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Systems Integration Specialist Resume Profile


A position in the computer industry related to systems administration, security, patch management, application packaging, and server management



Tier II Systems Analyst PKI Design

  • Working as part of a team to migrate digital signing and encryption, smart card authentication and domain controller certificates from TrustCenter to Symantec certificate provider.
  • Designed automated script to notify end users of certificate expiration and upcoming migration to ease transition to new provider.
  • Gathered migration metrics to keep accurate count of certificates that have migrated and those that still need to be migrated.
  • Developed Smart card agent installation package requirements and processes and oversaw testing to prepare for deployment of new agent software to all smart card users.
  • Documented new processes to allow the operations team to efficiently negotiate new procedures.
  • Identify versions of ActivClient software on servers using Opsware to develop client upgrade strategy.


Tier II Systems Analyst

  • Utilize Cyber Ark software to support Privileged Identity Management Highly Privileged Account HPA tools including server environment troubleshooting, password synchronization, and user access issues.
  • Provision, Distribute, and Support Smart Cards and Digital Certificates issued by TrustCenter and Symantec as part of the Two-Factor Authentication strategy for administrative users.
  • Approve secure file transfers for HPA users in business critical roles.
  • Troubleshoot and resolve issues with nix Central Authentication and Two-Factor Authentication systems for user logins to unix and linux based servers.


End point security specialist

  • Remediated failed Digital Guardian deployments increasing global deployment saturation from about 60 up to 95
  • Aggressively pursued defects in Windows workstation patching driving the missing patches per machine metric below one missing patch per machine.
  • Using the Sophos Console I corrected Sophos client installations that were in a variety of error states.
  • Served as non-standard software approver assessing security risks based upon unpatched vulnerabilities and software behavior.
  • Worked with lab managers to create specialized patching strategies that addressed the delicate nature of their individual lab environments.


Application Packager/Tier 2 Support Technician

  • Worked as primary application packager packaging applications such as Sophos Endpoint Security, Digital Guardian, Microsoft Office 2010, Internet Explorer 8 and several other applications for global deployment using Wise Package Studio, MSI, BAT, and VBScript.
  • Manage and troubleshoot application deployments using CA DSM suite of products using custom built database queries and built-in tools to verify data accuracy.
  • Using custom scripts identify and target deployment defects to allow for proper targeting of resolution deployments.
  • Training other team members to create and deploy complex application packages
  • Modified existing windows login script to allow for use on Windows 7 systems using KIX and BAT scripting.
  • Helped to modify system reimage process to allow for use of new software license monitoring process which allows purchased software licenses to be retained after the system is reimaged.
  • Download, test and deploy monthly security patches in both test and production environments in accordance with corporate requirements.
  • Gather metrics on monthly patching and other software deployments as needed.
  • Helped to manage tape backup system and sent tapes to offsite archive location.


Systems Integration Specialist

  • Worked on a team to migrate Active Directory users from an old domain to another domain using ADMT from Microsoft.
  • Created and maintain users and groups within Windows 2000/2003/2008 Active Directory environment.
  • Monitored health and help to maintain Active Directory Domain Controllers using WSUS, Netpro, and Microsoft MOM.
  • Created and modified Group Policy Objects
  • Installed server certificates to prepare environment for two factor authentication via ActivClient and smart card.
  • Helped to ensure that security patches were installed in a timely manner on all domain controllers.
  • Authored scripts to install system management applications via GPO on all domain controllers.


  • Worked on a team that manages Exchange 2000 and Active Directory environment for a customer located in California.
  • Developed and implemented VBScript solutions to manage Active Directory and Exchange
  • Provided third level support for Exchange email issues affecting users of Outlook, Entourage, and webmail clients.
  • Provided email support to executive level users
  • Patched and maintained Exchange servers and Active Directory domain controllers in accordance with change control procedures laid out by the customer.


Systems Integration Analyst

  • Worked as the primary package builder for GE Global Research preparing applications for global deployment
  • Packaged applications such as Office 2007, Symantec Antivirus 10 Corporate, Business Objects 11, and Lotus Sametime 7.5
  • Managed CA Unicenter environment globally including Software Delivery, Asset Management and Asset Intelligence.
  • Worked to maintain data integrity in the Unicenter environment by removing duplicate machine records and created reports to identify issues and needs in the environment
  • Regularly deployed security patches, updates and applications to 6,000 clients globally
  • Designed and built coreload images to be used on high performance workstations using industry standard best practices and tools, such as Windows sysprep and Symantec Ghost
  • Administered the Windows scanning and printing environment including hardware setup, queue creation, and documentation of setup procedures for onsite support team
  • Assisted in the creation of a post imaging update solution to automatically install site specific software and updates using USD and WSUS technologies to prepare new computers for deployment to end users.


Deskside Support Engineer/Server Hardware Support

  • Delivered hardware and software support on a variety of systems to the GE Global Research end user community with highly diverse needs and requirements.
  • Responsible for providing server hardware support on Intel based server platforms. These responsibilities include on-call support for mission critical servers.
  • Proactively provided notifications of security vulnerabilities and other necessary patches to ensure that security standards can be maintained.
  • Authored and distributed documentation to improve the quality and speed of support that the team provides to the end users.
  • As a member of the Change Management Team provide insights and possible concerns associated with planned changes
  • Assisted as a team member on Six Sigma Green Belt projects.
  • Directed team members in procedures and best practices to recognize and remove Spyware/Malware from individual systems.
  • Defined install procedures and provided step by step documentation for the end user community to allow them to install engineering applications such as Unigraphics, Ansys, and Matlab
  • Provided support for portable devices such as Treo 600 and 650 and several models of RIM Blackberry devices


Customer Service/Network Monitoring/Network Operations

  • Configured customer DNS zone files and diagnosed issues within the DNS zone.
  • Researched and analyzed Email delivery problems to provide resolution or escalation to Tier 2 support.
  • As a Network Monitoring Technician, monitored customer dedicated line and DSL connections and contacted the customer to perform remote troubleshooting in the event of an interruption of the connectivity to their site.
  • Provided advanced troubleshooting of connectivity issues to customer sites through communication with both the customer and the telephone companies.
  • Reviewed Cisco Router and Switch configurations as well as customer equipment configurations to determine the cause of the outage.
  • Played a key role in reducing cost and increasing the stability of the network by creating new PVC's on the Cisco switches and working with the telephone companies during off-peak times to cut the customer circuits from less reliable or costlier circuits to new, more stable, cost effective circuits.


PC Installer/Technician

  • Traveled to NYS Parks to install new Dell workstations to replace existing mainframe equipment in remote sites and administrative offices.
  • Provided instruction to end users to familiarize them with Windows NT environment.
  • Assisted in setup and configuration of new server and network environments in main offices.


Software Installer/Team Leader

  • Supervised and assisted in a coreload rollout that included Norton Antivirus, MS Office 97 and Outlook 98.
  • Provided installation support for several versions of MS Access to allow usage of specialized databases.
  • Coordinated with team members to maximize efficiency while minimizing impact on the end user community.


Lab Assistant

Provided instruction in a lab for students preparing to take the A exam.


Asset Specialist/Deskside Support

  • Worked on a team at GE Corporate Research and Development implementing an asset tracking system.
  • Provided support to end users on hardware, software, network, and Windows operating system issues


  • Proficient in Windows 9x, DOS, Windows NT 4 Server and Workstation, Windows 2000 Professional and Server, Windows Server 2003 and 2008, Windows XP, Windows 7, Active Directory planning and management
  • Skilled in configuration and troubleshooting of the following technologies: TCP/IP, DNS, WINS and DHCP.
  • Scripting Technologies: Wise Package Studio, SMS Installer, Windows Installer Technologies, Windows Scripting Host, Windows Shell Scripting, Powershell, VB Script, DOS batch scripting.
  • Applications: Microsoft Office, Internet Applications, WSUS, ActivIdentity Card Management Client and Server client, Symantec Ghost, Symantec Antivirus, Safeboot, Mcafee Endpoint Encryption, Proventia, Windows PE/Bart PE, Microsoft Exchange Server, Hummingbird Exceed and NFS Maestro

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