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Infrastructure Technical Specialist/technical Lead Resume Profile

Rutherford, NJ


  • An ITIL certified Infrastructure Technical Specialist with over 15 years of experience leading all phases of diverse projects new development/enhancements, vendor tool implementation and infrastructure with budgets ranging from 5M- 15M.
  • Strong skills and relevant experience in team leadership, Traditional and Agile project management, and PMR Problem Management Record creation and tracking.
  • Most recent work focused on infrastructure design and implementation for Citi Service Assurance Automated systems. Managed multi-team system migration and integration projects built out on new infrastructure environments.
  • Served as Automation Technical Lead, managed cross functional and global teams, coordinated with vendors, technical groups and end user teams to install, configure and support tools.
  • Responsible for the ROI analysis, costing/ budgeting for projects, creating and maintaining project schedules, compliance, and system documentation and server maps.

Technical Skills:

Software/Programming Languages: Microsoft Office, Microsoft Project, IBM Rational Tools Build Forge, RAFW, RAF3, ClearCase, Java, Eclipse, Oracle, SQL, IBM WebSphere, IBM WebSphere Admin Console, MVS Open Edition Unix System Services shell scripting, Unix Shell Scripting Languages, mainframe ISPF, IBM Rexx, JCL, Perl, Unix Services for NT, Windows Scripting

Hardware/Operating Systems: IBM SUSE zLinux, Red Hat zLinux, z/OS, IBM 3090, MVS, IBM Unix System Services, AIX Unix, Solaris, HP Unix, Microsoft NT, Microsoft Windows

Professional Experience:


Infrastructure Technical Specialist/Technical Lead

Key Achievements:

  • Infrastructure Technical Specialist - SDLC Tool Selection and Delivery Managed cross functional and global teams engaged in projects to design and deliver automation tool systems to support software engineering groups with development through deployment solutions. These systems provided version control tools, build tools and processes, global code repositories and automated deployment and installation to both test and production environments. Responsible for the statements of work for vendors, costing of tools, and customized training for users.
  • IT Project Lifecycle Responsible for requirements analysis, ROI Return on Investment analysis, costing budgeting for projects undertaken by Citi Service Assurance. Duties included meeting with vendors, evaluating tools, creating and maintaining project schedules, authoring system diagrams, conducting meetings and providing status reports to stakeholders and management.
  • Systems Engineering Led teams in design and multinational rollout of robust, scalable and secure tool and database server environments complete with Dev through Prod migration environments, High Availability provisions, scheduled backups and Continuation of Business capabilities. Worked with database and systems groups to estimate current storage requirements and projected requirements forward for future growth. Worked with security and server SA groups to establish access and security requirements for the tools and end users to ensure smooth transition from current to new systems.
  • System Migrations/Integrations - Lead Infrastructure Technical Specialist for large-scale initiative involving the transition of programs to new operating systems and platforms and the merger of vendor and in-house developed systems to align business requirements with available and approved technology solutions. Migration and integration were completed in a manner transparent to user community and with no unscheduled downtime.
  • Vendor Management Worked closely with Vendors to obtain software executables, temporary and permanent licenses, and custom enhancements for Citi-specific processing needs and tailored training to get the configuration teams up to speed and producing measurable results as quickly as possible. Created and negotiated vendor SOWs Statement of Work for new enhancements to the system and tracked and managed the efforts to completion and certification. Created and tracked vendor PMRs Problem Management Record to report, diagnose, escalate and resolve problems with the tools and tool interactions.
  • Test Data Creation Regression Test Planning/Execution Worked with DBAs and system support groups to extract and maintain test data collections to be used on new systems to ensure seamless transition to production environments. Responsible for coordination of loading Oracle schemas into newly configured systems and led regression testing efforts to certify new systems and tool configurations will work with current data. Coordinated live cut over of newly created systems and ensured data transfer could be completed during the production maintenance greenzone.
  • Compliance Version Upgrades and Patch Application Directed global rollouts of new software versions for both tools and underlying server environments. Coordinated with diverse teams to support changes during green zone maintenance periods and led conference calls during critical change execution times to validate results and make go/no-go decisions. Successful in delivering user transparent, defect-free releases through careful planning, multi-team coordination, testing and QA efforts.


Project Leader/Systems Analyst

  • Systems Analyst supporting teams delivering back-end processing of insurance origination systems.
  • Responsible for converting Microfocus Cobol programs to MVS Cobol.
  • Developed jobs and procs to process newly converted programs.
  • Created JCL and Proc standards to apply to ongoing conversion projects.
  • Set up automated testing and quality assurance environments for both front end and back end systems.
  • Designed and coded VB and VBA front end systems for QA and Production migrations.


Reporting and Metrics Systems Analyst

  • Responsible for responding to requests for information from clients, analysis, design and delivery of comprehensive reports on pharmacy benefit usages and costs.
  • Headed up a team of consultants responsible for producing reports and information products for external clients.
  • Set up automated testing and quality assurance environments for verification of report completeness and accuracy.


Senior Systems Analyst - Financial Systems

Key Achievements:

  • Financial Systems Support - Systems analyst responsible for analysis, coding and testing of systems providing delivery of information for the financial department.
  • Financial Systems Development - Responsible for design, coding, testing and enhancements of CICS and batch financial data collection and reporting systems.

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