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Middleware Administrator Resume

Glendale, OH

Experience Summary:

  • Over 7 years of IT experience in the area of web middleware infrastructure design, implementation, monitoring and support.
  • Experience in installing, configuring, patching, tuning and troubleshooting of the Jboss, WebSphere Application Server 4.0/5.0/6.0/6.1/7.0/8.5 , HTTP Server 2.0/6.0/6.1/7.0 and WebSphere MQ 5.3/6.0 and setting up the Development, Test and Production environments on Unix (Sun Solaris, SuSE Linux, AIX) and Windows servers.
  • Experience administering Unix/Solaris/AIX production server environment including installing OS, patching and performance tuning.
  • Experience in configuring resources including JDBC providers, Data Source, Connection pooling and defining Virtual Host, and JMS resources including Connection Factories, Queue Connection Factories and Queues.
  • Experience in implementing the Workload Management including horizontal clusters and vertical clusters for High Availability, failover and Work Load Management (WLM).
  • Experience in build and deployment of J2EE Application Archives (war and ear) on Application Servers and Cluster environment.
  • Experience in configuring and administering LDAP components.
  • Experience in installing the WebSphere MQ and configured MQSeries objects such as Queue Managers, Listeners, Channels and Queues and enable the security.
  • Installing secure socket layer (SSL) Certificates, configuring single sign-on and enabling Global security for Application Servers.
  • Extensively used monitoring tools including Tivoli performance viewer, Wily, Heap and Thread analyzers for root cause analysis of memory leaks, garbage collection.
  • Experience in generating Heap dumps, Core dumps and analyze the problem using Thread and Heap analyzers and tuning the parameters including JVM heap, Connection pool sizes.
  • Experience in migration of existing applications from versions older to new versions and update the fix packs.
  • Experience in JACL, Jython and Shell scripts to automate the maintenance process and deployment.
  • Strong UNIX admin skills, including host setups, WinSCP, profiles setup, crontabs and security.
  • Experience in setting up, configuring and implementing various authorization and authentication including LDAP and map the users and groups.
  • Coordinated with domain experts from different teams to resolve the critical issues on production environment.
  • Strong capacity to learn new technologies rapidly and achieve deep vertical knowledge.
  • Experience in 24X7 on-call production support and troubleshooting problems related to web servers, application servers and Database and Security issues.

Technical Skills:

Middleware: JBoss 4.0, Jboss 5.1, Jboss 6.1(Enterprise)

WebSphere Application Server: 4.0/5.0/5.1/6.0/6.1/7.0 , Tomcat 6.0, WebSphere MQ 5.3/6.0

WebServers: IBM HTTPServer 2.0.47/6.0/6.1/7.0 , IIS 6.0, Apache 2.0, Sun One WebServer v6.1/iPlanet.

Operating Systems: IBM AIX 5.2/5.3, Sun Solaris 8/9/10, HP-UX 11iV1, Linux- SuSE 9/11, & Redhat 5.X/6.X and Windows 2000/2003/2008 Server

Database: Oracle 10g/9i/8i, DB2 v9, UDB7.1/6.1 and SQL Server 2005

Languages: C, Java, Java Script, Visual Basic, HTML, XML and SQL


Security: LDAP, SiteMinder, TAM, TIM, SSO

Scripting: JACL, Jython and Shell Script

Tools: Tivoli Performance Viewer, Garbage Analyzer, Heap Analyzer, BMC Patrol and Wily.

Others: MS office, MS Visio


Confidential, Glendale, OH

Middleware Administrator


  • Installed and managed Jboss 6.2 (eap) instances in multiple enterprise environments.
  • Installed and configured WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7.0/8.5, HTTP Server 6.1/7.0, Apache 2.0.52 for development, test and production environments on UNIX and Windows platforms.
  • Created profiles and federated to the Deployment manger within the Cell in WebSphere.
  • Installed HTTP Server 6.1/7.0 and configured remote local & Plug-in for application servers
  • Worked with developers to define and configured application Servers, Virtual Hosts, Web Applications, JDBC drivers, Data Sources, JMS resources as well as deployment of EARs across multiple Clusters of Application Servers.
  • Involved in Work Load Management by creating Horizontal and Vertical Clusters in WebSphere application server 6.1/7.0.
  • Installed WebSphere MQ 6.0 and configured WebSphere MQ objects including Queue Managers, Listeners, Channels and Queues (local, remote and alias).
  • Integrated WebSphere applications with MQ series using WebSphere JMS
  • Implemented Horizontal and Vertical Clustering, Performance tuning and trouble shooting of IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.1/7.0
  • Installed EAR, WAR files and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container parameters using the Admin Console and WSADMIN scripts.
  • Used IBM Analyzer tools to monitor J2EE Applications and tuned the environment accordingly like changing the JVM Heap, Connection Pool sizes and end-user transactions.
  • Generated Self Signed Certificates/personal certificates and installed CA signed SSL certificates.
  • Enabled the Global Security/SSL to the AppServers/WebServers for establishing the secure connection to the internal & external users using LDAP.
  • Installed and configured the Introscope Wily for monitoring the health of the applications.
  • Installed WebSphere updates including fixpacks and interim fixes for application servers, webservers and MQ servers.
  • Used JACL scripts and shell scripts to automate the deployments and configuration of WebSphere.
  • Involved in Disaster recovery process of web and application servers.
  • Migrated existing applications from versions 6.1 to 7.1 using WASPreupgrade and WASPostupgrade tools.
  • Involved in troubleshooting Several Application Issues & Worked with IBM on PMR’s as required
  • Provided on call 24x7 supports by shift rotation basis.

Environment: Jboss 6.1, WebSphere Application Server v6.1/7.0/8.5, WebSphere Proxy Server v7.0, WebSphere MQ v6.0, IBM HTTP Server v6.1/7.0, Apache 2.0, AIX 5.3, Sun Solaris v9/10, Windows 2008 Server, SiteMinder, Oracle v9i/10g, Jacl, Jython, & Shell Script, Heap and Thread Analyzers, Introscope Wily, LDAP and BMC Patrol.

Confidential, Bridgeport, CT

Middleware Administrator


  • Installed, Configured, Administered and Supported WebSphere Application Servers 6.0/6.1, JBoss 4.0, Tomcat on Solaris, AIX and Windows 2003 Server environment
  • Installed HTTP Server 6.0/6.1 and configured remote Plug-in for application servers.
  • Built the WebSphere MQ 5.3 and configured Data Sources and MQ objects including Queue Managers, Queues, channels, and listeners.
  • Used Tivoli performance viewer monitor WebSphere/J2EE Applications and tuned the environment accordingly like changing the JVM Heap, Connection Pool sizes.
  • Debugging of the application problems while developing the application.
  • Involved in migrating existing applications from WebSphere 6.0 to 6.1
  • Installed third party SSL certificates and enabled the Global security for Admin console and applications.
  • Created Enterprise Bus, MQ link adapter on the WAS and connected to the MQ server.
  • Enabled Global security for the Admin Console and application components.
  • Involved in configuring the WebSphere load balancing utilizing WebSphere Workload Management (WLM) including horizontal scaling and vertical scaling.
  • Involved in trouble shooting and Performance tuning using Tivoli Performance Viewer and log analyzer.
  • Applying software maintenance, updated the interim fixes and cumulative fixes and keeping the system software releases current.
  • Supported WebSphere Application Server clustering, load balance and failover.
  • Configured the web server interfaces, session management, virtual hosts and transports for Web Sphere.
  • Used Jython and Wsadmin scripts to automate the deployments and configuration.
  • Evaluating security control on new and existing UNIX servers to access compliance to policies and standards.
  • Debugged WebSphere Application Server connection pooling and connection manager with Oracle.
  • Created user roles and groups for securing the resources using LDAP system authentication.
  • Troubleshoot hardware and software problems, on-call support and interact with IT staff in performing complex testing, support and troubleshooting functions.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 6.0/6.1, JBoss 4.0, Tomcat, IBM HTTP Server 6.0/6.1, IIS 6.0, IBM MQ Series 5.3, AIX 5.3, Sun Solaris 8, Windows 2003 Server, VMware, LDAP, DB 8.2, Oracle 9i, Jacl, Jython, Tivoli, Wsadmin, Heap and Log Analyzer.

Confidential, Bentonville, AR

WebSphere/System Administrator


  • Installed and configured IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1/6.0 on Windows and UNIX environment.
  • Installed HTTP Server 2.0.47/6.0 and configured Plug-in for application servers. Configuring WebSphere server as per the project requirements (JDBC Driver creation, DataSource, Virtual Host)
  • Installed EAR and WAR files and configured application specific JVM settings, Web container parameters using the Admin Console and WSADMIN scripts.
  • Involved in migration of the previous versions to latest versions and applied future packs.
  • Involved in configuring the Web Directory access protocols like LDAP for different levels of access including administrator, deployer and configurator.
  • Install Renewed and New SSL certificates on Web Servers using IKEYMAN utility.
  • Updated fixpacks and interim patches on existing application and WebServers.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity/networking issues, plug-in issues and SiteMinder agent issues.
  • Used Tivoli Performance Viewer for performance monitoring and WebSphere Log Analyzer for troubleshooting.
  • Replaced default certificates and installed new SSL certificates on Web Servers and application servers.
  • Used Jython and Shell scripts to automate the deployments and configuration of WebSphere.
  • Used XML Config tool for backup and recovery of WebSphere Application Server configuration.
  • 24X7 on-call support and troubleshooting problems related to WebSphere Application server.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.1/6.0, IBM HTTP Server 2.0.47 /6.0, Win2000 Server, SuSE Linux 9, LDAP server, UDB 8.2, Oracle 9i, XML, Jython, Shell script, Tivoli and Log analyzer.


Software Engineer


  • Installed, configured, administered and supported WebSphere Application Server 5.0/5.1 on Windows environment.
  • Built the HTTP Server 1.3/2.0 and enabled the security for applications.
  • Generated SSL cert requests and installed SSL certs on Web and Application servers.
  • Administration of applications in runtime, starting and stopping the application server and Regenerating/updating plug-in for IBMHTTP Servers.
  • Debugging of the application problems while developing the application
  • Configured persistent session mechanisms for distributed applications using oracle DB.
  • Developed JACL scripts and shell scripts to automate the maintenance process of the WebSphere and recovered the backed up WebSphere configuration using backup Config and restore Config tools.
  • Created user roles and groups for securing the applications and admin console using LDAP repositories.
  • Used Tivoli Performance Viewer and Log Analyzer for performance and troubleshooting
  • Created clusters with various combinations of nodes and JVMs per application need.
  • Provided on-call support for production issues.

Environment: IBM WebSphere Application Server 5.0/5.1, HTTP Server 1.3/2.0, HP-UX 11iV1, Win2000 server, Java, JSP, EJB, LDAP server, Oracle.

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