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Unix System Admin Resume Profile

Williamsburg, VA

Professional Summary:

  • 7 years of professional experience in Linux/Unix Administration.
  • Experienced in Installation, Configuration, Upgradation, Support Maintenance of Redhat Enterprise Linux, AIX and Sun Solaris servers.
  • Experienced in Kernel upgradation and degradation in all linux flavours.
  • Worked on Configuring SFTP, Samba and NFS Server configurations.
  • Experienced with Syslog Server for generating logs of all devices in the Network.
  • Experienced in LDAP configuration in Linux.
  • Worked on mounting and unmounting servers in Data centers during initial setups.
  • Experieced in Firewall Iptables Configuration.
  • Experience in configuring Open VPN Server to connect private network using secure connection through Public.
  • Good knowledge on VNC Server and OpenSSH server.
  • Skills on configuring SQUID proxy Server and haproxy.
  • Worked on Cronjob sechduling and bash scripting.
  • Worked on DNS and Mail Servers.
  • knowledge on configuring Apache Server, MySQL Database servers, Tomcat/Java Servers and Lighttpd to host Webpages.
  • Performed system back-ups and security updates on regular basis.
  • Good experience in linux Virtualization.
  • Experienced in Subversion edge Server configuration SVN .
  • Experience with DHCP Server for Automatic IP assignment.
  • Experienced in scriptingBash, Perl, KSH, Shell.
  • Experience in administering Nagios and Puppet.
  • Good knowledge on NTP Server and client configuration.
  • Excellent knowledge on LVM configuration.
  • Knowledge in Redhat, Ubuntu, CentOS and Suse server administrations.
  • Good knowledge on SQL and PLSQL concepts.
  • Experience providing 24x7 ONCALL support for mission-critical environments.
  • Self-motivated, able to set effective priorities to achieve immediate and long-term goals and meet operational deadlines. Able to work independently and as team member.

Skill Set:

Operating Systems

RHEL 5/6, CentOs, IBM AIX, Ubuntu Server.


IPTables, APF, CSF, SSH and SSL

Network Applications

Configuration/Setup of Squid Proxy Server, Linux Firewall, DNS, DHCP, NTP, LDAP, NIS, SFTP/FTP, NFS, Samba, VNC server, Apache, SendMail, KVM.

Network and Server Monitoring Tools

Nagios and Groundwork


MySQL and PostgreSQL

Mail Servers

SMTP, POP, IMAP, Exim and Qmail


VMware VSphere, Virtuozzo



UNIX System Admin

Confidential is a Virginia based Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Small Business that specializes in providing Emerging Media design and development support to the government, state, and municipalities.


  • Performance Management Tuning of RHEL.
  • Implemented and configured Backup policies and Storage Units.
  • Experience working in Cpanel, WHM and Parallel Plesk.
  • Installed and Configured Apache, MySQL, Exim mail server and investigated the configuration changes in the production environment.
  • Server hardening techniques and worked on hack issues
  • Tuning the kernel parameters based on the application/database requirement.
  • Monitoring system resources, logs, disk usage, scheduling backups and restore
  • Set up Quotas for the user accounts limiting the disk space usage.
  • Configuring SUDO and granting root permission to users for performing certain activities.
  • Monitored the performance of the system using top, sar, ps, prstat, vmstat, netstat, iostat, and cpuinfo to check the CPU utilization, bottlenecks of I/O devices,, memory usage and network traffic.
  • Troubleshoot network connectivity used ping, netstat, ifconfig, and trace route commands. Login to the remote system using sudo, putty, and telnet. Transfer files across the systems on the network used ftp, scp, and rsync commands.
  • Managed various security benchmark as per the company rules and policies.
  • Server Configurations such as SFTP Server, Samba, NFS.
  • Configuring Syslog Server to generate Centrally and monitor the logs globally.
  • Created Bash shell scripts to monitor system resources and system maintenance and Performed administrative tasks such as System start-up/shutdown, and Backup strategy and scheduled cron jobs for job automation.
  • Configured and troubleshootedTCP/IP network services.
  • Configuring Send Mail Server/POSTFIX Server for Mailing
  • Installing and updating rpm packages by configuring the Yum Server.
  • SubVersion Server for revision of files and directories Centrally.
  • TCP/IP Configuration like assigning IP addresses, configuring network interfaces, assigning static routes, hostnames etc.
  • Interacting with customers to define requirements, develop and deliver solutions
  • Transferring the sites across various datacenters.

Environment: Redhat Enterprise Linux 6, CentOS6, Apache, MySQL, Exim, Shell Scripting.


UNIX System Admin

Confidential retailing company, founded in 1902 and headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It is the second-largest discount retailer in the United States. It believe in its mission is to make Target the preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional guest experiences by consistently fulfilling the 'Expect More. Pay Less' brand promise.


  • Installation and configuration of the Operating Systems Red Hat Linux 4.0, RHEL5 and IBM AIX.
  • Veritas File system and Veritas Volume Manager are used to configure the RAID Storage Systems
  • Implemented NIS and NFS for administrative and project requirements.
  • Building Linux , AIX and Solaris physical and virtual servers
  • Discovering and Adding SAN Luns to Linux, AIX and Solaris servers.
  • Adding and removing SAN Luns to Oracle ASM
  • Managing various filesystems Linux LVM, AIX LVM, Solaris VXVM, zfs and GPFS
  • Configured and troubleshooted TCP/IP network services
  • Worked closely with database administration staff to ensure optimal performance of databases, and maintain development applications and databases
  • File system tuning, growing, and shrinking with Veritas File system 3.5/4.x
  • Worked on network connectivity, SAN storage, creating LVM and taking TSM backup.
  • Networking Configuration and NIC bonding in linux
  • Created Shell scripts using bash/Perl and using text processing tools like Grep/Sed/Awk to ease administration tasks by automating the tasks
  • Linux server health check performance monitor that is memory load ps and io wait check
  • Cronjob sechduling and basic bash scripting.
  • Fault handling and escalation.
  • Servers build and installs, application upgrades, network equipment build and installation.
  • Creating ISCSI targets and mounting the iscsi devices in client machine.

Environment: Redhat Enterprise Linux 6, Solaris, IBM AIX, Shell Scripting.


UNIX/LINUX System Admin

Sony Corporation, commonly referred to as Sony, is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation headquartered in K nan Minato, Tokyo, Japan. Its diversified business is primarily focused on the electronics, game, entertainment and financial services sectors.The company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for the consumer and professional markets.


  • Configuring Virtualization for creating VMs using VMware.
  • Design and creation of web- Apache/Lighttpd, application- tomcat/jboss and database-MySQL servers.
  • Deployment of web and application servers and restarting tomcat servers.
  • Log analysis for troubleshooting errors.
  • Database administration and MySQL and Postgresql query execution.
  • Scheduled Application releases in dev, tqa, stg and prod environment.
  • Maintaining the time synchronization across the network by configuring the Centralized NTP Server.
  • Configuring Squid Proxy Server and haproxy.
  • Securing Private Network from Public by configuring Firewall.
  • Centralized Authentication by configuring LDAP Server.
  • Configured and troubleshootedTCP/IP network services.
  • VNC Server for remote access graphically and OpenSSH Server Configuration for secure shell access.
  • Installing and updating rpm packages by configuring the Yum Server.
  • SubVersion Server for revision of files and directories Centrally.
  • Good at handling Unix file systems Linux using VxVM and Native LVM.
  • Configuration of nagios server and adding hosts.
  • Server Hardening and Server Performance tuning.
  • Responsible to solve technical Problems related System administration Linux of Our Clients .
  • Handling the day-to-day Operations, Install software, apply patches, manage file systems, monitoring performance and troubleshoot alerts.
  • Maintain 99.98 uptime of LINUX production servers and follow proper escalation.
  • Regularly manage backup process for Server and Client data.

Environment: Redhat Linux 5, Suse Enterprise Linux, VmWare, Apache, Tomcat, MySQL



Confidential a cochin based company provides 24/7 outsourced hosting support on Linux and Windows servers for web hosts and data centers of all sizes. Bobcares directly manages over 3.5 million websites around the world, provides Linux and Windows administration services, and develops software for clients.


  • Experience working in Cpanel, WHM, directadmin and Parallel Plesk.
  • Managed website, mailbox, mailing list creation, troubleshooting errors on site
  • Managed third party applications like fantastico, rvskin, ROR, Imagemagick.
  • Managed Apache web server, Exim, Qmail mail servers and MySQL database server.
  • Setup, manage and recover file systems.
  • Perform system backup and recovery operations.
  • Experienced in scheduling jobs using crontab and at.
  • Experienced in troubleshooting and resolving network issues related to the servers.
  • Configure network interfaces and services.
  • Set up and manage virtual file systems, swap space, core dumps and configuring system messaging.
  • Managing system performance, Network Connectivity Administration.
  • Managing File access problems, Remote file system administration, Logical Volume Administration.
  • Experience in writing bash scripts for job automation.
  • Documenting the installation of third-party softwares.
  • DNS, NFS, NIS administration.

Environment: CentOS, cPanel, WHM, Plesk, DirectAdmin

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