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Sr. Vmware Engineer Resume Profile



  • Extensive experience as a system administrator and IT experience in multiplatform VMware, Linux and Windows server virtualization with hands-on expertise in networking, storage and system integration.
  • 6 years of experience as VMware administrator specializing in the area of Virtualization with VMware ESXi 5, 5.1, 4.x , ESX 4.x and 3 servers, Virtual Center server, vCenter Operations manager VCOPS , VDI, ThinApp, VMWare Orchestra and SAN/NAS technologies.
  • Experience in Windows Linux administration and migrations of P2V and V2V
  • Experience in allocation and configuration of emc storage arrays such as clarion, DMX, VMAX and VNX.
  • Strong experience in managing cisco, Brocade and McDATA switch fabrics using tools and CLI's
  • Strong experience in Network installing, configuring and maintenance of Enterprise Networks using Cisco routers, Catalyst Switches and Firewalls.
  • Knowledge in data communication protocols and standards including TCP/IP, UDP and IP Routing Protocols like RIP, EIGRP, OSPF BGP.
  • Experience in implementation, support and troubleshooting of VLAN's including operational knowledge of spanning tree protocol STP , VLAN trunking, inter VLAN routing and ISL/802.1q.
  • Experience in Monitoring, debugging and resolving Cisco infrastructure issues like Routing, network hardware/Software failure, configuration, WAN outages, and performance issues.
  • In-depth knowledge in Security, including VPN, ASA/PIX IPSEC. Configuring basic firewall rules with Access Control List ACL .
  • Installed and Configured VMware vCenter and ESX 4.0, ESX 3.5, ESX3.0, High Availability, DRS, Vmotion.
  • Proficient in configuring SAN environments utilizing iSCSI, LUN, HBA and Fiber Channel Switches.
  • Documentation of resolved incidents root cause technical issues. Understanding of ITIL concepts.
  • Experience in working as part of a highly cross-functional global team.
  • Strong interpersonal, organizational communication, customer service presentation skills.



VMware vSphere 4, 5, 5.1,ESX/ESXi 3.4, 1,Vcenter operation manager VCOPS VMware View, VMware Converter, SRM, VMware ThinApp, vBlock, Cisco UCS HP bade servers, Nutanix 3400 5600 series servers


Brocade SAN, EMC Clariion CX, HP EVA 6000, EMC Power Path, NetApp FAS array FAS 270, FAS 3020 and FAS 3070, FAS 960, FAS 920, FAS, 3000's and 6000'sFAS 3020, EMC Vmax, DMX.

Backup Solutions:

HP OpenView Data Protector 6.0, VeritasNetBackup 6.5


PowerCLI VSphere , Windows Powershell

Operating Systems:

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4, 5 Windows 2003, 2008, 2012 servers, Solaris 8,9,10.



Work Experience

Sr. Vmware Engineer


  • Configure the ESXi servers using vCenter server.
  • Coordinate with vmware architect in Capacity planning implementation of new server build maintenance to minimize outages during holiday season.
  • Configure Cisco ucs profiles for migrating and add hosts for load balancing in vmware environment.
  • Configure vMotion, DRS, HA, Permissions, Patches, Snapshots, Templates in the VMware environment.
  • Monitor environment health and facilitation of high severity incidents to improve the state of service availability and continuity, develop technical designs and policy/procedure documentation.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems associated with VMware ESX server hardware, OS Implement controls and security to comply with security standards.
  • Maintenance installation of vmware infrastructure on HP blade and cisco UCS servers using iLo, virtual connect manger, server profiles and KVM.
  • Documentation of resolved incidents root cause issues at sharepoint knowledge base.

Sr. System Engineer


  • Manage VMware ESXi windows servers optimize for minimal downtime.
  • Resolving daily issues using Kbox ticketing systems discussing server related issues with clients if required.
  • As part of team worked with EMC team in moving datacenter to different location and responsible for backing up any issues after restarting the moved datacenter.
  • Maintained Active directory for cleaning up old users organizing the users in groups of hierarchy.
  • Responsible for Exchange outlook user accounts migration of old user accounts emails to different database.

Infrastructure:VMware vSphere 5.1/5.5, Microsoft Exchange Server Outlook 2010, Windows 20003/2008R2/2012, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Solarwinds, VMware Vmotion, VNX, EmcUnisphere

System Design Analyst


  • Manage and lead VMware ESXi hardware and software migration and upgrade efforts of varying size and complexity.
  • Convert physical servers p2v v2v to VMware virtual infrastructure using VMware converter
  • Upgrade of both physical virtual 2003 windows servers to Windows 2008 2008 R2 servers
  • Installation, maintenance and AD integration for VCOPS 5.x versions.
  • Troubleshooting and resolving problems associated with VMware ESX server hardware, OS Implement controls and security to comply with security standards.
  • Migration of Linux based servers and installed of OSF template based operating systems.
  • Installing applications in a Microsoft Terminal Services environment and provide expertise in VMware related operations.
  • Implemented configured Active directory AD services on Windows 2003 and 2008 servers.
  • Configured Windows 2003 and 2008 Distributed file share system.
  • Managed Origination Units, Sites and Group policies.
  • Maintained Outlook 2010 for emailing OWA access.
  • Built lab for testing for vcloud automation center for QA environment
  • Manage plan for better capacity planning for VMware environment during p2v conversions using solar winds VMware orchestra.
  • Installed Windows Linux based virtual machines in VMware environment.
  • Maintained and migrated business application servers after business hours to minimize downtime.
  • Maintained backup of servers based on rotation on-call.
  • Maintained multi-vendor Windows and Linux in environments, while working closely with Storage, Networking, Database and Application Development Teams.
  • Tested windows 2012 server in QA/DEV environment for migration purposes.
  • Monitor environment health and facilitation of high severity incidents to improve the state of service availability and continuity, develop technical designs and policy/procedure documentation.
  • Monitored reported about production server's network performance and load using Agilent client.
  • Responsible for VMware environment failure analysis and recovery
  • Operating monitoring computer and peripheral equipment and VMware ESX server performance.
  • Provide technical refresh on VMware ESXi servers update the existing VMware servers.
  • Interact directly with internal customers and external service providers in negotiating solutions and implementation specifics.

Infrastructure: VMware vSphere 4/5/5.1, VMware ESX 4.1, VCOPS,VMware converter, Vmotion, VMax, vBlock, Secure Gateway Server Management, Windows domain, Windows Outlook Exchange 2010, Windows 2003/2008R2/2012,Linux RHL 5, DNS, DHCP, Active Directory, Web Servers.

Vmware/ System Administrator


  • Deployed VMware vSphere 4.1 vSphere 5 by upgrading VMware infrastructure 2.5, 3.5 and vSphere 4.1
  • Updated VMware ESX/ESXi hosts using Vmware update manager and installed patches and updates on Virtual Machines.
  • Maintained worked on daily request of client's virtual machines for different datacenter locations.
  • Coordinated with clients development teams to upgrade, minimize virtual machine outages improving their performances.
  • Migrated virtual machines within different datacenters using vMotion and VMware standalone converter.
  • Documented procedures for installations, issues from virtual machines.
  • Migrated virtual machines from Hitachi fiber channel arrays to Netapp storage arrays.
  • Configured vMotion, DRS, HA, Permissions, Patches, Snapshots, Templates in the VMware environment.
  • Managed user accounts, groups and controlling access rights using Active Directory.
  • Worked with team in planning the SRM for the new data center installations.
  • Installed configured integrated lights out ILO versions 2, 3 4 for HP severs.
  • Coordinated with Vmware, HP Netapp customer support technical engineers in resolving issues regarding hardware software exceptions.
  • Converted physical virtual machines using vCenter converter V2V P2V imported virtual machines using OVF templates VMX files.
  • Built test lab environment for vSphere 5 5.1 infrastructure and also for Cisco Nexus 1000v installations.
  • Maintained virtual machines in VMware Lab manager environment. Used ssmove tool for migrating virtual machines between Datastores.
  • Configured Windows and Linux virtual machines on ESX servers.
  • Managed infrastructures, supporting personnel, including administration and management of group policy, DMZ, Active Directory Service, Exchange e-mail systems.
  • Troubleshooting issues with NetApp and Hitachi storage Datastores in VMware.
  • Maintained, updated and generated reports of company's tech infrastructure using custom-made database queries.
  • Decommissioned old physical servers racked new servers with network and storage installations.
  • Hardware installations of HP DL servers, Blades also for Netapp storage array.
  • Installed, configured and solved the issues of Windows 2003, 2008, 2008 R2 servers using enterprise standards.

Infrastructure:VMwarevSphere3.5/4.1/5,Vmware infrastructure 3.5/4/5,Vmware LabManager4,VCenter Server, VCenter Update Manager, SRM 4.0,vCenter Converter, Vblock, SRM, HP DL380, DL385/580/585 servers, HP blade servers, Cisco Nexus 1000v Windows server 2003/2008,Red Hat Linux ,Citrix routers, DNS, WINS, DHCP, Hitachi thunder 9500, USP990, USPV storage array, Netapp storage array.

System Administrator


  • Deployed VMware vSphere 4.0 by upgrading VMware infrastructure 3.5 to vSphere 4.
  • Configured the ESX servers using vCenter server
  • Managed configured initially using HP ILO Integrated Lights out and Dell's DRAC.
  • Configured vMotion, DRS, HA, Permissions, Patches, Snapshots, Templates in the VMware environment
  • Updated VMware using Vmware update manager and installed patches and updates on ESX hosts and Virtual Machines.
  • Migrated virtual machines using Vmotion from EMC arrays to Netapp arrays.
  • Configured NAS on a NetApp array and allocated the NFS shares to different Unix servers
  • Configured Cifs shares on a netapp array and allocated it to user groups in windows environment
  • Converted physical machines to virtual machines using vCenter converter P2V and V2V and involved in Data Center Migration.
  • Installed, configured and solved the issues of Windows 2003, 2008 servers using enterprise standards.
  • Managed AD services and group policies on Windows 2003 and 2008 servers.
  • Added and removed server roles and features configured AD Domain Services roles.
  • Created and managed user accounts in Active Directory and migrated all Windows users by ADMT Tool
  • Helped clients in understanding and implementation of Vmware applications like VMview, ThinApp VDI.
  • Configured DNS servers and management of DNS records and Zone properties.
  • Upgraded and tested Vmware ESXi 5 for needs of the customer.
  • Configured Windows and Linux virtual machines on ESX servers.
  • Configuration and Troubleshooting issues in NetApp and CX storage
  • NAS Installed using NetApp Storage ONTAP attached to VMware, including CIFS, NFS, Flex vols, Snapshots and Snap Mirror
  • Configured aggregates/volumes/qtrees in a netapp filer environment
  • Troubleshoot issues in the environment by working with the netapp customer support and the customers.
  • Multipathing Management, Cluster Failover and High Availability.
  • Created Traditional volumes on NetApp filer and migrated data from traditional volumes to Flex Volumes.
  • Analyzed the performance of CLARiiON using Navisphere analyzer.
  • Performed Troubleshooting with the issues related to NetBackup.
  • Implemented VMware ESX server version3.5 with NetApp filers using CIFS, NFS.
  • Overall support for the SUN products including Sun 25k, T5220s.

Infrastructure: VMWare vSphere 4/5,VMware infrastructure 3.5/4/5, LabManager4,VCenter Sever, VCenter Update Manager, SRM 4.0,vCenter Converter, NetApp FAS 6240/3140/3020,Windows server 2003/2008,UNIX, Solaris 10, DNS, DHCP, EMC array.

Virtualisation Engineer


  • Upgraded Vmware ESXi 3.5 to vSphere 4
  • Installed and configured ThinApp in VDA environment for virtualizing multiple applications.
  • Tested and developed solutions for virtualization HA, BC, VDI and DR.
  • Worked with the vendor customer support to solve issues with windows/Linux and VMware environment
  • Executed the conversion of Winchester's Internal IT infrastructure to vSphere 4.
  • Build and tested demo lab consisting of VMware vSphere 4.1, ThinApp.
  • Build and tested multi-protocol NAS cluster with storage, snapshots.
  • VMware Administration via Virtual Center and ESX host service console.
  • Configured of virtual networking within ESX environment, which was based on virtual switch tagging inside the hosts VLANs .
  • Modified and created of DNS records of migrated hosts.
  • Troubleshoot Active Directory including Users and Computer and Sites and Services Replication , DDNS, DHCP
  • Installed and configured an Active Directory Domain Controller
  • Provided support for troubleshooting and resolution of ESX virtual infrastructure technical problems and issues, such as unplanned outages or performance issues.
  • Worked with EMC and Brocade Engineers for break fixes, firmware and microcode upgrades.
  • Worked on Performance Manager, Storage Scope to generate reports of CX Arrays and created Snaps on Exchange Server for DBA as needed.
  • Responsible for network backup integrity and recovery coordination along with Disaster Recovery planning.
  • Managed SAN using SAN Manager and taking care of Thin Provisioning.
  • Trouble-shooting SAN problems and taking care of Fabric Manager.
  • Played an active role in carrying out migrations involving Clariions/DMX.
  • Involved in setup of NetApp filer in the environment
  • Migrated data from emcCLARiiON to NetApp storage filers using AIX lvm and veritas volume manager.
  • Migrated luns from Clariion to Netapp filers and worked with different teams to co-ordinate the outage and upgrade firmware on the servers
  • Create change requests for the migration and create documentation supporting changes in the environment.
  • Configured and maintained ECC
  • Designed and implemented Storage solutions using EMC products to achieve optimum performance.
  • Data growth analysis and storage resource forecasting also comes under my responsibilities.
  • Created reports for capacity planning for the environment.
  • Installed and configured Linux servers on physical and virtual machines.
  • Configured the virtual machine for different applications in the VMware environment.

Infrastructure: vSphere 4.0/3.5, VMware view, VMware VDI, Linux Rhel 4/5, Solaris 10, HP DL 585 servers, VeritasNetBackup, Netapp arrays, EMC arrays. VMware Converter, VLAN trunking, Windows server 2003, VMWare ThinApp.

Storage Consultant


  • Installed, administered and support large complex multi-platform environment including large fiber channel SAN with multiple directors, servers, and storage frames.
  • Installed and maintained enterprise class backup / recovery using EMC Networker.
  • Tested and maintained the Disaster Recovery Plan for Storage Systems Backup Infrastructure.
  • Provided storage consultation for centralized storage needs. Developed /maintained departmental documentation including processes, procedures, best practices, and audit artifacts.
  • Created and maintained the best practices to manage the storage, retrieval and recoverability of corporate information on server-based mid-range and distributed systems.
  • Day-to-day windows administration functions, backup and restoration, file server maintenance
  • Build and maintained an Information Technology IT Enterprise Storage Management architecture that reflects overall business objectives and actively participate in developing policies to address complex business issues.
  • Worked as primary point of contact for Enterprise Storage Management activities.
  • Create and publish reports to update management on status of storage environment.

Infrastructure: EMC networker, EMC DMX, NetApp FAS filers, ESX 3.5, Solaris 9/10,Linux RHEL 4, RHEL 5, Windows 2003

Linux/ Systems Administrator


  • Configured Unix servers and installed OS on the systems
  • Responsible for all Unix platforms which include upgrading, system backup, user management, configurations including upgrading versions on Linux.
  • Responsible for networking communication problems in inter intra departments.
  • Responsible for associated databases and systems administration for client training including remote sessions.
  • Additional duties include Windows 2003 administration and training.
  • Additional duties include developing training courses and training on client sites
  • Additional duties included system administration with our IT team on Unix and NT servers.

Infrastructure: - Red hat Linux, Solaris, Windows 2003,VMware ESX 3, DNS, AD, AIX, 5.1, 5.2 and 4.3, IBM P series.

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