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Systems Engineering Manager Resume Profile

Lexington, MA


  • Detail-oriented senior technology leader with strong creative and innovative abilities. Proven ability to absorb information and size up situations quickly, frame practical and realistic objectives, and lead others in achieving both short-term tactical and long-term strategic goals.
  • Delivers strategic value through the effective application of a broad spectrum of advanced technology by implementing complete, cost-effective, secure, and sustainable solutions to expressed and anticipated complex business and technology challenges using a unique combination of professional experience: business, finance, advanced technology, and project management.
  • Collaborates with management, end-user communities, and other stakeholders to identify challenges, and formulate solutions enabling more streamlined, efficient research and business methodologies.
  • Specialties include sustainable data center design and construction, reducing operating costs for computing infrastructure, designing and implementing efficient high performance computing, cloud computing and big data infrastructures, developing and introducing new technology products, and developing strategic plans.



Systems Engineering Manager

  • Developed the overall system architecture and strategic plans for an interactive, on-demand high performance computing HPC environment supporting algorithm development and data analysis for sponsored research providing a unique Infrastructure as a Service IaaS , Platform as a Service PaaS , and Software as a Service SaaS product offering.
  • Created and developed world-class HPC team of nine research and technical staff.
  • Designed, implemented, and managed the operation of seven production compute clusters supporting research in multiple secure enclaves: 117 teraFLOPs, 11,700 Processing Cores, 3PB Lustre Parallel File Systems, 5PB Distributed Private Cloud File Systems HADOOP .
  • Designed and implemented Big Data architecture on HPC platforms utilizing HADOOP, Lustre, Apache, Tomcat, Accumulo, CloudBase, and Sun Grid Engine to seamlessly integrate HPC and Big Data assets.
  • Provides proven scalable parallel data ingestion ETL and query.
  • Customized HPC job scheduler Sun Grid Engine to schedule Big Data tasks to execute on the nodes containing the data components to be analyzed.
  • Provided on-demand dynamic MapReduce for the analysis of and storage of very large data sets and data products of research.
  • Integrated Big Data platform with Splunk for near real time detection of network intrusions through deep packet inspection.
  • Developed fully automated scripts to update cluster images and verify and validate the infrastructure upgrades and installations by performing industry standard benchmarks to ensure optimal performance across a wide array of business use cases.
  • Managed 2.9M annual operations and research budget: obtained funding, space allocation, staffing, and property leases with senior management at Lincoln Laboratory and the MIT Corporation.
  • Saved 300K capital expenses and associated operating costs annually due to underutilized compute resources.
  • Achieved Return on Investment of 450 annually for 10 years.
  • Awarded 4.4M in grants by the DoD High Performance Computing Program to acquire compute assets.
  • Developed security protocols and controls for classified systems operation at PL1, PL2 and PL3 security profiles NISPOM in collaboration with the MITLL Security Services Department.
  • Created, funded, and managed construction of a 2.5MW containerized data center in Holyoke, MA Saved 10M in capital costs with containerized design Green design incorporates renewable energy portfolio saving an additional 150K on annual operating costs Reduced carbon footprint by 95.1 First installed system eliminated 2,255 tons of CO2 pollutant annually.
  • Provided technical research computing services: compute cluster design, computer room design, airborne data acquisition system design, airborne compute cluster design and integration Radiant Falcon - JIEDDO, Empire Challenge , Service Oriented Architecture SOA environment design, sensitive data storage policy management, parallel storage architecture, parallel database architecture, backup strategy for classified systems, computational methodology study, and cloud computing systems architecture.


  • Founding member of the MIT HPC Research Data Center project.
  • Collaborated on the design of a 2000 square foot, 700kW data center at the MIT Bates Laboratory Utilized chilled rack door technology to improve cooling efficiency and reduce annual operating costs Supports researchers from the MIT Laboratory for Nuclear Science to analyze data products from the Large Hadron Collider.
  • As co-founder, developed initial design and detailed budget for the Massachusetts Green High Performance Computing Center: 90,000 square foot, 10MW data center built in Holyoke, Massachusetts taking advantage of renewable energy portfolio 94 zero carbon emissions .


  • Conceived, designed, and implemented a 9,100 Square Foot, 600kW Tier III Data Center.
  • Secured 6.8M funding and space allotment from Lincoln Laboratory Director's Office.
  • Saved 720K annually in computer room construction costs.
  • Developed detailed security plan to allow systems at multiple classification levels to be collocated.
  • Designed structured cabling plant, data center networks, and remote management capabilities.
  • Developed data center operational procedures, started up facility, and hired Operations Manager.
  • Consulted on the design and siting of a Disaster Recovery Data Center.


  • Conceived and designed Storage Area Network SAN .
  • Obtained 2.5M investment funding from Lincoln Laboratory Technology Investment Officer.
  • Acquired and implemented enterprise tape library, storage arrays, and fibre channel directors.
  • Managed professional services engagement to facilitate better communications between Server Team and SAP Basis Team.


Systems Manager

  • Managed and developed a staff of seven technical resources.
  • Managed annual operating budget of 1.3M.
  • Successfully implemented more disciplined asset management and change management.
  • Implemented Stellent Enterprise Content Management System Oracle Universal Content Management .
  • Negotiated strategic software license agreements saving 500K annually.
  • Participated in a cross-divisional collaboration to support Service Oriented Architecture SOA research in classified and unclassified environments.

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