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System Analyst Resume

Henderson, NV


Extensive IT background in the area of multiple systems platforms with a diverse technical analysis with the skills sets and focus on understanding of technology in direct responsibility, understanding of other technology sub-areas, general understanding of related technologies, customer service, general project management and coordination, influencing others, customer/vendor management, business analysis and general financial management.

Skills Summary

Operating Systems


Tandem 3TXP


MAC/OS, UNIX Solaris 4.2

HP-UX 64 bit 11.0

LINUX/ Red Hat Enterprise 5, CentOS 6,

Fedora 19.0, LINUX Mint 17, OpenSUSE 12.3, Ubuntu 14

Microsoft Windows 2000/XP/VISTA/7 Windows Server 2000/2003 32/64 bit

Microsoft Virtual Machine, Oracle Virtual Box, VMWare ESX 3

Oracle WebCenter Interaction

WCI Portal, Collaboration,

Publisher, Analytics, Pathways

Wiki Blogs, Universal Content Management

Oracle Products

Oracle 8i, Oracle9i, Oracle10g, Oracle11g, Oracle SOA Suite

Oracle BI Publisher, BPA, BPM, BPEL, Weblogic Server11g

PeopleSoft IDE

PeopleSoft Code 8.48/8.49

PeopleSoft Tools 8.48/8.49

Application Designer, Data Mover, Process Scheduler

Relational Databases

Oracle 8/8i,9i,10g, 11g

DB2, Informix, MS Access, MS SQL Server, MySql

Data/Process Modeling Tools

Embarcadero, MS Visio, UML

Computer Hardware/Servers

Dell Power Edge Servers 64 bit

HP-UX L3000/800 64 bit Server

PC Compatibles, MACINTOSH

SUN Workstation Laptops/Notebooks

Web Application Server

IIS 6, Apache, Tomcat 6, OHS, JRockit 1.5

Content Management Systems

PeopleSoft Content Management 9.0, Interwoven Teamsite

Web Services/Utilities

XML/Schema, SOAP, WSDL, SAML, UDDI, HttpWatch, Fiddler2

Testing Tools/Utilities

HP Quality Center, ETL Process Development Concepts

Legacy Programming Languages


Development Tools

Adobe Creative Suites Master Collection, HTML5/XHTML/HTML, CSS2/3, JavaScript, Java/J2EE, JQUERY, Visual Basic 6, SQL, XML 1.0/XSLT 2.0, Perl, Shell Scripts Bourne, C, Korn , DOS Batch Scripts, Power Shell Scripts, .NET/Visual Studio, VBScript, PL/SQL, Informix ESQL


Eclipse, Groovy, Oracle Discoverer Administrator/Desktop, Pentaho,


GIS Software

ArcGIS 8/ArcInfo 8.2 sp 1 with Spatial Analyst/ArcEditor, ArcGIS 9/ArcView 9.1/9.2 with Spatial Analyst

PeopleSoft Applications

Financial Management 9.0

Human Capital Management 9.0

Enterprise Performance Management 9.0

Enterprise Portal 9.0

Enterprise Learning Module 9.0

Security Software/Tools/Utilities

Access control, Anti-keyloggers, Anti-spyware, Anti-subversion software, Anti-tamper software, Antivirus software, Cryptographic software, Firewall, Intrusion detection system, Intrusion prevention system Sandbox

System Applications

A/P, A/R, Billing, Commission

Banking Applications EFT, SWIFT, Deposit Systems, Credit Card Systems, CATS, Commercial Lending Systems, Fed. Wire , Documerge, Document Management, Web Content Management,

EMS Environmental Management Systems

Environmental Management GIS Wastewater Project

PeopleSoft 9.0 Financial, Human Resources Portal

Financial F/A, G/L PO

GIS, HMMS Hazardous Material Management System

Human Resources Benefits/Payroll Manufacturing



Database Tools

10g Grid Control, Oracle Enterprise Manager, RMAN, SQL PLUS, TKPROF

STATPACK, Oracle Discoverer Administrator/Desktop, Oracle Toad,


Project Management/Tools

MS Office Products

MS Project

Open Project


System Development Methodology Concepts

Agile, Scrum, SDM-70, System Development Life Cycle SDLC , Dynamic Systems Development Method DSDM , Application Lifecycle Management ALM , Prototyping, RAD, Waterfall, EUC

Software Utilities

OS/JCL, CLIST, CYGWIN, FTP, SFTP, PUTTY, ENDEVOR. F-SECURE, OPENSSH, EXCEED, STAT 5.4, SSHTERM, WINZIP, VI Editor, HP SAM, HP Ignite-UX, DHCP, DNS, TCP/IP, Remedy, Footprint, MS Batch Scripts, Unix Shell Scripts, WLST, ANT, Telnet, Netstat, Nslookup, VMWare Tools, Norton Ghost, NetMon, Firewalls, Wireshark, Java Service Wrapper, WRQ Reflections, SMS, Shareware Open Source Software

Web Portal Applications

BEA Aqua Logic Portal formerly Plumtree , Interwoven, SharePoint

Professional Experience


Technical IT Consultant/System Analyst/Project Analyst/Project Coordinator

  • Developing classic mobile web site development programming services and web content development for small business clients using Adobe Creative Suites, Pentaho, Wordpress, HTML5/HTML/XHTML, CSS, Java, JavaScript, Perl, XML, JQuery, Groovy, Eclipse, Jdevloper, Linux/UNIX shell script and other open source web tools. Converting importing seed content to csv format and loading content into a database such as MySQL, MS Access or other open source databases.
  • Established a business partnering consultation services gear towards small business companies to assist them with developing their business providing strategic initiatives, project management leadership using various Dynamic Systems Development Method, Structure Development Life Cycle Methods, functional requirements documentation, statement of work documentation, project plan, project coordination, creating or updating their business plan, business agreements, business contracts, marketing strategies, establishing CRM, sales policies, sales procedures, sales training, code of ethics and other related business documentations. Participation in the functional designs and system analysis involving automated and non-automated solutions from cost based analysis.
  • Major achievement as a IT consultant were the focus is on business IT standardization through project management, functional requirements documentation, statement of work documentation, change management, business data analyst, software development, quality assurance, providing the IT services with emphasis on application software database designing upgrading, document Management, web Content management, security analysis, security assessment, risk management analysis security information and event management SIEM , technical documentation, providing clients with COTS Open Source software consultation, implementing hardware software installation release management procedures and IT Training for small business and mid-size businesses as well.
  • Providing a IT service oriented around giving business advise counseling business clients with services in implementing, defining and streamlining their IT platform architecture by contributing expertise in project management, business data analyst, software development, quality assurance, IT infrastructure diagrams, gathering requirements, developing operations standards, hardware software implementation technical documentation, security assessment, risk management analysis security information and event management SIEM , patch management, system upgrade management, end-user computing, re-imaging using Norton ghost, change management, installation of hardware and software, root cause analysis, LAN/WAN administration configuration, Web server administration, DBA administration, Oracle/MySQL/MSSQL/MS Access, database development, shell scripting development, excel macro development, developing implementing various security policies, OS security hardening, Windows/Linux/UNIX scripting, technical support of Windows, Linux, CentOS, Fedora, Linux Mint, OpenSUSE, Red Hat, Ubuntu, UNIX, HP-UX and other Linux distribution based systems.
  • Long term system analyst consulting experience in providing mainframe In House Vendor Package System Development Life Cycle on various banking, financial and manufacturing applications expertise utilizing system analysis, system design, system conversion, structure coding development, unit testing, user acceptance testing, system testing, technical support, production support, implementation post implementation support. Encompassing tools such as COBOL, PL/1, CICS, DB2/SQL, IDCAMS/VSAM, OS/Utilities, OS/JCL CLIST/REXX.


WCI Portal/Weblogic Administrator

  • Coordinated all quality assurance of the QA Production environment Web Center Interaction WCI portal by conducting functional validation for platform infrastructure operations, Oracle portal system maintenance Web Center Suite products installation using Sharepoint to report identify all root cause analysis issues.
  • Carried out Portal administration duties of the overall management of the WCI portal, task deliverable s consisted of managing portal users groups accounts, conduct IAM and Role Based Access Controls RBAC review for all portal users group accounts, managing portal content, administrative objects, portal utilities, content services for portal communities, establishing automating administrative tasks and migrating portal objects monitoring services, troubleshooting problems and issues as related to the portal and its related features.
  • Conduct overall management of the Weblogic servers in a QA/Production environment. Functional tasks consisted of monitoring, updating, maintaining installation of Weblogic for various Oracle applications, creating configuring Weblogic node domains, shutdown startup of domain clusters servers, J2EE application deployment and administration including JAR, WAR, and EAR files, Configure and administered of JDBC, JMS in Weblogic Server 10.3. Deployed the applications on multiple Weblogic Server and maintained Load balancing, SAN management, high Availability and Fail over functionality, used Config wizard, WLST scripts tool Ant script to create and manage Weblogic domains and Node Manager service. Deployed WARs, EARs using Weblogic Admin Console as well as running scripts using the administration console.
  • Applied performance tuning of JVM heap size, garbage collections, java stack and Native thread production performance. Researched and troubleshoot emerging application issues, from Weblogic configuration to code issues. On going involvement in monitoring the server performance, network traffic to reduce performance bottleneck.

Production Support

  • Established infrastructure architecture product support of Oracle Web Center Interaction/Fusion Middleware products using remedy for the following WebCenter Interaction WCI Portal, Collaboration, Publisher, Analytics, Pathways, Wiki Blogs, Universal Content Management, Discussion, Oracle BPM server, Oracle Access Manager, Oracle Identity Manager, Oracle Internet Directory Oracle Virtual Directory.
  • Planned, coordinated conducted all functional validations of the use test cases to ensure portal stability after OS updates Oracle updates for both environments. Provided results of these test case using a excel worksheet to indicate which user test cases pass or fail to Project Management team Project Management Office.
  • Maintained the Production/QA functional validation document and kept them updated to reflect all changes updates that added more functionally through enhanced product implementation.
  • Developed Operations Standard Procedure documents for QA Production to assist in providing technical standard procedures for supporting both environments.
  • Evaluated, coordinated the migration of portal packages from QA to the Production environment, also maintained windows batch scripts for automating the shutdown/startup of the Web Center various services as related to the web portal for services outages.

ITO Service Delivery Consultant

  • Applied advanced technical knowledge to operate one or more technology areas e.g. server administration, technical security management, performance management or customer groups that are critical and high-risk. Integrate technical knowledge and business understanding using Sharepoint to create superior solutions for HP and its customers. Maintained and developed relationship with clients, users and other I.T. employees, company-wide. Acted as a liaison between other base departments user client stakeholders.
  • My functional accomplishment consisted of the following Incident Management, Escalation Management, Problem Management, Change Management/Implementation, Patch and Security Management, Configuration Management, Solution Design, Quality Assurance, Project Management, Root Cause Analysis, Customer Relationship Management, Service Level Agreement SLA and Teamwork. Participated in daily project meeting consisting of project status, infrastructure, change management using Sharepoint with project managers project management office managers.
  • Performed various functional diversified roles QA Tester, Portal Adm. Weblogic System Adm. Network Operation Adm. in a cutting edge web portal project executing various operational administrated tasks such as Installing, configuring, upgrading, troubleshooting, problem resolution using remedy ticketing system, managing supporting various Oracle middleware applications on a large-scale enterprise window platform maintaining QA Production environments for the HP Web Portal Project.


System Analyst

  • Participated in a major ERP development project covering all aspects of System Life Cycle Methodology development for the City of Raleigh as a technical lead utilizing Agile principals, PeopleSoft 9.0 Finance, HCM, ELM, EPM Portal , People code 8.49, Application Engine, Component Interface, Data Mover, Stat 5.4, Oracle BI Publisher, SQR, Oracle BPA, Oracle BPEL, JAVA, Groovy, Eclipse, Jdeveloper, Sqldeveloper and HP Quality Center as the PeopleSoft Portal Administrator, PeopleSoft Developer and System Analyst.
  • As a lead member of the ERP project team performed all aspect of system life cycle development of the ERP PeopleSoft applications portal development by doing design and analysis of the PeopleSoft portal by gathering portal business requirements from Stakeholders, IT staff and user community, assisted with ERP vendor with creation and finalization of the ERP portal project plan using the concepts of Scrum. Instrumental in maintaining and developing relationship with clients, users and other I.T. employees, company-wide. Relished in the role of acting as the liaison between the I.T. department and users clients community.
  • Succeeded in conducting as a team effort in the analysis of defining the standards for Node definition and Single Sign On SSO configurations for other PeopleSoft applications and the creation IT standard and procedural documentations for team members.
  • Instrumental in taking the lead role with gathering portal security requirements to design the proper portal security configuration, setup the Portal Registry, implemented Portal Navigation by creating Navigation Collections and Menu configuration. Coordinated gathering security design requirements for implementing the permission list, roles and user profiles for the Content Management configuration component and the proper workflow process associated with News Publications configuration component.
  • Assisted the Planning Strategy and Operation Help Desk team with the implementation of Footprints 9 to replace their legacy help desk ticketing system as a team member of Planning Strategy. My role was to certify the post-implementation of the installation and to resolve any issues for technical non-technical users.

Web Portal/Web Services Administrator

  • Assisted in maintaining and supporting the production systems of the web portal BEA AquaLogic User Integration by daily monitoring of AquaLogic Plumtree jobs, adding document link content, managing user profiles, maintaining knowledge directory folders, monitoring security and using Perl to assist in this effort. Additional support duties of Interwoven Team Site content management system performing root cause analysis.
  • Participated in collaboration design meetings with the COR Web Portal Project Team as part of the ERP PeopleSoft Project and design, construction, test and implementation internal web site using HTML, CSS Frontpage for the City of Raleigh ERP project.

PeopleSoft Portal Administrator/PeopleSoft Developer

  • Performed gathering technical requirement along with assisting in the design, creation of the portal story board design worked with the graphic arts department with project management approval to implement the proper branding components theme, gather requirements and created documentation to implement the LDAP with Active Directory for configuration of the portal.
  • Implementation of the production portal by carrying out the designed specific tasks for setting up the portal home page, the portal registry, maintaining portal security, defining nodes single sign on SSO , managing news publications managing collaborative workspaces, creating, maintaining and updating Content Management folders by creating additional pagelets using pagelet wizard.
  • Worked closely with PeopleSoft Security Administrator to organize, design and implement security by creating profiles, roles, permission list, configuring distributed role, assigning roles dynamically, using PeopleTools to managed security, encrypting data, securing processes, setting process profile permission and testing it by demonstrating query permissions, creating query profiles, creating access groups accounts, authorizing access groups accounts, configuring query security creating child sibling groups, granting access group permission, maintaining portal registry security, administering configuring sign on security and configuring application for directory authentication for all PeopleSoft portal users in the test production environment.
  • Developed implemented the portal test plan to assist OA PeopleSoft Team in stress testing the overall test portal and test environment portal servers load capacity based on the initial requirement. The summarized result of this stress test uncovered a weakness root cause analysis in the initial hardware requirements and conveyed to the project management team the decision to upgrade hardware requirements.
  • Planned, coordinated validated the portal migration plan by carrying out the specific tasks of moving the test portal environment to sandbox environment using Data Mover import utility export scripts. Evaluated and summarized these procedures and delivered recommendations based on lesson learned to devise better work around solutions.
  • Served as a PeopleSoft developer resource to the PeopleSoft Finance team in assisting them with the development of PeopleSoft application by creating source code objects using Application Engine, Component Interface, Data Mover, PeopleCode and PeopleTools to update and modify component interface objects for conversion testing.
  • Demonstrated PeopleSoft developer skills in designing creating PeopleSoft source code objects for conversion of legacy data to PeopleSoft ETL format using MS Excel eXcelToCI as part of the PeopleSoft Conversion Team. Unit tested proof of concepts debugged built-in PeopleSoft EDI applications and other applications as related to the financial applications such as Visa Procurement Card Transaction, Bank Statement Import, New Visa Credit Card Holder, Vendor Invoices to PeopleSoft AP application Visa Expense Credit Card Transaction for the City of Raleigh.


  • Developed DBA SQL script for rebuilding the data indexes for the CIS Customer Information System test environment system before implementing it for production as a database tuning issue resolution.
  • Served in the capacity of a Oracle DBA production support role for the DBA services group by administering Oracle 8i/9i/10g RAC databases using PL/SQL, Perl, Oracle Enterprise Manager, 10g grid control, updating stored procedures, package body, packages, functions triggers for Oracle Database developers on OpenVMS, Linux RHE5 Windows 2000/2003 server platforms.
  • Facilitated as a DBA providing production support of Oracle 8/8i 9i MS SQL Server database for FIS Financial Information System and CIS Customer Information System application. Other related DBA task consisted of database data analysis for preparation of related database data using embarcadero MS Visio to create logical physical model views, and utilizing database queries to create statistical reports using Sqldeveloper, ISQL PLUS, SQL PLUS MS Excel for reporting results.
  • Updated complied stored procedures, functions, packages triggers for Oracle Database developers using Sqldeveloper, ISQL PLUS, SQL PLUS. Executed SQL admin scripts using MS SQLCMD or OSQL to update stored procedures, submit admin scripts and perform overall DBA administration of the MS SQL databases.


System Administrator

  • Maintained, supported, monitored and managed Windows 2000/XP, Windows server 2000/2003, HP-UX 11.0 Red Hat Linux operating system, as well as, Microsoft web technologies, application software, database applications and security updates for Hazardous Material Management System HMMS Client/Web Applications using Oracle 8/8i/9ias/10g, Oracle Discoverer Administrator/Desktop, SQL Plus PL/SQL, CYGWIN, Windows/UNIX Scripting, Perl, OpenSSH, HP SAM, HP Ignite-UX on a Dell Blades and HP-UX server platforms.
  • Performed various network system administration tasks such as maintaining a small data center, network diagnosing hardware/software problems, replacing defective components, log management and security locking down OS hardening of the HP-UX/Windows server. Maintained and administered the overall HP-UX Windows networks and related computing environments, including network switches, network hardware, systems software, applications software and all server configurations.
  • Served as the vital lead project coordinator infrastructure assistant to the HMMS vendor technical resource with setting up a Windows Dell blade rack web database server using raid storage as part of upgrade migration from Oracle 8i to Oracle 10g and from HMMS 3.2 client to HMMS 4.0 web based application. Coordinated with Marine Corp. security to provide proper paperwork to registered, installed configured x.509 SSL certificates for Apache web server in the for the web application.
  • Acted as the project lead with planning, coordinating and implementing a infrastructure move of the HMMS server and application from the Yermo base datacenter to the Nebo base datacenter. This infrastructure change required a electrical crew to install a additional electrical outlet, HP server technical resources to assist in the relocation of the HP server and the system administrator to handle the network connections to the network switch, server administration of the HP-UX and validation of all applications residing on the server were working properly.

Project Analyst/Project Coordinator/System Analyst/Release Management

  • Earned the appointed as the lead technical liaison and point of contact for the Environmental Division to address all related project management, change management, technical issues, technical problems, network issues, software installation, servers' upgrades, security issues surrounding security information and event management for servers, desktop's, laptop's and database security patches using the department Sharepoint portal.
  • Assigned a new role as the lead functional analyst my main accomplishments and focus were to attend project team meetings, provided operational procedure gap analysis security information management recommendations, assisted management with COTS Open Source software alternatives for prototyping implementation, offered many strategic best practice solutions root cause analysis to circumvent mitigate issues that impacted the day to day IT operations of the Environmental Division and other MCLB Barstow department's technical deficiencies using the department Sharepoint portal and provided meeting minute reports to the Divisional Manager.
  • A well deserves appointed by the Deputy Manager Head as the project lead to review and resolved all technical operating problems and security gap deficiencies as related to the overall Environmental Division DOD technical operating policies. Instrumental in providing Plan of Action and Milestones POAM as part of the security engineering requirement, composing and implementing a Disaster Recovery plans as required by DOD policy for the Environmental Division.
  • Responsible as the technical lead in maintaining and developing relationship with clients, users and other I.T. employees, base-wide. Represented the Environmental Division in the role capacity of acting as a liaison between the base I.T. dept. and civilians non-civilian users clients.
  • Acted in leading projects with the objective of Instituting best practice solutions and proposed cost effective ways to improve the overall operating effectiveness of the Hazardous Waste Management policy coordinated with Environmental Division Environmental Specialists to help summarized and measure impact of proposed workload changes for the Barstow Marine Corps and other DOD systems as related to MCLB Barstow environmental projects.

Oracle DBA/Database Developer/MS SQL/Access Developer

  • Coded, delivered implement a PL/SQL script to correct a major container number problems with HMMS 3.2 production system which created number sort issues with functional dialog menus, the container numbers were out of order based on how container number were generated without proper data validation a overall weakness. Resolving this input validation issue would allow more efficient sorting of the container number data element from a dialog menu prospective and as a production support reporting issue also created PL/SQL script to correct date corrupt problems with hazardous waste containers for the Environmental Division. HMMS vendor did release patches to resolve these issues as well however it required updating all client desktops.
  • As a data analyst, created and modified data associated with HMMS Hazardous Material Management System Oracle database using PL/SQL or SQL to ensure better backup best practice from a overall contingency plan, modified and enhanced the oracle backup UNIX scripts for proper shutdown and start-up of database for the automated nightly cold backups.
  • Performed various project tasks as related to table space management, security management, scheme management and database backup and recovery using oracle enterprise manager or RMAN to insure that the HMMS application met with DOD policy and the Environmental Division policy regarding to critical application recovery.
  • Analyzed, accessed and modified the HMMS database records using DBA SQL PL/SQL to create and modified Stored Procedures along with the HMMS data dictionary, also created user views using modified DBA SQL scripts. Maintained stored procedures, functions, triggers, database scripts to implement hazardous waste management business logic and for routine database maintenance.
  • Implemented tuning methodology standards such as the SQL Explain Plan and other tuning methods for the Environmental Division users and hazardous waste users to assist them with debugging run time issues with report generated SQL statements through Oracle Discoverer.
  • Spearheaded implementing coding standards for developing SQL code and work closely with the Environmental hazardous waste user community to analyze SQL code and ensure compliance with SQL standards.
  • Deployed DBA SQL tuning methodology on HMMS applications by monitoring memory allocations, I/O, memory and table space contention. Managed table spaces utilization, monitored user alerts and log's to monitor HMMS database structure on a daily basis using oracle Enterprise Manager or DBA SQL scripts.
  • Designed, developed and implemented a PC Inventory Database project to track all IT related equipment to help automate the process of the yearly PC equipment audit using Visual Studio Access 2000, ADO Objects VBA scripts. Migrated the Access database to a MS SQL database server using SQL admin scripts to execute the MS SQLCMD to create the database, scheme, tables forms.

Information Security/Security Analyst

  • Project coordinated applied DOD/IAVA Dept. of Defense/Information Assurance Vulnerability Alert , DISA STIG, JTF GNO DOD operating system security patches to HMMS software updates for oracle database application server, HP-UX Windows 2000/2003 server system per DOD security policy.
  • Assigned by Department Head as the lead PKI security backup acting in the capacity of a local registration authority and supported all MCLB Environmental Division users with public key infrastructure security as part of the USMC DOD security policy.
  • Implemented security project network security measures in order to protect critical data, software and hardware as part of the DOD security policy this entailed securing x.509 certificates from for all servers and configuring SSL/SSH and other network application security measures.
  • Worked closely as a lead team member technical liaison with the local MCLB Barstow Information Security Officers to ensure that all Environmental Division systems met the security compliance required by DOD security and audit policies.
  • Participated as the lead security analyst in security compliance auditing of user account security, system access and database activity implemented column-level and row-level security for Environmental Division HMMS Application as part of DOD security policy.

Helpdesk/Technical Support/ Training

  • Provided lead helpdesk, end-user computing administration, technical support responsibilities and technical training for the MCLB Environmental Division, Client services support included the following hardware and software evaluation, hardware and software installation, troubleshooting solutions, hardware and software upgrades, software programming, software training, configuration management, registry management, device driver management, file downloading problems, configuration network components, email problems and internet browser problems. Provide one on one computer training as well for all divisional windows users on all Microsoft office products and other environmental software products, also act as the technical liaison to coordinate IT task with IT outsource vendor and updated maintained the HMMS internal web site using HTML, CSS MS Frontpage.
  • Conducted all hardware/software installations evaluations, provided server troubleshooting solutions and upgrades for MCLB Environmental Division. Performed all technical support tasks and acted as the technical liaison and security officer to EDS/NMCI for the migration of all hardware software for MCLB Environmental Division.

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