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Senior Systems Administrator Resume Profile



IT professional with strong background in Network Security,Network Configuration, Network Engineering, and Systems Administration, a Master of Science in Computer Communications Technology, Master of Science Computer Information Systems, CCNA, MCSE, Network , and Security , ITIL Certifications


Networking:Cisco CCNA Security,VMware,VMware ThinApp, LAN/WAN, UNIX,SAN,SMS/SCCM,VLAN, Routers, Switches, IPV4/IPV6 TCP/IP, Cisco Security Device Manager

Operating Systems: Citrix Sun Microsystems, Windows Server 2003/ 2008, Cisco IOS, Windows XP, Vista.

Programming Languages:XML, LDAP,PL/SQL, batch, scripting

Servers:PKI Certificate Authority Server, Citrix Server, Windows 2003/2008 Server, Exchange 2003/2007 Server, SQL Server, AD Domain Controllers, Terminal Server,SMS/SCCM Server, DNS, DHCP, Virtual/Remote Servers, Cisco 2000, 3000, 4500, 6500 series switches, Cisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers, Cisco 2800, 3800,3900, 7200 series routers, Remedy Database.



Senior Systems Administrator

  • Manage hardware and software assets and configurations in VMware and Hyper-V environment.
  • Assure quality and compatibility of all hardware, firmware, software and network changes.
  • Test, scan and review software for vulnerabilitiesin a Multi-Domain Network.
  • Install, and uninstall software, hardware and network components.
  • Manage virtual and physical network Server builds using Hyper-V.Re-imaging Virtual Servers/Workstations. Coordinated with Network Engineers with IP address and port assignments.
  • Package, test and deploy software using SCCM Administration. Installpatch/Service Pack after vulnerabilities been detected. Coordinated with Network Engineers with ACL for network access.
  • Optimize infrastructure architecture and components to ensure maximum uptime, high security and high performance.
  • Build and maintained network LAN/WAN VM Servers, DNS servers configuring forward and reverse zones and managing the names of Web sites and other Internet domains. Allowing users to automatically find address on the lookup zones, DHCP addressing, Active Directory Domain Controllers and Remote Administration


Windows Systems Administrator

  • Build and maintained network LAN/WAN VM Servers, DNS servers configuring forward and reverse zones and managing the names of Web sites and other Internet domains. Allowing users to automatically find address on the lookup zones,DHCP addressing, Active DirectoryDomain Controllers and Remote Administration.Installed and configured ESXI Version 5 HostCisco UCS C-Series Rack Servers.
  • EMC2 Unisphere v5.0 Data Storage appliances andAdministration.EMC VNXe3100 System Storage.
  • Network Access Control Appliances. , ForeScout Network Monitoring Tool.
  • Multiprotocol Label Switching MPLS Management and monitoring software supports propagation of layer 2 or layer 3 failures to visually indicate effects on service and device availability. Configuration and implementation of VLANs connectivity and port activation in VMware.Environment. Coordinated with Network Engineers assigning IP addresses and port assignments to VLANS.
  • VMware Administrator responsible for VM configurations, Clusters, Cloning, data stores and sANs servers. Group Policy Manager Administration. SCCM software packaging and deployment.
  • BES administrator responsible for configuring BlackBerrys and creating Accounts.
  • Experience with DISA Windows Gold Disk version 2 Security Technical Implementation Guides.


PKI Administrator

  • Manage RSA Digital Certificate Solutions for NGA including the RSA Certificate Manager, RSA Registration Manager, RSA Key Recovery Manager and RSA RCM-API components.
  • Holds registration authority responsible for registration process, identification and authentication process, revocation, suspension and restoration process, and Key Recovery process.
  • Carries out system administration for Sub-CA Servers and PKI Certificates issuance.
  • Resolves PKI-related trouble tickets for Tiers 2 and 3 including DOD and IC PKI and Common Access Card issues.
  • SMS/SCCM remote configurations and software packing. Performs system backups and recoveries and, software upgrades.


Systems Administrator/6 months Contract

  • Performed DOD POW/MIA systems administration including configuration, maintenance, monitoring and deployment of servers and resolution of any issues that arose.
  • Managed Active Directory implementation and configuration implemented and maintained Group Policies, User Accounts and Computer Accounts. Active Directory Sites and Services, Replication Monitor. Experience with Group Policy Manager Administration.
  • Monitored system logs and activity on Domain Controllers.
  • SMS/SCCM ConfigureManage packaging, distribution and advertisement of software and hardware, including ghosting and re- imaging workstations.
  • Managed Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server 4.0 XenServer 5.5 and Citrix remote Administration.
  • Managed and maintained network LAN/WAN Servers and internet connections including Remote Administration and FTP server. Maintained IPV4/IPV6 and Fiber Network port access and activation.


Network Engineer

  • Troubleshoot data connectivity and protocol issues using Unix-based tools trace route, netstat, ping, nslookup, Arp, ipconfig, dcdiag, tracert commands.
  • Handled analytical solutions resolution monitored request for router and switch port security and connectivity issues implemented - Tacacs and Radius AAA CLI security solutions.
  • Assisted in firewall changes and access request that allowed authorized users efficient and timely access to network.
  • Configured and implemented VLANs, organized site surveys for VPN solutions and support.
  • DHCP IP scopes, IP address availability and distribution using Solar Winds Tools.
  • Responsible for network maintenance and internet access in Multi-Domain Network.
  • Analytical solutions resolution, router and switch ports security and connectivity issues.
  • Assisted in firewall changes and access request solutions.
  • Configured platforms utilizing Citrix Sun Microsystems.
  • Switch VLAN configuration and routers port/protocol configuration technology.
  • Experience with Hyper-terminal and Putty Terminal Emulators, RJ45 CAT 5 cabling and SC, and ST fiber cable.
  • Configured and implemented Pix 535 Firewall Security Appliance, Network Address Translation, URL filtering, and IPSEC VPN solutions. Experience with Cisco CLI.


System Administrator/Network Technician

  • Systems Administrator in an Active Directory Domain environment providing network monitoring and analysis, problem identification and resolution and optimization of the network.
  • Responsibilities included the documentation, implementation, monitoring and support of Active Directory network configuration and monitoring network using editing and replication monitoring tools.
  • Troubleshot Active Directory LAN and WAN issues that allowed users timely and efficient access to network.
  • Monitored network on a daily basis to gather statistical data on system performance supporting timely patches configuration of network OS and software.
  • Worked as a SMS network productions administrator, deploying/configuring collections and software packages, and automated updates.
  • Worked as a SMS remote user network administrator resolving g software and security issues configuration management of VM Clients. Certificates and Public Key Infrastructure issues.
  • Developed and maintained Standard Operating Procedures.
  • Worked with configuring and implementing Citrix DTW and server farm solutions.
  • Resolved network connectivity issues created and resolved user account issues in Exchange Server and AD environment.
  • Established file permission, group policies, and network security policies in an Active Directory environment.
  • Install and managed software and hardware lifecycles, rebuilds and migration.
  • Analyzed and monitored routers and switches connectivity issues.
  • Implemented and modified programming scripts and resolved software and hardware issues.
  • Monitored and configured SMS, Exchange Server Manager, Domain Controllers, DNS, DHCP, switches and routers, and port security.


Information Technology Specialist

  • Administer the Bolling AFB MAN network and ensure the availability, integrity, authentication, and confidentiality of information operations for the Bolling AFB Communication Squadron.
  • Served as Systems Administrator to provide system and application monitoring and analysis, problem identification and resolution.
  • Troubleshoot data connectivity and protocol issues using Unix-based tools trace route, netstat, ping, nslookup, Arp, ipconfig, dcdiag, tracert commands.
  • Workstations and 150 Windows 2003 servers.
  • Documented and reported production system incidents.
  • Develop and maintain Standard Operating Procedures for network security and user access purposes.
  • SMS Management of software and hardware lifecycles evaluates software and hardware products.
  • Monitor network performance for capacity planning and load management.
  • Plan, implement, and maintain Bolling AFB Active Directory structure, Public Key infrastructure and domain administration.
  • Resolve network connectivity issues create new user accounts in a Windows Exchange Sever and Active Directory environment.
  • Establish file permission, group policies, and network security policies in an Active Directory environment.

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