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System Analyst Resume Profile


Experienced Software Application Developer, Analyst, and Integrator. Delivers effective solutions t high profile clients. Project leader for coding, business data modeling, life cycle methods, documentation, and training. Knowledgeable in business domains: CRM, investment bank deal pipelines, securities trading, government administration, wholesale order processing, logistics of commodities shipping lab automation and tests management in pharmaceutical industry in support of preclinical, clinical, and post market studies LIMS systems for chemical, petrochemical, environmental testing, waste treatment, food, and consumer products industries. Support and migration of legacy systems. Hands-on experience with Oracle and other SQL databases as components in multitier Web and Client Server Applications. Web Projects experience with JEE Architecture using custom MVC frameworks, Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, ORM, HTML, JavaScript, and XML using numerous IDE's and databases. Intensive Client Server Projects experience using

PowerBuilder certified developer . Collaborative skills and recent formal teaching experience complement Stephen's ability t communicate and facilitate effective working relationships and information transfer with business technology client users and providers.



JEE: Java, JSP, Servlets, JDBC, EJB, MVC Frameworks with ORM such as GSF custom, Lynx, Spring, Struts, HTML, JavaScript, XML, Websphere, WSAD, Eclipse,Symantec VisualCafe / ServletExecDebugger, Tomcat, JRun, Homesite, Glassfish in Netbeans , SQL, PL/SQL Oracle , T SQL Sybase , MSSQL Server , Erwin, SSRS, BusnessObjects / WebI, PowerBuilder CPD certifications Honored for original PFC Extension please see Publications

Other Software

  • Db admin, data modeling, SDLC - project life cycle / version control major vendors
  • Operating Systems
  • Windows Server/NT/XP/7, DOS, UNIX, Netware
  • Hardware / Engineering
  • LIMS data capture, Signal analysis, Custom Interfaces and Circuits



Software Engineer Long Term Rebates Processing

  • Collaborate with local and offshore development teams in lifecycle context
  • Technologies: SAP Powerbuilder, IBM Informix, Teradata, Unix


Lead Developer Analyst

Support web and client server applications for proxy vote processing, support call centers, support changing unique policies and formats for information transfer among corporate clients, shareholders, and beneficial owners.Technologies: Java, JEE, JSP, Powerbuilder 12, MS SQL Server, SSIS


Senior Software Consultant


  • Coded / pushed out improvements t apps for FC/FA end users t track their compensation.
  • Applied analytical and technical expertise in web Java/JEE/DB2 and client server Powerbuilder/DB2/Sybase technologies and security practices.


Technology Consultant and Instructor als completed 21 MST credits at Fordham GSE

Law Offices of Susan Freedman

IT Consultant on Call


Adjunct Instructor - Science and Technical Literacy - Lecture and Laboratory


Software Consultant


Developer Analyst for Global Investment Bank Technology

  • Developed, maintained, and operated web applications for global tracking of pipeline deals and fees. Participated in formal disaster recovery planning.
  • Wrote database replication utility developed CONTACT, a client relationship management application deployed on 300 desktops.
  • Designed reusable security service for this and similarly structured applications.
  • Responsible for full project life cycle management and Y2K validation.

Technologies: Oracle 8i,9, PL/SQL, IBM Websphere 3,4, WSAD 4,5 VisualCafe, ServletExecDebugger, HTML, Javascript, JEE web components listed above , BusinessObjects 5.1, WebI, IIS, PowerBuilder 7, MS SQL Server, UNIX as needed t deploy web applications, Lotus Notes API, Palm OS


Developed data consolidation and reporting system for syndicated loans. Published PFC related paper listed in Publications


Team Leader

Developer for Total Order Processing System, a client/server upgrade for a legacy wholesale ordering system t make this task more efficient and reliable.

Technologies: PowerBuilder


  • Upgraded Commodities Trading application which managed logistics. Linked import/export contract items, inventory, container units, vessels, points of call, and transportation schedules

Technologies: PowerBuilder 4/5, Oracle 7.1 Tree Structures, OO, SQL Studio

Bear Stearns

Integrator Developer Analyst

  • Integrated several legacy backend trading systems for convertible bonds under a consistent GUI t provide end user consistency, speed, and reliability.
  • Produced checklist of issues regarding integrity of data-model, stored procedures, and triggers t assure seamless migration from Sybase System 4 t 11.

Technologies: PowerBuilder 4/5, Sybase System 4.x/11, Sybase SQL Anywhere 5, T SQL, DBArtisan, 3rd party O Framework

TRECOM 1992-1996

Software Developer / Analyst



  • Participated in redesign of EXPRES, an application enabling employees t submit expense reports that included reconciliation of their credit card transactions.

Technologies: PowerBuilder 4/5, Access engine, Lotus Notes VIM functions


Lead Developer

  • Developed and led development of 1 Re
  • habilitation Cost - used t manage scheduling and payment of invoices and vouchers for Client Rehabilitation Services and 2 Rehabilitation Online Reports.
  • Managed development team enforced front and back end coding standards.
  • Implemented and supervised database queries / reports / data transactions
  • Performed and supervised life cycle tasks.

Technologies: PowerBuilder 4, Sybase System 10, TSQL, SQL Programmer, Defect Tracking Software, O Framework,


Software Developer / Analyst

Pfizer 06/94-08/95


  • Developed Clinical Contact Reporting application t enable clinical research monitors t track / report clinical site monitoring activity on newly marketed drugs.
  • Enabled users t extract from primary database t their notebooks, modify investigator / patient information in the field, and resynch.

Technologies: Oracle 7, SQL Plus, PowerBuilder 3,4, Erwin/ERX, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Netware, Help Magician


Project Manager

Bristol Myers-Squibb /

Assistant Project Manager

  • Developed Formula Raw Material Maintenance System deployed internationally t assist formulators in design of over-the-counter drugs, skin, and hair care products.
  • Provided features for raw material ingredient, formula, and version control.
  • Implemented interactive version of R D lab notebooks t enforce record keeping compliance required for patent protection.
  • Applied SDLC methodology interviews, requirements analysis, documentation, data modeling, construction, installation, and testing t assist in achieving objectives.
  • Provided portable system t facilitate field prototyping, demo, and training.

Technologies: Oracle 7, SQL Plus, PowerBuilder 2/3, Sybase SQL Anywhere, Netware, SDLC AGS branded product

Pfizer 11/92-06/93

System Analyst

  • System Analyst for complete retrospective validation, with reference t FDA GLP/GMP standards, of Laboratory Data Review System used t support clinical trials of new drug.
  • Interviewed system users, managers, and programmers analyzed and charted the data flow process at source code level.
  • Prepared pre-validation assessment document, a users' guide, and validation plan executed the validation tests, evaluated results, and prepared final document

FDA GLP/GMP methods

Sandoz 08/92-10/92

System Analyst

  • Developed/ delivered requirements document for the purchase of new Toxicology/Pathology system supporting preclinical safety assessment of potential new drugs.
  • Conducted individual and group interviews with users.

Technologies: SDLC AGS branded product , System Architect

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