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Systems Analyst Resume Profile



Systems Analyst


Accomplishments include:

  • Created documentation for main business system - commended by Mgr and CIO for quick turnaround.
  • Developed Project Proposal documentation and project timeline using MS Project 2007 for high profile issue affecting 250 users. My Manager was delighted to learn that I am a Project Management Professional PMP Certificate earned at UPS as only he and one other person at MSD are certified.
  • CIO specifically requested my assistance after lunch to create an eleventh-hour report that he urgently needed the next morning. Pulled and formatted the requested data from a SQL Server database and had the report to him by the afternoon so he had time to review before the meeting.
  • Prepared the groundwork for integrating SAP Business Objects Intelligence BOBJ solutions into the organization that will enable Users to access, analyze, and be alerted about business activities and transactions taking place in the operations using previously created reports or developing new reports. Goals include enabling the use of Big Data to management for real time decision making and to include Social Media text analysis, report creation, and search functionality.
  • My manager had been told by a Sales Rep and Tech Support person of a huge software company late last year that support of their add-in for MS Visual Studio ended with the Visual Studio 2008 edition and would not be available for Visual Studio 2010 or 2012. As a result, an expensive and lengthy initiative had been planned to convert data from the old format into another currently supported product. Having had extensive experience over the years with 'discontinued support' I searched online for updated information. As a result I found that the add-in is now available again and updated for VS 2010 2012.
  • Recommended a particular software title for creating training video's to management. The staff choosing a product for this purpose had no experience with any software of this type and was delighted to learn that I had extensive knowledge of the exact software package they were proposing be purchased and have asked for my assistance with getting them trained and up-to-speed on creating interactive video productions.

SQL Server DBA Software Engineer


  • Maintained 12 App and SQL Servers 1 virtualized physically located in Washington, DC on a Corporate frontend DMZ, backend DMZ, LAN including a Development Server for CACI developed software product wrote Stored Procedures as needed created tables, views, indexes, etc.
  • Developer and support for main database size: 11GB rows: 250,000,000 tables: 125 and misc other DB's for purchased software products using T-SQL, SSMS, SSIS, SSRS
  • Help Desk and Software Trainer for approx. 7,000 Users internal and external including military and civilian personnel using CAC cards of a CACI internally developed software product
  • PC hardware/Microsoft misc. Software/Network/Printers/Phone System support for 30 local users
  • IS Security Manager/IS Security Officer for local system containing sensitive government information
  • Performed tuning and maintenance on SQL Server DB's using SSMS and SQL tools e.g. Idera SQL Check . Diagnosed performance issues on Stored Procedures, Maintenance Plans, Queries, and Network issues related to the DB servers as needed. Experienced in Query Optimization using PerfMon, SQL Profiler and other related monitoring and troubleshooting tools.
  • Demonstrated expert ability to write and troubleshoot SQL code and design functions, tables, views, triggers, indexes, and constraints . Provide training and support to hardware engineers supporting physical servers in nationwide data warehouses.
  • Security Manager duties include maintaining a secure environment per the Dept. of Defense latest standards. Audited supported equipment for security breaches as well as educated staff on government policy, changes updates.

DBA/QA Analyst


Complex DBA duties for SQL Server 2000 /2005, Oracle 9i/10g release 2, and IBM DB2: creating indexes to optimize queries troubleshooting database issues, establishing backup schedules and restore policies as well as off-site backup procedures. Provided technical database support for the conversion of the IBM DB2 Database from OS/2 to NT platform. This engagement required the transformation o f 200 tables. Created web-based database training for the programming staff on SQL and best techniques to retrieve/update/delete data. Provided support and technical assistance for 20 Microsoft SQL Server databases some in clustered environments.

Sr. Web Programmer:


Created databases as needed for web applications developed web based training in conjunction with project teams. Development tools included Oracle8i, SQL, Java, Cold Fusion, HTML, DHTML, JavaScript.

IT Director


Managed staff of salaried employees in Computer Operations Division with continuing responsibility to provide case history / statistical / accounting information to all departments and related offices in the judiciary system. Acted as DBA for entire System and provided programming support when necessary.

Technical Expertise



MS SQL Server 2000, 2005, 2008 R2, 2012 T-SQL




Oracle9i/10g release 2 PL/SQL

Adobe Dreamweaver Photoshop Illustrator Captivate Training video's and materials

MS Access

HP Quality Center QA Testing

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