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It Specialist Resume

New Orleans, LA

Senior Programmer Analyst

  • Proficient in detailed analysis, design and programming, test plan preparation and execution of issue resolution, documentation and implementation.
  • Experienced in all phases of System Development Life Cycle in IBM Mainframe and multi tier multi platform environments.
  • Able to maintain projects within budget, on schedule while maintaining a high level of client satisfaction.
  • Excellent communication skills, both written and verbal.
  • Well organized, personable with a positive attitude that lends itself to team building, problem analysis and providing solutions.
  • Skilled as liaison between management and Business team for Requirements.
  • Adaptable to new systems and environments quickly, take ownership of all duties.
  • Provided 24x7 on call production support.
  • Involved in several conversions from IDMS to SQL Server and IDMS to DB2.


Abend Aid, Access, Agile, BMC Tools, CA7, CA IDMS (ADS/O, ADS/ALIVE, IDD, OLQ), Changeman, CICS, COBOL, Connect:Direct(NDM), DB2, CLIST, DYL280, Easytrieve, Excel, Endevor, ESP, FileAid, HP Quality Center, IBM Rational Clearcase, IMS, ISPF, JCL, Librarian, Microfocus COBOL, Monarch, MVS, NDM Connect:Direct, Oracle, Putty, Platinum Tools, PowerBuilder, QMF, ROSCOE, SPUFI, SQL Developer, SQL Plus, SQL Server, Toad, Tuxedo, TSO, UNIX, VM/XA, VSAM, Waterfall, XEDIT, Xpediter, Z/OS.


Confidential,New Orleans, LA

IT Specialist

  • Created and tested IDMS COBOL programs for the IPPS sunset project.
  • Coordinated with USDA personnel and other team members in the creation and promotion of Changeman packages.
  • Coordinated with Accounting personnel, updates to the Production database in order to resolve out of balance problems, reprints of reports and meetings to discuss how to proceed with testing.
  • Developed test plans for resolution of out of balance issues.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: COBOL, Changeman, IDMS

Confidential,El Monte CA,Implementation Analyst

  • Created/modified COBOL programs for CALHEERS (California Health Exchanges) to support the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) for Los Angeles County.
  • Coordinated with other team members on the implementation team.
  • Promoted programs, services and procs to different environments us
  • ing IBM s Rational Clearcase and ECL.

Environment: IBM Rational Clearcase, ECL, PowerBuilder, Unisys Experis, Rancho Cordova, CA

Senior Programmer/Analyst Confidential,

  • Supported the Eligibility portion of CALWIN, the State of California s Welfare Client Data System running on a Windows platform.
  • Analyzed and created SQLPACKS to solve production problems in a very large system running on HP UX with Java ADF FE.
  • Analyzed business requirements creating COBOL and Oracle PL/SQL coding modifications, documentation and testing.

Environment: Microfocus NetExpress, HP UX, Microfocus COBOL, Oracle, SQL Plus, PL/SQL, PowerBuilder, Toad, Putty, Tuxedo IBM Global Services, Sacramento, CA

Senior COBOL, Implementation Analyst, Confidential,

  • Analyzed and made recommendations for impact changes to COBOL, DYL280, Easytrieve Programs, JCL, PROCS, SYSINS & Copybooks for the ICD 09 to ICD 10 project due to Federal coding requirements from the Department of Health & Human Services Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
  • Analyzed requirements documents for Diagnosis Report Grouping. The modifications would save millions of dollars for inpatient procedures as rates would be billed on a per diem basis and is a requirement for receiving matching Federal funds.

Environment: COBOL, DYL280, Easytrieve, JCL, TSO, VSAM, Z/OS.

Confidential,Abilene, TX, Senior Subject Matter Expert

  • Provided support for land based billing for AT& T. Tasks included client support and manual testing of batch (back end) jobs for defects before a software upgrade was released into production.
  • Coordinated testing between domestic and offshore personnel.
  • Utilized HP Quality Center for reporting and tracking of defects.
  • Utilized ESP for scheduling batch processes.
  • Created/modified ESP networks for automation of jobs versus manual triggering of jobs and applications.
  • Overrode JCL when required for ESP triggered jobs and events.
  • Created/modified FILEAID executables.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: AT& T Connect, COBOL, DB2, ESP, FileAid, IMS, JCL, HP Quality Center, VSAM, Z/OS.

Confidential, Atlanta, GADrivers Helper

  • Assisted drivers in delivery of packages during the holiday season and other busy delivery times.

Confidential,Atlanta, GAEnumerator

  • Interviewed people for the 2010 census.
  • Spoke in both English and Spanish in order to receive information pertinent to the questions asked on the 2010 census form.

Confidential,East Setauket, NY

  • Utilized Microfocus SOA Express, Mainframe Express and Endevor to develop/modify Web Services for Blue Cross/Blue Shield of South Carolina. Blue Cross is modifying their applications to be web based instead of mainframe CICS based and is using the Microfocus SOA product suite to serve as middleware through Websphere and MQ Series. The Microfocus product acted as a code generator for Mainframe COBOL and Java front end.
  • Used Agile method for SDLC.

Environment: IBM Z/OS, COBOL, CA7, Endevor, CICS, UNIX, Java, Microfocus SOA Express and Microfocus Mainframe Express.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR, Programmer/Analyst

  • Maintained and supported MARS (Multinational Accounts Receivable System), COOPS and DEALS for US, Canada, Mexico, Great Britain, Argentina, India, Japan, China & Brazil. Also supported Pharmacy Systems if required.
  • Utilized NDM Connect:Direct to transfer files between LPARS for testing purposes.
  • Created and modifed JCL, PROCS, SYSINS and Sort cards for both production and test systems.
  • Created and executed test plans.
  • Worked with other team members in the migration and testing phase as well as imnplementation of MARS as well as other systems into the production for new countries (India and Japan).
  • Developed a Remedy screen to track manual bills for Shared Services. The screen replaced a manual process using Excel which was prone to error and did not provide traceability for the manual bills. The new functionality also generated e mail reminders to ensure better cash flow for collections or sending out Dunning notices.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: IBM Z/OS, COBOL, DB2, Easytrieve, IMS, NDM Connect: Direct, SPUFI, Waterfall.

Confidential, Chesterfield, MO


  • Corrected and implemented changes to production problem tickets. This involved researching the CICS abend as the dump was usually not available.
  • Converted programs from CA IDMS to DAL (Data Abstraction Layer).
  • Client is in the process of converting from CA IDMS to DB2.
  • Worked on compliance issues for legal and regulatory requirements.
  • Developed DB2 programs for the Financial Advisor oversight project.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.


Confidential, Tucker, GA


  • Applied changes to Microfocus COBOL code for GIS Stored Procedures.
  • Modified scripts when necessary.
  • Tested both batch and online web based programs.
  • Ran database queries using Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: HP 3000 & 9000 , Microfocus COBOL , HP UX, Oracle, Waterfall.

Confidential, New York, NY

Implementation Analyst/Consultan

  • Executed, tested, & analyzed batch and on line programs for the new Medicare Part D system (MARx). The system was written in COBOL & DB2. There was also a Web based User Interface to enroll beneficiaries as well.
  • Test scenarios were written to correct software design problems or add functionality to the system when required.
  • Validated programs were compliant with Federal Business system requirements before and after Medicare Part D were implemented. Validated late enrollment penalties were incurred and any exceptions to the enrollment penalty such as a penalty waiver were functioning as documented in the Business Rules Document.
  • Documented via screen shots my testing. Screen shots included BMC (set up from DB2 SQL queries) as well as GUI (web based) testing.
  • Ensured that HIPAA regulations were followed.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: BMC tools, COBOL, DB2, IBM Mainframe, SPUFI, QMF, TSO, JCL, Waterfall.

Confidential, Indianapolis, IN

Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant

  • Analyzed, designed, developed, tested and modified batch & online systems for Sallie Mae. Provided assessment and recommendations to remedy production abends.
  • Business System Design and Technical Systems Design were created for both domestic and offshore work forces for compliance with IRS guidelines and requirements for the Taxpayer Relief Act (TRA). The modifications made were for reporting of Capitalized Interest (1098 E forms) and W9 S (SSN verification) forms for Sallie Mae's student loan clients.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: COBOL, CA IDMS 15.0, CA IDMS ADS/O, DMLO, Endevor, JCL, OLQ, TSO/ISPF, Waterfall and Z/OS.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant

  • Analyzed, designed, developed and maintained on line and batch programs for a third Party wireless billing system for Verisign.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: Applix, Borland, Starteam, TextPad, UNIX (SCO, AIX), Zortech COBOL.

Confidential, Fredericksburg, VA

Senior Systems Analyst/Consultant

  • Analyzed and modified CA IDMS 15.0 maps and dialogs due to expansion of field sizes or replacement of database records for the Reserve, School & Retirement screens.
  • Used Waterfall method for SDLC.

Environment: ADS/O, ADSALIVE, CA IDMS 15.0, COBOL, IDD, JCL, TSO/ISPF, Waterfall

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