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Remote Network Engineer Resume Profile



A Network Engineer with 10 years experience in design, installation, configuration, administration, and troubleshooting of LAN/WAN infrastructure and security using Cisco routers, switches, and call manager Juniper firewall, and General Dynamic encryption devices. Have a proven track record of being a great team leader as well as a great team player.


  • Routers Cisco 1800, 2800, 3800, 6500, 7200, 7500, 10k, 12k
  • Switches Cisco 2960, 3560, 3750, 4500, 6500, MGX 8800
  • Netscreen Firewalls NS-5GT, NS 5SSG, ISG-1000
  • Juniper Switches G8000
  • Cisco Call Manager, Cisco SPA 501G VOIP phone
  • Cisco Broadband Access Control
  • Encryption devices General Dynamic KG-194, KG-175A, KG-175B, KG-175 classic, KG-75A, KIV 7, and Secure Wireline Terminal
  • T-1, OC-1, OC-3, OC-12, OC-24, OC-48, ISDN, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet, 10Gig Ethernet, 10Gig Fiber, Coaxial,
  • Routing Protocol BGP, OSPF, EIGRP, IGRP, RIP, ATM, MPLS Routed Protocol TCP/IP, IPX/SPX
  • Extensive experience with network monitoring software such as Cisco Works, HP Openview, Network and Security Manager, Whatsup Gold, and GEM X Encryptor Management
  • Configuring network devices using Perl scripter
  • Configured traffic filters using Standard and Extended access-list, Distribution-Lists, and Route Maps
  • Implementation for HSRP, DHCP, DNS, FTP, TFTP, GRE Tunnels, VPN Tunnels, and SSL VPN Tunnels
  • 66 Blocks, Tone Generators, Tone Tracer, Repeaters, Modems, CSU/DSU, and Visual Fault Locator
  • Document network information for records using Excel, Visio, and AutoCad


Remote Network Engineer


  • Served as the engineer responsible for activating or deactivating all Cisco and Juniper switch ports whenever new servers come online.
  • Responsible for creating a patching document that instructs all the on-site technician where to connect the devices throughout the network.
  • Responsible for creating MOPs the detail my changes to the network and submit them to upper management.
  • Responsible for creating , submitting and sponsoring the changes to the network to get them approved.
  • Assisted Server Administrators with troubleshooting network problems with servers.
  • Responsible for maintaining port inventory of 95 Cisco and Juniper switches.
  • Responsible for documenting and tracking all servers that are connected to switches to our switches.

Test Lab Provisioning Engineer


  • Served as the Provisioning Engineer for Comcast Test team responsible for provisioning set-top boxes, cable modems, and eMTA devices to ensure test teams can do proper test.
  • Served as the Broadband Access Control administrator for our test team responsible for adding new Classes of Service, adding and fixing users accounts and troubleshooting all problems that arise from the Broadband Access control.
  • Installed , wired, and provisioned new servers that were added to the lab environment as well as decommission, removed, box and shipped all outdated servers to ensure the test environment has room to grow and save Comcast millions in maintenance fees, power and cooling.
  • Assisted other test lab in installing and wiring new equipment to ensure that all test project start on time.
  • Responsible for inventorying, packing and shipping all outdated or unused equipment back to storage warehouse, clearing up lab space for new test equipment.

Juniper Test


  • Served as the Primary Engineer responsible for a nation wide project responsible for removing Juniper 5gt from a T1 to a DSL or Cable Modem.
  • Ensured all new circuits meet the requirements put forth by Accor North America's network manager and is in working or prior to sending a technicians to the locations.
  • Ensure all Junipers have the proper baseline configurations, security policies and route maps, along with making sure that each device added is put into the firewall to allow access to core network.
  • Remotely configured, implemented Accor security policies, and built VPN tunnels between the core network and the device.
  • Performed troubleshooting end to end between the core site and satellite locations.
  • Document all reported events and problems to ensure proper records are kept up to date for each location.

Juniper Test


  • Served as the Primary Technician for a nation wide project that involved installing over 200 Juniper router and creating a VPN tunnel for each.
  • Ensured all new devices had the proper baseline configurations, Security Policies and Route maps, along with making sure that each new network added was put into the firewall to allow connection to core network.
  • Remotely configured, implemented Accor security policies, and built VPN Tunnels between the new NS-5GT and ISG-1000 using Juniper Network and Security Manager.
  • Performed troubleshooting end to end between each site and home site.
  • Documented all reported events and problems to ensure proper records are maintained for each location.

Senior Project Manager


  • Managed nationwide project to upgrade all service Cisco 3600 with 3845 while increasing WAN connection from a T1 to an OC-3.
  • Coordinated with Regional engineer, Regional tech, Operations, and Technical support to ensure that all assigned task are completed prior to scheduled turn-up.
  • Responsible for writing out Method of Operation, to ensure that all work is done according to Verizon Wireless policies
  • Created a spreadsheet for each location informing them of the new locations of their equipment on our equipment
  • Completed trouble tickets for day to day problems that occur on the network.
  • Created spreadsheets for Core and Distribution switches in the Data Center to keep track of all current and future connections connected to those switches.

Communications Technician


  • Primary Communications Technician serving as the Cisco subject matter expert, responsible for proper operation for all networking and encrypting devices. Including Cisco Call Manager, 3550, 3750, 4503, ATM router.
  • Responsible for maintaining all computers and servers used in the Predator Operation, maintaining 24 hour coverage to ensure that all missions are successful.
  • Responsible for installing, maintaining and troubleshooting all VOIP devices and ensuring there proper operation throughout every mission.
  • Interfaces with customer for requirements definition, problem/solutions, and status updates. Providing technical guidance for the design, installation, integration, and training for required solutions.

Network Engineer


  • Senior Network Technician taking projects from earliest stages of design proposals through initial site survey, maintaining, modifying, configuring and troubleshooting technical solution and installing all aspect of equipment.
  • Provided the proper operations/skills of Cisco devices from Cisco 1200 series wireless access points up to and including 7500 series routers. Intermediate knowledge of Microsoft Word and Excel, Cisco routers, digital muxes, satellite modems and radios, media converters, fiber, up/down converters, telephony and stabilized antenna.
  • Lead on-site Project Engineer insuring overall upgrading multiple network infrastructures ranging from100Mps fast Ethernet to 1,000Mbps gigabit Ethernet. Posses' excellent written and verbal communication in conjunctions with aligned Barksdale network for new age technology.
  • In-depth knowledge/understanding on configuring new encryption devices and upgrading outdated encryption devices, such as KG-194, KG-175, KG 175A, KG-175B, and KIV 7.
  • Progressive experience in real-time networks, computer graphics, and analog and digital electronics, and provided highly technical expertise and guidance in solving small to complexes Network problems.
  • Interfaces with customer for requirements definition, problem/solutions, and status updates. Providing technical guidance for the design, installation, integration, and training for required solutions.
  • Over 4 years of installing, maintaining, monitoring, and upgrading all aspects involving a complete network system.
  • Advanced knowledge of network monitoring tools such as Wireshark, HP Open view, and Cisco works.
  • Advance knowledge and understanding of routing protocols, such as OSPF, RIP, ATM, EIGRP, EGP, BGP,HSRP, and MPLS.
  • Developed and maintain technical document and network diagrams to ensure proper records of equipment and procedures.

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