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Network Operations Administrator Resume Profile

Allentown, PA


Network Operations Administrator


Develop, configure and manage various network infrastructures in a multi-vendor network. Troubleshoot connectivity issues with anything that might pertain to the network. Implement and deploy new networking closets and data centers that will include network switches, routers, UPS's, servers, firewalls, and fiber panels from various vendors such as Cisco, Nortel, Extreme switching, APC, and Juniper. Run fiber and other wiring technologies throughout buildings for network connectivity throughout work area. Not only troubleshoot network issues but be proactive and develop technologies and practices to allow for future network expansion. Was the lead on several high, critical projects.

Network Administrator


Monitor network performance and troubleshoot all types of network problems. Troubleshoot and fix cable modems for lower end customers and also troubleshoot T1 lines, DSL, dial-up, etherpoint, fiber, ATM, and wireless connections for various corporations and hospitals. Design, configure and implement various networking technologies and devices. Build wireless networks from ground up for hospitals, supermarkets and other multi locational areas across PA, NY, NJ, MD and WV. Supervisor and project manager of various network installations as well as in charge of running cables, and switch/router configurations and hookups. Experience working in office environment as well as NOC environments.

Network Administrator- PC Technician


Was in charge of the installation and maintenance of the doctor's office network, including wireless networking devices, small routing and switching devices and APC/UPS implementation. Manage and repair end devices such as printers, computers, tablets, ultrasound machines, and basically any machine that would require connectivity to the office's network.

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