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Senior Software Engineer Resume

Executive Summary

15+ years of experience architecting, developing, documenting and delivering large scale distributed database applications. Developed and supported web services, JEE, and client server interfaces to RDBMS’s with a focus on creating frameworks that can easily be modified, extended, and maintained at a reduced cost.

Computing Skills

Java, ANSI C/C++, SQL, JavaScript, Perl, COBOL, ksh.Oracle WebLogic, AJAX, JEE, JDBC, JNI, JMS, JQuery, JSP, Servlets, EJBs, Beans, XML, Hibernate, Sybase, Oracle Tuxedo, STL, SVN, CVS, Google App Scripting, Eclipse IDE, UNIX scripting.

Work Experience

Senior Software Engineer at Confidential

  • Using a combination of agile and waterfall methodologies, developed, supported and maintained an n-tier application that is used to execute stock market trades, perform tax lot accounting and retrieve financial reports in real-time. Providing updated information in real-time is unique in the brokerage industry; other vendors only provide updated information on a daily basis after their batch stream completes.
  • Optimized SQL queries that generate large scale data reports. . Through the use of multiple optimization techniques, the run time of the reports was reduced to over 60%.
  • Designed and implemented a JDBC data access architecture that replaced a Tuxedo interface, thereby eliminating licensing and maintenance costs for the Tuxedo application. The new data access architecture is used by EJBs to query, update and insert data using stored procedures and dynamic SQL.
  • Used the JMS API to create a bulk reporting facility that enables the broker to produce and track portfolio reports for thousands of their customers with a single command. The reports are generated to the broker’s desktop giving them immediate access.
  • Developed a publish/subscribe application to push data to each user’s PC so that they are notified about changes in bond inventory in real time. Data is pushed to the clients PC using Tuxedo events and JMS queues.
  • Automated the build, installation, and configuration of WebLogic and Tuxedo applications across multiple platforms. This greatly reduced the workload of the deployment team, which enabled them to build, deploy, and configure multiple applications to multiple firms in only a few minutes. This reduced the down time of the applications and virtually eliminated problems caused by configuration errors.
  • Created a mapping framework using C++ templates that reduced the development time of Tuxedo servers from two weeks to a single day. This framework also greatly reduced the complexity of developing Tuxedo servers, so much so that new developers could be trained to use the framework in less than a day.
  • Provided on call support to fifteen production firms. Providing effective support required me to be able to rapidly diagnosis hardware and software issues, and then implement, test, and release solutions in a timely fashion. Providing this type of around the clock support requires the ability and discipline to work remotely.

System/Analyst at Confidential

  • Worked in Houston, Texas with ABB as a System Analyst in charge of resolving interface and performance issues encountered during the integration of a distributed SCADA system with ABB’s IGES expert system using a Tuxedo interface.
  • I designed, developed, documented, tested, supported and administrated the Client Server middleware interface using the Tuxedo ATMI and the Sybase Open Client library.
  • The client/server middleware interface controlled the flow of real-time messages between the expert system and the SCADA system. The processing and delivery of a million messages an hour was required to keep seven million data points stored in the expert system up to date with data from the SCADA system.
  • The Tuxedo services execute expert system requests by calling 3GL registered procedures and SQL stored procedures that I wrote. The interface provided several different services that retrieve historical measurement reports, that retrieve data from a SCADA real time database, and that provide real time data updates at a rate of 500 kilobits per second per server.
  • Created a framework using the C++ STL that encapsulates the entire Tuxedo library for manipulating FML32 buffers. These classes are used exclusively to create, modify, manipulate and handle FML32 buffers.
  • Developed make and Korn shell scripts to automate the compilation, distribution and installation of all the software associated with the SCADA system. These housekeeping tasks had to be automated, since the SCADA system was comprised of twenty five servers in three locations across Venezuela.

Programmer/Analyst Confidential

  • Designed, fabricated and interfaced the electronic circuitry of a computer controlled flow injection analysis instrument used to measure the concentration of iron in seawater to 0.1 ppb.
  • Using Borland Delphi 1.0, developed and wrote a Windows 3.1 GUI that logs data and controls the iron analysis system in real time. This program uses assembler to control the instrument via a digital I/O board and uses the Win16 API to log data via a serial port.
  • Wrote several utilities in C++ used to perform numerical analysis on data files.
  • Managed a $100,000 budget for the purchase of materials to be used in an open ocean iron enrichment study conducted in September of 1997.
  • Designed, Drafted and contracted the construction of three octagonal aluminum floats worth $10,000 each to be used in the offshore experiment.
  • Developed and tested the deployment and recovery procedures of the float/enclosure systems used in the open ocean iron enrichment experiment.
  • Participated in a month long scientific cruise to Station P, 50o N 145o W, in the Northern Pacific to collect samples and data for use in modeling the affects of iron enrichment on the marine ecosystem.

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