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Dec Alpha Administrator Resume Profile


OBJECTIVE: To secure a challenging position in a multiplatformed environment with opportunity

for technical advancement in a client/server based environment.

HARDWARE: DEC Alpha ES40s,4100/250,2100s,1000a,1200:9000,6440,6320,6310,6250,8700,8530,

11/780,Vaxstation 3200,3100,3600,4000,Pro350s,Pro380s,Microvax 1 2s,Decmates

AT T 6310,6312. Storageworks 800 tz877 cartridge tape drives,TZ95,TZ85,TK75,

TK85,quantum,TU81,TU78, TU79tape drives. Printserver 40 20,Xerox 2700,Hewlett

Packard 4si laser printers.Ra92,Ra90,Ra82,Ra80,Ra74,Rz28 disk decserver200-

/250s,Delnis,Dempres,Lan Bridges,Bay Network Routers/switches. Centillion 100/500

ATM switch modules. Pro-comm CD-ROM tower,micro repeaters, thin thick wire

Ethernet,Data probe jacks,data sniffers,punch down tool,Cisco 500s,700s,5000s,synoptics

transceivers,concentrators,ESA12000Compac Storageworks Tl891,HDZ70,HSG80

IBM B50,D50,D70 systems. 6335,6337 disk drives,Rs6000 servers,Ps/2 model 70,

80,Ps/2 server95,Pcserver 320,330,500,520.

WINDOWS/NT Compac Prosignia,Proliant 4500,2000,1500 servers.HP stations.

UNIX Hewlett Packard 9000 servers,Sun Sparc workstations/servers,Rs6000 servers

Silicon Graphics Origin 2000,200s,RP5470,D570,HPSurestore DLT Surestore Tape array 5300,HP Surestore DLT80,HP HVD10 Disk Array...

SOFTWARE: ALPHA OpenVMS 7.2-1, 7.1,6.2. VAX/VMS 7.1,,5.5-2,5.2. Solaris Unix 2.6,8,9,10,

Aix 5.2,6.0,HP Unix 11i,,Irix,Linux 5.0,5.2,6.0. Ethernet, DPhase4,DCL,NCP,Latcp,DCL


Netware 3.1,4.11,SLS,Dec scheduler,Decset environment manager,FMS,Tracs,Stor

Chips,Swift,Keaterm,Exceed4,Connect Direct,Win95,98,Win/nt,Sybase,Oracle,Vax

Message Router,Decnet/Sna 3270 terminal emulator,Decwrite,Peoplesoft,Rumba,

Decnet Sna gateway,MS Office97,Networker Client software,Pascal,Fortran,Net-

worker Client software,Places, Datatox,reprotox,Legacy Product suite Audit,Kblock,

Intruder alert ,DCPS,PathWorks,Veritas,Nagios,WINScp,Putty,Smitty,...

Training: Cisco Certfied Network Associate CCNA ,plus CompTIA Security

Institute for Technology and Professional Studies

Bloomfield College ,completed Feburary 9 ,2010



Position: DEC ALPHA Administrator

Tru64 Unix,ES40

  • Responsibilities: Restoring system to functioning level. Replacing all non-functional
  • Hardware. disk drives,internal raid controller,adapter,back plane Then installing
  • Tru64 5.1a operating system and configuration of all file systems across multiple disk Array.


Position: Global Systems Management

OpenVMS,HP Unix,Solaris,Aix,Tru64 unix

  • Responsibilities: include providing support for all operating system configuration,file
  • systems,log files,problem determination,administration tools,utilities,security,and hardware.
  • The use of special system management tools are installed to allow support to be provided
  • locally or from a remote location. Support is provided 24/7 and servers have national and
  • international locations. I provide installation and maintenance service,perform installation and
  • upgrades. Creation and expansion of file systems,file permissions/ownership. Server comissions
  • and decomissions guided by the companies strict GSD security protocal.



  • Position: ALPHA OpenVMS System Administrator/HP Unix Support
  • HP Unix systems and one remote Vax VMS system. The Main configuration is made
  • up of two ES40 Alphas and a Alpha 2100 three node cluster. The ES40s are fibrechannel
  • connected to Brocade switches. The two Storage Arrays ESA12000s is dual fibrechannel
  • to the Brocade Switches SAN technology . Each cluster node provides a single vote to the
  • cluster. Cluster communications takes place through network interconnects. Storage data is
  • available via fiberchannel San Storage Area Network communications.All OpenVMS
  • volumes within each storage array are hardware mirrored and all VMS volumes are soft-
  • ware shadowed for multiple redundancy.The switch over between nodes are completely bi-
  • directional. Other duties includes hardware/software maintenance of all systems VMS,HP
  • UNIX , creation/deletion of all accounts,installation of software and licences. Maintenance
  • of hardware/software service agreements. Working within a GLP environment I am also
  • responsible for staying current with all SOP updates and the creation of work instructions
  • relative to pharmaceutical wide initiatives such as 21 CFR PART 11 electronic records .
  • In addition to the project work I am also responsible for everyday production issues at the
  • Lafayette N.J. and Union N.J. site. Also responsible for all software patches,layered product
  • and hardware installs and upgrades.


Position: OPENVMS System Administrator, Vax/Alpha OpenVMS,Aix Unix

  • Responsibilities: To complete Y2k installs and upgrades on system os ,layered products and
  • third party applications on all vax and alpha systems. Communicated with vendor to acquire
  • information on Y2k readiness and upgrade requirements.Scheduled all system down-
  • time,for system backups,restores,installs,upgrades reboots,and system tuning. I main-
  • tained license database by retiring old and uninstalled software,created system/local
  • logicals to maintain application processing,created /archived and managed all user
  • accounts. Documented all changes in command procedures ,and submitted weekly
  • status reports to document all software/hardware implementation.I was also involved
  • in a migration from alpha/axp to linux via pathworks and samba . I also installed
  • Networker Client software on an Alpha system configured TCP/IP on Vax and Unix
  • to enable Unix /Vax backups. I tested and maintained this process. Ultimately I was
  • responsible for 15 Vax/Alpha servers local remote in addition to Vax/Unix connectivity.


Position: Production Manager, Win/nt,SolarisUnix,OpenVMS

  • Responsibilities: Managing production processes for the Jersey City and New York
  • site located in the world financial center in an Unix/Winnt/Vax environment. Splitting
  • my coverage between sites each day. I also managed four system operators. Completed
  • y2k project for UPS,Lieberts,and Video Security systems. I was overseer of all software
  • processing for all platforms for both sites. Unix,Nt,systems were mirrored and vax systems
  • were clustered running shadowing. Since this was a 24 hr shop I was on call 24/7 to insure
  • start and completion of all data/time critical processing. Scheduled and implemented all
  • disk/mirror failovers for the Win/nt Solaris Unix systems.Daytime production on these
  • systems involved data collection and numbers crunching needed for nighty processing done
  • by the Vax systems. Some processes on Win/nt SolarisUnix were started via FTP while
  • other processes were invoked by operations staff via cron jobs. I also assisted the Unix ad-
  • ministrator with an Solaris Unix upgrade from 2.5 to 2.6.Other duties were,problem log-
  • ing turnover,system monitoring,preventive maintenance,physical security,run list schedu-
  • ling,software/hardware installs etc


Position: System Specialist, OpenVMS,AS400,Novell,SolarisUnix

  • Responsibilities: Running all banking applications,systems backups for Vax,As400 and Nov-
  • ell based IBM workstations/servers. Monitoring and troubleshooting Fed,Swift,Telex,and Chips
  • lines via Intranet application to ensure successful message transmissions. Startup and shutdown
  • of gateways to ready novell servers for end of day backups.Also responsible for preparing all
  • midrange systems for running start of day/end of day processing to completion so systems can
  • be setup for next days transactions.Other responsibilities entailed nightly phone contact with
  • our global clients and bank affiliates to coordinate applications timely starts and file transmissions.
  • I also started and completed nightly backups for the Solaris Unix systems.
  • I also interfaced with system/application support and maintenance support along with being respon-
  • sible for operation upkeep and training of all new employs.

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