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Platform Tfs Admin Resume Profile


Experience Summary:

  • A dedicated and analytical information technology professional with around 8 years of extensive experience in systems administration, hardware/software, disaster recovery, IT security, migration, upgrades, installations, configurations, troubleshooting and technical support. Builds, deploys and manages servers, maintaining the environment and security through current patches and virus protection. Works closely with business units to define needs and design a solution.
  • Experience in systems administration, including analyzing, designing, installing, maintaining, and repairing hardware, software, peripherals, and networks
  • Superior troubleshooting and technical support abilities with migrations, network connectivity, and security and database applications.
  • Developed exceptional relationships with co-workers, management and end users.
  • Installed software, upgrading and maintenance of Windows and Unix operating system.
  • Involved in web services administration.
  • Managed user accounts, groups and managed permissions to the resources on various windows platforms.
  • Experienced in configuring the application pool recycling for greater reliability.
  • Experience in analyzing the IIS logs to collect information about server events, server performance, and user activity.
  • Experience in troubleshooting various runtime errors in IIS.
  • Worked with NetBackup OpsCenter with Windows environment.
  • Experience in the field of administration, maintenance and troubleshooting of operating systems like Windows XP, Windows NT 4.0, Windows 2000/ 2003,2008 R2 and 2012.
  • Good exposure in the field of LAN, WAN, Internet setup and connectivity.
  • Installation and trouble shooting of MQ, IIS and DB and different middleware.
  • Involved with Application support teams to understand the code requirements and execute them.
  • Experience with mid to large-scale VMware environments in development and production
  • Design and implement a mechanism for handing on-off technical issues to other technical teams for resolution.
  • Participated in various releases with Application support team for code deployment.
  • Experience administering applications on Microsoft windows servers, IIS, BizTalk.
  • Also involved supervision of backup and disaster recovery operations.
  • Created and implemented recommendations to improve scalability and performance.
  • Performed system startups and shutdowns.
  • Extensive experience in setting up of Enterprises Networks based on Windows.
  • Experience in working with different certificate formats .cer, .pfx etc
  • Maintenance Troubleshooting Windows 2000, 2003, 2008 R2 and 2012 servers for day to day operations


Programming Languages: C, XML, .Net

Hardware information: CPU, Memory, Disk, Network, Bios.

Servers: IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0/7.5, MS SQL server 2000/2005/2008/2012.

Operating Systems: Windows NT 4.0/XP/2000/ME/95/98/2003/2008/2012,Linux.

Dot Net Technologies : ASP.Net, .Net Frame work 2.0/3.0/3.5/4.0


Monitoring/Ticketing Tools: Web Trends, Quick Stats, Keynote, SCOM, Sitescope, Dot-Com, Remedy ,JIRA, Adobe Site Catalyst, IE Watch, CMMC, Ebiz, Rias Portal, Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, Splunk

Professional Experience:


Role: Platform TFS Admin


  • Administering servers and applications of IIS 7.5 instances across dozens of web farms from Development up through multiple Production environments.
  • Responsible for Active Directory, Group Policy, DNS, Patching and ensuring highest levels of security so as to maintain the windows and TFS activities.
  • Provide support for troubleshooting .NET and MVC web application issues for Lower Environment Dev, Qa, UAT and Stress environments and Production.
  • Administered and Configured the TFS with in multi -platform environments by configuring them for production and DR servers.
  • Was responsible for streamlining access and allow new hires to have immediate access for TFS, Active Directory Security Groups ADS Groups have been created to access TFS where Permissions and access to TFS will be determined based on the permissions assigned to the ADS Group in TFS.
  • Worked on getting the new HTTPS site for TFS connection for more secured connection.
  • Manage all certificate administration across the enterprise, used Venafi to generate the external and the internal code signing and the SSL certificates for installing across dev through production environment.
  • Using in-house home grown script Powershell 4.0 for automating the administration process and push the changes to Lower Environment weekly and the Production and DR releases monthly.
  • Maintaining a warm Disaster Recovery operation including quarterly environment regression testing every 2 months.
  • Exploring and vetting new technologies like HyperV, 2012R2, IIS8 and Powershell 4.0 features such as DSC.
  • Responsible for Triaging and Root Cause Analysis RCA of complex Server and Data Center Infrastructure related issues.
  • Work collaboratively with Server and Infrastructure Design and Development Teams, ODM and vendors of peripheral and commodities to determine the root cause and drive Closed Loop Corrective Actions of complex issues.
  • Work with the Team Foundation Server with incident ticket management tickets by working on the production support tickets and create bugs associated to the issue and send them to Development team and the Database team for the fix.
  • Support the on-call rotation for the lower environment issues for 9 separate environments support serve and bluebird.
  • Write up the technical defects and issues then handover the document to Level III support which can help them to solve the re-occurring of the issue.
  • Working on the technical aspects by understanding the source code and supporting the production support tickets.
  • Troubleshooting the stored procedures and the sql queries and escalating to the dev team and development team if any code fix issue.
  • Doing the system administration work on the servers and work on the lower environment support for windows servers.
  • Monitor and maintaining windows server platform and operating system installation and maintenance.
  • Resolving production issues and on call 24/7.
  • Plan, coordinate and implement network security and further maintain and administer computer networks.
  • Worked on Windows PowerShell script to automate setting of user credentials and activation of Windows.
  • Administered, maintained and supported SCOM platform. Worked on the alerts generated by SCOM by working on the system performance and fixing them.
  • Was the only person responsible for setting up and supporting 4 Macmini servers where mobile jobs were being run with an integrated reference to Jenkins Jobs.
  • Performing Jenkins Plugin upgrades biweekly.
  • Worked with Splunk tool to verify the production outages by viewing the server logs or the firewall drops and the code level issues.
  • Excellent with utilizing network monitoring tools including, SPLUNK, Solarwinds, and Microsoft System Center Operations Manager.


Role: Application/Web Administrator


  • Support, maintenance of various Comcast web applications: Dotcom, Customer Central, Chat, Blog, EMS, and KANA supporting over 150 servers.
  • Monitoring Service awareness, Keynote and Sitescope for the contract outages and server, application health.
  • Worked on configuring new applications in HP Bac Sitescope and get alerts to the team distro when the alerts reached the threshold value like CPU utilization, disk space, Hashable insert failures and application synthetics.
  • Enabling and disabling logging to the reporting server though the Configuration Management Tool.
  • Participating in Outage calls and providing the read outs on the server stats like ASP.NET request queues, Concurrent connections, CPU and memory utilization using Performance Monitor.
  • Submitting remedy tickets for GSLB, FW and ACL requests and validating after the implementation.
  • Following the SCRUM, Designed, created, and maintained ASP.NET C applications, WCF web services, as well as new websites in Sitecore transferred existing stand-alone websites to Sitecore.
  • Worked on the network topology for the Sitecore environment: led the installation and configuration of the development, QA, staging, and production servers.
  • Used the WMI Software Developer Kit SDK Tools CIM Studio, WMI Event Registration, and WMI Event Viewer. Worked with the SDK documentation to research WMI classes
  • Taking care of the Service Requests to deploy the code to the lower environments such as staging and performance environments.
  • Code deployment using batch scripts, robocopy and SQL scripts.
  • Installed roles, responsibilities and features on windows 2008 servers, migrated the websites from IIS 6.0 to IIS 7.0 and IIS 7.5.
  • Coordinating with SQL DBA, external vendor contracts, Billers DDP CSG .
  • Experience using SQL server profiler and db tuning advisor for the query tuning.
  • Clearing Plan cache and optimizing the query performance for the long running queries.
  • Performing Health checks on early business hours weekends and providing reports to the senior management.
  • Worked on Coldfusion 8.0 for installing them on the .Net application servers to connect to connect simple HTML pages to Databases.
  • Installed tripwire and configured the servers to monitor unwanted file changes, and threat management.
  • Sitecore and CMS installation and configuration.
  • Co-ordinating Firewall and ACL changes for new servers, databases and various systems.
  • Removing and adding the servers to the BIG F5 load balancer when the server is not healthy.
  • Ramp up of traffic by while adding new servers to the cluster or load balancer.
  • Used adobe site catalyst for the performance analysis of logs and created reports.
  • Created keynote site scripts and measurements for the real-time testing and troubleshooting of multiple page transactions in web site or application.
  • Created power shell scripts for system stats , log migration and servers monitoring.
  • Involved in Disaster Recovery High Availability architecture design.
  • Configured beta environment to publish new offers before publishing to the market.
  • Installation and configuration of SSL certificates and renewal of the existing certificates with an process called CM Change Management .
  • Worked with network team closely for getting the certificates installed on the Load Balancers and validating after the change for both production and staging environment.
  • Worked on Data Center move from West Chester DC to Chicago DC for an application called Sikoms.
  • -Main objective is to replicate the West Chester servers to the new Chicago Servers for DR activity for distributing the traffic equally on both centers.
  • -Tasks include Building the server with the required software from scratch, Installing the application code, configuring IIS site, creating application pools, Creating the scheduled jobs for job scheduling, adding the Dev team's service ID's to the Local Group names, Firewall requeststo allow connectivity between Chicago and db Servers for database communication.
  • -Make sure webapp servers are in hosts allow for Oracle for destination communication.
  • -Worked on the GSLB/LB requests by Compiling all the information needed to present to the network team a Transition policy with all corresponding data and information relevant to the new core site. ex: Source, Destination, IP address, service ports, policies, SSL certificates



Role: Windows/IIS Admin


  • Involved in Installation, configuration and maintenance of Windows2000/2003/2008 servers,
  • Supporting the server configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Involved in training and documentation for network applications worked closely with and modified.
  • Deploying and Supporting and Administering Windows servers hosting critical multi tier applications like SQL server, IIS Applications, Enterprise Reporting Applications on mainly Vmware, HP and Dell Servers in an Active Directory Environment.
  • Implemented and administered Windows Servers 2008, Windows 2008 R2, Windows 2003, IIS, and SQL 2005 Server.
  • Worked on XML editor to edit your Schema files XML parser to parse the Schema files.
  • Installed Root certificates for International Windows Servers and was solely responsible for managing those servers.
  • Involved in spot on documentation for 52 applications for Windows Servers.
  • Installed patch upgrades for Database servers for Monthly release and dictionary upgrade for third party software ClaimsXten Application.
  • Worked with Custom designed tool called Jira to address issues in Production environment.
  • Experience in maintaining servers by installing monthly security patches and scheduling maintenance tasks Monitoring servers applying monitoring standards for each model.
  • Used to debug issues like memory leakage, security issues, and disk out-of-space issues.
  • Involved in monitoring of the applications by setting up scheduled tasks for the smooth functioning of the servers.
  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity planning of the servers.
  • Worked with the third party tools called Topaz which monitor's the initial web page, Monitor key Windows services to determine they're up and alert if they go down.
  • Set up all Windows Apps in such a way to Monitor Volume space and pick a threshold where it sends EAE an email warning prior to the datacenter getting alerted and searching all over creation for the correct contact to remedy it, which will reduce the outage percentage.


Role: Windows Administrator


  • Built almost 270 servers right from the scratch by installing Middleware and configuring them.
  • Installation and Configuration of SQL Server 2005,Bitztalk Server 2004 2006, Oracle 9i Server and client components
  • Worked on virtual directories and scheduled automated tasks to get the report in efficient time.
  • Provided access rights to the user and groups as per team requests.
  • Configured multiple application pools and configured worker processes for proper health of the app pools.
  • Configuring Site Minder web agent clients for authentication.
  • Created and Configured Virtual Directories Using IIS Manger to support new additional features/applications in the existing Web Sites.
  • Scheduled tasks and Performed Health checks to monitor the functional flow of the application.
  • Creating back-up of the servers. Restoring the data as per the customer request
  • Undertook scheduling and rollout of preventive maintenance activities to ensure systems efficiency.
  • Extremely good at performing Application Configurations, with Superior troubleshooting skills for Middleware like IBM MQ 6.0, and Web sphere etc.
  • Deployed .net applications various versions and many other deployments on Intel Servers with the help of CMMC a customized tool of Frontier Communication.
  • Configured IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Actively participated in 24X7 on call production support.
  • Designed, implemented and remotely maintained entire network
  • Deployed .net applications various versions on Intel Servers.
  • Actively responsible for Production monitoring through a custom tool called eBiz Centre and configured the probes for various applications.
  • Have performed extensive Health Checks using QTP10.0 HP's Quick Test professional for various Applications and responsible for Business Critical Applications.
  • Experience in working in the production environment and built disaster recovery server
  • Installed/enabled ISAPI filters on IIS using Internet manager and configured web service extensions
  • Configured IBM Lotus Notes and Microsoft Outlook.
  • Preparing monthly work status report and updating technology specific documents.
  • Logs file analysis Using Event Viewer for troubleshooting to resolve issues.
  • Involved in maintaining and updating Active directory for authentication.
  • Supported on call schedule for Production support.
  • Have provided 24x7 support role throughout this position and very agile to work on various shifts


Role: System Administrator


  • Managed around 800 servers with over 85 applications to support within a team.
  • Automated tasks using Shell scripting.
  • Installed Middleware on the servers like Microsoft.Net framework 1.0, 2.0, 3.0, 3.5, Chart FX, SSO installation, IBM Web Sphere, MSMQ, SSH Client etc.
  • Installation, configuration and maintenance of Norton Antivirus.
  • Installed and configured IIS 6/7 web server on Microsoft Windows 2003/2008 server accordingly.
  • Troubleshooting day to day Verizon custom build applications for both production and test environments through Technical trouble tickets raised from various internal teams.
  • Monitored application and server using various other tools like ebizcenter, RIAS Portal and CMISweb etc. to take care of the tickets and IR's Incident record .
  • Provided support for teams in activities such as performance testing, load testing, troubleshooting, and performance tuning.
  • Installed and Configured Single Sign on SSO and resolved issues relevant to it.
  • Worked with development teams with regard to building new application and web servers before it got delivered to Production environment
  • Installing Internet Information Server 5.0 6.0 - Configuring virtual directories and websites.
  • Troubleshooting User's Problems
  • Administered applications on Microsoft windows servers, IIS
  • Worked with all high level Administrators and Managers at State for providing support
  • Daily management of backups using Backup Execution.
  • Involved for documentation and training through knowledge transfer.
  • Responsible for training and documentation for network applications worked closely with and modified.


Role: Jr. Windows System Administrator


  • MS Windows NT/2000 Server Administration and Management Responsibilities
  • Windows 2000, 2003, and XP systems with daily image backups
  • Migrated company data to new workstations.
  • Updating servers with latest service packs and hot fixes
  • Installed and configured IIS 5/6 web server on Microsoft Windows 2000/2003 server accordingly.
  • Worked on virtual directory configuration.
  • Apply OS upgrades and service packs and Hardware acquisition and maintenance.
  • Internal technical support for other employees.
  • Checking systems for upgrades and service packs
  • Troubleshooting User's Problems.
  • Supported in-house computers and LAN, running Windows.
  • Expertise in checking Logs and finding the sever activity and performance.
  • Configured IIS 6.0 as an application server and troubleshooting the run time errors.
  • Configuring and troubleshooting desktops, laptops and servers.
  • Handle and troubleshoot operating system installations, software installations such as MS Office, PC Anywhere, Anti-virus software, Internet Information Server.
  • Setting up Remote Access Service for Lotus Notes Client users.
  • Assigned and configured network printers
  • Applied patches and upgrades to windows servers in various environments.
  • Remote Administration using terminal service, PCanywhere.

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