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Windows System Engineer Resume

Denton, TX


Davide is a Microsoft Systems Certified Engineer who is proficient in Active Directory and all Windows operating systems with a strong windows administration background solid In the understanding of support and upgrade of Windows NT, 2000, 2003 2008 servers. He has administered Active Directory and Exchange user migrations totaling 100,000+ users and has worked on various domain consolidations and multiple standalone to single AD forests. While at PepsiCo, Davide possesses outstanding oral and written communication skills

  • Experience as Windows Server Administrator with focus on Active Directory
  • Experience with setting up and managing Active Directory 2004 or 2008 R2 forests, domains, domain controllers, OUs, GPOs, ACLs, delegation, etc.
  • Experience with administering large scale Active Directory environments with VMWare clients\servers.
  • Experience with MOM\SCOM in monitoring scale large enterprise organizations and supporting and administering SCCM in large environments

Hardware troubleshooting of Dell Server hardware, CISCO, Juniper, Printer/Fax maintenance, IBM xSeries Hardware, IBM and HP Blade Server, SAN, X - Series, and Network Configuration Unix systems, UNISYS Mainframe Operations, Network Client/Server Configuration, MS Proxy configuration, ESX VMWare, Microsoft Terminal Servers, mother boards, PCI cards, AGP, PCI Express, PCIX, drivers, configuring and updating BIOS, changing processors, upgrading memory etc., TCP/IP, IPX Configuration, Automation, ILOM, SUN/Dell/HP Server experience


SQL 2008/2012, SCCM 2007, Mediaroom WOE, Active Directory, PowerShell, VoIP, SAP, Windows NT 4,2000, 2003, & 2008 Enterprise, Internet Information Server (IIS) 6.0, Microsoft Operations Manager (MOM), Initial Configuration of System Configuration Operations Management, (SCOM) Domain Naming System (DNS server) MS System Management Server (SMS), System Center Configuration Manager (SCCM) 2007, Forefront Identity Management (FIM), Sun Identity Management (IDM), Microsoft Visio 2002/2005/2007/2010 MS-Active Directory, MS-Outlook, Exchange 2000, 2003, 2007 & 2010, Lotus Notes, Unix, Linux, Red Hat Linux, Solaris 10, Symantec products, DHCP, Anti-virus Software, Visual Basic applications, Enterprise Backup Software, Storage Technologies (Disk, SAN, NAS, SCSI, HBAs, fibre, Switched vs. Loop, Serial ATATSM, Symantec Backup Exec System Recovery, Windows Server Backup, HP Open View, EMC, ASP.Net, VB.Net, ORACLE 8i Developer, Apache 2.0, Novell eDirectory, Novell GroupWise, SQL Server 2005/2008, PL/SQL, SQL Plus, SMTP, POP3, RIP, HTML, HTTP, FTP, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP Protocols, IP, OSPF, BGP, MPLS/LDP & VPN VBScript, PHP, Perl, JAVA, LDAP,EIGRP, IRGP, VLANs, Inter-VLANs, 802.11b, 802.1q, 802.11a, 802.11g,Wireless LANs, Radio Frequencies, Command Line Interface (CLI) PeopleSoft applications, OSHA standards


DB Technical Consulting

  • Personal and small business combination of industry expertise, technical depth and differential services to deliver the benefits of extraordinary consulting to clients.
  • Installation and maintenance of Windows Operating systems, Norton antivirus suites, Windows 8 clients and MacAfee antivirus on small business LAN
  • Installs new/rebuild existing servers and configure hardware, peripherals, services, settings, directories, storage, Installation of Microsoft Office 2010 and 365
  • Creates, designs, and edits program newsletter for clients
  • Administers training courses, plans and coordinates conferences and other events, and helps to steer and support the business development efforts.
  • Configure, troubleshoots and installs Cisco, Verizon, routers, switches, and firewalls
  • Effectively communicates orally and written leading program marketing communications implementation, qualitative control research, and explanation of analysis to clients.
  • Actively pursuing CISSP certification

Confidential, TX

Windows System Engineer\Architect

  • Administers and supports over 3700 devices including Windows 2000, 2003, 2008, 2008R2, servers, routers & switches in Global Pharmaceutical Environment
  • Installs, configure, and troubleshoot software and physical and virtual server issues on a daily basis
  • Troubleshoots and work with LOBE (Line of Business Engineers) to solve complex issues with Operating Systems (OS) and assist with Application configurations as they relate to the OS.
  • Lead BMC Remedy Incident manager that assigns, monitors, investigates, and resolves incidents for IT Active Directory and server team
  • Wrote and weekly processes PowerShell script to extract Active Directory sAMAccountName of users added to two domains since the beginning of the year.
  • Weekly utilizes Active Roles Management Shell for Active Directory to retrieve Active Directory data for clients and other processes.
  • Effectively provide Layer 3 support for various sections throughout the organization
  • Manages and ensures the health and integrity of the ACONNET and Novartis active directory 2003 and 2008 forests
  • Installs integrated DNS, WINS, Windows Admin packs, custom applications, windows updates including all security patches, health checks, and group policy on all domain controllers
  • Provides field supports and Implement software and hardware for Virtual Machine VMWare ESX servers 3.0.1. and Datacenters
  • Investigates and troubleshoots SAN/NAS based storage issues of virtual and physical infrastructure issues.
  • Ensures implementation of the global directory services infrastructure which supports locations geographically implementing the same solutions throughout the Novartis enterprise.
  • Maintains an team’s equipment server Inventory for the Alcon Data centers including Dell hardware (Blades/Chassis, Commvault)
  • Alternate Backup manager for enterprise storage utilizing EMC SAN and NAS storage
  • Coordinates the installation of al equipment into or supporting the Alcon Data Centers
  • Measures and tracks data center server capacity using several techniques like server consolidation for making IT operations more efficient.
  • Presently utilizing Cisco Unity setup on company’s Cisco IP phone with Cisco technology
  • Authors, implements and accepts data center change activity
Confidential, Denton, TX area Community College and Cisco Networking Academy: Corinth, TX
  • Pursued Cisco Certified Network Administrator Certification
  • Installs, configure, and troubleshoot RIP, RIPv2, EIGRP, and OSPF protocols
  • Extensive use of Packet Tracer and Wire Shark troubleshooting applications
  • Extensive used and configuration of Classful and Classless IP addressing
  • Extensive use of Classless Inter-Domain routing CIDR making efficient use of scarce IPv4 addresses
  • Installation and administration of Firewalls, VPNs(Site-to-Site and Remote Access), LAN/WAN, Data Center Networking, Wireless LAN Controllers, Radius/Tacacs+ Server, Network Switches/Routing including VLANs, VLAN Trunking and EIGRP
  • Displays excellent ability to troubleshoot subnets and VLANs problems
  • Displays technical competence is instructing potential network engineers in Link-State and Distance Vector protocols.
  • Ensure provisioning of cisco routers, CSU/DSU, cables, ports, service, and switch provisioning.
  • Demonstrates and in-depth understanding of the OSI and DoD TCP/IP models
  • Configures VLANs and inter-VLANs with security, Fast Ethernet and trunking protocols
  • Configures Cisco switches with VTP domains, VTP pruning STP, Cisco discovery protocols (CDP), and other VLAN protocols
  • Configure and maintains Cisco gateways, default routes, and Cisco gateway of last resort to direct packets addressed to networks not explicitly listed in the routing table.
  • Configures Cisco Inter-VLANs with Router on a Stick and Cisco Wireless VLANs
  • Configure, troubleshoots and upgrade Cisco routers, switches, firewalls
  • DB Technical Consulting 10/2011 - 09/2012
  • Personal and small business combination of industry expertise, technical depth and differential services to deliver the benefits of extraordinary consulting to clients.
  • Installation of Windows Operating systems and Norton antivirus suites on small business LAN

Confidential, Plano, TX

Active Directory Engineer/Administrator

  • Migrating over 90 domains consisting of various platforms into a single Windows 2003 domain
  • Migrating over 160,000 users, computers, and group accounts under a standard platform
  • Worked in close coordination with Exchange Administrators to ensure the migration of over 60,000 mailboxes and email accounts to Microsoft Exchange 2010 Servers.
  • Ensures over 200 group policy meets and stay in company compliance
  • In-depth experience designing or deploying, non-trivial ILM or FIM implementations and a practical and theoretical understanding of Management agent configuration including sync cycle (import, join, project, sync, provision, export).
  • Troubleshoot Windows server and desktop application issues using boot.ini, System recovery, System Configuration Utility (Msconfig.exe), and task manager applications.
  • Responsible for Global Directory Services domain with over 300 servers consisting of 200 member servers, 80 domain controllers, and client applications support for the Latin America region of 42 locations with over 4200 users.
  • Works heavily with SUN IDM 7.1 to provide Single Sign-On (SSO) is a method that allows employees to get access to more systems without having to authenticate more than once
  • Configure and maintain custom management agents through Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) to ensure users, groups, computers are migrated as smoothly and efficient as possible without any interruption in user’s access
  • Configure and maintain custom management agents through Microsoft Forefront Identity Manager (FIM) to ensure email accounts and mailboxes are synchronized from legacy domains to Microsoft Exchange 2010 servers as smoothly and efficient as possible without any interruption in user’s access
  • Creates and maintains FIM custom management agents, policy rules, sets, workflows, and synchronization rules.
  • Processes scripts daily to create a ldif file containing unique identifiers of object accounts to ensure migration integrity on both source and target domains
  • Ensures the daily maintenance and integrity of FIM metaverse data store in a SQL Server 2008 database.
  • Exhibits strong communication skills daily by communicating and coordinating with over 60 countries worldwide while overcoming language barriers.
  • Troubleshoots and test users and client’s Instant Messenger configuration of Microsoft Exchange 2010
  • Day to day design, installation, configuration, and maintenance of DNS, LDAP, IDM, of Enterprise Windows 2003, 2008, & 2008 R2 Active Directory infrastructure with over 130,000 objects.
  • After installation of Active Directory on newly promoted domain controllers, performed validation tests on areas to include site placement, DNS configuration, network connectivity, SYSVOL, and replication to ensure that the domain controller is properly joined to the domain and is functioning as expected.
  • Actively participates as a PepsiCo Active Directory consolidation project lead to establish a unified Active Directory architecture, which will provide a shared services platform for Microsoft common services such as authentication, collaboration, and service and object management.
  • Efficiently promotes members servers to local domain controllers in global regions to ensure speedy, reliable authentication of local administrators and users during migration.
  • Ensures projected domain controllers meets hardware, network, and physical location requirements for the new target migration.
  • Installs integrated DNS, WINS, Windows Admin packs, custom applications, windows updates including all security patches and group policy on all domain controllers
  • Monitors and solve alerts, issues, and failures of all domain controllers utilizing MOM/SCOM to ensure integrity, reliability, and network performance of servers.
  • Adds and maintains active directory sites and services of local domain controllers used to ensure effective and efficient migrations of users, computers, and groups.
  • Install seal (basic platform OS) and security standards of Virtual Machines using VMware and promote virtual machines as domain controller and enables replication across the domain.
  • Install and implement VMWare infrastructure 3 security hardening - ESX 3.5 policies
  • Ensures implementation of a robust Directory infrastructure for the entire PepsiCo organization to allow any corporate employee to authenticate to the domain and access common services from any PepsiCo facility.
  • Ensures implementation of the global directory services infrastructure which supports locations geographically implementing the same solutions throughout the PepsiCo enterprise.
  • Ensure and optimize delivered IT service value, automate IT services, processes and tasks, and maximize IT value delivered to the business and with HP Service Manager.

Confidential, Irving, TX

Technical/Support Operations Administrator

  • As a member of AT&T BreakFix team 3, worked extensively with MOM 2005 helped simplify identification of issues, streamlines the process for determining the root cause of the problem, and facilitates quick resolution to restore services and to prevent potential IT problems.
  • Defined, exported, imported, and launched context-sensitive tasks and diagnostics such as pinging a machine, flushing a DNS cache, or removing lingering objects from Active Directory.
  • Ensured provisioning of telecommunications service to a user, including everything necessary to set up the service, such as equipment, wiring, and transmission
  • Prepares new Vide Hub Offices (VHO) for production and blackout certifications
  • SDP connectivity, provisioning test customers, updating channel maps.
  • Installs Remote Desktop Protocol and telnet applications for IPTV applications.
  • Reviews, produce, execute, and maintain method of procedures (MOPS) producing and adhering to quality upgrades of Video Hub Offices (VHO) to new network releases and increase VHO capacity.
  • Works immensely with Windows 2003 server, IIS, MOM (Microsoft Operations Management) VB.Net, ASP.Net, and Microsoft SQL 2005 applications.
  • Created and managed multiple Wundows Network load balancing and Microsoft clustering of servers to ensure redundancy
  • Wrote SQL queries and scripts to verify log shipping, replication, health, Digital key flow, and database auditing utilizing SQL 2005 studio
  • Deploys, troubleshoots and upgrade Mediaroom 2.0
  • Installs and monitors the operation of Mediaroom Subsystems such as VOD, Multicast VOD, Live, ICC, MDS Storefront, MDS Search, MDS Mobile Apps, MDS Orapa XBOX, STB Client provisioning, Live Service provisioning, Grants/Rights, H-Grants, Complex Blackouts and DVAI
  • Supported load balancing servers not only provides load mitigation for increased system performance, but also affords redundancy in the event of system failure utilizing ICMP and TCP keep alives, all servers in the cluster can be monitored such that in the event a server goes down, requests are automatically and seamlessly rerouted to other servers.
  • Install, configure VMware ESX, ESXi, within vSphere 4 and 5 environments with VirtualCenter management, Consolidated Backups, Backup domain controllers HA, DPM, vMotion and VMware Data Recovery, VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM).
  • Experience with VMware View desktop virtualization Virtual Desktop Infrastrucutre (VDI)
  • Performs health checks of production and non-production service groups before and after growth and migration maintenance window activities to ensure 99.9% video availability.
  • Certify new service groups including branch controllers, D-Server, V-Servers and branch database are production ready.
  • Upgrades and patches over 1000 SUN X4100/4200, HP, and IBM blade servers monthly with Microsoft IPTV software and technologies.
  • Upgraded and patched over 7500 SUN X4100/4200, HP, and IBM blade servers BIOS, Operating Systems, and firmware to Gold Standards.
  • Configuration of Juniper MX 480 and 960 routers in Central Offices with 1 and 10 gigabit Ethernet connecting DSLAM and other Central Offices across the United States.
  • Configuration of Cisco 2821 routers and Cisco 2950 switches in Central offices integration with Juniper routers utilizing Internet Protocol Aggregator (IPAG) throughout regions in the United States.
  • Active Participant in strategic project mandate to migrate from traditional frame relay and TDM based services to an all Ethernet infrastructure network.
  • Configured Juniper MX480 routers in OSI Layer 3 technology to provide connectivity with a 1 gigabit interface from both customers as well as connected directly across platforms to Juniper MX960 routers using protected 10 gigabit interfaces on the uplink.
  • Provided deployment of Juniper MX960 router to support the VPLS (Virtual Private LAN Service) in the US domestic network which will enable connectivity to OPT-E-WAN, a switched Ethernet wide area network service.
  • Efficiently orchestrated the configuration of Cisco Shadow Routers connected to each MX480 router to provide Virtual Private Network (VPN) paths via a VPLS infrastructure for the purpose of measuring network performance

Confidential, Leesville, LA

Sr. Systems Administrator/Computer Network Technologist II

  • Deploying Operating Systems as Images using technologies like Sysprep, Microsoft Deployment Tools, Microsoft Image-X, Symantec Ghost, or Dell X-Image to ensure redundancy.
  • Senior System Administrator of Windows 2003 Active Directory with redundant domain controllers responsible for Group Policies, Organizational Units, and permissions in supporting large scale deployments.
  • Performs assessments and management, Security Operations Center (SOC) Management, Host IDS (MANHUNT), Symantec Antivirus (SAV), Enterprise Security Manager (ESM), Internet Security Scanner (ISS), anti-virus, anti-spam, Intel server configuration, and Strategic Threat Avoidance Technology Scanner (STAT) on a daily basis.
  • Provide Technical Support design, development, testing, and integration of security-based components and solutions in a networked UNIX, Oracle, and Windows operating systems and applications environment for over 2000 clients.
  • Effectively utilizes MS Virtual PC or VMware 3.0 virtualization software to ensure redundancy and security of Root Certificate of Authority.
  • Administered access to over 200 systems which include but were not limited to: Active Directory, AS400, UNIX systems (IBM AIX and SUN), RACF & ACF2 Mainframe, FruitNet, Oracle Financials, Radius/VPN, ASAP, Lotus Notes, FLUTS, Oracle Admin Utility, Oracle Identity Management/
  • Implements DOD IA and standards for the Default Domain policy and local policy in Windows 2000 and 2003 Active Directories.
Confidential, Denton, TX

Computer Support Specialist III

  • Coordinated with upper echelon within the Computing Center, project managers, and University wide network managers to insure all client requirements for migration of Microsoft Outlook 2007 from Novell GroupWise were met in an effective and efficient manner.
  • Oversaw and maintained Unix/Solaris/Linux server environment
  • Worked extensively loading, configuration, and management of IBM blade servers
  • Ensured the smooth and timely migration of over 100,000 Novell GroupWise mail accounts to Microsoft Exchange 2007 using the Quest Migration tool.
  • Assisted with the setting up and managing of Active Directory 2003 forests, domains, domain controllers, FSMO servers, schemas, attributes, setting up accounts, ACLs, privileges, permissions
  • Support application development of tools, processes, and procedures throughout project lifecycles while performing and testing routine backups and restoration procedures.
  • Developed, tested, and implemented an installer of Windows Outlook 2007 that radically reduce customer implementation cycle time and eliminated opportunity for deployment defects
  • Performs complex troubleshooting, configuration, and performance analysis tasks using tools such as dstrace or ldapsearch within eDirectory.
  • DBA over 210,000 accounts in 5 directory databases utilizing LDAP protocols, Microsoft SQL, and Novell tools creating indexes to optimize database performance.
  • Performs basic to complex administrative tasks related to password sync with IDM, Suse Linux administration, Unix LDAP integration, LDAP integrated applications, write LDIF files, etc.;
  • “Hands-on" manager of a Web and Client Server development applications serving 160,000 external and internal clients centralizing Web access management systems to enables user authentication and single sign-on, policy-based authorization, identity federation, and auditing of access to Web applications and portals utilizing Apache 2.0 and Novell eDirectory 8.8.
  • Design and implemented logical/physical database layout with documentation utilizing Microsoft Visio and Novell Identity Manager (DirXML) which increase system administration 25%.
  • Developed and maintained several ongoing Web and client server development projects to enhance customer experience utilizing PHP and Java, and Perl scripts.
  • Ensured the integrity and efficient availability of accounts through SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.
  • Integrate communications, email, IM and connection solutions, including workstation connectivity, local area networks, intranet, and internet applications
  • Provided support 24 hour application support for Windows 200x server platforms Active Directory, Novell eDirectory, SQL Plus, IIS, MAC, and NT legacy systems.
  • Analyze system, server, application, network, and input/output device performance.


Tampa, FL.

  • Management Information and Systems

Tampa, FL.

  • Consulting and PC repair, Microsoft Software installment, Anti-virus installment, internet connectivity, ISP recommendations, Firewalls
  • Deployed, installed, and configured hardware and software components to provide fault tolerance and disaster recovery methods such as backup and restore.
  • Implemented network topology; Routing; IP addressing; Name resolution such as DNS; Virtual private networks; Remote access; Telephony solutions.
  • Performed installations and implementation of hardware devices and driver; such as external storage devices, printers and scanners, Server and client computers.

Tampa, FL

Computer Programmer/Analyst II

  • DBA for Oracle and Microsoft Access 2000 databases housed on a UNIX server platform responsible for daily maintenance review, SQL optimization, disaster recovery planning and testing of custom software and classified data.
  • Installed and maintained Oracle 8i application database and responsible for data collection, maintenance, and update of classified data.
  • Develops applications in VB.Net and Visual Basic 6 on a UNIX server platform, accessing Oracle database with Windows 2000 desktops utilizing PL/SQL queries.
  • Performs Oracle database backups to tapes and ensures data redundancy by configuring mirroring and Raid 5 fault tolerance in an enterprise environment.
  • Import and export Microsoft Access databases into Oracle database, formatting reports, and editing files using SQL plus commands
  • Extracted classified data from Access tables is converted to Oracle SQL*Loader compatible files
  • Designed interface system and program code utilizing Microsoft Access database and SQL statements
  • Displayed excellent analytical skills by testing classified computer programs and system integration to identify errors and ensure conformance to standard.
  • Assists staff and users to solve computer related problems, such as malfunctions and program
  • problems.
  • Recommend, schedule, and perform software and hardware improvements, upgrades, patches, reconfigurations, and/or purchases to identify operating procedure problems.
  • Over 10 years’ experience with migrating legacy applications to the DCSS platform (Air Force and military specific).
  • Coordinates installation of computer programs and operating systems, and tests, maintains, and monitors computer system.
  • Devises flow charts and diagrams to illustrate steps and to describe logical operational steps of program.
Confidential, Tampa, FL
  • Supervised and trained 17 computer and system administrators in the support and continuous growth of LAN computers systems, Unisys mainframe databases, and peripheral hardware valued at more than $7.5 million.
  • Oversaw the 24/7 operation of the LAN, consisting of 10 Novell and Microsoft NT servers, 600 computer systems, and 157 unique system applications utilized by over 1000 personnel with a 98.9% uptime.
  • Leadership, Led team in the installation, IPX configuration, and implementation of a mix Novell and Windows NT 4 server and 200 Workstation clients utilizing SMTP, POP3, RIP, HTML, HTTP, FTP, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP Protocols,.
  • Analyzed 1,680 Unisys mainframe systems and applications for Year 2000 compliance identified noncompliance systems and developed workarounds contingency plans to avert mission failure.
  • Managed system administrators in the migration of MS-mail to Exchange 2000 mail
  • Migrated LAN consisting of over 600 users and 12 servers from Novell NOS to Windows NT 4.0 to ensure conformity and eliminate network defects.
  • Displayed strong technical aptitude of server hardware components including processors, memory, shared computer bus, virtual connect hardware by industriously building and provisioning over 10 server systems from scratch, saving over $10 thousand for the 6th Logistics Squadron of the 6 ARW at MacDill AFB, FL.
  • Analytical ability enabled the completion of an in-depth analysis of the Unisys 1100/50 computer mainframe input/output products ensuring 100% customer satisfaction
  • Manually installed 10baseT Ethernet cable throughout 4 offices connecting it to an outgoing hub.
  • Initiated and conducted information system and interface training session for 17 after-hour personnel to ensure effectively, efficient, and accuracy of network interface and routing protocols
  • Tenaciously, saved 7 thousand dollars in the initiation and implementation of paperless reports, data images, statistics, and sales

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