectivity.
  • Conversions and Migrations within the customer Data Center and a different location
  • Business Continuity and Disaster recovery, including Backup/restore best practices like periodically de-dup.
  • Co- Location Collo Solutions Planning and Solutions as well as partial or total IT outsourcing to our IBM Data Centers in Colorado, North Carolina and Virginia recommendations in order to satisfy efficiency, productivity and share resources 7x24 using charge metrics like Small-Medium and Large to decrease financial expenses to the customer with our IBM best Data Centers and professionals
  • Mentoring and Transferring knowledge to customer regarding VMWare, Capacity Planning according to their tight budget , leveraging the best utilization of less processors' cores at higher GHz speed, Memory, Storage, etc , considering the Data Center network bandwidth, power and cooling green system . Analyzed all the layers of the OSI from 1 to 7 from Network Connectivity to Platform's Hardware and Applications - Recommended architecture solutions observing the ITIL, TOGAF and IBM Architecture Guidelines and best practices
  • Assessing Government Data Centers requesting IBM Services for Virtualization, Cloud and Mobile Solutions for heterogeneous cross platforms, migrating from physical to virtual enterprise and manage the mobile enterprise network in a secure cloud environment with goals of reducing expenses yet keeping state of art transformation and evolving solutions

Subcontracting for IBM IBM Partners to major accts like Nissan,Quest,MTA, Verizon ,N. Y. State Tax, Oklahoma State Finance, State Of Texas, WAMU, Mervyn's, DreamWorks, Countrywide, DOW Chemical, Wachovia, WellPoint,

June 2002 to May 2012


  • Install configure power HA ,HACMP 4.5, 5.1, 5.2 Cascading, Rotating Concurrent topologies. Install Configure HMC 4.3.3 -6.0 to manage the p-series LPARs.
  • Installation and testing of the HPC/AIX stack with Infiniband. Worked on an HPC/AIX environment xCAT, CSM, GPFS ESSL for R D and IT Security. Compliance Dpt.
  • Install Configure the FC 3134-8 port Switch zoning SAN FastT700 5.3, Storage Enterprise Mgr. 8.3 flash copy remote mirroring criss-crossing the FC cabling to satisfy cluster redundancy plan. Install Configure SP thin wide nodes Rotating Cluster. Install/Configure SUNFires V100, V480r V880 HA housing Oracle 9i, 11i RAC, SAP ERP apps and other costumed apps Production and test servers .
  • Tivoli TPC Total ProductivityStorage Center Deployment on 27 government agencies for SOT State Of Texas in Austin as part of IBM being award with the support of the IT Infrastructure- Creating CIM Common Infromation Model CIM agent on each Storage Device multi brand: Storage Tek, Hitachi, HP-UX EVA SAN, IBM DS line using SVC, Agent Mgr,Data Mgr,Disk Mgr Fabric mgr , so TPC can be deployed and monitor CIMON- Object Mgr , including on to Servers, Switches Ports and SAN clusters.
  • Utilization of Infrastructure Architecture Frameworks: TOGAF vs9 Enterprise Architecture ITIL vs. 2 vs3 Solutions Management.
  • Evaluation of Voice Over Ip Servers Robustness to handle new traffic and recommendation and architected upgrade of 300 ports to satisfy business help desk demands after merging with new acquire corporation
  • In addition Mc Data, Brocade Cisco Data Switches 2, 4, 8 Gbps over Fiber Channel Emulex HBAs for our private net VPN to access the SAN ESS shark 2105 F20,800 DS9000 , which is dual cluster redundant, ssa structure, hooked to dual PDUs for dual energy source too. In addition I have experience with TSM, Legato, Veritas, Sysback, on multi-hybrid environments using IBM ATL 3494, Quantum ATL, StorageTek 9710's libraries.
  • As part of the security committee researched policies and procedures to ensure FTP files didn't have Trojan horses' gaps when transferring files with Europe, Asia and S. America. Liaison with vendors to select products for Disaster Recovery, business continuity and Enterprise Management Tivoli Enterprise Framework and BMC Patrol . Tested OS with new products after updating the new firmware patches for Power HA,HACMP 5.1,5.2, 6.1


Infrastructure Architect

  • Capacity Planning: Heterogeneous Platforms QUAD Core Intel Xeon Chip, SPARC Chip, RISC Chip, like Power 7 750, 795,p6 595 using virtualization HMC LPARs, ESXi VMWare, HP Itanium Chip , etc-
  • Evaluating Core GHz speed to determine proper infrastructure to house applications like WAS, FileNet, WMQ , Thunderhead , StatSoft Statistica, ALSB,Gentran, DataPower IVR Genesys, Loquendo,Tea Leaf other customed designed B2B Apps for DBs also like Oracle 11Gr2,UDB, MS SQL ,etc.
  • MIPPs speed on zSeries Linux LPAR Assessments to run Cobol Apps identifying them with EasyTrieve on equivalent pSeries CECs.
  • BC DR LTM Physical Solutions Designs, RTO and RPO evaluation to determine best solution, presentation of these solutions also. Evaluation and Selection of vendor's hw like F5 8900- External and Internal Firewalls Load Balancing ,SAN, Cabling, Network Topologies Protocols like SNMP, ICMP,DNS Redundancy Take Over to run DR Simulation Exercises at the Data Center. Akamai Network Security App implementation and deployment, involving LDAP, Encryption, Decryption and authentication. Data Migration Move participation using SRDF to replicate the data from West Coast to East Coast, servers apps data, group per group move. Architecture Evaluation of Enterprise Monitoring Tools like ITM, ITCAM, TEP which features were under-utilized and recommended thresholds and policies and multiple criteria report generating recommendation and guidance bringing vendor .Storage Assessments to accommodate large DBs, considering speed, robustness and cost.
  • Applied TOGAF vs9 Framework Disciplines for the Enterprise Architecture
  • Interface with Telecom Group to select HW Appliances to add 300 ports to the existing IVR and select corresponding components to the existing services.


  • Architect the design of an existing S70 server 125 MHz processor to convert it into an S80 450 MHz 650e processor/ 8 way/10k rpm , upgrading the I/O drawers and the processors.
  • Analyze with DBAs their requirements to satisfy their business needs, before recommending the purchase of internal and external peripherals to bring more power to the existing server.
  • Presented and recommended the customer each IBM part that could be upgraded, trade-in, or be eliminated from the existing server with their corresponding prices and justifications before they accept to fund the purchases 7133 I/O drawers, ssa fast-e adapters, Ethernet cards, PDUs, etc . Still in progress recommendation of DR/Backup solutions ADSM Tivoli /StorageTek 9710 . BMC patrol and Tivoli Enterprise module are currently being presented to customer as monitoring tools for their environment and to generate reports to forecast system scalability and availability


  • Analyze the Unix Infrastructure for their customers Albertson's and Chrysler's in Arizona Colorado to recommend a migration of its Database currently using Oracle 8.1.5, residing in a DEC Alpha UX 2100 cluster that dialogues to an Informix DB and needs to be transfer to a new geographical location.
  • Explored all the elements, bandwidth, applications, business purpose etc to recommend a SUN ES6000 Cluster and Oracle Gateway for Oracle Software to keep the protocol between the two databases and servers that are in different States.
  • Interface with the DBAs from the sending and receiving business, to ftp compress data over a 512 kbps circuit. Run CPU utilization statistical reports to select appropriate date without blocking bandwidth, of neither location.
  • Diagnosis and resolutions taken over existing and projected environment.


  • Evaluated, Designed and Implemented 11 RS6000 Servers S70, S7A S80 supporting CCNB in Sweden, Denmark, Finland Norway.
  • Y2K Preparation Plan for 2 months prior the turn of the Century. Execution of this Plan, remaining on the premises on Dec 31, 99/Jan1st 2000.
  • As the RS6000 Lead Engineer of the Project trained new Unix employees for the AIX vs. 4.3.3. Platform, HACMP 4.2 Cluster failover, and to the after hours operators BMC Patrol Tivoli.
  • Directed Migration and physical relocation of Servers residing in Copenhagen, Denmark to Stockholm, Sweden in coordination with the Database Administrators.
  • Surveyed and Interviewed potential vendors to provide Disaster Recovery Solutions placing the service for bid considering quality and budget as key elements. The participants were IBM ADSM/ IBM 3494 Magstar and Legato /StorageTek 9730 Silo, selecting this last one, NetWorker Edition and installing it on all the AIX servers. This software allowed us to perform backups over ip using Fiber Optic, meaning straight to tape, eliminating using hard drive space on the backup server. I selected to use RMAN to archive oracle 8.1.5 and 8.1.6 on line.
  • Technical Recommendation and purchasing of new servers and peripherals for the AIX environment. Final presentation of elected IT equipment or services to EDS' client CCNB after selecting best products or services.
  • Enhanced, designed, re-architected and support HACMP loaded on two S7As Servers housing the production Database Oracle 8.1.6 and application SAP 4.0 These two servers had not only redundant CPUs but drawers 7133, ssa adapters, Ethernet adapters, PDUs Power Distribution Units , etc Same design was applied for our Data Warehouse Server housed in an S80 holding 1.5 Terabytes of data.
  • Implementing NFS for AIX installation, maintenance and training to new employees.
  • Investigation of FTP solutions altering the native rights of files that are transfer, establishing tight security as per request of customer.
  • Solution's Implementation, Deployment and International Support maintaining the 11 servers with the latest operating system releases, latest firmware microcodes for all the individual internal and external peripherals.
  • Recommendation, installation and maintenance of the latest software like BMC Patrol 3.3,Tivoli Enterprise, Tivoli Security ADSM for Backup/Restore 3.7 for AIX 4.3.2 and 4.3.3.
  • Generated custom designed daily, weekly, monthly and yearly BMC Patrol reports to evaluate CPU utilization and paging statistics and forecast purchase of additional drawer's drives, memory and peripherals as per customer request.
  • Customized set thresholds on BMC Patrol alarms and trained the after hours operators on how to interpreted them in conjunction with Tivoli alarms and how to provide first level support, before escalating it to me. Our SLA Service Level of Agreement with Coca Cola was 7x24.
  • Editing, interpretation modification of AIX native and custom design existing korn shell scripts.
  • Interface with DBAs and Developers in order to forecast data growth rate in a quarterly basis, new versions of Oracle, SAP, Oracle Express and custom designed applications, testing them and evaluating them before using them in the Production System.
  • Configure all the AIX servers, allocating enough space for their redo logs, index tables and organizing the systems using lvm, jfs, nfs and mirroring all the mission critical data.
  • Forecast HD space memory availability to meet DBA's business requirement in Stockholm, Sweden Oslo, Norway Helsinki, Finland. Alerted advised them of outdated logs in order to recuperate space, allocate more space or purchase more drawers, whichever be the case.
  • Established FTP security to inbound and outbound files and jobs from Oslo, Helsinki, Copenhagen, and Jordbro Brussels to Stockholm.
  • Researched 3rd party software called Maniqum to manage the ftp jobs, after running volume stress tests on the environment after hours, considering CPU utilization, parallel processes AIO , bandwidth and peak/off time factors before getting to this resolution. Statistical reports were generated for customer.


  • Analyze Customer's business goals and objectives to design and present a customized plan of execution.
  • Researched Enterprise Infrastructure to implement and deploy appropriate Software Packages like Connect Direct for File Transfers between Paris and 22 other countries in Asia, Europe Latin America , and Dollar Universe as a Batch Architecture Scheduler. Both Software were for the HP-UX 9000-K series platform using HA High Availability Cluster Protocol.
  • Documentation of Customized Installation of Connect Direct and Dollar Universe for the HP-UX9000-K platforms infrastructure.


Project Manager - Analyzed, recommend and implement technical solutions for a Project called Discovery Orange County 2000:

  • Two Mobil newsrooms that needed to be equipped with adequate devices restricted by space, performance, moving environment, budget and yet meet the IS standards of the organization.
  • Researched and selected the appropriate connectivity between Microwave Networks, Frame Relay, Satellite, T1 and Wireless Data Cellular to support the lines of communications between the Mobil units and the Headquarters' building with the objective of transferring text and GUI files ftp back and forth.
  • Liaison between OCR client and existing and potential vendors.
  • Evaluated proposals submitted by Web Designers Consulting Groups using Oracle vs. 8.3.5 in a HP UX platform to design an html template to collect data from three sources: e-mail, Internet and remote PCs and to create hotlinks, to be integrated with DOC2000 web site.
  • Selected the best Web Group based on high-level architectural design qualifications, estimate time deliverance of services and budget.
  • Save the organization about 40K selecting the resources to meet their Web integration goals.


Network Consultant
  • Administered and troubleshot a 10,000 node, international US, New Zealand, Australia, India, UK, Spain, Canada, France, Puerto Rico and Chile network.
  • Oversaw the purchase of new hardware, which included Project Planning and management.
  • Designed, integrated, installed, configured, administered and supported IBM RS/6000 AIX and Windows NT based client-server technologies in a large global enterprise LAN/WAN environment.
  • Evaluated and implemented network solutions.
  • Researched and evaluated cost effective solutions to enhance business productivity and provide statistical evaluations to senior staff.
  • Functioned as liaison with resellers of networking hardware and software products.
  • Recommended and implemented a more robust platform IBM RISC/6000 AIX , which was needed as a SNA gateway to communicate with the IBM 3090, for a new Accounting Customized Software called FlexInternational, which consolidated all international accounting needs.
  • Managed installation and upgrade of fresh hardware and software.
  • Provided performance tuning to maximize throughput between the LAN clients, through the AIX gateway to MVS Mainframe using Network General Sniffer .
  • Evaluated, researched, troubleshot and solved network traffic congestion, utilizing commercial hardware and services demos of 3 different creditable vendors which resulted in a 145K savings to the company.
  • Diagnosed size and frequency of packets and frame size using Cabletron and Network General Sniffers from Ethernet topology to FDDI ATX to Token Ring. Set up traces to analyze all of the hops that the packets traveled through.
  • Troubleshot through all the 7 layers of the OSI to determine LAN problems.
  • Recommended and implemented Spectrum Cabletron WAN Monitor Software that allows international troubleshooting to the port level using SNMP, ICMP, Probes and MIBS.
  • Purchased IBM RS/6000 equipment installed and configured using Korne-shell and SMIT AIX Menu X-Windows . Configured based on a LVM and SNMP protocol.
  • Edited and modified shell scripting to meet the needs of the current enterprise.
  • Implemented disaster recovery using Sysbac for AIX Servers and Palyndrom-Seagate for NT Windows Servers.
  • Developed procedures for ongoing maintenance of network hardware and software, including upgrades and statistical trend information using Compaq Insight Manager for the NT environment.
  • Installed and maintained Exchange TCP/IP, DHCP, DNS, SNA, SMS SQL.
  • Acted as liaison between AT T and our mainframe customers using Satellite connectivity.


Network and UNIX Consultant Contract

  • Established a UNIX LAN LAB for the students with a limited budget.
  • Purchased hardware and software to build 2 labs, servers, hubs, cables, bridges and mini router.
  • Installed and implemented a SCO 4.2 LAN with emulation to a Novell 4.12 environment using ICE 10 and an Asynchronous Cluster LAN with 50 TTY's.
  • Trained 2 teachers on SCO UNIX and taught consecutive classes for an average of 24 students for an academic term.
  • Recommended hardware and textbooks for staff and students.


Network Consultant Project Leader Contract

  • Established 2 major call-in centers utilizing a 4,000 node, 18-server network in an IBM RS/6000 AIX environment.
  • Designed system to enable 10,000 calls to be in queue at one time. Ran system stress tests, created disaster recovery and security plans.
  • Recommended hardware and software on the IBM RS/6000 platforms from the R family R20, R30 to SP2 family.
  • Integrated data and voice. Telephony: using x.25 protocol, Nortel IVR Mafi , Vantive and Genesis Communication Call Manager developed and implemented the call center.
  • Downloaded and uploaded records from the database residing on the IBM AS400. The IBM RS/6000 environment was used as an SNA Gateway HCON . The client's PC's were Windows NT using 3270 emulations EXTRA . Used Sybase as database and SQL scripting modifications to satisfy needs. Telnet to Sacramento's AIX servers to FTP files.
  • Established Disaster Recovery using mksysb to archive rootvg and a custom script to archive the Sybase database. Recommended and purchased Sysbac from AIX which archives both. Negotiated with Arcus to take the media off-site daily and retain for 60 days. Verified true data is archived by performing tests restores from media.
  • Performed monthly upgrades of versions and IBM patches to improve the environment.
  • Monitored the data server RS/6000 together with the Nortel CPU utilizing PerfMon which generated graphic and statistical reports for upper management to forecast growth and pre-determine hardware and software requirements.
  • Traveled to Corona and Sacramento to maintain the RS Servers, hardware and software upgrades and installations to meet the growth needs of the company. This included Cisco Routers, bridges, and ISDN and T1 lines to expand bandwidth.
  • Coordinated the upgrade of T1 to T3 with the telephone technician. Ran tests and verified that the Server CPU and PBX CPU were running in agreement. Upgraded software on both CPUs.


Network Systems Consultant Employee

  • Designed a customized software package. Utilized Cobol on an IBM RISC/ 6000 AIX for P/O, A/R, A/P, G/L, Inventory and Service and Financial Management modules.
  • Analyzed and modified existing programs according to users needs.
  • Migrated AIX 3.1.5 to 3.2.5.
  • Installed and maintained shelf packages for AIX 3.2.5. Trained and supported users.
  • Acted as liaison for out-of-state developers by meeting with them to discuss their criteria, methodology, and company requirements.
  • Negotiated with vendors and purchased hardware and software to meet company's needs.
  • Troubleshot and resolved hardware and software problems for users interfaced with users as in-house help desk and provided security administration.
  • Performed system administration by monitoring dedicated console for error or failures and forecast improvements.
  • Provided in-house disaster recovery and periodic backups of data and operating system.


Network Operations Manager Contract

  • Administered a LAN 400 nodes and WAN 3,000 nodes and 15 local servers. RAS connectivity: 4 lines, 4 gateways, 2 Cisco Routers, Equinox and Equitron Switches for T1 24 channels and High Speed Communications Cables STP 4/16 mbps, CAT 1, 3 and 5 cables, copper and fiber for the patch-panel of the new ring.
  • Modified programs running under SHELL, SCRIPTS, SQL, OS/2, C and Basic.
  • Utilized LANview to monitor the network and troubleshot the network using the Sniffer.
  • Supervised a team of 6 employees and delegated short and long-term assignments.
  • Participated in the installation and configuration of a Help Desk. Solved DOS, Windows, CC Mail and custom designed software problems.
  • Participated in conference calls with 5 other regions to improve data communications.
  • Reviewed and selected new software purchased equipment, P.Cs, parts and accessories.
  • Documented and reported to Washington, DC, the department's perspective and objectives for budget purpose.


Network Administrator Project Leader Contract

  • Diagnosed, administered and enhanced a 500 node FileNet-Unix system. Troubleshot diagrams and solved software or hardware problems to a board level.
  • Maintained an optical retrieval system consisting of 5 modules with 10,000 disks each. Administered consoles for 5 servers and sub-systems plus a dedicated server for remote access purposes through modem lines 10 lines .
  • Initiated the first Phase Disaster Recovery Plan.
  • Interfaced with users and was a Help Desk resource for all levels.


Systems Administrator Contract

  • Migrated from a HP 3000/70 MPE and MPEX to AS/400/9406 using Reflections.
  • Analyzed existing programs and files to determine and correct errors impeding a smooth operation with some EDI exposure.
  • Documented existing procedures. Implemented security access through Vesoft for 100 nodes, 150 reports and programs written in RPG II, COBOL and Fortran.
  • Implemented a Disaster Recovery Program for media and forms off-site.
  • Worked closely with New York headquarters to reduce conversion costs by obtaining competitive bids and creatively selling or trading off existing hardware.


Network Systems Administrator Contract

  • Migrated an IBM 36 to LAN Novell 3.11, Ethernet topology and recommended and established the first and second phase of the Novell LAN.
  • Installed new ADP software packages and tested programs edited and debugged data through the conversion.
  • Trained users and troubleshot packaged and ADP applications including adhoc report generator programs.


Network Systems Administrator Contract
  • Migrated from a NCR UNIX like Op. Sys. to IBM RISC/6000 AIX.
  • Implemented connectivity between LAN Novell to RS/6000 AIX for 50 nodes.
  • Recommended AIX compatible shelves' packages.


Systems Administrator Contract

  • Converted data and specific files uploaded from LAN to AS400 9406 and edited and debugged reports.
  • Documented help texts through help keys for new programs, using SELL utility through PDM. The programs were written in RPG II and utilized CL400.


Network Systems Project Leader Contract

  • Participated in the conversion of an IBM 36 to an IBM RISC/6000 AIX 3.5 and a LAN of 150 nodes using Ethernet Topology.
  • Converted all IBM 36 applications, such as MAPICS and RPG II programs, to Open Basic and Basic IV for the IBM RISC/6000.
  • Integrated the business package completely including Order Entry, A/R, A/P, G/L and Financial Analysis Reports.
  • Debugged/modified programs using SHELL Scripting.


Network Systems Administrator Contract

  • Recommended, selected, functioned as the vendor liaison and installed the hardware and software for a Novell 3.11 LAN with an Ethernet topology.
  • Installed applications including Order Entry, A/P, A/R, G/L, WordPerfect and a custom medical package.


Network Administrator Project Leader Contract
  • Recommended and implemented extension of hardware and software for a Novell 3.11 LAN with Token Ring topology. Software included shelves packages, Sidekicks, Formtools, Real World VS 5 and a custom accounting package RAM .


General Manager Employee

  • Managed the operations of a high-end flower retailer.
  • Prepared budgets and analyzed financial statements.
  • Supervised an organization of 40 employees in the Information Systems, Customer Service, Accounting and Personnel functions.
  • Implemented and administered UNIX CT-AT T LAN.
  • Oversaw preparation of the general ledger, accounts payable and receivable accounts and payroll. Also, analyzed sales revenues and commissions.
  • Supervised all purchasing and prepared sales and use tax returns as well as worker's compensation reports.


System Supervisor Employee

  • Reported to the President of the company and managed the UNIX CT system.
  • Recommended, selected and implemented hardware and software for the migration from a NCR to UNIX CT.
  • Tested, modified and installed custom designed packages.
  • Supervised the systems preparation of the general ledger, billing, and accounts payable/receivable, payroll and month-end closings.
  • Generated management reports.


Computer Operator: Employee
  • Participated in a system conversion from an IBM S/34 to an IBM S/36.
  • Modified existing programs written in RPGII.
  • Consolidated programs to reduce run time.

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