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Lead System Engineer Resume



Green Belt Certified Senior engineering professional with strengths in technical leadership, global quality/reliability, product and system improvement, and innovative product development. Known for inspiring teams to think creatively, work productively, and align with organization’s business goals and meet/exceed customer’s expectations.


  • Change Management
  • Influence/Decision Making
  • Project Management
  • Opto-electronics
  • Cross-functional Comm.
  • Problem solving


Confidential, NJ

Manager, Lead System Engineer

Line Manager (5 engineers, 3 technicians) and Principal Engineer for confidential Product line. Confidential is a highly complex electronic/optical system for cellular imaging with automated imaging acquisition, which is on the top of the market in image quality and functionality.

  • Operation excellence Award by GE Healthcare
  • Managed InCell 3000 product line projects, brought conceptual system into commercial market on time with allocated resources and engineering efforts;
  • Deployed Quality/Reliability function in design phases from the day one by translated VOC into product Spec.
  • Planned DOE for design quality, analyzed DOE data for product reliability. Led design quality review in every milestones and mitigated quality risk before the product entering full mfg stage;
  • Refined product detailed design for manufacturability and serviceability, assembly & testing SOP, reduced the cost in product cycle, Cost of Goods down 10%, Cost of Warranty down 1.5%;
  • Managed system requirements, trade-offs, and technical risks for quality, schedule and cost, resulting in high quality product meeting all specifications;
  • Collaborated with marketing in defining product family road map and transforming operational needs into defined systems’ configuration, resulting in a 5 years’ development plan for the department;
  • Led efforts in human system integration, such as staffing, training and interfacing with customers, resulting in a strong strategic alliance tire built for next Gen product development and penetrating into market.

Global Reliability Leader in Confidential

  • Changing Agent Award by GE HealthCare;
  • Led effort in deploying reliability in new product design, validated product met all quality/reliability objectives
  • Data driven FMEAs analysis, DFR in every product design phase, DOE data analyzed by Minitab
  • Mean Time Between Failure analysis (DFR and DFS-Design for Serviceability, DFSS)

Tiger Team Lead / System Engineer (Temporary cross functional team of 20 people for specific reliability issues) for InCell 1000 High throughput Cellular Imager (An OEM and fit to the low end of InCell product family). Problem solved.

  • Key Talent Award by GE HealthCare
  • Moderator for cross functional communications for project mgmt and monitoring;
  • Led effort in writing CAPAs process SOP, performed data driven FMEA (Failure Mode Effect Analysis) that unearthed the root cause for nonconformance problem, mitigated risk in implementing system corrective actions/preventive actions, conducted training program for OEM mfg, CAPA closed and the instrument back to market;
  • Reliability characterization, validation and verification test planning, Minitab as analytical tool;
  • Controlled product Quality in product development and manufacturing DFSS and Lean Six Sigma;
  • Implemented Reliability improvement actions and proactive plan (DFS) in product design phases.

Global New Product Introduction (NPI) Leader for instrumentation products across Bio-Sciences

  • Bridged to mfg for mfg readiness, Testing strategy, Lean mfg, compiled SOP for SAT and FAT;
  • Bridged to Service for serviceability (supportability) readiness, Training strategy and support strategy;
  • Bridged to sales for commercial offering readiness.

Strategic Planning-Customer Service / Technical Support

  • Structured out Strategic plan for key customers in Cell Biology, combine with industrial solution, educational program, application support, instrument service
  • RCM planning for customer’s integrated system implemented the support plan, eliminated unplanned downtime
  • Earned highly regarded from customer and as result 8 million equipment sales completed

Confidential, MD

Manager / Senior Opto-Electronic Engineer

Measurement Instrument Division, multi-project management

  • Initiated R&D department in North America;
  • Built up R&D team and Laboratory crew (6 people in total) for products development;
  • Project leader and system designer for Polarization Dependent Loss measurement system (Electronic instrument with built-in optics), including system architect and measurement algorithm. And Chromatic Dispersion measurement module development (Electronic instrument for optical spectrum analysis, contain optical spectrum expender, photo detector array, etc.);
  • Interfaced with US customer for customization of designs;
  • Global communication between R&D in USA and R&D in Japan for integrating customer’s needs.
  • Bridge to manufacturing (in Japan) for technology transferring, design documents, BOM, suggested test procedures, etc;
  • FMEA for field installed instruments.


Project Leader, Senior Optical/Electronic Designer

Principal design engineer in Controlled System Measurement Group, Instrument R&D. Manage multiple projects and global responsibility for optical/electrical design are the norm. Interface with customer, set up the internal and external specifications for product. Support production line to adopt product and improve existing procedure, increase production capability. Accomplishments

  • Managed projects, planning, budgeting, staffing and monitoring;
  • Individual technical consultant for Design Review Board of the Department;
  • Design Authority of PDL (Polarization Dependent Loss) measurement product family (PDL meter $20k/unit) and Back-reflection measurement product family (RM/RS meter $35k/unit);
  • Polarization Modes Dispersion tester (Time-Of-Flight analysis) development;
  • Develop product, conceptual Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifier (EDFA) tester prototype, adding dual laser and 980nm options to meter family;
  • Product support to internal customers (technical support, sales, manufacturing and service);
  • Tiger Team Leader. Coordinated R&D and manufacturing efforts to kill the specific Quality/Reliability problem in manufacturing. Mission completed and RMA rate reduced from 35% down to >5%
  • FMEA for the defectives in manufacturing process.


Research Scientist

Principal scientist of Confocal Laser Scanning Ophthalmoscope (optical imaging system for Ophthalmic diagnosis).

  • Designed laser related optical relay for concept-proving prototype. Electronic control unit (computer based control circuit for entire instrument) and image-processing interface (low level signal capture).
  • Built, tested and validated the first laser based instrument for proving the concept.

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