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Aix Sys Admin Resume

Atlanta, GA


  • Over 8+ years of IT experience that includes UNIX/AIX /Linux/Windows/HP-UX/Solaris Administration.
  • Experienced in installing, configuring, administrating, troubleshooting, decommissioning, tuning, security, backup, recovery and upgrades of IBM AIX 4.3/5.1/5.2/5.3/6.1/7.1 , HP-UX, Solaris 7/8/9/10, Win NT/2000/2003 Server, Linux (Red Hat & SuSE)
  • Experience in supporting RHEL, IBM-AIX, Solaris & HP-UX server environments.
  • Expertise in IBM AIX hardware components pSeries 770/750, 590, 595, 570, 550 & RS 6000, trouble-shooting and maintenance of PC’s
  • Extensively used HMC to perform various tasks like creating VIOS and LPARS, performing DLPAR operation to change CPU configuration, changing memory, changing LPAR profiles, Activating LPARS, power-off frame etc.
  • Experience in Installing, Configuring and Trouble-Shooting Application Servers like IBM Websphere 3.5/4.0/5.0, BEA Weblogic, JBOSS and Web Servers like IBM HTTP Web Server, iPlanet, WebServer, Apache WebServer on Sun Solaris, AIX and Windows 9X/200X
  • Extensive experienced in Optimization of Enterprise Applications using JBOSS Application Server 5.0/4.0/3.5, XML Configuration, Workload Management (WLM), WAS Resource Analyzer, WebSphere Test Environment (WTE), IBM Visual Age for Java 4.0/3.5, EJB, JNDI, LDAP, JMS, Oracle 9i/8i/7.x, DB2 UDB on Sun Solaris, AIX and Windows 2000
  • Experience in loading Linux on the servers ( Both X series and IBM blades ) Using ISO boot method or PXE boot method
  • Upgraded Servers from 6.1 to 7.1 for testing purpose.
  • Installed Acronis on the Red Hat Enterprise Linux servers.
  • Extensively experienced in applying build updates to RHEL (4.4, 4.5) servers, and applied build updates to the kickstart servers.
  • Experience working in a SAP Environment and building the servers for SAP.
  • Supported application deployment, testing and performance tuning
  • Assisted SAP Basis team with AIX and database troubleshooting.
  • Provide dedicated support for users for SAP applications in a HA cluster configuration (2-node,3-node) (HACMP).
  • Administration Cisco 6500, 2600 series switches.
  • Experience in Developing and running various scripts such as backups, performance matrix scripts, mksysb images script, OS installation scripts, pinging multiple servers, creating user accounts on multiple servers, etherchannel, Automount etc.
  • Executed various scripts for backups, user account creation on multiple servers, to ping multiple servers, login in to multiple servers, to locate servers etc.
  • Good working knowledge of Netapp, TSM, flashcopy and netbackup
  • Installed VIO server Advanced POWER Virtualization on IBM P5 System. Assigned resources by making six partitions LPAR client of VIO server and clients Installation.
  • Installed and build from scratch complete NIM Setup. Added different clients to NIM server and their Backup. Experienced in installing and configuring EMC PowerPath and carving OUT LUNS
  • Disaster Recovery Planning
  • Hands on experience in developing, deploying, implementing, testing and support of full life cycle implementations of various J2EE/Internet/Intranet and distributed applications
  • Excellent capacity planning skills in UNIX AIX/HPUX environment
  • Sun Solaris, IBM-AIX kernel Tuning, Performance Analysis and Load Balancing
  • Experienced in UNIX Production Server Support 24x7.
  • Implementing and maintenance of DNS, DHCP servers in Solaris sub-network
  • Everyday Network administration tasks - adding and removing users file and share permissions, trust management, replication management, server backups, and server setups
  • Performed user tasks including submitting and managing parallel, serial and interactive jobs
  • Proven ability to Define System requirements, recommended solutions, analyze capacity and make appropriate modifications


Platforms: UNIX AIX(4.3.3, 5.1, 5.2,5.3/6.1/7.1), Linux (6/7/8.x )(Redhat,SUSE),HP-UX11.x, Microsoft windows 95 – 2003 server, Solaris7/8.x, HP-UX11.x.

Networking: TCP/IP, Ethernet, token ring, FDDI, VPN, OPENSSH, secureID, router , switches, DHCP, DNS (QIP software)

High Available Clustering: HACMP, VCM, LAAM

Database: Oracle7.x/8.x/9.x; DB2, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL server 7.0/2000.

Languages: UNIX shell script, C, C++, HTML, Perl, Expect, Awk, Java..net


Confidential, Atlanta, GA

AIX Sys Admin


  • Build and prepare hardware (IBM Systemsp 770 and IBM Systemp 750) for production and non production servers for migration and implementation of new environment as per business requirements.
  • Design, planning, implementation and management of Advanced virtualized
    environment and Power VM. Experience on installation and upgrade of VIOS from version 1.1 to 2.2
  • Implemented Dual VIO with Link aggregation and used integrated virtual device, Virtual scsi disk through SAN as root disks to VIO-Clients and Fiber card virtualization using NPIV for application Vg. Implemented MPIO and Power path in VIO environment.
  • Capacity planning and hardware sizing of servers for IBM pure scale cluster setup.
  • Built POWERHA 6.1 clusters and Migrated servers with AIX 6.1/7.1
  • Migration method SAN disk rezoning vio VIO or NPIV
  • Worked with VAS tool for Joining, unjoining, deleting, linking and done a lot of troubleshooting on it.
  • Worked on changes to network adapter to migrate the server to another network. Down detach network adapter, done tcpip configurations, Changed Vlan ID using HMC, configuring resolve.conf and host files.
  • Perform regular system administration tasks and perform troubleshooting in order to keep the UNIX/Linux environments running smoothly. Implement change management requests; resolve incident tickets through 'HP Service center' ticketing system. Complete UNIX/LINUX related projects on a timely manner.
  • Extensive use of VERITAS Volume Manager, Logical Volume Manager and Solaris Volume Manger for disk management, filesystems management on Linux and Sun Solaris environments.
  • Installation and configuration VERITAS Net Backup on Linux Severs and performing Backup using VNB and also performing upgrades on this software.
  • Worked as Subject Matter Expert (SME) for AIX
  • Designed highly available and scalable solutions using VIOS.
  • Worked with IBM to identify the root cause for the problems.
  • Provided UNIX system administration support as needed for related project activities.
  • Performed health checking on VIO servers to ensure redundancy and load balancing for Virtual SCSI (vscsi) and NPIV VIO clients.
  • Created disk groups, volumes, volume groups using Veritas Volume Manager.
  • Creating File Systems, Disk Groups, Volumes and Increasing File Systems using
    VERITAS Storage Foundation 5.0 (VxVM/VxFS)
  • Monitoring and reporting on all hosted servers (memory, disk space, log file analysis, cleanup, etc)
  • Follow change management and configuration management procedures and guidelines

Environment: AIX v5.3/6.1/7.1; Solaris SUN V8/9/10; Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4/5/6; Windows 2003/2008; VERITAS Volume Manager, Veritas File Systems, Veritas Cluster, VxVM; Oracle 9i/10g/11g; IBM pSeries 520, 550, 560, 595, 770; HP Proliant BL460C G6, Proliant BL460C GEN8, Proliant DL785 G5, IA64 Superdome2 16S; SUN: Blade T6320 G2, Sparc Enterprise T5220 NPM(Network Password Manager); TEP(Tivoli Enterprise Portal); BMC Remedy; HP Server Automation; HP Performance Manager

Confidential, Woonsocket RI

AIX Sys Admin/Engineer

Environment Design/Architecture: Virtualized lpars onto three separate ethernet networks. Duel VIO Ethernet failover setup. Migrated all maintenance systems to specific maintenance net.

Configured VLANs to add 2nd set of duel vio servers for purpose of segregating development and production network traffic to minimize downtime. Configured disaster recovery VLAN network to separate systems with same ip onto isolated DR testing network. Set up Link Aggregation on vio server ethernet to increase performance and enable failover in the event of device failure. Migrated all AIX lpars to dedicated production network switches. System migrations from p550 to p590. Setup and implementation of P770 server.

Disaster Recovery: Annual Disaster recovery preparation and test at offsite DR facility. Comprehensive onsite restoration of entire enterprise to different systems at DR site. Testing with application groups to ensure good recovery Implemented DR application init levels to shut down all applications in correct order to enable proper timing and coordination of systems recovery. Scripted Automated init changes to enable synchronized database and application startup during actual disaster recovery. Installation and configuration of select software to ensure recovery.

Backup Encryption: Installed IBM Tivoli Key License Manager TKLM backup encyption software on duel dedicated Pserver lpars. Set up key and certificate management and rollover to manage keys on IBM P, X, I, and Z platforms. Implemented and tested hardware encryption using LTO-4 and 3592 tape drives and TS3310 library software. Built encryption pre and post backup scripts to back up TKLM database, move backup and cycle application in correct order to ensure availability of TKLM app during backup. Re-designed DR procedures to account for encryption and tklm servers.

High Availability Clusters: Setup and configuration of multiple 2 node clusters for high end mission critical servers. Configured SAN storage for nodes in the clusters. Cluster upgrade. Load balancing and performance tuning.

Upgrades/Updates: Monthly planned TL and SP level updates to AIX operating system, security and emergency fixes, driver updates Served as project lead on enterprise-wide AIX version 5.3 to 6.1 upgrade project and to 6.1 to 7.1 upgrade, Upgrades to HMC, Pserver firmware and vio server.

Disk management: Set up Vio disk failover. Added new XIV disk array and migrated lpars from DS8000 to XIV. Configured virtual media library on vio server. Migrated to SAN-only os on all systems. Filesytem and raw volumes management on lpars. Wrote scripts to trace lpar disk from storage array to VIO server to lpar. Migrated all direct fibre disk on lpars to use virtual scsi on vio. NPIV setup on Power7 using Power6/7 virtual switch configuration.

Standardizations: Researched and achieved best practices for shared uncapped processors based on ibm recommendations and performance statistics Standardized swap spaces on all lpars. Standardized rootvg mirrors for high availability. Synced dump devices for all systems.

ESX Server management: Vmware ESX server backups using vmdk file snaps and scripting. Added automated HMC system plan scripts and archiving. Virtual media on vio, encrypted backup pre/post setup scripts. ESX server upgrades.

Performance tuning: monitoring, capacity planning.

Scripting: Internal change management scripts, backup checking and alert scripts. Performance scripts, sudoers file synchronizing scripts, ticket management script, tklm encryption backup scripts, pgp file transfer scripts

Other: Websphere ear rollouts, WAS and IBM HTTPServer upgrades, pgp file transfers, sudo. Host based ssl/ssh setup. Nim server build and implementation.

Security: System security changes to comply with IBM standards ITCS 104 / MAD scans.

Confidential, Summit, PA

AIX Sys Engineer


  • Building of new VIOServers and clients from p-series p550, p570, p590 using HMC
  • Creating Logical Partitions of VIOServers and VIOClients on pSeries frame and assigning processor, memory and Ethernet adapters to VIOS and assigning memory and processor to VIOC (LPARS).
  • Full management of SAN environment composed of 6 IBM DS4000 storage subsystems and 4 node IBM Storage Volume Controler cluster splitted into 2 fabrics with 4 switches each. SAN has more than 200 terabytes of data.
  • Management of two DS4300 storage systems.
  • LUN Masking, Mapping, Configuration changes & LUN Concatenations on DMX arrays.
  • Meta head creation on DMX arrays.
  • Masking view, Storage group, Device Group creation & LUN Concatenation on V-MAX arrays
  • Installation of VIOS, VIOS Fixpack 11.1 Service Pack via NIM Server.
  • Installation of AIX 5.3 on all VIOC/LPAR Clients, installation via NIM Sever
  • Installation and configuration of VIO servers and updating system firmware by using HMC along with Logical Partition technology (LPARs).
  • Building and configuring AIX V6.1, 5.3 on LPARs using NIM.
  • Performed ERP Hosting AIX Oracle Database and SAP Volume Group Restore on AIX 5.3
  • Worked on Backup and Recovery of SAP R/3 systems.
  • Responsible for resolving issues related to SAP basis and User Security
  • SAP Security and Authorizations
  • Assisting SAP Basis team with AIX/Linux and database troubleshooting.
  • Maintain and Creation of User profile and respective Groups.
  • AIX 5.2/ 5.3/6.1 migrations using NIM and local install methods.
  • Responsible for mirroring and un-mirroring using logical volume manager (LVM).
  • Testing the AIX servers for High Availability.
  • Responsibility for installation, Configuration and Troubleshooting of TSM as secondary admin.
  • Implementation and Configuration of HACMP V5.2/5.3 clusters.
  • Configure File Systems and administer using NFS.
  • Installed and configured nmon for performance testing and provide the reports.
  • Supervised Hardware installations and Performed O/S upgrades
  • Perl scripting for user creation, mksysb exports, SAN LUN Mapping, limiting access of non-root users,
  • Wrote shell scripts for HACMP to automatically start, stop the database and application when the server failover or fallback.
  • Providing support to install the oracle Databases and WebSphere Applications.
  • Responsible for Websphere and Weblogic application shutdown and restart.
  • Responsible working with the Application team to test which process is consuming most of the processing time by using topas.
  • Documenting each and every procedure and uploading the Documents on the Internal Web Portal of the Company for Team Reference .

Environment: AIX v5.2/5.3/6.1, Solaris, SUN V8, LPAR, HACMP V5.2/5.3, Windows 2000, Oracle 9i,Oracle 10g, Java, DB2r, LVM, SSH,IBM BladeCenter JS22, IBM pSeries 550, 570,590, 595 , FAS3100 ,FAS2000 storage devices, Tivoli, TSM, Web Sphere Application Server

Confidential, St. Louis, MO

AIX System Administrator


  • Worked with IBM p590 p570 p550 and & RS6000 servers connected to storage area networks. Configured and Installed logical partitions (LPARS), assigned hardware resources within LPARS, installed AIX 5.2 and 5.3 and installed patches.
  • Creating Logical Partitions of VIOServers and VIOClients on pSeries frame and assigning processor, memory and Ethernet adapters to VIOS and assigning memory and processor to VIOC (LPARS).
  • Installations thru NIM Master
  • Prepared Disaster Recovery strategies & tested the same by restoring servers through mksysb restores
  • Build LPARS by restoring mksysb
  • 24x7 production support
  • Created Etherchannel and shared Ethernet Adapters
  • Configured SAN Storage for AIX Servers
  • Setup of HACMP Cluster. Configured Shared SAN Storage, created Concurrent filesystems, VG’s
  • Providing user support, troubleshooting, software upgrades, Configuration of networks.
  • NIS setup and implementation.
  • Performed resource group move to test as a DR strategy HACMP Cluster
  • Extensively used HACMP – CSPOC to create VG’s, LV’s and File Systems.
  • Extensively worked on setting up of HACMP clusters including RGMOVE and performed failovers, Starting up and shutting down of HACMP Cluster Application for change activities.
  • Administered the UNIX System for clustered AIX Servers running HACMP and dynamic LPARs with fiber attached SAN storage.
  • Set up and validated networking and configured an AIX NIM (network installation) environment that served multiple standalone clients.
  • Installed, upgraded and recovered HMC environment, created configuration and created backups of installed HMC's.
  • Installed and build from scratch complete NIM Setup. Added different clients to NIM server and their Backup.

Confidential, Irving TX

ROLE: AIX/Linux System Administrator


  • Working in a production environment that consists of almost 10,000+ Servers including RS/6000, pSeries, HP and IBM Blade Center
  • Creating VIOServers and VIOClients on pSeries frame and assigning processor, memory and Ethernet adapters to VIOS and assigning memory and processor to VIOC (LPARS).
  • Installation of VIOS, VIOS Fixpack 11.1 Service Pack via NIM Server.
  • Installation of AIX 5.3 on all VIOC/LPAR Clients, installation via NIM Sever
  • Create and Edit Scripts for Server TurnOver Process, Server Performance Testing, Server Backup etc.
  • Setup of VIOClients/LPARS sharing Ethernet Adapters and SCSI’s
  • In addition worked as an secondary TSM administrator.
  • 24x7 on-call support of AIX & RHEL Servers
  • Configured SAN Storage for HA Clusters and Standalone servers
  • Installed software, packages and patches in Linux.
  • Managing NIS/NFS with Automount in a large heterogeneous network in Linux.
  • Installed and maintained ftp, automount, NFS Servers, clients.
  • Disk Management using RAID-5 & LVM.
  • Designed, Installed configured internal DNS in RHEL3.0.
  • Configuration of DHCP and Kickstart servers for hands free installation of clients
  • Performance Tuning/ Monitoring of Servers
  • Kickstart Installation through NFS, FTP for complete hands-free installation of workstations, with custom profiles, begin/ finish scripts, custom package suites/ clusters
  • Working with LVMs (Creating physical volumes, volume groups and logical volumes)
  • Diagnose, solve and provide root cause analysis for hardware and O/ S issues to the client
  • Performed DLPAR operations to dynamically increase memory of LPARS, change CPU Settings from Capped/Uncapped, Dedicated/shared, changing weights on LPAR, changing VCPU’s etc
  • Used HMC-7 to make VIOS and VIOC partitions
  • Maintaining and monitoring the file systems and performance tuning on AIX (5.1/5.2./5.3 /6.1 ) servers (550/ 570/ 595).
  • Expertise in doing NIM installations on AIX 5.2/5.3/6.1
  • Responsible for system partitioning (LPAR) and operating system installation using HMC
  • All AIX Servers were installed AIX 5.3 and ensured all servers in the cluster were having same OS level and TL.
  • Supported SAP Installation
  • Workload analysis and Performance optimization in the SAP R/3 environment
  • SAP BW 3.5 and E.Portal 6.0 SP13 and R/3 day-to-day system support.
  • Responsible for resolving issues related to SAP basis and User Security
  • SAP Security and Authorizations
  • Assisting SAP Basis team with AIX/Linux and database troubleshooting.
  • Supported the VCS cluster server running SAP and DB2 applications. Worked on implementing sudo on servers and limiting root access.
  • Performed non-destructive tape restore of an Oracle database and SAP Volume Group backup for the ERP Hosting landscape to an alternate location.
  • Performed ERP Hosting on AIX and Oracle Database and SAP Volume Group Restore on AIX 5.3
  • Administered several Sun Microsystems servers & Windows Servers which include disk management, user management, network management, Active Directory, performance management, test and development projects running on SOLARIS 9.0, 10.0 and Windows NT and 2003 Servers
  • Wrote scripts to collect server detail information, backup etc
  • Used Veritas Netbackup 6.0 and TSM4.0 to perform backup services for Windows and Solaris Servers in case of a Disaster.
  • Edited Sudoer script, added Oracle DBA and Websphere Admin to sudoer’s list limiting there access to specific directories to perform the task to improve security
  • Performed recovery for Windows 2003, NT Servers and used Veritas Netbackup to restore the data. Got the backup server up and running in less than 2hours
  • Configuring and maintaining DNS, DHCP,FTP,NIS servers
  • Documentation of DR Strategies for Windows and Solaris Servers
  • Responsible for LPAR and DLPAR system administration
  • Expertise in installation configuration and administration VIOS
  • Responsible in configuring of virtual Ethernet, virtual SCSI and virtual memory
  • Responsible and expertise in working with LVM, Disk mirroring, unmirroring, Disaster Recovery, backup and restore for AIX 4.3/5.2/5.3
  • Configure Etherchannel / Link Aggregation, Automount
  • Responsible in configuring of virtual Ethernet, virtual SCSI and virtual memory
  • Developed UNIX shell scripts to generate performance matrix of the servers
  • Installation and configuration thirty party application like JBOSS, Clearcase, BMC patrol, Oracle 10g, Sybase, db2 (v8, v9), Informix(v9, v11), Control –management.
  • Perform trouble shooting on Web and Database application like Websphere, Weblogic db2, Informix and oracle
  • Worked closely with DBAs to install raid, disk areas for Oracle database instance installations, created Bourne shell database startup and shutdown scripts for UNIX servers. Wrote shell scripts for automated installations, to extract logs.
  • Developed shell scripts for backups of VIO servers
  • Most of these tasks are performed using native Korn Shell and Perl scripts system resources from one partition to another partition
  • Installed Oracle Database 10g Release 2 on Linux x86
  • Responsible and expertise in Configuring VLANs on IBM p Series, Nortel Switches, CISCO switches
  • Setup and configure LDAP servers for home directory location and authentication
  • Responsible and expertise in setup and configuration of TCP/IP network for the public network and backup network using mktcpip and chinet.
  • 24x7 support of all UNIX infrastructure.

Environment: AIX6.1/5.3/5.2, SAP R/3, DB2UDB, VIOS, HACMP, Linux, HPUX, Solaris, Windows 2003 advance server, LPAR, JBOSS application server, Oracle RAC, WAS6.0 SAN.


ROLE: AIX System Engineer


  • Provided system support for 2000+ midrange IBM including routine Production support, maintenance, patching, and system backups and restoring, and software and hardware upgrades
  • Maintaining and monitoring the file systems and performance tuning on AIX (5.1/5.2./5.3 ) servers (615/640/690 /510/550/ 52 A/55A/ 570/595).
  • Responsible for mirroring and unmirroring using logical volume manager (LVM) and Veritas volume manager (VVM (4.0/4.5))
  • Administrating sun servers (Sparc/ E4000/ V440/ V240/ Sun Fire 880/ V20z/ X4100/ SunBlade 1000/ E10K)
  • Working on all UNIX platforms like Solaris ( 5.6/5.8/5.9/5.10 )/Linux/HP-UX/AIX (4.3/5.1/5.2/5.3 )
  • Executed scripts for OS Installation, performance matrix and mksysb image script.
  • Applying the Security patches and doing all the change management.
  • Responsible for system partitioning (LPAR) and operating system installation using HMC
  • Responsible for performing administration tasks on DLPAR such as adding, deleting and moving system resources from one partition to another partition
  • Worked on Linux x86, Windows 2003 Advance Server, Samba, Squid, Active Directory
  • Edited and Developed Shell scripts to create user on multiple servers
  • Good knowledge of TSM Administration
  • Expertise in doing NIM installations on AIX 5.2/5.3
  • Installation Virtual input/output server (VIOS).
  • Wrote Unix shell scripts, performed OS and database installations and administration. Rewrote an entire trouble-ticketing system written in a series of Unix shell scripts to a C language program using curses.
  • Built Solaris LAGOTO/VERITAS Netback up servers as corporate and production backup solution, including designing the backup policies and disaster recovery plans
  • Responsible for Some of the IBM box backups using MKSYSB.
  • Supported application deployment on JBOSS APP Server.
  • Responsible for supporting sap, oracle, db2, websphere on AIX/Solaris boxes
  • OPENSSH server administration with key management and host access control
  • 24x7 support of all UNIX infrastructure
  • Most of these tasks are performed using native Korn Shell and Perl scripts
  • Good knowledge in Storage Area network(SAN) administration using EMC and Hitachi storage systems
  • Secondary admin for Tivoli storage manager(TSM(4.1/5.3)), HACMP, LAAM
  • Responsible for Websphere and Weblogic application shutdown and restart.
  • Secondary admin for Websphere.
  • Perform trouble shooting on Web and Database application like Websphere, Weblogic db2 and oracle
  • Decommission of Sun/IBM/HP servers

Environment: - AIX 4.3/.5.2/5.3 , Solaris 5.6/5.8/5.9/5.10 , SAP R/3, Oracle, JBOSS, Veritas Volume Manager, LVM, HACMP, LAAM,SSH, TSM, Sybase, EMC, SAN, Weblogic, Websphere BMC patrol, Clearcase, TIBCO, Tuxedo, Windows 2003 Advance Server.

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