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Systems Architect Resume Profile



  • Direct report to CIO: Comprehensive Strategist: Extreme Technical Breadth and Depth.
  • Full life cycle SDLC Expert - Mission-critical systems on-time, on-budget, across all major industries.
  • Career of successful deliveries after multiple PMP certified managers failed. I deliver where others fail.
  • Problem Solving, Performance Tuning, Stabilization, Automation, and Scalability for Large IT shops...
  • Systems Data Architecture for Business Continuity -Audit Compliance/Remediation and Reporting
  • Business Growth, Resource Cost Savings, and Cost Avoidance: Dramatic impact to Top Bottom Lines.
  • Delivery of high-demand, big-data, high-rate complex OLTP systems across all industries.
  • Quick assessment of environmental data processing/integration needs in new industries.
  • Rapid enterprise level gains in Gross Income while securing Stability, Continuity and Efficiency.
  • Simplifying business understandings, and leveraging technology expertise to outstrip all competition.


  • Strategic Delivery Multiple Industries: Process Engineering Re-Engineering transcending industry, technology system type.
  • Seasoned Decision Maker: Proven Ability to Define Deliver Solutions. Highly Effective Oral and Written Communication.
  • Business Growth: Expert Critical Growth/Limiting Factors Discovery, Proposal-to-Delivery Expertise, Speed to Market.
  • Profitability: Cost Savings/Avoidance Benchmarking hard/soft , Simplify for Efficiency/Scalability, Failure/Rework Avoidance.
  • Customer Service: ROI Efficiency Focus, Reduce and Eliminate Downtime, Rapid Problem Solving/Tuning repairs
  • Full Life Cycle Documentation: Expert Documentation for Clarity, Buy-In, Accountability: Business-> Functional-> Delivery.
  • Team Management/Mentoring: Superior Leader/Team-Builder: Inspires Quality Minded Ownership, Urgency Follow through.
  • Relationship Building: Fostering Internal and External Customer Provider synergies, integration, follow-thru, and compliance.
  • SOLUTIONS: Industry leader in Systems/Data Integration, Stabilizing Improving IT Efficiency, Problem Solving, Automation.
  • INDUSTRIES: Financial Investment, Banking, Lending , Medical, Pharmaceutical, Power Industry Grid Control , Manufacturing SPC/QC Plant Floor Control , Automotive Point Of Sale/Inventory/Accounting, Scheduling, Job Costing/Tracking, House Arrest, Sales Tracking/Crediting, Education, Telephony, Productivity, ERP, CRM, Security, Audit


Systems Architect


  • Sole responsibility for delivery of the Real-Time SCADA system that controls the smart power grid for the state of Indiana.
  • 5 years managing rapid delivery Systems Failure turnarounds and problem solving fire-team of 7 fortune 100 employees
  • Project Turnaround on failed 1.5 Billion sales Commissioning System after 2 prior efforts, 2yrs, 5M spent
  • Project Turnaround Design, Development and Testing of BI's real-time automated paging/faxing/reporting house arrest monitoring center Software System package to serve as a stand-alone system suitable for sales to foreign countries
  • Initial Design Development of highly successful Real-Time Statistical Processing Plant Floor Control System for Manufacturers. This system StatFacs/Powerway actively controls plant floors for a large share of USA's manufacturer's.
  • Requirements gathering to solve the toughest technical challenges, business analysis with extensive reach in use cases.
  • Detailed design work design work review, teams collaboration, design for flexibility, high-performance and scalability.
  • Software Development Life Cycle processes, project initiation-delivery, Change, Configuration and Build/Release Mgmt
  • Software Architect application infrastructure integration, layered architectures, components, interfaces, pattern tuning.

Data Architect


  • Data Architect: Strategic Full Service DBA, Production DBA, Development DBA Efficiency and Stabilization expert.
  • Expert systems and data integration of disparate systems with diverse endpoints, data mapping, migration, quality, tuned ETL
  • Data modeling: normalized logical and optimized physical models: Immediate translation bus rules to schema and vice versa.
  • Server Creation, Optimization, Tracing/Monitoring maintenance automation, DBA shops stabilization to Apps tuning.
  • Tuner that experts turn to with Oracle, Sybase MSSQL, T-SQL PL/SQL, Rapid Quantum Performance Improvements.
  • Data Warehouse Technical/Development Lead Analysis Creation of Conseco Policy in Force Profitability Warehouse:
  • Cost Avoidance: Proposed/Sold/Implemented cost avoidance savings of 11 Million
  • Produced in 25 minutes what previously took 70 actuaries 45 days to produce each month. Oracle
  • Business Growth: Proposed/Sold/Implemented Largest Revenue Increase of 72 Million 17 .


Enterprise Data Solutions Architect

Mission-Critical Projects Guidance/Delivery, DW Design/Delivery

  • Direct report to CIO
  • End-to-End Automation of manualy-run, time-sensitive Reclaim Business unit, with immediate 78K revenue results first use.
  • 24x7 DW for Equian RX reporting optimization of Equian Reporting Queries.
  • P T Resource: root cause discovery and reslolution for systems with high-resource-consumption, and locking/blocking issues.
  • Architect means of adapting environment to enable snap DB backup's to provide a solid DR Continuity Plan.
  • Engage in Solutions Analysis/Delivery on critical business objectives Rapid Delivery of new business functionality.
  • System Re-Engineering: Medical Claims Repricing System to provide Best-Savings , consolidate/unify processing, ease maintenance, system scalabikity, and rapid new-client onboarding.
  • Strategy team technical resource for new product-offering planning.
  • Go-to guy for rapid automation, solutions for complex processing, big data delivery needs, and tough integration tasks.


Enterprise Data Solutions Architect/ DW

  • Production of Decision Support BI Data Warehouse from highly fragmented data -> owner's 20 year dream delivered..
  • Eligibility Data Corruption Minimized Eliminated while tuning complex processing to 2 of accepted runtimes.
  • Bridge-building with all business unit leaders and rapidly add value to inspire confidence and trust in IT capabilities.
  • Engage in Solutions Analysis/Delivery on critical business objectives Rapid Delivery of new business functionality
  • - Year Of Account tracking to allow for accurate risk sector profitability studies for proper alignment of new business.
  • - Accurate Cost Projection: Alignment and value-add to claims data allowing cost reduction and accurate estimating.
  • Aassemble and cleanse data from highly fragmented objectified legacy databases coordinate accurate use in new system.
  • Act as Enterprise Data Architect Defining Overall enterprise architecture to sponsor a stable rapid development environment as well as development forward planning of DB design, Problem Avoidance/Solving and Tuning.
  • EDI Process troubleshooting and automated State Analysis automated B2B data transfer, and dashboard monitoring..
  • Claims Cost Estimating and Case Management - . International catastrophe email alerts tuned from 24 hours to 7 seconds.
  • NPI CMS National Provider Information data assimilation and data quality study U.S. Treasury OFAC assessment/rpting


Enterprise Solutions Architect

  • Direct Report to CIO - Gap Analysis for PPACA/HIX Obamacare , and loaned to Curam/WFMS as a Solutions Architect.
  • Planning, coordinating, and setting direction to address all operational IT current and future needs of the new PPACA/HIX.
  • Law and policy review, comprehensive gap analysis of all systems delivery and workflow, systems re-engineering and tuning.
  • IV V and OV V on all Tier 1 Vendors.
  • Extensive research and documentation for executive level review and action.
  • Produced End-Run Gap Analysis to meet PPACA requirements with 3 path-options to meet all requirements with highest quality at minimum cost. This done 3 months into the 18 month effort It will be applied the options are absolutely clear.
  • Loaned to the Curam Case Management Group to tune Medicaid application processing from 5-8 hours per morning to a consistent 40 minute run restoring abilty to open offices during the day for the Business unit with the 400 Mil IBM lawsuit.


  • Full System Architecture, Performance Analysis, and creation of Problem Analysis Documentation.
  • Full System Re-Architecture Proposal Document and Executive Summary Document.


Sr. Management

  • Strategic Mission Critical Projects Delivery Intensive Real-Time/OLTP Architecture, Tuning and Problem Solving.
  • Automation Lead - Automation of Change Management across all environments: email and paging w/ errors now sent to dev.
  • Successfully automated a shop in duress: processing/maintenance/tracing/monitoring, tuning, methods improvement
  • Usage/Capacity Peak Management Planning: Best Practice deviations, outline pre-peak actions and tuning needed.
  • Daily Tuning and Problem Solving: SLM delivers to external touch points any system's load can peak instantly.
  • SLM load intensity finds the limits of outside vendor's software. i.e. tuned Blackberry email from 12 hours to 18 seconds
  • Mentored Project Managers company wide to effectively deliver IT projects optimize their systems database usage
  • Systems Integration Lead, data model validation/simplification to mirror the business maximize efficiencies
  • Efficiency Planning, Resource Needs/Cost Reduction, Informatica ETL Tuning, Bus Objects RI Resolution.
  • B2B data validation/Integration, Extreme ETL needs, DR, and the integration of disparate systems and systems data.
  • Data Privacy Access audit management and reporting: created all SOX FDIC Audit Reports, 3 active C6 clearances ,

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