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It Security Analyst Resume Profile

Oaks, PA

Career Objective:

Protecting the integrity, confidentiality and availability of information assets and intellectual property, Vulnerability and Threat Management, Risk Analysis and Security Access control. Experience correlated and integrating Threat Intelligence into SOX processes. Evaluate, recommend and upgrade or implement new and existing systems, processes, technical tools, metrics and reporting as it relates to performance. examine evidence such as logs and remote login provide timeline analysis execute procedures designed to discover actual data loss, conduct data recovery, and restore normal operations perform vulnerability analysis and remediations. Experienced with PCI-DSS certification and processes,with a minimum of 7 years experience in the industry.Expertise with PCI DSS and ability to interpret PCI DSS, previous training by PCI Security Standards Council. Generating a security intelligence framework for profiling incident sources and motivations for attacks correlate data from security tools to identify potential issues monitor vendor and other advisory systems for patches and other security alerts integrate intelligence into security framework work with stakeholders to ensure vulnerabilities/security weaknesses are addressed and mitigated.Participate and document IT audits with regional, state, and federal authorities. Responsible for collecting, prepare and present evidence for continuous compliance monitoring for vendor IT assessments for compliance. Identify and coordinate the update and approval of existing documentation. Evaluate, report, and work with IT owners to mitigate potential compliance violations and remediate them. Serving as technical resource for Access Control, Check Point firewall-1, ASA Cisco,Sonic Wall, and RSA.


LAN/WAN, VPN, TCP/IP,VMS, Oracle, SAP, SQL, Novell, Windows 2003-2012 Outlook, Lotus Notes, Microsoft Project, DNS, Visio, UNIX, Linux, VNC, SSH PC Anywhere, Tripwire, Source Fire SNORT , FIGIPS Enterprise Security, SDSensos7030, Foundry, F5, Juniper, NMAP, Linux Red Hat, ZENworks 7.2/10, STAR, Remedy, HP Open View, encryption, Metasploit, Internet Information Services IIS , Secure Socket Layer SSL , QualysGuard, Nessus, Spider, Nipper Studio titania , Nexus, Check Point Firewall, Cisco PIX/ASA , Tivoli, Microsoft Project, Sonic Wall, Active Directory, VPN, Kerberos, IPSEC,PKI, Security Information and Event Management SIEM , Symantec, Norton, McAfee Virus Scann,PGP, BIM-EDIT, Visio, log logic, RSA Securid , Authentication Manager 7.1, DNS,HTTPS


Windows OS, RS6000, AS400 iSeries, OS/390, UNISYS V-560 series, IBM Mainframe, Blackberry, Sun Solaris Server, Windows Server, UNIX, Servers, Linux servers, Juniper, Barracuda, Microsoft Exchange Server 2003-2008, Domino Server, Citrix Server,VMware ESX,Oracle, AirCheck Wi-Fi Tester, Sun Solaris system, Federated Sun Servers, RSA ACE/Server, Radius, TACAS server, RSA key fob, Cisco ASA 5000, ASA 5500-series, Cisco Routers, Cisco Switches, 3DS sensor 7030.

Work Experience:


IT Security Analyst

  • Implemented the infrastructure components supporting emerging technologies and applications
  • Perform IT Audit and compliance, SSAE16 SOC1Type II/SAS 70 Type II
  • Responsible for analyzing PCI-DSS assessment findings, owner identification, remediation planning and validation.
  • Work with all IT functional groups to insure all PCI compliance requirements, such as Internal PCI Scans, External PCI Scans, PCI Segment Network documentation, were executed in a timely manner as required by the PCI-DSS standards.
  • Prepared activity and progress reports ensuring issues are properly escalated and resolved to maintain delivery schedule, project cost, and desired results provide actionable after-incident analysis to ensure root cause issues are logged and remediated.
  • Responsible for compliance resolution and audit and vulnerability remediation as well as maintain effective external relationships with vendors, consultants, and service providers.
  • Was responsible for the continual analysis of the confidentiality, availability and overall integrity of various aspects of the computing environment including servers, network components, individual workstations and controls and protections provided at the perimeter of RevSpring.
  • Maintained localRemote Access.
  • Responsible for configuration of Group Policy and other Centrally Managed Policy based systems to ensure consistent baselines.
  • Responsible for service and software update releases and processes for Patch Management on servers.
  • Maintained IT Security Change Management process providing security oversight for changes and modifications to the infastructure environment.
  • Responsible for Investigating into problematic activity in LogRythm and finding the solutions remediate and secure the perimeter
  • Implement and design and execution of vulnerability assessments, penetration tests and security audits.
  • Performed monthly in house IT Security test controls to test the validity of controls that were in place.
  • Reviewed GFI logs and reports of all in-place devices, whether they be under direct control i.e., security tools or not i.e., workstations, servers, network devices, etc. .
  • Maintained knowledge of current and upcoming regulatory requirements which impact SOX/PCI compliance


Network Security Administrator

  • Responsible for maintaining access control within regional or contractual standards. IT Security Interface with Information Technology IT and National Security Engineering Operations
  • Monitor and configure security systems, including but not limited to IPS, VPN, SIEM and netflows, in order to protect the Comcast network from malicious activity and to identify compromised staff, and vendor machines.
  • Responsible for access to Cada and Radius
  • Maintain and update current status of each ticket in the ticketing system Jira.
  • Responsible for configuration of server devices of FQND DNS , DHCP, IP Provisioning and IP Management for CRAN, CET, CMTS in UNIX and Linux environment
  • Work with IT groups to make appropriate improvements to the systems we use to improve productivity, effectives, and efficiency.
  • Configure, and administer accesscontrol across multiple instances for development, test, production systems.
  • Maintain user accounts, password protocols.
  • Delete terminated employee records.
  • Perform auditing for proper system usage and conducts periodic systems purge.
  • Maintain proper naming conventions for in-line components.
  • Maintain and ensures proper licensing for all accounts.
  • Ensure local database maintenance is performed on a scheduled basis.
  • Responsible for assisting users with access related issues to the following systems:
  • Cisco VPN Client
  • CADA Kerberos
  • Juniper SSLVPN
  • Responsible for setting up configuration/policy management on bothCheck Point VPN-1 and Juniper Networks SRX240 Services Gateway firewalls.
  • VPN RSA SecureID token
  • Troubleshooting localized system problems on Radius and LDAP
  • Responsible for first care implemention of patch management initiated Vulnerability Scans on nodesng usi.
  • Develop, maintain and update procedures for proper operation and administration of local systems.
  • Hands-on management of a security system comprising of server systems and 1000s of agents e.g. Tripwire/Symantec CSP Console with 1000 agents.
  • Manage MPLS/VPLS across the CRAN and CMTS in support of network security.
  • Responsible for the configuration of TACACS for allowing remote access server to communicate with an authentication server in order to determine if the user had access to the network and system
  • Implemented RSA Authentication Manager 7.1
  • Upon approval, implement the correction to meet user specific needs
  • RSA 5.2.1 and RSA 7.1 including hardware and software tokens
  • Day to day adds, configuration, IP and password changes on servers and routers consisting of:

RedHat/Solaris servers

  • Cisco Routers, CRS, ASR, uBR servers
  • Motorola BSR, servers
  • Arris CMTS servers


IT Security Officer

  • Acted as a hands-on technical resource for the AZ IT Security GSM IT Security team globally. UNIX and Linux environment.
  • Handled multiple projects and deadlines in a timely manner for BAU process.
  • Coordinated access request with offshore areas of AZ IT Security IBM/ Bangalore support Help- Desk . Worked closely with the 3rd party vendor IBM , business users and technical support teams for the migration of technical support duties.
  • Maintained the integrity of the operating system environment monitored, troubleshooted, and maintained systems analyzed exception-based events and developed proactive solutions.
  • Supported key Information Security technologies, such as SIEM, DLP, Vulnerability Management.
  • Designed and implemented integration with Oracle Waveset wherever applicable.
  • Conductied vulnerability scanning at the enterprise level, and proficiency analyzing scan results to generate actionable risk- rated findings reports.
  • Responsible for responding and reporting local IS security incidents, taking whatever local action necessary to contain any serious incident and practical response to wider security incidents.
  • Responsible for the scanning of nodes using Nessus and or Retina Eye.
  • Established and maintain business relationships with external QSA firms as needed to provide AstraZeneca with the proper guidance on PCI-DSS compliance requirements.
  • Perform IT Audits in regards to FDA,HIPAA and SOX compliance
  • Responsible for the day-to-day deliverables that support the ongoing compliance needs related to Compliance and Security, Risk, as well as any new regulatory and security requirements
  • Developed compliance programs and conduct training and monitoring.
  • Configureed and manageed host-based intrusion detection systems, log management tools, and alerting tools.
  • Installed and configured, Cisco PIX and/or ASA 5500-series firewalls, and Cisco routers.
  • Support ed Cisco PIX / ASA 7.x and Cisco IOS 12.x command syntax.
  • Managed firewall rules/policy.
  • Designed, implemented and supported Active Directory 2008 and Exchange 2007/2010.
  • Conducted system maintenance activities, including monitoring parameters, maintaining security quality assurance and controlling access.
  • Responded to client requests and system operation issues, providing assistance to operations personnel in the resolution of user or systems problems
  • Managed other e-mail related systems, including but not limited to Cisco Ironport Email SPAM filter appliance, Anti-virus and Malware.
  • Implemented and deployed McAfee DLP solutions.
  • Installed, modified, upgraded and configured, enterprise anti-virus solutions performing admin, policy creation utilizing McAfee ePO v3.6-v4.0 and McAfee Virus Scan Enterprise v8.0, v85i, and v8.7i.


Senior IT Security Analyst

  • Security Information Event Management Engineer. Responsible for the Re-modification, development and deployment of an in house Identity Management, Web based system, called System Access Request SAR . A multi departmental security profile web based identity access management system.
  • Implemented and configured Oracle Application Server 10g to function with Oracle Identity Manager. creating access privileges for user groups to resources within the DVFS and Gold.
  • Maintained the optimization of the change control process for all production system changes.
  • Conducted penetration/valunerbility scanning using QualysGuard and Nessus
  • Properly migrated and remediated vulnerabilities
  • Implemented AD Forest, Group Policy GPO . For authentication of secured access to software and application of the specified Global business departments.
  • Troubleshoot, analyzed, resolved and documented reported IT incidents
  • Resolved user request issues from Helpdesk, through Remedy and OpensSource tickets.
  • Implemented the compliance schedule for major initiatives such as FDICIA and PCI-DSS with company-wide efforts staggers work plan to balance out resource impact.recommendedf or the compliance program.
  • Controlled rationalization and optimization initiatives Identify and execute improvements to the company wide IT SOX/PCI approach and methodology
  • Responsible for vulnerbility and risk analysis compliance on significant enterprise projects by determining potential risk issues for audit assesments for the FFIEC Regulations.
  • Responsible for setting up IT Security Audits test controls.
  • Upgraded Snort IDS/IPS Sourcefire from version 2.6.1 to 3ds sensors 7030, updated rules.
  • Engineered, coordinated, and performed upgrade of NGX R65 Check Point Provider-1 and all Check Point NG R55 firewalls
  • Investigationed system failures, utilizing TapRooT to identify root causes and effectively taking corrective actions.


Unix Administrator

  • Responsible for the DuPont's Infrastructure and LDAP in a UNIX/Linux environment.
  • Responsible for creating new architectural design operational technical documents.
  • Responsible for technical support through Sun Access Manager.
  • Monitored and serving in a tier 3 role in the maintaining of PHP/Apache, Websphere, Java Tomcat, Jini, Linux and Solaris servers.
  • Responsible for Incident management process identify, log, categorize, prioritize.
  • Responsible for removes all old agent data and upgrades to the PatchLink Update Agent Zenworks
  • Monitored Nagios and responded to alerts
  • Responsible for responding to issues in the Enterprise LDAP directories, directory schemas for backup and recovery strategies.
  • Providedshell scripts for back end processes of web applications.
  • Installed and configured the Federation Core Services for the migration from Intranet SAM 6.3 environment to SAM 7 servers:
  • Sun Web Server 6.1 SP5
  • Sun Directory Server 5.2 SP4
  • Sun Java Access Manager 7
  • Sun Java Access Manager SAML 2.0 Plug-in
  • Sun Java Message Queue 3.6 SP3
  • Installed two Sun Java Access Manager instances in DEV/QA, one SAM instance served as a service provider, and the other as an identity provider. In Staging and Production, both SAM instances were load balanced and serve as DuPont's Identity Provider for the initial integration with the Early Adopter.
  • Implemented and configured SAN Federated Identity Servers and web services security concepts such as SAML, Liberty ID-FF
  • Documented and released changes in the infrastructure relating to any auditing of Sarbanes Oxley Compliances in reference to DuPont and Creative Constructs responsibility.


IT Security Administrator

  • Communicated with Business Units, Team Leads and IT management to implement, support, and monitor defined applications throughout the conversion lifecycle.
  • Responsible for the IT Governance, Risk and Compliance strategy and solutions.
  • Attained compliance by isolating and resolving non-compliance issues recommending compliance process changes.
  • Performined PCI compliance assessments and serving as a PCI subject matter expert providing remediation guidance.
  • Responsible for metrics, KPIs and incident reports.
  • Created 900 AD Group Domains and 868 objects for system deployment.
  • Set up business and user profiles for each business department in CA-Identity Management Suites and CA-Administration Manager. The project was completed in 9 months.
  • Effectively discerned source of repeat issues and call drivers through rootcauseanalysis
  • Created standard process for group policy GPO deployment.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting Active Directory replication problems.
  • Reset user passwords and modified user accounts through Active Directory.
  • Created and documented technical specifications for user request processing on Visio flow chart for helpdesk compliance standards.
  • Implemented vulnerabilityand remediation scanning, utilizing McAfee Foundstone v6.5 and GFI LanGuard v3.x-v6.x to analyze and verify technical accuracy and consistency of configuration changes in Vanguard's systems


Computer SystemsSpecialist

  • Supported users by analytically resolving issues TCPDump, NMAP, IDA etc.,
  • Supported customers through the STAR System.
  • Some retail sales support of related CA product, eTrust CA-7 Top Secret Security
  • Responsible for operational process in high pace, high SLA 24 by 7 environments, strong understanding of operational processes and best practices.
  • Supported clients in stopping unauthorized access, modifications, disclosures, misuse, manipulation, or destruction of their systems, networks, applications and data.
  • Responsible for root causeanalysis in a large scale, high volume services with multiple dynamic components including web servers, SQL databases, application servers.
  • Responsible for assisting clients in the resolution of system errors, failovers and false positives
  • Remitted and installed CA root SSL Certificates and PKIs.
  • Maintained CA 's integrity by achieving high quality of technical support , adhering to SLA Standards.

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