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Sr. Network Engineer Resume

Alpharetta, GA


Highly motivated, customer focused individual with over 20 years experience in Telecomm Network Engineering environments in both Pre and Post sales engineering roles.


Sr. Sales Engineer, Carrier Sales

Confidential: Alpharetta, GA - Designing complex lit and dark solutions using multi-vendor optical telecomm equipment for the Carrier team. Solutions included large metro multi-site wireless backhaul deployments of 4G, Wi-Max, LTE, eNodeB along with legacy CDMA 2.5G & 3G cellular nodes. Other solutions designed were for both Enterprise and Carrier customers included with single lambdas (50Ghz) bandwidths up to 40Gb/s, multi-channel DWDM/CWDM, ROADM and amplified optical networks utilizing Carrier and Metro Ethernet E-Line, E-LAN, SONET/SDH, G.709 (OTN), L2/L3, IP/MPLS, MPLS-TP, PBB-TE Storage Extension, Direct Internet Access, Video transport (HD-SDI, etc.), Management using NMS/EMS with ASON/WSON, RFP, RFQ, RFI response.

Sr. Sales Engineer, Enterprise South Central US

Confidential: Linthicum, MD - Designing custom Ethernet and optical solutions for a wide variety of state/local governments, and large enterprise clients. Partnered with many Carriers (Qwest, AT&T, AboveNet, EMC, XO, etc.) to provide WDM, Metro-Ethernet, wireless backhaul, and Storage Extension solutions offered as a managed service. RFP, RFQ, RFI response. Solutions included a wide range of network topologies including Metro Ethernet, DWDM, CWDM, ROADM, WSS-DWR, VMux Storage Extension SAN, and Network Management. Successful opportunities included sales to very large state government network, multi-million dollar, multi-project optical 10G DWDM metro rings, with L2 Ethernet provided as service to state agencies. Numerous private WDM rings, Carrier Ethernet, and Storage Extension projects.

Sr. Sales Engineer, South Central US

Confidential ; Chatsworth, CA- Designing custom Ethernet and optical solutions for a wide variety of service provider, educational, governmental, and enterprise clients. RFP, RFQ, RFI response. Solutions included a wide range of network topologies including Metro Ethernet, CWDM, DWDM, ROADM, Digital (Optical/Copper) L1 Cross-connect, Free Space Optics, wireless backhaul, Network Management, and OOBN. Many successful opportunities including a metro 5 city multi-wave 10G DWDM, Carrier-Ethernet with a wide variety of Confidential products.

Sr. pre-sales Network Engineer, Advanced Customer Engineering

MCI; Richardson TX- Designing and integrating custom network solutions for large multi-national clients. Solutions include a wide range of network topologies and product offerings such as MPLS Private IP, Internet access, EVDO, WiMax, VSAT, Private Line Ethernet (Ethernet over SONET), CPA, DR, HA, VoIP, VPN, monitoring & management, network security, and wireless networks. Clients include tier 2 ISPs and carriers, network integrators, oil & gas, airlines, utilities, and mining & manufacturing. Solutions include RFI/RFP/RFQ response.

Sr. Network Engineer Design/ Security Consultant

Confidential ; Irving TX- Designing, configuring, integrating, and installing network solutions for Internet access, and LAN/WLAN/WAN/WWAN networks. Clients include ISPs, WISPs, local governments, school districts, utilities, and other commercial businesses. Solutions include integration of newly acquired ISPs, WISPs, into Valor’s corporate network. Integrating user database, configuring/maintaining network security, devising wireless solutions, VPN, Firewall configuration, integration of voice & data, GigE, 10 Gig, VOIP, BGP4 configuration, RFP response, configuring, and maintaining Network Management platforms (SolarWinds, CiscoWorks), requesting and maintaining IP address space and reporting reallocations to ARIN.

Senior Systems Engineer, Confidential ; San Jose, CA

Confidential, US Federal - Designed and installed L1-L7 solutions using Foundry products for Federal customer base. Customers included many extremely large/complex DoD, DoD medical, and Defense contractor facilities. Solutions included using 10/100 and 10 Gig Ethernet, PoS, and ATM. Individually paired with Account Manager responsible for $6 Million sales. Primary responsibilities included configuration, installation, troubleshooting assistance to system integrators and DoD clients, establishing and maintaining technical contacts within client organizations, product/technical presentations, provide technical training to client/integrator engineering staff, network design, network drawings, define network requirements, Security, RFI/RFQ/RFP response, Network Management, and generating quotes. Provided competitive analysis of Cisco, Extreme, Enterasys and others.

Senior Systems Engineer-Sales, Confidential USA; Plano, Texas

Pre-sales Engineer Clients include CLEC, IXC, Utilities and Wireless companies. Individually paired with Account Managers/Directors responsible for $40 Million sales. Primary responsibilities included making technical contacts within client organizations, network design, network drawings, define network requirements, Security, RFI/RFQ/RFP response, giving technical presentations, and generating quotes. Devised extremely complex network solutions implementing end-to-end, Core, Access, Edge, Network Management, and enterprise/CPE equipment. Solutions included DWDM/OC-192, switching, Core IP, GbE, ATM, SONET, DXC, DSL aggregation and DSLAMs, wave radio, IP security and VPN, Network Management, MPLS, Video over DSL, IP PBX and IN (Intelligent Networking) products including SCP, HLR/VLR, and Location based services products for Wireless companies.


Full and complete understanding of:

  • Wireless Backhaul of 4G cellular traffic. SyncE, IEEE 1588v2,
  • WDM, ROADM, Vmux, OLA, Raman, fixed/tunable/pluggable optics, Optical network management
  • Metro Ethernet (Carrier Ethernet) PBB-TE: 802.1Qay, PBB 802.11ah (Q-in-Q), 802.1ag (CFM), Y-1731(Ethernet OAM), TWAMP, PBB-TE vs. MPLS-TP wars, PWE3, Metro Ethernet Forum standards,
  • Fujitsu FW7420 (Adva FSE3000), FW4500, FW4100ES, CDS (Ethernet edge switches), FW9500,
  • Ciena Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery switches, 3000 & LE-311v series, and 5000 Series aggregation devices, CN4200, CN2000 Storage Extension, CoreDirector Optical Mesh, Carrier Ethernet Service Delivery (World Wide Packets)
  • Confidential Opti-Switch Carrier Ethernet Demarcation switches, LambdaDriver, FiberDriver, TereScope, Opti-Switch 9000-900-300 series, LX series, Media Crossconnect


  • CN4200 DWDM/CWDM access platform with G10 L2 switch, Flexports, EM6, X9/X4 Ethernet aggregation
  • CN2000-ESOM Storage Extension platforms
  • Newly incorporated Ethernet edge and aggregation products from former Nortel and World Wide Packets acquisitions from LE311v to 5410 aggregation switch


  • Routers: ISRs, 7613, 26XX, 36XX, 3745, 72XX, 75XX, ESR 10k, ISRs with various frame, cell, VoiP PAs/NMs/WICs)
  • Multiservice Concentrators/Routers 3810, 17XX, 26XX, 36XX, 8540
  • Switches: Catalyst 19XX, 29XX, 35XX, 37XX, 4XXX, 6XXX 55XX, 65XX, 85XX, Stratacom IGX/BPX/MGX WAN switch, Lightstream 1010 ATM switch
  • Load Balancing/Content Delivery: CSM (for 6500), SCA, CSS, CE 560
  • Security: PIX Firewalls 505, 515, 525, 535, IPSec on routers, NetSonar NetRanger/CiscoSecure ACS
  • Media Convergence Server (CallManager), SRST,


  • IronCore/JetCore Technologies
  • Routers: BigIron 4000, 8000, 15000
  • Switches: FastIron 4000, 8000, 15000,
  • Load Balancing: ServerIron XL, 4000, 8000
  • IronView Network Manager
  • FWS, FES, and EdgeIron edge switches


  • Routing Switches: Passport 8100, 8600, 44XX, 64XX
  • Bay Routers/switches: AN, ARN, ASN, BN, BCN, Accelar, BPS etc.
  • Security: Contivity X500/X00 Extranet Switch and VPN Client
  • Load Balancing/Content Delivery: Alteon 2224, Content Cache/Director
  • ATM Centillion 1XXX, 1XX


  • Stinger, MRT DSLAMs
  • MaxTNT RAS
  • BSDTX-9000 Frame Relay switch with NavisCore NMS

Confidential /Newbridge/Xylan:

  • Routing/Switching: OSR 8800, 7800, 7700, 6600
  • ATM Products: (NewBridge) 7670, 7470, 5620 NMS
  • Security Products: Timestep, 713X SVG, 563X SVMS/SVPM
  • VOIP: OmniPCX 4400


Many Firewalls (Checkpoint Firewall-1, CyberGuard, Netsceen etc.), Zhone Raptor DSLAM, Polycom video products, various hub vendors, various LAN/WAN analyzers, Fore ASX ATM and ESX switches, various PCs and servers, modems, Sun SparcStations, Fore ATM and Ethernet switch.

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