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Solaris/linux System Administrator Resume Profile

Providence, RI


  • Over 8 Years of Experience in UNIX/LINUX Systems and Network administration for Sun Solaris 9, 10, Linux RedHat RHEL 4, 5, 6 , CentOS, SUSE, Debian, OEL HP-UX 10.x, 11.x.
  • Experience in installation, configuration file system management through Logical Volume Manager LVM , VERITAS Volume Manager VxVM , Solaris Volume Manager SVM .
  • Configuring and maintaining virtual server environment using VMWARE ESX/GSX, VSphere, VCenter.
  • Volume and Filesystem management using Veritas Volume Manager VxVM and Veritas Filesystem Veritas Storage Foundation .
  • Clustering solutions for High Availability using tools such as Veritas Cluster Server VCS , RedHat HA RHCS , and MSCS.
  • Good knowledge of RAID groups and setting up NFS,CIFS and iSCSI protocols in SAN/NAS environment on HPUX 11.23/11.31 and Redhat LINUX.
  • Experienced in system administration, System planning and design, co-ordination and communicate at group level and user level.
  • Configuration, implementation, troubleshooting and administration of NFS, NIS, DNS, and LDAP on Solaris and Linux environment.
  • Installation, Configuration and Maintenance of Samba, Apache Tomcat, Web Sphere and Linux environment.
  • Experience in Patch management, Disk management, Security, troubleshooting, Disaster Recovery and Planning.
  • Experience in SAN and VERITAS NetBackup administration.
  • Performing regular day-to-day Systems Administration activities such as User Administrations, Disk Management, Package Install, Patch Management, Storage Management, Performance Monitoring Log files Monitoring, Jobs Scheduling, NFSAdministration and Disaster Recovery/fail-over exercises.
  • Proficient in Shell Scripting Bash , Sed Awk.
  • Ability to plan, schedule and execute projects on time.


Operating Systems:

Linux Red hat - RHEL 3/4/5/6 ,Fedora Core 17.x/16.x, Ubuntu 12.x/13.x, HP-UX, Solaris, Windows 03/00/NT4.0.


HP DL380 G5/G6/G7/Gen8, Dell Poweredge 1950, 2300, 2450, R810.

IBM RS/6000, IBM Blade center, JS20, JS21, HS20, pSeries 570, 590, 595, 650, 630, 670, 780, 770, 750, 740, 730 SUN Enterprise 450.

Web Servers:

Apache httpd , apache-tomcat, jboss, weblogic. Tomcat, Apache, WebSphere, Apache Http Server, IIS 4.0/5.0, MQ Series.


C, Clearcase, Shell scripting Ksh Bourn Shell, JavaScript, HTML, JAVA, C, C , Korn Shell programming, PL/SQL


Oracle 8i/9i/10g, DB2, MS SQL SERVER 7.0/2000, SyBase.


NIS, NFS, AutoFS, DNS. TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP, Cisco Routers/Switches, and LA

Other Skills:

VMware, VCenter Server, VMware Server, Xen, Solaris Zones. LPAR, NIM, TSM IBM tape libraries.



Role: Solaris/Linux System Administrator


  • Worked as Linux Administrator Supporting the Server farm in 24X7 Production Environment.
  • Supported Red Hat Linux RHEL 5.6 and Fedora Core 18.x/17.x Servers
  • Installation/Administration of RHEL 5.6 and Fedora on Multiple Servers configuration, testing on both physical and virtual machines .
  • Install and configure various services like DHCP, NFS, DNS,Apache Web Server, NIS, LDAP, Samba, SSH, FTP/SFTP, Send mail/SMTP, Telnet, RPM Package Management, File System Management.
  • Developed Shell Scripts for automation of daily tasks.
  • Develop Linux shell scripts to accomplish redundant tasks to simplify in distributed administration.
  • Worked on Security/Authorizations Created users with limited and full root privileges. Create and manage sudoers.
  • Perform day to day Linux administration such as user accounts,logon scripts,directory services, file system shares, permissions. Support Oracle database.
  • Setup NFS and Samba File sharing on Linux and Windows servers.
  • Develop and maintain the documents, library and procedural documents of the system.
  • Utilized Remedy for data center service requests Network requests for IP's, ILO's, and DNS changes .
  • Acquired comprehensive requirements from Project Managers, Team Leads pertaining to the servers to be migrated.
  • Responsible for resolving network issues using network tools like ping, tcptraceroute, traceroute, tcpdump.
  • Performing change management as per company standards in accordance with the hardware provider.
  • Horizontal and Vertical Clustering. Setup Node Managers and Admin Servers. Attended team meetings, change control meetings to update installation progress, and for upcoming changes in environment.
  • Setting up cron schedules for backups and monitoring processes.
  • Automated server building using System Imager, PXE,Kickstart and Jumpstart, for Solaris and RHEL Servers.
  • Upgrades, installs, configuration and administration security and monitoring tools on Linux.
  • Excellent in patches and packages installation on Linux/UnixEnvironment.
  • Configured volume groups and logical volumes, extended logical volumes for file system growth needs using Logical Volume Manager LVM commands.
  • Experience in Linux kernel configuration.
  • Updating YUM Repository and Redhat Package Manager RPM .
  • Monitored Linux server for CPU Utilization, Memory Utilization, and Disk Utilization for performance monitoring.
  • Building Customized Scripts / LVM for the SAN HOST based migrations.
  • Configuring and maintaining virtual server environment using VMWARE ESX, VCenterVSphere, and Solaris 10 Zones

Environment: Redhat RHEL 6.x/5.6, Fedora Core 18.x/17.x, UBUNTU 12.x/13.x, Logical Volume manager, Server Dell R10, R410, R910, HP-DL580 servers, DNS,NFS,SMTP.


Role: Solaris/Linux System Administrator


  • Involved in UNIX/LINUX System and Network administration in Sun Solaris 9/10 , HP-UX 11.31, Linux RedHat 5/6 servers running different Database and Middleware Applications.
  • Storage Provisioning, Volume and Filesystem Management using LVM, Veritas Volume Manager and Veritas Filesystem Veritas Storage Foundation , Configuring ZFS filesystems.
  • Build two new VMware ESX Server 4.x/5.x on HP HW running Red Hat Enterprise Linux Created different virtual machine like Debian, windows 2003 2008 server, SuSEenterprise Linux using VMware Virtual Infrastructure Client tool and configured with EMC storage box.
  • Supported around 200 whole root zones running on Solaris 10 environment.
  • Maintained 15 VMware ESX server connected with two EMC VNX SAN box and managed of two Cisco MDS switch using Fabric Device management tool.
  • Clustering solutions for High Availability using tools such as Veritas Cluster Server VCS , MSCS, RHCS.
  • Configuring and maintaining virtual server environment using VMWARE ESX, VCenterVSphere, and Solaris 10 Zones.
  • Installation and Configuration of Sun Enterprise Servers, HP and IBM Blade Servers C6000 C7000 , HP Itanium, Configured Enterprise UNIX/LINUX systems in heterogeneous environment Linux, Solaris, HP-UX with SAN/NAS infrastructure across multiple sites on mission business critical systems.
  • Setup, Implementation, Configuration, documentation of Backup/Restore solutions for Disaster/Business Recovery of clients using OMNIBACK on UNIX and LINUX platform.
  • Performed quarterly patching of Linux,Solaris and HPUX servers on regular schedule. Involved in up Network/SAN based ignite images for HPUX PA RISC and integrity servers.
  • Good knowledge of RAID groups and setting up NFS, CIFS and iSCSI protocols in SAN/NAS environment on HPUX 11.31 and Redhat LINUX.
  • Implementation of oracle RAC 10g on HPUX blades and Itanium servers with Redhat linux RHEL 5.x/6.x along with SAN storage on EVAs. Also implemented and support HPUX Service guard on Linux servers.
  • Involved and set up migration for UNIX/Linux server and SAN storage between data centers and also application migration and testing. This included SAN/Application migration and testing various functionalities of key applications.
  • Installing, setup of proliant blade BL,DL series with fiber channel connectivity, Cisco GESM interconnect switch, configuring the connectivity, setting up JBOSS cluster, setting up oracle RAC cluster, configuring load-balancing on apache, on Redhat Linux 5.x Setting up NIS/NFS on RedHat servers.
  • Setting up JBoss cluster and configuring apache with JBoss on RetHat Linux. Proxy serving with Apache. Troubleshooting Apache with JBoss and Mod jk troubleshooting for the clients.
  • Setting up the lab environment with Tomcat/Apache, configuring the setup with F5 virtual load balancer for customer application.

Environment: Redhat RHEL 6.x/5.6,Logical Volume manager, VMware ESX Server 4.x/5.x, Veritas Cluster Server VCS , Tomcat/Apache,MSCS, RHCS, Sun Enterprise Servers, HP and IBM Blade Servers C6000 C7000


Role: Solaris/Linux System Administrator


  • Installed, upgraded, Mirrored and configured RHEL 4.x and Sun Solaris 10/9.0/8.0 using Kickstart, Jumpstart Installation respectively.
  • Upgraded Solaris 8 to 9 and 9 to 10 on Sun servers and workstations. Added necessary patches using patchadd utility and scripts.
  • Controlled disk operations, disk group operations, volume operations and volume configurations using vxdisk, vxdg, vxassist, vxmake and vxvol in Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Configured Printers, Print Server and Print Clients using commands like lp, lpstat, lpadmin, lpfilter GUI.
  • Configured and administered Samba to provide file services, resolved various inter-operability issues between Windows NT Solaris platforms.
  • Installation, Setup and Configuration of WebLogic 9.0/8.1 application server.
  • Deployed Portlets manually using Admin Console.
  • Disk Management using different RIAD technologies in Solaris and Linux using Veritas Volume Manager and LVM.
  • Veritas Cluster Installation and Configuration along with Resources and Service Groups Configuration in VCS.
  • Configuration and administration of DNS, LDAP, NFS, NIS and Samba in RedHat Linux, and Sun Solaris.
  • Network trouble shooting using ndd, traceroute, netstat, ifconfig and snoop.
  • Administered and Managed Network Applications and Services like NFS with Hummingbird connectivity V7.1.
  • Involved in Configuring DHCP server and giving IP addressing dynamically.
  • FTP Server configuration in Linux and done kernel tuning on Linux for play out software.
  • Involved in creating new users, groups and setup their home directories and appropriate access restrictions to software and directories files using access modes.
  • Written Shell scripts to run Batch Jobs on Sun Solaris and RedHat Linux servers.
  • Provided system performance reporting on a regular basis along with keeping all software at current version levels, and maintaining a log of changes for tracking.

Environment: RHEL 4.x, Sun Solaris 10/9.0/8.0, Windows NT Solaris, WebLogic 9.0/8.1, Logical Volume manager.


Role: System Administrator Linux-UNIX


  • Provisioning and installing of Linux RHEL, Centos operating systems on x86 and Dell PowerEdge server. This included provisioning the environments on VMs created on vSphere 4.0
  • Experience on using XEN and KVM virtualization on Linux servers.
  • Performed Disk administration using LVM's and implemented file system expansion
  • Performance Analysis of resources like CPU, Memory, Disk and Swap from command line using commands like prstat, vmstat, sar, iostat, swap
  • Troubleshooting webserver Apache 1.3x Configuring NIC bonding on Linux server.
  • Configuring password less login through SSH. Generating key using ssh-keygen
  • Patch and package administration for installation of patches as per the company policy and installation of packaged application
  • Configuring and implementing DHCP, DNS, SAMBA installation and configuration on different. Platforms in heterogeneous Network environment
  • Worked on monitoring tools like MRTG, Netcool, Gomez
  • Editing crontab adding and deleting automated scripts
  • Experience in Backup/Recovery using tar,CPIO
  • User, Group management for all the UNIX servers and also used sudoers on Linux
  • Modifying/ Writing scripts in Bash and Korn shell for optimizing day to day administration
  • Creating and modifying Standing Operating procedures for the team.
  • Following change management process and tickets using Remedy tool.
  • Support on-call on rotation basis 24 7

Environment: Redhat EL 3.x, 4.x, Logical Volume manager, Server Dell R10, R410, R910 servers, DNS,NFS,SMTP, Web server Apache 1.3x


Role: UNIX/Linux Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for day-to-day System Administration for Linux RedHat servers.
  • Build the E450 and 6000 Servers with Solaris operating system.
  • Storage setups, RAID, Logical Volume Manager, system backup design and disaster recovery.
  • Systems performance monitoring.
  • Solaris Operating Systems upgrade, package installations, updates, patches and software fixes.
  • Responsible for troubleshooting end user and application problems.
  • Veritas File system and Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Creating User accounts, Mail account, groups, printer etc.
  • Monitoring system resources, logs, disk usage, scheduling backups and restore.
  • Set up Quotas for the user accounts limiting the disk space usage.
  • Creation/Configuration of Additional swap/ tmp dynamically as and when required.
  • NFS Management - Take care of user accounts/groups, setting up of NFS Environment.
  • Solving the problems as when created when NFS data being accessed.
  • Worked closely with database administration staff to ensure optimal performance of databases, and maintain development applications and databases.
  • Assembling the systems and installing operating system and application software.
  • Training for users to use the program.

Environment:Solaris 10/9/8/2.x, IX 4.3, 5.1/5.3L,Sun E10K and E15K Servers, Sun Enterprise 6500/500/4500/450/ 420R/250 Servers, Ultra Enterprise 2/1 Servers

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