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Independent It And Business Consultant Resume Profile


Summary and Qualifications

Developer proficient in Perl, Shell,SQL, C, ESQL/C,Awk ad-hoc Unix/Linux System Administrator, Database Administrator Informix, some Oracle , Application and Infrastructure Support Specialist.With additional, widely varying technical experience in the software industry as Developer, System Auditor, Trainer, Manual Author, Experienced Public Speaker/Presenter, Consultant, Customer Service Engineer. Experience with Financial/Securities Industry, Data Analysis for consistency and integrity checking, Performance Analysis and Report Generation.

Programming Languages:

Perl with DBI and DBD::Informix , C 10 years , Shell Korn, Bourne, some Bash , AWK, SQL Informix, some Oracle , ESQL/C, Informix-4GL, Informix-SPL Stored Procedure Language , some PL/SQL Some exposure to OOP with C and Perl.


Informix IDS through release 11.7, Standard Engine, Oracle 9 with some exposure to Oracle 11G .

Operating Systems:

System Admin on: AIX, HP-UX 8, 9 , Ubuntu Linux, Linux Red-Hat 3, 4 , Windows-XP, Windows-7. Admin advisor on Solaris 5.8 Configuration of TCP/IP services. Some training in Unix/Linux internals .


For Oracle administrative functions: SQL-BackTrack BMC Software , TOAD Quest Software , FIST a multi-threading framework for C , RCS Version Control, Excel for benchmark analysis and script generation. Some training in HTML .


Financial Industry: Securities Analysis and Trading, Mortgage-Backed Security Pools. Unix/Linux System Administration Shell and Perl , Systems Integration, migrations, database retrieval tools, non-Unix device drivers and communication protocols, Help-desk support. General consulting: Publishing with some Data Warehouse setup , the garment trade, design of menus and forms, cell-phone tracking/billing, real estate management, Legal collection agency , electronic phototypesetting.

Employment History


Independent IT and Business Consultant

  • Random House, ESQL/C Analyst. Generated space data needed for a database migration from Solaris to Linux as well as 32-bit IDS 11.1. to 64-bit 11.7. Wrote Shell and Perl scripts to help the team track function calls and space usage within the database as well as in the regular file systems. Developed new modules in company nomenclature , added testing code to some others, integrated into several daemon processes, to provide directory services to a data warehousing application. Documented a complicated procedure that had been performed by rote for the past 12 years.
  • Telcordia/Ericsson,Perl, Shell Migrated Shell scripts to Perl with an eye to speeding throughput. Consolidated over 280 shell functions into one file of JSON structures to be used by a single-call Perl interface, resulting in 40-53 faster throughput. Wrote the benchmark script that obtained these results. Rewrote Shell scripts in order to bring them in line with coding standards, noticing repairing bugs along the way.
  • AT T Shannon Research Lab, C Added a filter/correction to an application that tracks cell activity per call designed new administration tables and wrote 40 back-end applications to associate users with their assigned features.
  • Bank of America, NYC Perl, Shell Rewrote non-performing sections of a Perl application that communicates with an Autosys server.Wrote another Perl utility to purge aged log files on many hosts by spawning itself ssh on each host.Added pages to the internal Wiki to describe the data flow for a set of trading application, using diagrams generated with Visio.
  • Timken Ball Bearings, Canton OH Audited and redesigned the entire disk-level layout and adjusted the Informix server's tuning parameters to reduce disk contention. The first pass reduced a load job from an all-night procedure to a one-hour job.
  • ProfitPoint, Clifton Heights, PA Retail Store Support: Converted and upgraded an application from IDS 7.2 on Solaris 32-bit to IDS 11.5 on Linux 64-bit. Sifted C and ESQL/C code for compatibility issues related to the new 64-bit environment. At the same time, converted the source control subsystem from SCCS to RCS.
  • Conducted private research in Perl and Ubuntu Linux. Published a Perl module to CPAN UNLreport, a column-oriented report generator and to the IIUG Software Library, with documented plans for many enhancements. The system work entailed:
  • Installing and configuring Ubuntu Linux and the GRUB for dual Boot on multiple computers, implementation of the Logical Volume Manager LVM and tuning of kernel parameters. Also installed Informix IDS 11.70 database server.
  • Repair, restoration and configuration of Windows and Linux partitions, including repair of a damaged boot partition. Tools included the Windows Installation disk, Linux Rescue CD, Gparted Live CD, and the Ubuntu Live CD.
  • Hatzlacha West, Spring Valley NY Created a PowerPoint presentation, targeting investors, for the business case and business model for the expansion of a small chain of retail markets in Rockland County.


Senior Informix Database Administrator

  • Performed frequent troubleshooting on these systems e.g. orphaned shared-memory segments, frozen servers, tweaking of server parameters for performance issues, data extract of server status data and error messages.
  • Wrote many scripts to perform administrative function e.g. report on success/failure of backup jobs, diagnose improperly configured database spaces, identify invalid BLOB values, monitor temp space during the run of a backup, display the space occupied by a table. Scripts were written in Korn shell and PERL.
  • Debugged and enhanced legacy administrative scripts e.g. periodic check for a blocked server, scripts to perform unattended backup/recovery.
  • Provided occasional support for database issues closer to the applications: Developed SQL to determine the identity of a locked stored procedure blocking the server, noted when a different locking behavior might be more prudent for the users.


Senior Database Administrator

  • Application Support: Although primarily a DBA, rewrote some portions of applications with extreme results: Rewrote a stored procedure in a high-level language, cutting the duration by 90 . Similarly, rewrote a Java application into another language, cutting run time from 3 days to 3 hours.When I was permitted to physically rearrange the spaces across disks, the run time dropped to under one hour from the original 3 days .
  • Developed a method to back up the Informix database to and recover from a single file system. The backup now completes reliably in under four hours, replacing a defective OmniBack scheme that previously ran over six hours.
  • Wrote scripts to alert the DBA of potential problems e.g. tablespace/file-system capacity, fragmentation, resource usage on six HP-UX/Informix systems and six Oracle databases on four RS-6000/AIX systems. Scripts were written in various combinations of PL/SQL, PERL, AWK and Korn Shell. Wrote additional scripts to defragment tables and reallocate space when the monitoring jobs did detect potential problems.
  • Implemented a simulated lock-quota monitor, providing a feature not yet provided by the Informix software.
  • Published several Informix utility scripts to the IIUG software library, written in Korn Shell, AWK, and C.


Database Administrator

  • Performed complete system installation at client sites: Physically assembled and installed the hardware, installed and configured the operating system, then the database software and finally, the application.
  • Wrote a label-printing subsystem with a termcap-like database for various label printers.
  • Wrote shell and AWK scripts to perform data conversions, helping clients convert their existing databases to Informix database formats.


Consultant, Sales Engineer

  • A member of the Advanced Support Engineers team, requiring extensive Informix internals knowledge.
  • High-level support liaison to developers of Informix applications at AT T-IMS in Piscataway, NJ.
  • Contributed several articles and scripts to the internal TechInfo database accessible via a Web home page and published several articles in the Informix quarterly, Tech Notes.
  • Taught several courses, including Relational Database Design and Architecture, 4GL, SQL, Stored Procedures and Triggers, Embedded SQL for C, Database and System Administration for Informix Dynamic Server.
  • System Auditor: Performed a short-term audit on the database application of an Ireland-based drug-manufacturing operation.
  • HP-UX System administrator for the HP-9000/827 and G30 training machines.
  • Served Informix's New York and New Jersey offices in the capacity of client services engineer, traveling consultant and trainer.

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