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Sr. Unix System Administrator Resume

Tampa, FloridA

Professional Summary

Over 5 years of managing enterprise infrastructure projects and extensive experience as a Unix Systems/Operational Administrator, utilizing multiple operating systems including AIX 4.3,5.2,5.3, 6.x, Solaris, Linux, SunOS, HP - UX 10x,11x, Silicon Graphics Dec Alpha, TRU64, Microsoft Windows. Fluent communicator with the ability to work well within project teams. Skilled in the installation administration of AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris and other operating systems mentioned.

Technical Skills

Hardware: IBM Blade Center H, HS23 Blade Servers, HP DL380 G8 HP DL560 G8,IBM x3650 x3690 x3850, IBM P6/570 P6/520, IBM Blade Center JS12 JS22 HS12 HS22, HMC version 6 and 7, P5/570, P595, 6M1, 6H1, Sun Enterprise 10K, 12K, 6000, 4500, 3500, Sun Ultra Class, Sun Microsystems Sparc workstation, Sun Blade Center, EMC Symmetric, DMX SANs, HP EVA 8K 6K 4K SANs, HP 9000, DL580, DL380, Silicon Graphics, Cisco routers, DCX switches, Dec Alpha, Dec Station, Weblogic, TRU64, Compaq servers and HP Desktop.

Software: Unix Shell scripts, AIX, VIO virtualization, LVM, Citrix, Tivoli, Informix, PICK D3, Hot/Backup, Prime Information, Red Hat Linux, Up2date, Yum, Samba, JAL 24x7 job scheduler, Clearcase StarTeam, RCS, Veritas Volume Manager, Veritas NetBackup, HP Openview, ITO Qualix HA+, SAP, Remedy, Legato, TimeFinder, Powerpath, OSF/1 Pro/Engineer, Oracle SQL, Pick PDP, Windows XP, 2000, Enterprise Server 64bit versions, Java, Tomcat, Websphere, MQ, Clarity, Maximo, MS Project, MS Office Suite, PowerPoint, Visio.

Utilities and protocols:

Networking - TCP/IP, NFS, Telnet, FTP, DNS, DHCP, ipconfig, route, netstat, traceroute, HTTP, inetd.

Admin Tools - smit, vmstat, top, ping, iostat, nmons, topas, sam.

Security - SSH, SSL certificate, Quest-VAS, PGP, GPG, port scanners, SFTP.

Graphics - Adobe Photoshop, Gif animators.

Databases - PICK D3, Informix, SQL, SAP, ACCESS, Prime Information, FoxPro.

Mail - SMTP, POP, automail, sendmail.

Professional Experience

Confidential, Tampa Florida

Infrastructure Project Implementation Engineer

OS / Server Engineering


  • Managing global end to end UNIX, Linux and Windows enterprise infrastructure project builds, upgrades and implementation for virtualized (VMWARE) and standalone server environments.
  • Schedule and facilitate weekly meetings with project team SME’s to provide status, identify any risk, gap in order to ensure on time project deliverables.
  • Collaborate with design team members to finalize project technical requirements to achieve overall business goals.
  • Engage capacity performance team to ensure correct hardware sizing for project hardware acquisition, thru qualified vendor’s bid process.
  • Prepare network connectivity document to ensure defined connectivity requirements, (# of ports, port speed, port configuration, vlans) for network team implementation and connectivity testing.
  • Provide, manage, track monthly forecasted project labor hours for build and implementation team.
  • Design security model to ensure requested user access for Active Directory enterprise environment.
  • Engage, coordinate with Data Center engineering team for requested hardware placements and installation.
  • Register subnets, subnet masks, gateways, and IP address information thru nightly DNS process.
  • Engage Storage team for project NAS, SAN storage allocations and presentation.
  • Coordinate hundreds of physical and virtual server hardware O/S environment builds in preparation for Application, DB, and Middleware team software installation and deployment.
  • Document, upload new hardware and relevant devices into online inventory system during project closure.
  • Work closely with Oracle DBA on Weblogic server setup and deployment.
  • Troubleshoot with Middleware, Application team on access, connectivity, and performance issues for production and lower level environments.

Confidential, St. Petersburg, Florida

Sr. UNIX System Administrator


  • Provide the highest quality of System Administration and Technical support to the 7x24 FIS/Certegy Production environment.
  • Configure, build and deploy UNIX servers from project request, submitted by Development, Test and Production business organizations.
  • Monitor deployed servers for overall system performance.
  • Develop and implement recommendations to resolve any performance related issues.
  • Perform daily health check using in-house automated scripts on all 500 servers in the FIS/Certegy production environment.
  • Engage Project Manager thru weekly status report updates.
  • Manage on-going effort to update IBM hardware firmware and HMC O/S to supportable versions.
  • Assist Audit security organization in remediating monthly PCI compliance scans.
  • Assist DBA, Application, and Network team with identifying firewall switch port issues.
  • Provide monthly 7x24 on-call technical support to FIS/Certegy production environment.
  • Ensure that all processes are documented and stored on organization SharePoint site.
  • Collaborate with team members and organization business owner on infrastructure capacity planning.

Confidential, Tampa Florida

UNIX System Administrator


  • Manage and support Development, Quality Assurance and Training, Test LPAR environments.
  • Administer, support, secure and stabilize IBM AIX 5.3, PICK D3 version 7.4 Production database environment.
  • Maintain and install the latest patches and microcode for AIX and PICK D3 LPAR environments.
  • Monitor Production system performance during business day.
  • Monitor and maintain system parameters as it pertains to CPU, memory, I/O and swap space usage.
  • Monitor PICK Production database for item, group and phantom locks.
  • Create and administer nightly backup schedules thru crontab.
  • Develop and create automated ftp scripts using the JAL 24x7 job scheduler to send and retrieve customer EDI files.
  • Maintain and monitor Laker software adjudication virtual lines.
  • Develop and documented PICK D3 database environment refresh procedures.
  • Develop, document and create EDI trading partners ftp connection.
  • Provide 24x7 on-call support for AIX and D3 PICK environment, also performed weekly reboot of AIX and D3 PICK environment.

Confidential, Florida

UNIX Operations Analyst


  • Liaison between Confidential, vendor and internal business units to ensure and maintain quality control for daily processing software changes and or upgrades.
  • Analyze business processes as related to IT Operations.
  • Monitor, manage and review operational procedures for effectiveness and accuracy; Recommend and implement changes when necessary.
  • Responsible for computer operators, internal business users and vendors, acting as department technical specialist and advisor; providing information and troubleshooting skills for RS6000 escalated IT operational related issues.
  • Provide workable solutions for IT Operations, both automated and manual for internal and external business units and make recommendations for improvement and growth of IT Operations.
  • Work with IT Operations manager, internal business users and vendors to introduce and evaluate new software and hardware products to enhance and provide prospective benefits for increased efficiencies as related to IT Operations by installation, configuration and testing of products.
  • Provide training to operations staff and documentation for all upgrades and new implementations through verbal and written instructions.
  • Coordinate and manage with vendors short and long term projects within established timeframes.

Confidential , Tampa, Florida

Sr. Configuration Analyst


  • Establish, control and maintain software configuration library system for all programs
  • Install and configure software in a secure environment
  • Control the software configuration on the Trainer Unix, Windows 2000 Server and NT Platforms for multiple processors.
  • Transfer and configure software across between servers and target Unix and NT platforms
  • Schedule and generate Shell scripts, manage and execute software backups on Unix and NT platforms for multiple Training simulators.
  • Analyze build errors and take corrective actions to resolve problem for build release.
  • Review contractual information and establish software baselines, monitor and manage all changes.

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