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Systems Administrator Resume Profile


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System Administrator

  • Primary Responsibility: HP-UX System Administrator to 32 HPUX 11.i production/test/development nodes running both 11.i v1 11.11 and 11.i v2 11.23 , in both stand alone and MC/ServiceGuard 11.16 clusters. All nodes configured to HA standards with OnlineJFS, MirrorDiskU/X, Trusted System configuration, GlancePlus, and MeasureWare. All nodes configured with LVM and Hitachi SAN. Database applications include Oracle 9.i, 9.i RAC 10G2RAC, Websphere. All nodes configured to meet and maintain Federal Security Agency standards as well as HIPPA standards. Position required to obtain 6C security clearance, applied for. All nodes backed up with Netbackup 5.1, configured to HP DLT Tape Library. Responsibilities include, but not limited to: Hardware support, LVM, patches, Network configuration and cabling, daily maintenance and security, patching, and user requests following ACS change control policies and procedures, Netbackup policy creation/backup and restore.
  • Secondary Responsibility: IBM AIX System Administrator. Responsibilities include but not limited to: P5 P6 VIO LPAR configuration, AIX 5.3 installation via CD/DVD or NIM server. LVM, daily maintenance and user requests, security configuration, user account maintenance and configuration. Software installation and configuration. REDHAT RHEL 5 System Administrator. Responsibilities include but not limited to: installation via DVD, LVM, daily maintenance and user requests, security configuration, user account maintenance and configuration. Software installation and configuration.


Project Manager

Designed and developed patent pending technology cold block diesel utilizing existing diesel engine designs to be fueled by non petroleum B 100, SVO, and WVO fuel sources for the use of the production of electricity. Design guidelines in accordance with Georgia Utility Commission state codes O.C.G. 46-3-50 2004 . Responsibilities include, but not limited to: Design, Fabrication, part procurement.


Administrator Deployment Engineer

All aspects of HP-UX System Administration to include, but not limited to: Design, Implementation, Administration, and Customer problem resolution. Datacenter location power distribution/connection Network cabling, connection O/S network configuration, O/S network security Configuration, and name resolution. Fibre Channel SCSI storage cabling and connection Server hardware installation T, K, V, N, L, B, rp-series up to rp-8400, admin duties on Super Dome , build, configure partition based on PA-RISC design and project HA requirements. GSP and remote console configuration HP-UX 11.0, l1.i, 11.23 , Value Added Software, Patches 3rd party software installation and configuration. Value Added products include but not limited to: MirrorDiskUX, AdvancedJFS, OnlineJFS, MC/ServiceGuard, GlancePlus, Perfview, MeasureWare Storage configuration via LVM. Storage devices include JBOD, FC Series, Clarion, EMC . All systems built to no less than a minimal HA configuration, with no single points of failure, and redundancy via disk mirroring by either software or hardware, based on storage type. Kernel tuning based on database used. Additional System Administrator duties to include but not limited to: Maintenance scheduling, adhering to change control procedures, vender relations, end user interaction, performance monitoring, performance tuning, on-call rotation, hardware software problem resolution.


Software Engineer

Senior HP-UX lead for HP-UX and HP Hardware E-comrnerce solutions. Including Installation, configuration, performance tuning, HPUX High Availability HA Design and System Design, also included mentoring and training on installation and configuration.


Capacity Engineer

Support on location Hewlett Packard customers during all phases of product/server benchmarks. Responsibilities include complete server/storage hardware/software configuration, file system layout and tuning, kernel tuning and patching, performance monitoring, Oracle installation. Servers

System Administration

Support to Hewlett Packard customers, CE's, ASE's, SE's with HP-UX 8.x, 9.x, 10.x, 1l.x software problems operating on all HP-UX hardware platforms. Support range to all System Administration issues.

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