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Sr. Weblogic System Administrator Resume

Cincinnati, OH


  • WebLogic Administration V8.x/9.x/10.x/12.x – installation, deployments, configuration, maintenance, performance, monitoring, and troubleshooting J2EE applications.
  • Jboss Administration on Jboss Enterprise Application Platform 4.2/4.3/5/6 – installation, configurations, deployments of Java Applications, maintenance, performance and troubleshooting.
  • 7 plus years of strong Professional experience in Systems Administration which includes extensive experience in Web Application server WebLogic/JBOSS/TOMCAT Administration and Unix Administration providing support for Production, Training, Staging, Testing and Development environments.
  • Worked extensively on different versions of UNIX including Sun Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX, RedHat Linux 3.x/4.x/5.x/6.x, SUSE and Microsoft Products like Windows NT, 2003 Server.
  • Experience in System Administration, System Builds, Server builds, Installs, Upgrades, Patches, Configuration, Migration, Troubleshooting, Security, Backup, Disaster Recovery and Performance tuning on UNIX systems.
  • Administration, Installation, configuration of WebLogic (WLS), Apache HTTP Server, I-Planet Web Server 4.0, Sun One Web Servers and configuration of proxy requests using BIG-IP® Load Balancer to clustered WebLogic servers.
  • Extensive experience with WebLogic Clusters and the JMS Clusters. Configured the Distributed Topics, Queues and Message Bridges in JMS Clusters and MQ Series and managing JNDI, LDAP, Managing Security.
  • Extensively worked on Oracle SOA suite administration, installation, configuration, tuning and customization and Experience in deployment in SOA suite, creation of Data sources, JMS destinations, securing web services.
  • Effective on Perl/Ksh, SQL and Shell Scripting for automation tasks and Developed automated scripts/system monitoring tools/ testing tools using korn shell scripting. Perl and Python scripts to generate statistics and monitor processes and experienced in WLST, Jython and ANT scripting to automate and monitor the WebLogic routine tasks.
  • Performed deployment activities and environment support including installation, configuration, diagnostics, planning and upgrades for Jboss(4.2, 5.1, 7.1) and Apache TOMCAT Application server(6.0, 7.0).
  • Extensive experience in troubleshooting the deployment and other application problems, applying WebLogic patches, Service Packs, and working closely with Development Teams in solving issues.
  • Experience in networking, including TCP/IP, switching and routing concepts, mapping, network devices, configuration and topology.
  • WebLogic Administration, Monitoring and Troubleshooting using Admin Console and WLST. Working with WebLogic utilities - WebLogic.Admin, WebLogic.Deployer. Connection Factory, Foreign JMS server, Message Bridge, Topic/Queue, Distributed destinations.
  • Proficient in installation, configuration, and administration of IBM WebSphere Application Server, Oracle WebLogic server, IBM HTTP Server, Sun One Web Server (iPlanet), Wily Introscope, WebSphere MQ, LDAP, Apache, TAM, SSL, mail servers on Solaris, Linux, and Windows.
  • Solid experience in finding the Memory Leaks and adjusting the JVM Heap Sizes and configured and worked with the Eclipse MAT and JProbe to detect memory leaks.
  • Cluster Configuration – Single Cluster, Multiple Clusters and Deployment over clusters. WebLogic’s HttpProxyServlet and HttpClusterServlet configurations. JMS Configurations– JMS Server, Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly. Work with JProbe in-order to adjust JVM Heap Size and reduce memory leakage.
  • Experience in WebSphere WAS administration and MQ technologies, Linux, WebSphere 5+, MQ Series 5+, J2EE application design, Java/JEE concepts (JDBC, JMS/MQ, JSP, EJB, JNDI, EJB components).
  • Knowledge in Oracle PL/SQL and Knowledge with Oracle DB 10G/11G and worked on Creating Oracle DB client instances for sandbox environments.
  • Experience in NET Backup, BCV Backup and RSYNC Backup Jobs.


Operating Systems: Solaris 8/ 9/10, LINUX 5/4/3, SUSE, IBM-AIX, Windows 2003/XP, HP-UX

Hardware: E25k,E15k,12k, E280R, E480R, V240,420R, V440, V480, V490, V880,V890 and 4800, 6800, x86

Data Centre Servers: E250, E450, E3000 and E3500

Disk arrays: Sun StorEdge 3130,6320,6120, A1000/D1000, EMC DMX 800 and 1000

Tape Libraries: Sun StorEdge L20/L40/L60, L180 and Storagetek’s 9840 A/B/C Fibrechannel

Backup: VeritasNetbackup .5, Solstice DiskSuite 4.1/4.2, MsBackup, Ufsdump, Ufsrestore, Sysback v4.2, ACSLS

Web & Application Servers: JBOSS, Apache, HTTP, IIS 3.0/4.0, Web Server 5.1/6.0, Web Logic Server 8.1,9.1,10; iPlanet, Web Sphere Application Server

Languages: C, C++, java, java script, Asp.net, MS Visio.

Databases: Oracle 10g/9/8, Sybase, SQL Server, MySQL.

Networking: TCP/IP, DNS, DHCP. NFS, NIS, NIS+, SUDO, SSH, eTrust, Power Broker.

Storage: Sun Cluster 3.2, VERITAS Netback up 6.0, VERITAS Storage Foundation Suite, Solaris Volume Manager, send mail


Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Sr. WebLogic System Administrator


  • Responsible to install, configure and deploy JAVA applications (.war, .ear) for large/fragmented enterprise environments and hand it over to the clients in time (Dev, Train, UAT, PreProd, DR and Prod).
  • Involved in setting up a new QA, TRAIN, PreProd, Prod environment by creating and managing the Nodes, Application Servers, and Clusters for Load Balancing and Fail Over.
  • Responsible for Installation, Configuration, Maintenance of Weblogic (9.x/10.x/12.x), and JBOSS (4.x/5.x/7.x) Application Servers and Oracle SOA Suite 11g Version.
  • Analyze and interpret business requirements to technical specifications from a business stance to determine how the user will utilize the system. Analyze existing applications systems and programming logic problems and, where necessary, revise the logic and procedures.
  • Perform software installs and upgrades for both the NetCracker applications as well as third party tools.
  • Troubleshooting, Load Balancing, Clustering, Deploying Applications, Performance Tuning and Maintenance of Weblogic Instances. Monitoring WebLogic server health and security.
  • Support large mission critical customer care and billing applications for multiple clients in a production environment.
  • Troubleshoot and provide rapid resolution to critical problems during installation in production and Non-production environments.
  • Rotational assignment on-call support for multiple customer applications and environments including real-time monitoring and troubleshooting.
  • Configure and maintain the scheduled tasks like Thread dumps, log files backup, setting up alerts, collection of box statistics data like vmstat, iostat, sar, netstat etc and Providing proactive monitoring and space management of the application.
  • Monitoring Garbage collection through various utilities like JSTAT on local servers and remote servers. Invocation of Java Hotspot on recent Java SDK and allocation of Heap sizes Min and Max and stack size on the same. Running Jprofiler for monitoring the same.
  • Implementing tools like Zenoss, ESA Customized tools for monitoring and analyzing different box statistics.
  • Monitoring thread usage, connection pool usage, CPU usage, Memory usage and preparing reports for the performance tests, dry run tests and load tests conducted on the Application Servers
  • JDBC Connection Pool and Multipool configuration with Oracle, MySql, DB2 and SqlServer, etc.
  • Deployment and troubleshooting of JAR, WAR, and EAR files in domain and clustered environments, Developing WLST scripts and auto deployment process.
  • Upgradation of WebLogic servers in development, testing and production environment and applying patch and service packs.
  • Worked on setting up and Configuring different External interfaces, testing their connectivity and configured DMZ setup for Production environments including testing VPN tunnel setup.
  • Work with DBA team for Oracle database installation, restoration, performance issues, network related issues on Unix Servers and with vendors for hardware related issues.
  • Cluster Configuration – Single Cluster, Multiple Clusters and Deployment over clusters. WebLogic's HttpProxyServlet and HttpClusterServlet configurations.
  • JMS Configurations– JMS Servers, JMS Modules. Configuring Queues and Topics. Queues include Inbound, Outbound and Error Queue between WL and external Vendors and Monitoring, Troubleshooting.
  • Server Performance Tuning - Thread Dump Analysis, Core Dump Analysis when Server crashed unevenly. Work with JProbe in-order to adjust JVM Heap Size and reduce memory leakage
  • SSL setup from end to end over the applications on WebLogic and JBOSS instances. Involved in configuring SSL (https) for webservers, creating Key databases, personal certificates for test environments, generating and installing Third party certificates.
  • Creating security roles, group policy, user authentication, auditing and authorization. Work on Web Security tools- LDAP Server, SSL Certificates and client authentication.
  • Node Manager Configuration – remote managed server start and stop. Writing Scripts to handle complex automation / administration using Shell scripting.
  • Tuning JVM heap size to maximize the number of clients accessing the applications. Analyzing the Log Files, Thread Dumps, JVM Dumps, Exception Stack Traces.
  • Automation of domain creation using WLST, ANT, and Domain Templates Configuring digital certificates, using java key tool for secured applications
  • Configuring Web Logic Plug-ins for Apache Web Server and configured load balancing and fail-over solutions.
  • Experience in performance tuning for Web applications at various level by using JProbe8.1 profiling tool. Troubleshoot environment and application issues using BEA WLS support patterns as the standard methodology and provide root cause summary to application stakeholders
  • Working with configuring the WebLogic Diagnostics Framework (WLDF). Configure Diagnostic modules, Collected Metrics, Configured Watches, Notifications and Instrumentation. Working with WLDF console extension.
  • Worked on migration of JBOSS Application from 4.2.2 to 7.1 and 4.2.2 to 5.1 Versions configuration from end to end with thorough testing.
  • Closely worked on DR rehearsals and configured the PROD and DR environments
  • Involved in PCI compliance Meetings providing support for the end to end Security purposes.
  • Setup JMX monitoring tool for the collection of JVM stats pulling Mbeans Info in JBOSS 4.2.2 and 7.1AS, Tomcat Apache servers.

Environment: Sun Solaris 9/10, Linux 3/4/5, HP-UX 11.2x/11.3x, Windows 2003 Servers, Windows XP, Perl, python scripting, korn shell, Oracle DB 10g/11g.

Confidential, Cincinnati, OH

Sr. Systems Administrator


  • WebLogic Administration (ver 8.x,9.x,10.x) - installation/ deployments/ configuration/ maintenance/ performance/ monitoring/ troubleshooting Web based applications.
  • Monitors performance and provides ongoing configuration and tuning adjustments. Builds scripts for task automation, builds support, scheduling, and file clean up. Configures connections to external data sources, including DB2.
  • Troubleshoot and provide rapid resolution to critical problems in production and testing environments.
  • Work very closely with application production support teams to optimize batch application processing throughput without compromising online system availability.
  • Involved in configuring SSL (https) for webservers, creating Key databases, personal certificates for test environments, generating and installing Third party certificates. Also, involved in securing the J2EE applications by implementing Single Sign On by using LTPA and Integrity Site Minder.
  • Effective on Perl/Ksh, SQL and Shell Scripting for automation tasks and Perform software installs and upgrades for various applications and third party tools.
  • Configured JBOSS plug-in for load balancing across the cluster members and manually updated it for remote web servers in the DMZ and also deployed the EAR/WAR files on JBOSS Server.
  • Deploying different applications like WAR, EAR and Jar files on WebLogic using various deployment tools (Console, weblogic.Deployer, and WLST).
  • Security Support with SSI, SSL, DES, RSA, TDEA etc. Sun One LDAP server configuration. Integrating the WebLogic with LDAP servers
  • Managing and Monitoring the JVM Performance by adjusting WebLogic heap size and garbage collection parameters
  • Performed sanity testing and provided different Testcases including Scripts and SOAPUI toolson QA, Stage and Production environments after deployment.
  • Responsible for open networks technologies for authentication using Active Directory and LDAP.
  • Created Korn shell scripts to monitor system resources and system maintenance and Scheduled Cron jobs for job automation.
  • Python scripts to generate statistics that involve ThreadPool Stats, Server Status, JDBC Connection Pool Stats, JMS Server Stats, Applications Sessions, Cluster Information.
  • Administer multiple application instances running on Sun Solaris / Linux servers in a client server environment for development client testing training and production environments.
  • Participated in training programs to stay in tune with new technologies and methods to increase productivity and efficiency.
  • Work very closely with Application Maintenance support teams to optimize batch application processing throughput without compromising online system availability.
  • Worked with Oracle team for restore of Oracle Instance, Building Oracle Cluster, installing and maintaining several large databases on clustered servers.
  • Documented and edited the deployment procedures, customer facing and resolution issues on WIKI for our feature references.

Environment: Sun Solaris 9/10, Linux 3/4/5, HP-UX 11.2x/11.3x, Windows 2003 Servers, Windows XP, Perl, python scripting, korn shell, Oracle DB 10g/11g.

Confidential, Atlanta, GA

Sr. Middleware Administrator


  • Responsible and took the primary role in building the new sites and providing the Infrastructure support for Confidential .
  • Provided production support (24/7) and coordinated with the users to resolve any critical issues.
  • Responsible and took the Lead role in installing, configuring the WebLogic Applications onto QA and Production environments to Monitor business and J2EE applications
  • Experienced in Performance Tuning, Load Balancing and Scalability Testing (WLM) of applications deployed on WebLogic.
  • Installed and configured WebLogic 8.1 Servers, Domains, Clusters on Solaris and Linux Platforms, and wrote shell scripts for automation of WebLogic startup, and for log maintenance.
  • Building both web and J2EE applications using ant scripts.
  • Managed and monitored the JVM performance by WebLogic Heap Size, garbage collection, JDBC Pools and Multi pools.
  • Configuring JVM parameters as per requirement, Create new domains from existing domains and modify WebLogic Server domains and Add WebLogic Server instances to a cluster.
  • Extensive experience with Web administration, which includes Installation and configuration of Apache, IBM HTTP Servers.
  • Provided production support (24/7) and coordinated with developers, QA team, Management and end users.
  • Worked with the UniCenter ticketing tool for creating work requests and problem solving issues.
  • Set up application bindings for EJB JNDI names, Data sources for entity beans, EJB references, and virtual host bindings for Web modules.
  • Well versed with complete Development Life Cycle process which includes development, testing, implementation and migration process.
  • Configured Java Mail session object to get connections to mail servers by the applications deployed on the server.
    Involved in configuring F5 load balancer, LDAP and failover issues.
  • Configured the Session Manager to enable persistent session management using memory-to-memory session replication.
  • Binding the Message Driven Beans to JMS listener ports. Provided Shell scripting and documentation.
  • Tuned Connection Pool usage for the resource Management tuning Initial Capacity, Max Capacity and Capacity Increment after the analysis of JDBC Stats.
  • Monitoring CPU utilization, JVM memory utilization, finding process id with Port number and resolving Port conflicts using various UNIX commands.
  • Worked with Unix Operations Group in setting up the Linux servers Providing the requirements.
  • Documented Procedures for the Startup and Shutdown procedures, Installation, Upgrades, Simulators for the end to end applications in Production and NON-Prod environments.
  • Used Grinder, Jmeter, Loadrunner testing tools for generating reports on performance tuning.

Environment: Sun Solaris 9/10, Linux 3/4/5, HP-UX 11.2x/11.3x, Windows 2003 Servers, Windows XP, Perl, python scripting, korn shell, Oracle DB 10g/11g.

Confidential, Columbia, MO

Systems Administrator


  • Responsible for installation, configuration, and administration of Solaris 8 & 9 and supporting other OS like Red Hat Linux, HP-UX systems.
  • Installed and configured new hardware and memory and applied patches as needed.
  • Handled administration and support for SUN, LINUX, and HP-UX servers.
  • Provided problem resolution for system hardware, software, and/or Operating Systems and developed specialized automation tools, scripts, and processes for performance monitoring of system hardware and/or software, and to assist other groups in completing their tasks.
  • Helped DBA team for faster application execution by creating processor sets and linking Sybase process to the processor set and configuring permanent links across reboots.
  • Installed other useful related software’s such as ITA, Bindview, OpenSSH, HP Openview, BMC Patrol Best1, IBM Tivoli Storage Manager, IBM DB2 client, Tripwire etc.
  • Configured Jumpstart Enterprise Tool kit to provided Jumpstart installations and performed upgrades and troubleshooting troubleshooting of servers remotely.
  • Performed security audit of infrastructure utilizing nessus, Implemented security measures as appropriate, including replacing Telnet with SSH, and installing SSL, Aide and TCP Wrappers.
  • Used VERITAS VOLUME MANAGER to create diskgroups, volumes, volume groups, and RAID’s.
  • Repaired bad spots on the disk using repair and analyze. Used format and fdisk for disk configuration and disk crash recovery.
  • Upgraded Solaris 8, 9 systems with perfection using Live Upgrade / Fresh Jumpstart procedures.
  • Used VERITAS Netbackup tool for backup and recovery.
  • Created and managed new users, groups, software, and printers using Admin tool.
  • Analyzed and involved in troubleshooting of hardware and software failures for various UNIX servers (core dump and log file analysis).
  • Installed and Configured Apache HTTP web server, (LDAP), OpenWave, Novell's Identity Manager on AIX, Solaris
  • Monitored system performance using sar, prof, vmstat, iostat, netstat, Nagios.
  • Wrote and modified shell scripts (tk, Perl, ksh) to perform automated administration tasks.
  • Managed and implemented changes, upgrades, security procedures and policies to the Unix client infrastructure.
  • Configured DNS Servers and Clients, and involved in troubleshooting DNS issues.
  • Installation, configuration and troubleshooting Weblogic, Clear case, Apache Tomcat.
  • Installed and configured domain wide mail systems utilizing Postfix with multi subnet and a single relay host for internal mail forwarding, all external mails were handled by Sendmail and SMTP.
  • Created new file system, permitted user to mount file system, monitored free space, disk usage, located files, checked & cleared log files, and performed administration and monitoring of disk based file system.

Environment: Sun Solaris 8/9, Linux, Veritas Volume Manager, Apache Web Server, Perl, tk, python scripting, korn shell.


Systems Engineer


  • Monitor the usage of CPU, load on CPU, checking the load on memory and various security aspects of the systems configuring the network printers.
  • Monitoring Garbage collection through various utilities like JVMSTAT on local servers and remote servers. Invocation of JavaHotspot on recent Java SDK and allocation of Heap sizes Min and Max and stacksize on the same. Running Jprofiler for monitoring the same.
  • Implementation, configuration, administration of LAN, WAN, CISCO VPN, Pix Firewall and VOIP Systems.
  • Maintain a secure Samba file server on a 3 Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems for integrated data communication between Windows and Linux Operating Systems.
  • Used utilities like VNC, Nessus and Port Monitors.
  • Installed, configured and maintained Oracle 7 on Sun Solaris.
  • Managed data and disk drives, disk mirroring and RAID implementation using Solaris Disk Suite.
  • Joined multiple disks to overcome disk size limitations, mirrored data for fault tolerance. Spread data over multiple disks for performance enhancement.
  • Responsible for Day to Day Backup and Recovery using tar.
  • Used commands for creating new users, groups, user passwords, changing passwords, managing user accounts and locking users.
  • Performed problem determination and restored service using standard procedures.
  • Security measures blocking unnecessary ports and restricting user’s remote logins.
  • Monitor bad user logins and unauthorized users.
  • Recovery Management on tapes using Ignite-U.

Environment: Sun Solaris 8/9, Linux, Apache Tomcat, ORACLE 7.x, Solstice Disk Suite 4.2.1, C, Java, JVMSTAT.

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