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Senior Unix System Engineer Resume Profile

SUMMARY: Senior Unix System Engineer 20 years experience B.A. Computer Science Rutgers University, 1988 . Principally familiar with Hewlett-Packard open system platforms HP9000, HP-UX 11x and compatible HP legacy system platforms HP e3000 MPE/iX using HP's PA-RISC hardware non-Itanium . Recent skills include: VMware virtualization ESX 3.5 Virtual Center 2.5 for Windows environments on Compaq DL/GL design and configuration for audit compliance Secure/Trusted Server implementation High Availability design for mission-critical applications Web Server PKI Administration Sun ONE / iPlanet / Netscape VeriSign, etc. cross-platform inter-system connectivity and secure/non-secure data transfer across public and private networks.

OBJECTIVE: Suitable full-time preferred or possible contract position providing services such as: Design, Architecture, Specification, Acquisition, Installation, Configuration, Integration, Performance Analysis, Capacity Planning, Security Enhancements, High Availability Implementation, Routine Task Automation, Hardware/Software Maintenance, and Ongoing Support at technical, system, and application levels on a 24x7 on-call basis encompassing any combination of homogeneous or multi-platform open-system environments. Fully available for nationwide domestic travel and potentially for international travel, as well no current passport . Opportunities for additional engineering experience with Linux, Windows, and other Unix servers IBM, Sun, etc. strongly preferred.



  • operating system, and application-level support for a large network 100 of physical and virtual Vmware Linux servers in support of clinical applications for FDA drug trials.
  • Support roles included onsite offsite backup recovery CommVault , physical virtual server builds and decommissions with abundant auditable paper trails , code review for internal applications Subversion , and frequent DNS maintenance.

Larger team projects included conversions of several dozen virtual Linux servers from RedHat to CentOS for licensing compliance.


  • Senior member of a bi-regional Boston Wisconsin technical team providing 24x7 on-call hardware, operating system, and application-level support for voice, network, Unix HP-UX , and a combination of dedicated virtualized Wintel environments.
  • Primary administrative and support responsibilities were focused on a small HP9000 Unix environment one server each for production, test, and development hosting Oracle DBMS Financial applications, with additional support for a steadily expanding virtualized Wintel server environment VMware ESX 3.5 Virtual Center 2.5 .
  • Participated in several semi-annual Disaster Recovery drills, using IBM's recovery facility in Sterling Forest, NY as a remote hot-site for integrated recovery of the production HP-UX environment Oracle DBMS Financials together with the IBM mainframe and select business-critical Wintel environments.
  • Provided secondary technical support for employee remote access via a Citrix Access Gateway network, following an outsourced installation migration project to replace the previous Windows Terminal Server solution, in compliance with newer regulatory mandates established by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts regarding access control for Protected Healthcare Information PHI .

Systems Integration Specialist


  • Five-month contract with a large technical support group providing 24x7 on-call administrative and engineering services for a network of 20 HP9000 Unix servers in two local Data Centers Boston Quincy , including production, development, and testing environments.
  • Participated in one of two annual Disaster Recovery drills, using the local test/development Data Center as an internal recovery site for the production environment.
  • Expanded and automated security enhancements with several tools and utilities, including CISscan, John The Ripper for password cracking , and Symark PowerBroker for distributed administrative responsibilities .
  • Other projects included: large-scale disk reorganization with LVM across an EMC Symmetrix disk array SAN fail-over support for AutoSys job automation scheduler and other routine SysAdmin tasks such as patch and hardware maintenance.

Technical Systems Leader


  • Senior contributor on a technical team which grew from three to eight staff members system engineers, project leaders, and one manager , within an IS department of 100 programmers, analysts, network engineers, PC and help desk technicians , supporting an internal user community growing from 500 to 2500 employees, managing a heterogeneous network of HP3000 and HP9000 midrange servers expanding from 3 to 30 systems excluding Wintel , and providing a range of business-to-business data connectivity services to hundreds of external business partners, all on a 24x7 on-call basis.
  • Beginning in 1992, fulfilled the role of pioneering technical contributor for the introduction and integration of THP's first Unix server HP9000 HP-UX , with associated enterprise-wide open-system evolutionary changes, including: Migration from the previous all-proprietary, homogeneous, serial/ASCII application environment HP3000 MPE/iX, no PC-LAN , to a more open, heterogeneous network-based foundation.
  • A brief history of these multifaceted projects include: Replacing ASCII terminals with PC's on all desktops, installation of a TCP/IP backbone, and the first-time deployment of a relational database application Ingres initially, then Informix/RedBrick for Decision Support Data Warehouse and eventually Oracle for all future RDBMS applications .
  • Beyond the expansions and enhancements above, later phases extended through several intermediate levels and a series of conversion/upgrade/migration tasks, progressing from an early single-campus, flat, bridged network using bootp with a mixed environment of DOS, Windows 3.1 and Windows 95/98 clients, toward the current multi-campus design, with clustered routers, VLAN's, DHCP/DNS, and a uniform set of Windows 2000 clients.
  • Among various non-Wintel midrange servers, performed a lead role in coordinating and executing numerous update migration projects covering an historical range of O/S versions HP-UX 8.x through 11i IBM AIX SCO Unix Sun Solaris, etc. and a concurrent range of hardware HP9000 series 847 through series rp8000 .
  • During initial phases of establishing corporate Internet connectivity, acted as principal administrator for the first firewall router Sun-based CheckPoint, later migrated to a dedicated network appliance . Experience with other early network applications included Netscape Proxy Server later obsoleted , and a temporary implementation of bootp later replaced by a cluster of redundant dynamic DHCP/DNS servers .
  • Heavily involved in numerous long-term, enterprise-wide, core architectural changes, especially including: Vertical Expansions redeploying single-server applications into multi-tiered designs, with data, application, user interface, presentation layers segregated onto individual servers and similarly spreading production, test, and development functions across separate server groups and Horizontal Expansions for load-balancing and fail-over redundancy typically involving the replication of one or more production, test, development servers into mirrored clusters via hardware-based options such as HP's MC/ServiceGuard and/or application-level concurrency, etc. . Subsequent reviews of this work did not result in the adoption of any re-consolidations despite later industry trends regarding the potential benefits of such projects.
  • Participated in further architectural changes, including migration of data-intensive and business-critical applications to high-performance/high-availability direct-attached and SAN-based RAID storage devices EMC Symmetrix Disk Arrays, EMC PowerPath software, etc. and later migrations to high-performance/redundant direct-attached and SAN-based backup recovery systems StorageTek/HP SureStore robotic tape libraries, Ignite/UX, and Veritas NetBackup .
  • For Disaster Recovery Business Continuance initiatives: Participated in annual hot-site recovery drills, involving real-time travel to multiple remote recovery sites equipped with previously contracted data center hardware and end-user resources , priority retrieval of backup media from off-site storage, full recovery replication of business-critical systems, and end-user acceptance testing for application functionality.
  • In keeping with established standards of excellence NCQA, etc. , industry best practices, audit requirements, and government regulatory specifications HCFA, HIPAA, Sarbanes-Oxley, etc. , implemented several security initiatives, including projects to strengthen standardize authentication, access control, data confidentiality, data integrity, and limited non-repudiation. Future experience might ideally include Kerberos and/or LDAP implementations.
  • Other areas of special focus involved inter-system access and file-transfer processes EDI, etc. , for internal and external users, across both private and public networks. Following a policy of accommodating all business partners, this grew to include nearly every possible open and proprietary protocol: PPP, VPN, OpenSSL, various FTP implementations including SecureFTP , HTTPS, S/MIME, OpenPGP, GNU Privacy Guard, PKZip encryption, IBM SNA NRJE, HP DSCOPY, various asynchronous dialup Kermit, X,Y,Z-Modem, etc. , Cleo A , proprietary terminal emulators WRQ Reflection, etc. , Connect:Direct/NDM, ValiCert/Tumbleweed, and almost every other mutually supportable options. By extension, this area of responsibility included administrative experience with Netscape / iPlanet / Sun ONE Enterprise Web Server and some PKI infrastructure VeriSign Certificates, etc. , with some additional cross-platform file-sharing methodology NFS, CIFS, etc. .
  • Additional application-specific management experience: WordPerfect/UX GEIS GXS Global eXchange Service Tivoli Workload Scheduler fka Maestro Job Automation Scheduler BEA Enterprise Java Application Server HP MirrorDisk/UX HP GlancePlus/UX GlancePlus/iX HP OnLine/JFS Veritas Journaled File System VeSoft SECURITY/3000 VeAudit.

Senior Technical Specialist


Senior member of a small technical support team providing system, data, and application management services for a nationwide network of seven regional HP3000 legacy server environments. Principal projects involved automation of routine maintenance processes extensive modem-based and proprietary X.25 net-based file transfers remote system management tasks integration with a broader SCO Unix distributed client application network end-user medical management application for local offices and implementation of improved industry-standard best practice security applications in response to external audit requirements .

Operator Administrator Intern


College internship with a Hewlett-Packard beta site for the initial porting implementation of HP's proprietary MPE/iX legacy operating environment onto the PA-RISC hardware platform, including migration from CISC to RISC and 16-bit to 32-bit architecture.

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