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Senior System Engineer  Resume

Hauppauge New, YorK

Executive Summary :

System administrator and Network experience with extensive research experience driving programs to successful conclusions. Skilled at conceiving, designing and analyzing wide variety of software project, highly adept at optimization and scale-up. Excellent in communication, leadership and team building skills.

Career profile

  1. Installed, upgraded and repaired Linux installations using Red Hat Enterprise, CentOS, and Sun Solaris.
  2. Installing, configuring and troubleshooting VMware ESXi
  3. Supporting NetApp storage (SAN) infrastructure
  4. Hands-on configuration and experience in setting up Cisco routers & switches and updating configuration.
  5. Played main rule in upgrading Axent Raptor firewall & Netscreen firewall to Checkpoint.
  6. Monitor Linux server for CPU utilization, memory utilization and disk utilization, using Nagios & Cacti
  7. Analyzed network traffic packets for anomalies and define vulnerabilities in the system or services.
  8. Implemented Puppet to manage all the client servers and used Cobbler as a kickstart server.
  1. Entrepreneurial and self-directed team player.
  2. Provided 24x7 on call support for four data centers serving 1000+ external clients.

Professional Experience

Confidential, Hauppauge, NY Senior Systems Engineer
  • Lead systems Administrator in data center moves.
  • Wrote many scripts in Korn shell and BASH shell and Perl scripting.
  • Migrated three sites from RHEL 4 to RHEL 5 and assisted with migrations at other sites.
  • Automated FTP process to increases timeliness, reduced lost files and reduced man-hours.
  • Broad experience with designing, implementing and troubleshooting VMware ESX server, VMware virtual center, setting up V-Motion, HA, DRS and related VMware products such as P2V converters and VM Backup
  • Strived for automation in everything or build tools to increase user productivity
  • Involved in VMware updates manager to install & troubleshoot patches and updates on ESX hosts
  • Generate capacity report on all of the systems.
  • Upgraded Netbackup to latest version and consolidate all different version to one version on all sites
  • Upgraded Apache web server to new hardware
  • NetApp Filer storage and NAS administration. NFS configuration and ongoing maintenance.
  • Managing groups and configuring LUN for UNIX and Windows hosts, CIFS shares, create Qtree.
  • Implemented VMware and converted 40% of our old hardware infrastructure to VM.
  • Heavy departmental documentation writing and re-organization within corporate wiki.

Senior System Engineer

  • Supported TR - Eikon software. Reuters Insider.
  • Installed, configured and managed Sun Solaris 8/9/10, AIX servers and Red Hat Linux/CentOS.
  • Worked with senior VMware Engineer to install and configure VMware ESX
  • Supported customers using LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)
  • Build jumpstart servers to build new Sun Solaris servers
  • Created the TFTP server to backup and restore Cisco configuration.
  • Checked the Cisco router logs and added static route.
  • Carried out capacity planning of Windows servers and UNIX infrastructure to keep up with growing bandwidth requirements.
  • Review and remediate software distribution failures and eliminate the problem that causes those failures.
  • Design and implement a mechanism for handing on-off technical issues to other technical teams for resolution.
  • Backup management and reporting and recovery.
  • Disaster recovery planning and maintenance.
  • Implementing RAID 1 and RAID 5 on mission critical servers such as Domain Controllers and file servers.
  • Call management using Peregrine Service Center Tool.
Confidential, Hauppauge, New York Infrastructure Engineer
  • Install, configure and build rules on Raptor firewall, Netscreen, Checkpoint and Sonicwall.
  • Install firmware on AIX 43P
  • On AIX, do backup using mksysb and restore once a year as D.R test
  • Installation of patches for various Operating Systems and firewall patches
  • Build complex DMZ and draw complex Visio diagram
  • Installed Oracle and updated kernel parameters as per Oracle
  • Security audits, summary reports and proactive monitoring.
  • Enabled PKI SSL on the web server and configured VeriSign CA authentication server.
  • Using RSA - ACE/Server for VPN and Web server authentication.
  • Performing system performance analysis and tuning.
  • Coordination recovery process during system/application failure.
  • Setting up and administering NIS and NFS and build Jumpstart server.
Confidential, Hauppauge, New York Second Level Open system Engineer

Working with onsite Field engineer to troubleshoot Reuter’s servers

VPN into customers UNIX servers to troubleshoot why users not getting quotes

Oversee activities of backbone communication vendors in the day to day on-line management

COMPUTER ASSOCIATES INC., Islandia, New York Software company

Confidential,Systems Administrator
  • Responsible for databases: Oracle, CA-OpenIngres, and Informix.
  • Responsible for installation, maintenance and usage of the department's file server.

Proven core Technology competencies :

Server Platforms - Dell PowerEdge- IBM zSeries – pSeries – Xseries – HP Blade and DL servers

Sun Sparc Enterprise servers.

OS- Red Hat/CentOS 4,5 and 6. UBNUTU, Sun Solaris 5.6, 5.8 and 5.9, AIX 4.3 and 5.3, All Windows version and Windows 2003 and 2008.

Virtualization : VMware ESX and VMware ESXi, VSphere and Citrix XEN server and open source Virtualbox.

Security: Checkpoint, RSA-ACE/Secure ID. Sonicwall, Linux – Ipchains and IPtables. TCP Wrappers Tripwire, port scanners, PKI and SSL certificate. Axent Ratpor firewall and Netscreen firewall. Linux and Unix proactive system hardening. Post-incident forensics. PAM.

Network: Cisco Catalyst series and switches. TCP/IP, SSH, SFTP, DNS SMTP and DHCP and pop3, tcpdump, ethereal/wireshark, PXE booting.

Monitroing: Nagios and Traverse and Catci.

Netapp: FAS Series – Operations Manager – SnapMirror- System Manager. NAS – CIFS – NFS

SAN Fabric: Brocade – Fiber Channel – iSCSI – Qlogic HBAs

Package and configuration management using rpm, yum, dpkg, aptitude, yast, zypper, emerge, cfengine and puppet. Jumpstart on Solaris and Cobbler kickstart to load Linux servers.

Veritas: Veritas Volume Manager and Netbackup.
Version control with Perforce/P4 and CVS.

Web Servers software - Apache1.3-2.x , Tomcat 5/6, + server setup and administration. LAMP(Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP) setup, configuration and maintenance.

Experience using cloud providers & API's for Amazon(AWS) with Rightscale, Rackspace Cloud/Cloud Files, Linode, Slicehost, CloudSigma(EU) and IBM Cloud environments.

Database: Oracle 7, Oracle 8i and 9i. Mys SQL.

LDAP: openldap, slurpd to syncrepl migration, ldapsearch.

Syslog – setup and configuration of Splunk

Programming Languages & Scripts: Bash, Korn, Perl and Pthyon.

Backup/Tape - Quantum I500, Sun L700 tape drive. Netbackup

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