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Vmware/windows Administrator Resume Profile

Austin, TexaS


  • VMware and Microsoft Certified Professional with 7 years of experience in IT administration and expertise over various IT technologies i.e. VMware ESX, server administration, VERITAS NBU, Storage Arrays and hardware deployment.
  • Strong knowledge and experience on VMware ESXi5.1/ESX 5.0/4.1/4.0, and VMware vSphere 5 features including VMotion, HA, Virtual SMP, Distributed Resource Scheduler DRS , Storage DRS, profile driven storage, auto deploy and vSwitch design.
  • Experience with VMware SRM 5.0/4.5,View 5.1/5.0/4.6/4.5 and vShield 5.0 setup in the production environment.
  • Experience in installing, configuring and managing infrastructure using VMware technologies viz. ESX/ESXi 4.x/5.x, vSphere 5.0, vCenter, VMware View 5.0/5.1, VMware vCenter Converter etc.
  • Experience in configuring DRS, HA, vMotion, storage vMotion, virtual networking, cloning, deploying VM's from templates and automating VMware environment.
  • Configuration and provisioning of VCOPS and analyzing the resources within the environment and take necessary action to improvise and manage the virtual environment.
  • Planning and execution experience with migration of physical to virtual and upgrading the ESX environment from ESX 4.x to 5.x using vCenter update manager.
  • Understanding and knowledge of vcloud Director
  • Experience in deployment and configuration with Windows Active Directory Administration, Windows Server 2003, Windows Server 2008 R2, DNS, TCP/IP, DHCP.
  • Administration Maintaining Microsoft Active Directory 2003/2008 and Group Policies
  • Experience in deploying failover clusters to provide high availability to the applications.
  • Expertise with management of Backup infrastructure with VERITAS NBU and Commvault. End-to-end management and administration of backup infrastructure including deployments and configuration of backup library, configuration of SAN switches and the Backup application.
  • Management of backup policies and coordination with the application owner for backup and restore requirements.
  • Experience with the deployment of HP EVA and NetApp storage arrays. Knowledge and understating of the storage array configuration and management.
  • Expertise with deployment of hardware models like HP, IBM, SUN etc. Hardware configuration, testing and deployment. Deployment of Storage backup libraries like HP ESL, Qualstar and IBM models and its configuration for the backup infrastructure.
  • Highly motivated individual with very good communication and interpersonal skills. Very comfortable to work within a team. Always curious to learn more and ready to manage challenging situations.

Professional Experience


VMware /Windows Administrator

Current Responsibilities

  • Configuring HP C7000 blade enclosures, IBM and Dell server and preparing them for installing ESXi 5.1 on these systems.
  • Installing vCenter server, vCenter components and manage licensing.
  • Installation and configuration of VMs, VMware tools, creating resource pool and VM templates.
  • Upgrading the existing VMware Infrastructure 4.x to VMware vSphere 5 using vCenter Update Manager
  • Worked on SRM 5.0 deployment
  • Installing and Configuring vSphere5 virtual centers Creating Clusters, adding the ESXi hosts and configuring DRS/HA and networking .
  • Configuring the ESXi hosts using VMware host profiles.
  • Migrating Virtual machines from existing VMware Infrastructure 4.x environment to vSphere 5 environment.
  • Configuring and managing the features vMotion, Storage vMotion, DRS, HA, FT and DPM.
  • Configured and managed standard vSwitches, Port Groups and PG Policies, Applying Security policies, Traffic Shaping, Load balancing, Failover detection and VLAN Tagging.
  • Performed P2V and V2V using VMware converter.
  • Creating new Datastores.
  • Creating, configuring and cloning the VMs and Templates of Guest OSs like Windows 2003/2008 and Linux.
  • Deployment, Configuration and optimization using VCOPS.
  • Creating bare metal Virtual machines or creating Virtual machines using Windows/Linux templates.
  • Managing the Virtual machines Adding additional disks, vNic, Memory and vCPU
  • Monitor and manage VMs and virtual farm by configuring Alerts and Alarms.
  • Performing VM Decommissions.
  • Troubleshooting Incidents/Issues related to VMware Vsphere environment.


VMware/Windows Administrator

Job responsibilities:

  • Installing ESX and ESXi servers on HP, DELL and IBM hardware.
  • Installation of VCenter server.
  • Installation of VCenter components.
  • Taking caring of Vsphere licensing.
  • Installing Virtual machines.
  • Installing and upgrading VMware Tools.
  • Creating resource pools and adding the VM's into the pools.
  • Deploying VM's from templates.
  • Snapshots according to user's requirement.
  • Configuring HA, DRS clusters.
  • Taking care of capacity planning for new clusters.
  • Configuring FT for important VM's.
  • Taking caring of ESX and VM storage issues.
  • Coordinated with the storage team.
  • Capacity planning using Capacity planner and VMware guided consolidation for gathering the Physical machines CPU and Memory usage metrics.
  • Capacity planning of the virtual environment.
  • Presenting FC SAN LUN's, RDM's iSCSI LUN's and NFS mounts.
  • Created VSwitches.
  • Creating different ports groups for different purposes.
  • NIC teaming at ESX server level for NLB and redundancy.
  • Updating and upgrading ESX servers using VCenter Update manager.
  • VMotion according to the requirement
  • Administering Windows 2000, 2003 and 2008 environment.
  • Managing Windows server infrastructure
  • Storage VMotion according to the requirement.
  • System builds, upgrades, migrations and patch management.
  • Implemented security policy and virus protection.
  • Administering change management related to server upgrades and software installation.
  • Preparing and maintaining documentation of technologies, standards and procedures.
  • Installing, Configuring and Managing AD / DHCP / DNS Services.
  • RAID Configurations and Disk management utilities tools.
  • Perform Security Health Check of Windows servers and other compliance related activities.
  • The setup and maintenance of new infrastructure of Windows 2003, Windows 2008 Server Edition, Domain Controller, DNS Servers, DHCP Servers, File Server,
  • Coordinating with different lines of services with SLA.
  • 3rd party vendor coordination for visit and troubleshooting
  • Incident Escalation and Progress Monitoring


System Engineer/Backup Administrator

  • Windows server administration and Operating systems like Win2000 and Win2003. It included deployment, provisioning and maintenance of the infrastructure. Performing monthly patching, perform OS upgradation, coordinate with the application owner and the hardware for troubleshooting purposes.
  • Coordination with various vendors like Microsoft, Symantec, BMC and HP for any issues and/or maintenance and project planning purpose
  • Deployment of hardware and perform all the initial hardware testing to make sure system is healthy and also perform the necessary updates to standardize the hardware for the environment.
  • Monitoring of servers and network devices using HP OVO
  • Monitoring and Administration of Control-M ver6.3 and ver6.4: Control-M is workload automation traditionally called batch scheduling software obtained by BMC Software. It is designed for automation of various functions in the enterprise environment. Control-M can schedule workloads on a daily, weekly or monthly interval. It can also be used to respond to trigger events such as the appearance of a file, being called by a third party application.
  • Administering backup infrastructure and we currently used VERITAS NBU and Commvault. My role is to
  • the application or the hardware.
  • first point of contact and our monitoring team will reach out to me if incase they encounter any issue with
  • manage the policies. Make necessary modification, management and troubleshooting as well. I work as a
  • Ensure the integrity of backups for both local and remote sites
  • Work with software and hardware vendors to troubleshoot and solve backup issues
  • Ensure knowledge database is populated with resolutions, workarounds, known issues
  • Review system logs to identify signs of potential problems
  • Repair or replace system hardware when necessary
  • Responsible for keeping documentation of the backup infrastructure up to date and maintaining an accurate hardware and software inventory
  • Provide metrics to management for use in trending
  • Maintain regular tape rotation cycle for local and offsite storage of media
  • Perform database maintenance of backup software
  • Work with other IT groups and the business to make sure all backups are performed in accordance with business policies and the law
  • Place hardware service calls and schedule regular maintenance on backup hardware
  • Responsible for the security of tape media
  • Perform test restores on a regular basis


  • Virtualization: Understanding and experience managing virtual farms and its administration. Deployment of ESX, configuration, creation of Virtual Machines as per requirement and their maintenance
  • System Administration: An extensive exposure, knowledge and understanding of Microsoft Operating System like Windows NT 4.0, Win Server 2000, 2003, 2008 Standard and Enterprise Edition.
  • Backup Administration: An in-depth knowledge and understanding of backup infrastructure and operational guidelines and challenges. Well versed with VERITAS Netbackup and Commvault backup application. Hands on experience on enterprise backup libraries like HP ESL, IBM and Qualstar.
  • Job Scheduling/Control-M Administration: Good knowledge and exposure of Job scheduling tool Control-M from BMC. Application configuration, modification of Jobs, monitoring and maintenance
  • Storage Solutions: Hands on experience on HP EVA 5000, 8000, and 8400. Hardware deployment, configuration and storage maintenance.
  • Server Hardware Administration: Very well understanding and knowledge of server hardware from HP, IBM, SUN etc. knowledge and exposure to deployment, hardware testing, troubleshooting. Also, hands on experience on c7000 blade infrastructure from HP. configuration of the enclosure, blades and its connectivity over the network. Configuration of SAN and Network switched within the enclosure
  • Management Tools: Remedy, HP Openview.
  • Strong interpersonal and communication skills
  • Productive Management of Time

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