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Fte, Technical Consultant Iv, Active Directory Migration/quest Sme Resume

Greenville, SC


Architect and support IT solutions for clients. Projects, challenges, dead-lines, and a fast-paced environment are welcome.

Computer Skills – Applications & Software:

Network Operating Systems / Enhancements: Windows Server, Windows Terminal Services, VMware Server, Citrix Presentation Server, NetWare, Ubuntu

Active Directory / Reporting / Migration Tools: Quest Reporter, Quest Migration Manager for Active Directory, ADSIEdit, ADUC, Active Directory Domains and Trusts

Mail/Database Systems: IBM Lotus Notes Domino, Microsoft SQL Server

Backup Systems and Software: Tivoli Storage Manager, Backup Exec, SQL and Domino backup strategies, DAT/DLT/LTO technologies, Various IBM Tape Libraries

Troubleshooting Tools: WireShark, ERD Commander

Management Software: FreeCon, DameWare Mini Remote Control, Hyena Pro

Antivirus/Antispyware Software: McAfee, Trend Micro, Symantec

Desktop Operating Systems: Windows, Some Macintosh 9-X

Microsoft Office Products: Excel, Word, Outlook, Access, PowerPoint, Visio

Adobe Products: Acrobat

Miscellaneous Software: AutoCAD, WinHEX, mIRC, Trillian, Squid Proxy

Programming/Scripting Languages: Microsoft Command-Line (.bat, .cmd), Visual Basic (.vbs), KIX Scripting (.KIX)


Confidential, Greenville, SC

FTE, Technical Consultant IV, Active Directory Migration/Quest SME

  • Provide guidance, insight, and expertise to support a variety of client migrations
  • Actively participated in the migration of 20,000+ Users across several enterprises
  • Engineered and wrote solutions for installing, configuring, and using QMM/AD in a Windows Server 2008 R2 Active Directory forest. Documented and performed test cases to ensure functional, security, and business objectives were met. Provided technical expertise and insight to Solution Assurance Labs for certifying those documents.
  • Wrote “How to” briefs for QMM activities and End-User Services troubleshooting
  • Collaborate and form relationships with Quest Support, Quest business partners, internal Confidential teams, and end-client personnel

Confidential, Augusta, GA

Contract, Systems Engineer

  • Staff augmentation to support a Datacenter move
  • Performed Directory Services cleanup and DNS cleanup, as requested by client
  • Managed local team sourcing server pulls and ensuring move objectives were met
  • (Otherwise similar in scope to prior engagement with EMA NA, July 2007 – Feb 2008)

Confidential, Richmond, VA

Contract, Active Directory Migration Engineer

  • Primary Migration Engineer assigned to several Virginia State Agency migrations
  • Responsible for Agency Prep, pilots, production, and some post-migration support
  • Managed day-to-day activities of Secondary Engineer and Support Team
  • Scoped and quickly resolved issues ranging from Directory Synchronization to Desktop Support, primarily revolving around ACLs, User object properties, and/or networking
  • Collaborated with various Enterprise Teams, frequently building and leveraging informal relationships to help expeditiously settle issues outside my direct scope of responsibility
  • Used tools including Quest Reporter and Quest Migration Manager

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Contract, Microsoft Directory Services SME

  • Provide Consulting services for Client’s ASP initiative, gaining familiarity with process flow for eDiscovery, offsite litigation support, and current review offerings
  • Designed secure HA Active Directory environment leveraging OU structure, Group Policy, scripting, Microsoft Best Practices, and Client’s internal Security Baselines
  • Assist with supporting VMware ESX Server Cluster
  • Build-out Windows, Ubuntu, and Citrix Presentation Server VMware guest instances
  • Implemented core network service such as DNS, DHCP, DFS, WSUS, and WebProxy

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Contract, Active Directory Migration Specialist

  • Worked as part of a team to migrate 5 Divisions (Approx 6,000 seats) into a single Federated Forrest leveraging the Quest Migration Manager and Quest Reporter products
  • Built virtual labs to test any unique migration scenarios particular to a given Division
  • Led Divisions thru Discovery and other pre-migration tasks such as:
  • Establishing DNS Conditional Forwarding, standing-up WINS, and LMHOST file edits
  • Created change requests for the creation of Division OU structure, administrative security groups, and permissions delegation
  • Created/modified logon scripts in the Corp Domain
  • GPO consolidation
  • Engaged Division through-out all phases of migration – pilot, production, and Servers:
  • Worked with Desktop Teams to familiarize them with typical migration processes/flow, UAT, and troubleshooting/escalation paths
  • Worked with IT Site Managers for scheduling, feedback, and “tribal knowledge”

Confidential, Augusta, GA

Contract, Systems Engineer

  • Functioned within a team to support an enterprise datacenter and Corp IT initiatives
  • Built infrastructure to absorb ASIA-PAC BI operations:
  • Managed vendors to meet incumbent power requirements and SAN expansion
  • Built a Citrix Presentation Server Farm and a VMware ESX Server Cluster
  • Resolved pre-implementation hardware and software configuration issues
  • Coordinated activities of other teams to bring systems online
  • Converted P2V instances into usable guests for the ESX Server Cluster
  • Created VMware guest instances as required
  • Created OU structure and security groups for delegation in Active Directory
  • Document project tracking and Active Directory changes for US Systems Owners
  • Stabilized and supported a multi-server/multi-site Tivoli Storage Manager environment
  • Assist/train junior personnel and remote site administrators to scope and resolve issues pertaining to tape management (under-sized tape libraries)
  • Resolved issues with tape reclamation, storage migration, and the TSM BA Client

Confidential, Charlotte, NC

Contract/Temporary FTE, Professional Services Consultant

  • Stabilized, upgraded, and supported client Tivoli Storage Manager environments:
  • Generate BACKUP SETs for retired nodes
  • Cleanup node filespaces
  • Assist in procuring TSM licensing and software maintenance agreements
  • Mitigate TSM errors, resolving issues on both clients and server
  • Mitigate library volume errors; inventory and reconcile COPYPOOL media
  • Upgrade software, both BA Client and Tivoli Storage Manager server
  • Scale-up Tivoli Storage Manager server utilizing SAN storage arrays
  • Supported Active Directory migration efforts across various client engagements:
  • Gained familiarity with atypical migration strategies
  • Experience with tools including ADMT, PERMCOPY, and ROBOCOPY
  • Gained experience troubleshooting network connectivity and Domain trust issues
  • Leveraged resources (teammates, other teams) to scope, resolve, and mitigate client issues, both pre- and post-migration
  • Built images and documented build processes for client PC rollouts:
  • Uploaded and downloaded images from the RIS Server to validate operations
  • Assisted with troubleshooting issues encountered during image downloads
  • Built servers for a variety of applications and clients

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