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Network Consultant Resume

Reston, Va

ITSEC and IT Support Specialist

Web Development Team Leader ~ Web - Based Software / Application Development Team Leader ~ Lead .Net Developer

Innovative web development leader with 20 years of rapid advance from hands-on engineering to leadership of web-based software and web development teams. Demonstrated ability to assess company and market trends to develop complex large-scale eCommerce web sites that substantially increase profitability. Proven track record of troubleshooting and resolving complex business issues with web-based solutions. Solid grasp of best practices in software / application / web development and database / data warehouse / information systems. Known for combining leading edge skills like .Net, ASP.Net, ADO.Net, MS SQL, and BizTalk in large scale web site and portal development projects.

Technical ExperienceSoftware : IIS, ASP, VB Scripting, JavaScript, MS SQL, Visual Studio, Dreamweaver, Front Page,

Databases : Dbase, Oracle, Lotus, MS SQL, MS Access, MS SSRS, Crystal Reports, Custom Xhtml Reporting.

Hardware : Dell, IBM PCs and compatibles, Sun, Compaq, AS/400, System 36, Macintosh, Cisco, Wellfleet, Shiva

OS : Windows 9X / NT / 2000 / XP, Windows Server 2003, IIS, Apache, Linux, DOS, SunOS, Mac OS/2, SSP, OS400; Ubuntu

Networking : TCP/IP, LAN, WAN, VLAN, WLAN, VPN, Multicasting, Access Lists, DMZ, DNS, DHCP, IDSN, WINS, 10baseX, Token Ring, SDLC, DS1, DS3, Sonet, ATM, SMDS, Frame Relay, Microsoft PC LAN, 10Net, Unix, IBM SNA/SDLC

Programming : C#, VB.Net, ASP.Net, PHP, HTML, XML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, .Net 2.0, ADO.Net, BizTalk, Java, ASP, Perl, Visual Basic (VB), SQL, ASP, IIS, MTS, .NET, J++

Executive Summary

  • Conceived and successfully implemented controversial website transformation from online newspaper to industry-leading multimedia news portal integrating online print, video, and audio content.
  • Led Washingtontimes.com from unranked to Nielsen / NAA#22 Top 100 Newspaper Websites rank.
  • Conceived & sold concept, developed and delivered enabling technology that enable Confidential to become 1st daily newspaper in US to publish all content in audio and podcasting formats.
  • Substantially increased both unique and repeat visitor rates by enhancing content style and presentation.
  • Became fastest growing American newspaper website in the 25-35 year old demographic.
  • Increased online ad income 70% by introducing innovations and web-based marketing campaigns.
  • Boosted online revenue 30% with new blog-style reporting, enhanced content design, and e-marketing.
  • Developed a two year plan to reposition TWT as a digital publisher. The plan was deployed and is successful.
  • Managed digital conversion of a large publisher's archives into a digital repository using a native XML database.
  • Led offshore development team in digital conversion of a large print archive enabling multiple eCommerce products and development of new revenue streams.
  • Created a Web 2.0 digital repository and Web enabling reuse of print content as multiple Web applications for a large scale online bookstore and eBook delivery mechanism.
  • Managed multiple online communities with tens of thousands of members
  • Managed a large installation of Web Application servers and Web infrastructure
  • Wrote RFP and conducted vendor negotiations for multiple Web development projects
  • Managed PCI compliance issues for more than 100 eCommerce enabled web sites.

Professional Experience

Confidential, Reston, VA.

Principal Internet and Network Consultant

Support of multiple clients’ web operations, hosting, updates and modifications, including new deployments and republishing to upgraded platforms. eCommerce and PCI compliance consulting and support. Active Directory security administration for global network of more than 30k users. Active Directory, ActiveSync iPhone and Samsung Galaxy, Outlook, VPN, Mobile, and Desktop Support for a Fortune 100 company. Provided ActiveSync activations for hundreds of users. Supported Outlook desktop and web client for a 75,000 user implementation. SAP login support and updates for thousands of users.


Systems Analyst

Working with User Experience and Design Teams, I wrote the specifications and special instructions for the Application Development Team for web development of multiple Fortune 500 client web sites. Design and documentation of multiple mass email marketing campaigns, Facebook campaigns, and other interactive marketing techniques. Served as project manager for six web development projects.


Director of Digital Products

Responsible for development of multiple eCommerce based revenue streams from within web and multimedia applications with an emphasis on email marketing and subscription based web products. Developed ePublishing products for Kindle, SONY, and Barnes and Nobel eReader platforms. Was project manager and team leader for new multiple new web site design and deployment.


Director Online Systems and Technology

  • Managed multiple online communities with over 200 thousand members, providing all technical management, growth management, and platform management.
  • As project manager, developed RFP and selected vendors for a large xml digital data conversion project. Managed two offshore development teams.
  • Managed conversion of more than 400 book titles into a native xml database to provide online application access to archived content.
  • Developed and deployed a PCI compliant solution to make more than 100 eCommerce applications compliant and auditable to PCI standards.
  • As Project Manager, managed redevelopment and redeployment of a complex eCommerce application providing a large revenue base.


Internet Director

  • Recruited by heads of two previous employers (now at Times) to revamp washingtontimes.com web site with an emphasis on eCommerce revenue development.
  • Oversee and provide senior-level technical expertise in Web application and Web Services development in C#, including Web community services, content management, and statistical analysis.
  • As Project Manager, Lead teams of content / web-based software developers and contractors using Agile XP methodology to achieve complete transformation to stronger OOD methods and application reliability and scalability.
  • Reviewed existing design and formulated plan to redevelop and redeploy and wrote the code.
  • Led conversion from PHP / Linux to C# / IIS dual use code by using PHP plug-in to Visual Studio.
  • Managed project for redesign of TWT.com migration and server migration to new web hosting OS.
  • Managed projects to select, develop, and deploy new content management application, web matrix tools, and subscriber management system.

IT / Web Security Analyst

  • Promoted within one year of hire to provide web site and web application risk assessment / risk management and conduct analysis of Symantec and Pix firewalls for diverse web sites.
  • Underwent FISMA training and developed web-based application and web site standards and policies to enhance threat and risk analysis.
  • Developed wireless monitoring and reporting using handheld computers linked to database-driven intranet web site.
  • Utilized ASP.Net and C# coding for custom applications for web application security.
  • Was project manager for development and deployment of the Congressional Smart Card PKI system.

Team Leader

  • Led development team providing advanced-level .NET and web application development.
  • Oversaw creation of Contractor Connect and multiple other web-based applications enabling government site access to public, other agencies and internal intranet and legacy systems.
  • Provided Expert web design and development of mission critical applications using MS SQL, Oracle, .NET and Visual Studio.NET. Custom server controls, widgets, web services developed in .NET with C#.
  • Provided Project Management using Agile Extreme Programming methods.

Web & E-Commerce Consultant

  • Develop and lead implementation of varied web site and web-based application strategies for East West as well as wide range of clients including WorldTribune.com and GeoStrategy-Direct.com.
  • Provide web development and development of multiple database-driven e-commerce applications, including payment, membership management, content management, and mass email.
  • Oversee server management and performance tuning to support 2 million monthly viewers and 12 million page view impressions.
  • Handle database management enabling membership communication utilizing MS SQL and ASP.
  • Develop browser-based tools to allow client employees to manage users, members, mass email, content, and eCommerce applications and manage multiple servers running IIS.

Founder & CTO

  • Developed highly integrated network of 12 large membership-driven e-commerce websites.
  • Drove flagship web site to #1 ranked industry site within 45 days of launch.
  • Led development team and contract writers providing email, websites, internet access, eCards, user polls, forums, event database, chat, and numerous database systems.
  • Led development of multimedia products including books and videos.
  • Managed outside agencies in development of infomercial marketing, direct mail and targeted email marketing efforts producing 14+ million page views monthly.
Confidential, Reston, VA.

Director, Infrastructure Technology (Web Knowledge Bases)

  • Designed, implemented and managed large Internet Content Provider delivering one of the largest eCommerce applications on the WWW; served six months as interim CIO in CIO’s absence.
  • Managed 12 contractors and eight internal IT professionals including Oracle, SQL, HTML, ASP, and Java Developers in web development and development of web-linked databases / knowledge bases.
  • Designed and implemented massive web site for DISA; managed Web Team in maintenance of 8000+ HTML pages on multiple Web sites.
  • Created enterprise-wide disciplines for construction of e-commerce web site and e-mall prototypes.
  • Oversaw configuration of system including routers, servers, Firewalls, and all Internet connectivity.
  • Negotiated 3rd-party agreements with ISP, developers, and other external partners and vendors.
  • Provided management and technical support in development of FedECNavigator for Dept of Defense.
  • Project Manager for proposal team to develop proposal for country of Malaysia for an electronic, web based, government procurement system. Presented proposal to Malaysian Government and won award of contract.

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