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Network Manager And Network Engineer Resume

Reston, Va

Skills Summary

Twenty - four years experience in the Network, Systems, Architecture, Engineering and Network Design & Engineering fields. Extensive experience in network consulting and engineering/Solutions design for Commercial and Federal customers.

  • Infrastructure Architect for Confidential
  • Infrastructure Architect for Confidential (Transportation Security Administration (ITMS/Bridge-TSA Contract - Unisys Corp)
  • Network Manager for Confidential (Rockville, MD, Chicago, Lake Mary, Hawaii, Philadelphia, and other locations.)
  • Lead Network Administrator\Engineer Confidential (Bethesda Mid-Atlantic HQ site location, Herndon Call Center, Reston and Other Store locations)
  • Lead Technical Support Administrator for Confidential (Commercial Division - Mid-Atlantic Region.)
  • Lead Communication\Network Administrator for Confidential (Mid-Atlantic Region)
  • Administrative Lead/IT Support for Confidential (A QuesTech subsidiary in Defense Contracting)

Project Experience

Confidential - Portfolio Solutions Programs

Infrastructure Enterprise Architect

Included supporting the Portfolio Solutions Programs Responsible for the Requirements gathering, Architecture, Planning and Technical proposal writing on subjects such as FIPS 140-2 Wireless Solutions, ROIP, System Support, WAN/LAN Solutions and integration projects, Wireless development, Windows 7 migration, Blackberry Activation, Image migration including ITIL, SDLC process and Experience in implementation of NIST, DHS FIPS, DOD, DOJ standards. Conducted/Participated in SCAMPI B Assessment/ Appraisal to ensure CMMI compliance. Network Engineer working with the United States Patent and Trademark Office Project Team.


Systems Engineering & Infrastructur, Reston Va.

Lead Infrastructure Enterprise Architect

Including Firewalls, IDS, input to Security Review for Information Technology Systems based upon the NIST Publication for that solution. Ensure Image, Applications and Server Hardware and Infrastructure Platforms are “Hardened” to minimize potential security vulnerabilities. Responsible for the Requirements gathering, Architecture, Planning, Detailed Engineering and implementation for Video Teleconference support, Satellite solution- Rapid Response, VoIP solution, Firewall Solutions, VPN solutions, Router, Client engineering, Application solutions, VPN solution and Switch implementations and wireless communications for TSA Enterprise.

  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Dept.Homeland Security’s (TSA) Video Teleconferencing architecture, providing Video Teleconference for TSA locations.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA ) Rapid Response Solution architecture and implementation providing site-to-site VPN solution, CCME solution, data and VoIP access, content caching, IP acceleration and other services such and Unity for TSA..
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s Enterprise (TSA) Sidewinder Firewall architecture and implementation, providing firewall solution for internet access.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) Enterprise Client Engineering - Design of standard Laptop, Desktop and Server image architecture, providing a standard image for both workstation and server for all of TSA airport passenger and baggage screeners, and TSA employees in over 440 airports Worldwide.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Dept.Homeland Security’s (TSA) Training applications providing application packaging and Altiris deployment of TSA Training applications for TSA airport passenger and baggage screeners, and TSA employees in over 440 airports Worldwide. Enables up to date training on the latest Terrorist threats against US National security.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) Wireless Solution Technical Lead, designed, developed and implemented a secure Centralized Enterprise Wireless solution and Centralized Enterprise WIDS solutions. This solution provided User access for TSA Enterprise which includes designing the solution utilizing the 802.11i, FIPS 140-2, NIST, DHS and TSA security requirements.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA)

SOHO Project Designed and used the SDLC lifecycle to enable the mobile workforce connectivity.

  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) Site-to-Site VPN solutions providing connectivity to many sites.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) FP and LEMS environment enabling site-to-site VPN and SFTP connectivity to many different agencies. This project included the designing solutions to enable the agencies to meet Congress mandated directives. Also supported projects to upgrade solutions within FP and LEMS environment and supported efforts to bring solution under Manage Services while securing to infrastructure. SDLC Lifecycle project management was used in every project.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) Computer Notification Solution and Alert Notification Solution providing initial support and Design support.
  • Lead Infrastructure Architect for Confidential ’s (TSA) GPO Solution Designed and used the SDLC Lifecycle to provide DHS approved Global Policies for the enterprise both server and workstations..
  • SharePoint Phase I Project Management and some design support for SharePoint Phase I. WebEOC Phase I included design to integrate F5 load balancing into the WebEOC architecture.
  • Led the Technical Approach for “all phases” of the Proposal including Network Assessment, Design Qualification, Network Architecture, Technology Selection, Detailed Design, and Product Selection, Proposal responses, Resource identification and assisted in the production to the Technical proposal for many projects to be implemented at TSA including Content Caching and Wireless Bridging.
  • AFSP - Designed and used the SDLC Lifecycle to integrate AFSP solution with FP and LEMS as well as designed and supported migration and upgrades for the AFSP environment.
  • mNet Alert Notification Solution - Designed ANS solution that delivered Alerts to Pagers, Laptops and provided lifecycle project support for the mNet Alert notification Solution (ANS).

Other Roles include:

  • Act as a liaison between the customer and Unisys’ engineering and project management teams to ensure business requirements were translated into functional, security and technical requirements for many projects.
  • Participate in proposal and RTOP responses, developing designed solutions to meet requirements in the SOW. This includes identifying Labor Categories, hours, WBS, Cost Proposal input and providing Assumptions, Dependencies as well as Clarification support. This includes working with all teams within Unisys to deliver a world-class solution to the customer.
  • Provide technical and project management leadership on multiple concurrent projects.
  • Responsible for Technical Architectural Design.
  • Act as Technical Project Lead.
  • Responsible for gathering requirements and developing required documentation.
  • Responsible for working with integrator in-house or external teams to deliver technical architectural solutions to end-user customer.
  • Provide oversight to many projects ensuring that the technical system architecture design is being developed properly.
  • Responsible for developing WBS for overall project design.
  • Work closely with Engineering and other teams on multiple projects.
  • Presentations
  • Responsible for the Life-cycle of the project including Initiation, Development and design, Coordination of Testing, Development of SDLC artifacts witch include System Design Document, Test and Evaluation Plan document, System Security Plan document, Functional Requirement document, Implementation documentation, Standard Operating Procedure documentation, Technical Proposal documentation as well as the Approval Process.

ADP Integrated Medical Services

Network Manager and Network Engineer

  • Enter industry and project type here. 8/99 to 8/03
  • Manager of Network (LAN\WAN) and OA Servers.
  • Responsible for managing the Network (LAN/WAN) and Office Automation servers for ADPIMS. My area of responsibility includes Orlando, Silver Spring, Pennsylvania and Chicago office.
  • Manage and troubleshoot AT&T WAN and MCI WAN for ADPIMS.
  • Responsible for managing, coordinating and implementing network solutions for ADPIMS.
  • Manage\Administer Cisco routers 3640, 2610, 4000, 2500 and 7200
  • Manage\Administer Cisco (3) 5500 switches
  • Managed the System Engineering Team.
  • Project manager for special projects.
  • Responsible for migrating from Token Ring to Ethernet.
  • Responsible for migrating from OS/2 Servers to NT Servers and NT Servers to Windows 2000 Servers.
  • Responsible for administering and managing the 3com router, Cisco routers and Switches.
  • Manage and administer the DHCP, WINS, DNS and Firewall Servers.
  • Responsible for Exchange Server, Files Servers and DB Servers, RAS Server, LANDesk Server.
  • Project lead for deploying business critical solutions.
  • Responsible for implementing LANDesk, NAV Solution and Arcserve Solution.
  • Responsible for Y2K compliance on all business critical systems.
  • Providing timely project status/updates and issues to the Director of IT.
  • Design and Implement new Rockville Datacenter.
  • Issue Management Concord Reports and Tracker by IBM
  • Server Management


Supervisor of Network and OA Servers

  • Responsible for managing the Network and Office Automation servers Confidential in the Baltimore\Washington Market. The Baltimore\Washington Market consisted of retail sites, switch sites, call center, main office and affiliates.
  • Responsibilities include managing, maintaining and updating the LAN\WAN networks, including WIN\DNS servers, DHCP servers, File and Print servers, Exchange Mail server, SMS server and RAS server.
  • Provided leadership in all areas of responsibilities.
  • Three System Engineers and seven contractors reported to me.
  • Manage the migrations and integration of several different components of the Network. Including workstation migration from one NT domain to another NT domain, server migration for NT and Netware servers, Exchange (email) migration, and SMS migration.
  • Manage WINS\DNS\DHCP servers. This includes creating scopes and troubleshooting issues that arise.
  • Trouble-shoot and Coordinate Router, csu\dsu, and T1 line problems.
  • Maintaining excellent customer service to the user community.
  • Providing timely project status/updates and issues to the Manager of Systems Support.
  • Providing mentoring and performance feedback to direct reports.
  • Project lead for deploying business critical client software to the Baltimore\Washington market.
  • Inventoried and accessed hardware and applications for Y2K compliance.

Network Administrator

Confidential Windows NT 4.0 and Novell Netware 3.11 Network Administrator Confidential

Responsibilities include:

  • Network Administration, Maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Assisted with the client migration from wfw 3.11 to Windows 95 and Windows NT workstation 4.0.
  • Managed user profiles, policies, user groups and user accounts.
  • Develop training documentation for users.
  • Training Herndon Call center.
  • Implemented software on all desktops in the Herndon Call Center and Bethesda office.
  • Conducting backup company wide.
  • Implementing Virus Scan software.

Mail Administration

  • Managed Msmail Postoffice and user mail accounts/Groups for Herndon Call Center.
  • Assisted with the migration for Msmail postoffice MS Exchange.

Software/Hardware Technical Support

  • Hardware and software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting
  • Conducting software training.
  • Configured all client workstation to meet Call Center standards. i.e. BSCS, Infocell, PK2.
  • Training all employees on newly implemented software/hardware.


Technical Support Administrator\ Engineer

Network Administrator

  • Windows NT Network Administrator for Confidential ’s Mid-Atlantic Region
  • Performed all network maintenance and troubleshoot network/server problems and implemented the solutions.
  • Managed the migration from Lan Manager to Windows NT.
  • Upgraded and Installed Systempro and Proliant servers.
  • Conducted Backoffice Demos for roadshows and seminars.
  • Monitored network traffic, configured laptops, and setup network connections for RAS accounts.
  • Train employees on Networking and Remote Access Services.
  • Mail Administration - managed Msmail postoffice and user mail accounts/groups for Herndon Call Center.
  • Assisted with the migration from Msmail postoffice to MS Exchange.

Software/Hardware Technical Support

  • Hardware and software installation, configuration and troubleshooting such as Windows 95 and Windows NT, network, modem and SCSI cards.
  • Conducting software training such as Windows 95, Windows NT and MSOFFICE
  • Configured clients workstation with TCP/IP, Netbeui and XNS protocols, Windows for Workgroups, Msmail, Schedule +, Remote Access, Multi-media software
  • Training all new employees as well as newly implemented software/hardware solutions.

Video Teleconference Coordinator

  • Coordinated Video Teleconferences with Confidential Corporate as well as internal VTC meetings.
  • Troubleshoot VTC problems and coordinate Video Repair and Escalation.

Confidential .

Communication/Network Administrator

Network Administrator

  • Banyan Vines Network Administrator for Compaq’s Mid-Atlantic Region.
  • Maintained employees’ profiles, print services, file services and passwords.
  • Supported then network by troubleshooting network problems, finding and implementing a resolution.
  • Ensured bi-weekly backup-ups occurred on all networked servers.
  • Trained employees on Banyan’s Vines user environment.

Telecommunication: System 75 Administrator for Compaq’s McLean Office

  • Responsibilities included administering/managing the System 75 Software that includes all telephone/switchboard maintenance via software, installation troubleshooting any communication problems as well as coordinating service with AT&T and C&P.
  • Installed quad jacks, splitting wires to provide multiplexer (or MUX), digital, voice and analog capabilities.

Software/Hardware Support

  • Installed, configured and troubleshoot all Compaq models, HP Printers, Windows 95, Windows NT and other Confidential products.
  • Installed, configured and troubleshoot the following applications: MS Word, Banyan mail, Word perfect, Powerpoint, Excel, Lotus notes, Harvard Graphics and many others.
  • Performed database management for the registration for Compaq New Product Announcements in Paradox, ACT software as well as proprietary software. This includes creating customize reports and database architecture.
  • Provided Technical support to the department and to the end users.
  • Provided training classes to the user community. This includes Compaq computer training, Voicemail, Word perfect, Paradox, Banyan Mail and many other product training.
  • Regional Training Coordinator - Responsibilities included coordinating all Mid-Atlantic Certification training for Authorized Reseller, all correspondence, Dataflex training database, and accounts payable.

Confidential .

Administrative Lead/IT support

Administrative Support, ,

  • Provided support to the Director of Administration, President, Facilities Manager, and the Marketing division.
  • Wrote whitepapers, letters and any documents as needed.
  • Manage and Tracked Invoices for approval and submission to Accounting

IT Troubleshooter

  • Responsible for trouble-shooting all Custom & COTS/GOTS software and hardware problems, mainframe issues, large storage and any IT related issues such as networking.
  • Considered 3rd tier support which dealt with any escalations related to IT.
  • Responsible for installing all software and configuring hardware.
  • Made technology recommendations as it related to hardware and software for purchase.

Data Entry

  • Worked with Wyse terminal included data entry such as Time Cards.
  • Updated Contract Databases
  • Software and Hardware Databases
  • Vendor Database
  • Tracked Invoices
  • Updated Proposal Database.

Proposal Clerk

  • Maintained Confidential Proposal Library.
  • Provided support for Proposal submissions for Defense Contracting projects.
  • Support for Proposals included editing proposals, researching subjects and providing input for Proposals.

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