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Senior Systems Developer Resume

Santa Clara, Ca


A Senior level Systems and Application Developer/Analyst with expansive repertoire of technology knowledge and experience ranging from Legacy Systems through Client Server and the Internet, covering application, system, Embedded platform, BIOS Development, API, backend database connectivity, common gateway interface, stored procedures and front end development. Object Oriented Design and Development. Applications/Industry include Trading and Transaction for Financial Services, Banking, Publication, Music Rights Management System, Prototypes and APIs for enhanced and high - speed Data Feeds. Experience as Lead Developer, Project Manager/Leader, Sr. Systems Developer, Data Manager. Excellent communication skills with both technical and non-technical staff from support to Executive level.TECHNICAL


LANGUAGES: C & C++, C#, .NET, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, INFO-BASIC, Bourne Shell, C Shell, PERL, SQL, MySQL, MS Visual Basic, OPENGL 2D/3D API, Macro Assembler, HTML, HTML4, HTML5, XHTML, DHTML, XMLSPY, OPENSSL API, APACHE server software, CSS, JAVA, J2EE, EJB, RMI, JMS, Servlets, JDBC, XML, ASP, COBOL, FORTRAN, Python, Business Basic. O/S LINUX, AT&T UNIX, UNIX System V, OSX, AIX, XENIX, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris, WINDOWS NT, WINDOWS 2000, WINDOWS 95, WINDOWS 98, MS/PC DOS, OS/2, NEXTstep (486 version), VAX VMS, All Apple operating systems.

SOFTWARE: All Relevant UNIX, AIX, LINUX, Borland and Microsoft C & C++ compilers including MS Visual C++. STL, XML, COCOA, WCAP, GDATA, ICAL and CALDAV protocols, PowerBuilder, TEMENOS (GLOBUS T24), PVCS, VCS, VxVM, VxFS, TEST DIRECTOR, Broadvision, Arena, Summit, Zope, Apache, Plone, Microsoft Macro Assembler compiler, Microsoft Windows SDK, MDK, DDK, Microsoft Windows API, IBMs AS400 & OS400, OS/2 API for Presentation Manager, Novell NetWare, Informix, Oracle, JBoss & Apache Administrator, WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKER, WEBLOGIC, WEBLOGIC INTEGRATION SERVER, SQL Server, MS/SQL, UNIFY, NEON, SAP R/3, Stored Procedures, ILOG, COM, DCOM, UML, TogetherSoft Group Dev. Tool, X-Windows, Lotus Notes, Lotus Freelance, Lotus 123, Lotus Wordpro, Open Interface from Neuron Data, CATIA Version 5 Mechanical Design Package, TSO/CICS, Apple Script, several Video Toaster software products, Quicktime.

HARDWARE: All Intel processors including Pentium, all 68000 based processors including all Apple products, Sun and HP work stations, AS400, OS400, VAX 11780s, PDP 1170s & 1134s, 1032s, IBM 3090s & 4381s, Plexus P60s & P40s, various LAN and WAN hardware, Hard and soft ICE machines, line monitors, EPROM code generators.


Confidential, Wilmington MA.

Confidential, aviation aircraft satalite tracking and communications software / hardware product required a major upgrade. Think of this product as being like an aircraft's black box where the raw data is stored on the ground rather than in a recorder in the back of an airplane. This product allows real-time information to be shared with ground based flight operations, both cockpit audio and aircraft inflight positioning and performance. My job is to design and develop a new authentication, database capture and broadcast high availability server platform for receiving raw satalite feeds from the SAT provider, then relaying that information to and from the ground based flight operations stations. Technology included in no particular order, Websockets, TCP/IP, WIRESHARK, NEOLOAD, C, C++, C#, PYTHON, VISUAL STUDIO Pro 2013, ECLIPSE, CYGWIN, LINUX, WINDOWS 8.1, HTTP, HTTPS, HTML5, JAVASCRIPT, NODE.JS, XML, REDIS High Availability Servers, GITLAB'S GITHUB, APACHE LOG4NET and other NUGET Frameworks, etc.07/2014 To 11/2014 Scott's Miracle Gro' Inc. Marysville Ohio

This Python mobile device project called for an upgrade to the firm's “A2” in store proprietary Android and Apple IOS applications used to track employee customer activity and to maintain big-box store display activity. The new platform is referred to as “A3”. My specific responsibility included design and development of the “task admin” integrated administrator task tracking modules. I contributed expertise to all aspects of the entire new products development. Including but not limited to information transmission, database, security, server and back end best practices. GOOGLE Cloud database services design and development, networking etc. Tools included, Python, HTML5, Javascript, CSS, PYCHARM for the IDE, NODE.JS, DJANGO Frameworks, ANGULAR.JS Frameworks, CORDOVA Frameworks, CYGWIN, GIT Bash, GIT GUI, Glade & DivShot interface designers, BitBucket development tracking tools, LINUX, UNIX, OSX, IOS, ANDROID, Windows operating systems, and on and on...

Confidential, Santa Clara Ca.

This is a a short term project to redesign and develop custom system monitoring software for a several terabyte database using PYTHON working in a LINUX environment. Tools included CYGWIN-64, VIM, DBX, the DDD Debugger, the ECLIPSE IDE, IDLE IDE, WINDOWS 8.1, SYBASE, EMBARCADARO tools, SQL, MySQL, LINUX, SKYPE, daily SCRUMS, etc. This is a tight deadline remote project requiring the developer work on his own.

Confidential, Local NY,NY

While not an American household name, Dexia is one of the biggest players in the world in financing the public sector. In Belgium Dexia is also known as a retail bank for individuals, and in Luxembourg as an asset manager (Dexia Banque Internationale à Luxembourg). In the 2009 Fortune Global 500 (which lists companies by total income), Dexia was ranked 16th, the second-highest bank and the top-ranked Belgian company. This is a major conversion project taking a series of products written in VC++ and reverse engineering it creating a VB.Net version of the same, addfing value by working in improvements the BA’s, (Business Analysts) management, end users and engineers request. This is a .Net Windows project converting C++ code on a LINUX and AIX platform into a Windows product. Other tools include C#, ORACLE 10g, DB2 for i V5R, DBMON, Plan Cache etc, PERL, PYTHON and other scripting languages, IOS, ANDROID, WebShere MQ v 7.X, WebShere MQ File Transfer, WebShere MQ Advanced Message Security, WebShere MQ Telemetry, TOAD, XML, XSL, Schema’s, TCP/IP, SSL, Open SSL, SOAP, etc.

Confidential, Wa

Improving the performance of the Watchguard SSL 100 & 500 VPN appliance by finding bottlenecks in the embedded platforms dedicated operating system and applications. Using OPROFILE to find multi-threaded programming bugs that drain CPU cycles. Modifying BUSYBOX. Stripping out unused code to enhance it's speed. Re-writing application functions to improve program performance. Added caching using BIND9 and NAMED cache for VPN 100/500 Access Client DNS Resolver. Skills and tools include SSL, OpenSSL, ECLIPES IDE, V-TUNE, J-Meter, Java, C, C++, Bind, Bind9, Named, RDNC, DIG, SFTP, UBUNTU LINUX, Windows XP, Visual C++, DEBIAN LINUX, DDD with GDB debuggers, Performance testing tools, Security Certificate validation & Encryption, SSH, SFTP, .conf files, .hosts files, multiple scripting languages including perl, bourne, korn, Python, etc. Researched feasability of “HA”, High Availability Server update design for new product line and various Computer on a chip/ARM development strategies. The product itself can be viewed at “WatchGuard.com”.

Confidential, Corp Bergen N.J

Embedded LINUX project requiring an experienced lead developer to build an embedded development platform for the company’s new POS-07 product then implement the same across the entire development team and fix what was a list of outstanding bugs from a previous development effort. Tools included REDHAT LINUX, IBM AIX, 10g, DB2 for i V5R, DBMON, Plan Cache, a legacy DEBIAN LINUX platform, CENTOS with the new REDHAT platform, KDE Tools, GTK, OpenGL, Clutter, Linux development, optimization, and Configuration management tools, SIRID for bug tracking, KDIFF3 for code evaluations, DDD & GDB for debugging, CVS for version control, OPENOFFICE for WP, REMOTE DESKTOP & VNC for remote access, C, C++, STL, C#, .NET, IIS, Windows programming, PERL, PYTHON and other scripting languages, Optimized appropriate Compilers, LINUX BIOS Optimizing, BUSYBOX Utilities embedded on the POS device, etc. The device by the way is an automated cash register / point of sales platform, (a POS device).

Confidential NY,NY

This project was a C# .NET, IIS, Windows conversion to QT4 C++ LINUX. Responsible for LINUX Glidesync Development. Wrote new Glide Society LINUX front, middleware and backend C++, STL applications. Also coded using QT4, QT4 UI Designer, qMake, QT3, QT3TO4 conversion tools, IOS, ANDROID, SSL, OpenSSL, PKCS#11 Engine, Sun Netbeans IDE, etc. Developed in C++, GTK, OpenGL, Clutter, IBM AIX DB2, DBMON, Plan Cache etc, Linux development, optimization tools, and Configuration management tools, LDIF parsers, vCard parsers, iCal parsers, CGI. Developed Contacts, vCard and iCal internet based data upload backend and front end for Glidesync. WCAP, GDATA, ICAL and CALDAV protocols, JBoss & Apache Administrator, Oracle 10g AS, JBoss SOA, Apache HTTPd, Apache Tomcat and PHP architectures, OPENGL 2D/3D API, MP3, MP4, Apple OSX, COCOA API's, WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKER, Transmedia is a boutique Silicon Alley up and coming data management firm in NYC with a multi thousand web customer base. The last phase of this project was to make a mobile phone / PDA scaled down version of this same product using Mobicent OS, codecs etc. They rely heavily on open source for product development. All deliverable were met on time and within budget. All code was required to be multi-platform compliant and cross platform re-usable.

Confidential, Pa.

Developed an inventory tracking system for Nortel at CTDI in West Chester Pa. to track the life cycle of incoming and outgoing new and repaired system boards for Nortel telephone switching equipment. Components included defective receiving, shipping, packing and picking modules to be used by warehouse personnel in Canada, Taipei and the United States. The software was flexible enough to be ported to both fixed workstations and hand held mobile devices without code change. The bulk of the programming was completed in C and C++, STL, IOS, ANDROID, using Oracle 9i for the database with embedded SQL tested and confirmed before embedding using TOAD to validate SQL statements. There was some use of stored procedures on some modules. Other tools included PERL, PYTHON and other scripting languages, UNIX platforms DBX for debugging, VI for editing etc. This is “old school” programming pure and simple, inside of a very tight development window.01/06 to 08/06

Confidential, Stamford Ct.

UNIX expert for cross platform UNIX/WINDOWS fixed income server network supporting London, United States and Asian data server farms. Works closely with development teams and business analysts to integrate, maintain, support and modernize all fixed income software content and operating systems. Is the most senior experienced GSD in Stamford Connecticut location. Acts as liaison to Savvis network support team. Technologies include SSL, SSH, and OpenSSL for security. UNIX, SOLARIS, LINUX, VCS, VxVM, VxFS, C, C++, JAVA, J2SE, J2EE, WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKER, PERL, CShell, Bourne Shell scripting languages, as well as MSWindows XP Pro, MindAlign IMs, PowerBuilder, Embarcadero Technologies DB Software, Sybase DB, Oracle DB, MSAccess DB platforms, SecureID, UBS and Non UBS VPNs, Apache Servers, TCP/IP, FTP, HTTP, HTTPS, HTML, XML, IIS, C# .NET, IIS, SCG log on procs, JBoss & Apache Administrator, Oracle 10g AS, JBoss SOA, Apache HTTPd, Apache Tomcat and PHP architectures, Tunnel development using MiSys SUMMIT v4.x etc. I am also expected to continually provide best practices/procs for fixed income existing and proposed software development and platforms used by the bank in its worldwide business network both UNIX and Windows based, for internal (trading operations), and external, (customer), operations. Responsibilities include maintaining testing and developing real time, (live), and redundancy strategies for the worldwide network, fallback plans and disaster recovery strategies. On call 24/7 for firehouse problem solving. And of course building, configuring and re-configuring UNIX, SOLARIS and RED HAT LINUX boxes. NIS, NFS, SMTP file systems, protocols etc. supported. Rational Purify used to debug complicated application performance problems as well as various other IDE’s and debuggers. Supported ION and TIBCO networks. Maintained MQ series messaging platforms as well.

Confidential NY,NY

The United Nation controls a world wide bank whose 80,000 plus clients are employees and appointed officials to the Confidential located around the world. My responsibilities include all local development for the T24 TEMENOS (GLOBUS T24) conversion project. I am the most senior programmer on staff. Local development means all developments for the North and South American continent. The T24 conversion project is a multi-year effort to position the bank as a worldwide financial institution capable of functioning in a “Close Of Business”, (COB), instead of “End Of Business”, (EOD), banking universe. As the senior most developer on staff, I developed or helped to develop more than 96 Customer and Account based TEMENOS (GLOBUS T24) internet browser and desktop based applications / versions so far, resolved hundreds of UNIX and WINDOWS related system and application based development issues and was part of the Data Migration Team. Programming languages in use include C++, STL, JBasic, XML, JAVA etc. on SUN SOLARIS and Windows 2000 Professional platforms. Test Director has been implemented to improve quality control and streamline defect management. I built a prototype PVCS cross platform version control management system for both SUN SOLARIS and MS WINDOWS. I initialized a benchmark testing strategy for data migration download tools. Other software in use includes SUMMIT PLATORM products & API's, CITRIX, WEBEX, REFLECTION SESSIONS, FTP, SSL, HTTP, HTTPS, SQL, OPENGL 2D/3D API etc. Databases included DB2, Oracle, MS ACCESS and SYBASE. The primary relational database for the TEMENOS (GLOBUS T24) platform is ORACLE. My other responsibilities include build control for all five SUN SOLARIS platforms and of course support for existing software systems and applications. Integration of off shore developments and vendor interfaces for the new platforms is ongoing.

Confidential, NY,NY

Short term project in the Equities Trading area acting as Support / Lead Developer for all Equities Trading desks as well as solving protracted performance problems with the eSPEED, Direct level one and level two Internet based Nation wide Trading Platform. The platform is written using Suns J2SE and now utilizes the Hotspot JVM and ZeroG download software. It is ported to end-users over the net via ZeroGs download products and uses Hyperfeeds API for the data feed. Part of my responsibilities included developing three new versions of the eSPEED product that utilized respectively Bloomberg, Thomson One, and Reuters data feed APIs. The Hotspot JVM from Sun, using the Train Algorithm and fine tuning, after testing, such command line arguments as those that control maximum heap size, minimum heap size, garbage collection etc. improved application performance dramatically. C++, Sockets and embedded SQL were used to code Reconciliation tools for an additional project. The reconciliation tools were created to interrogate and balance the TEAM database. Tools used included, JBuilder, OPENGL 2D/3D API, C++Builder, Suns JAVA IDE, JRULES, EJB, WEBSPHERE MESSAGE BROKER, assorted APIs in both JAVA and C++, STL a host of .net development tools, etc.

Confidential, NY,NY

Senior Systems Developer

Designed and Developed the prototype XML version of the S&P ticker plant. This streaming XML platform uses HTTPS, APACHE and OPENSSL to provide scaleable encryption enabling high speed streaming XML across the web. Data feeds were enhanced on the client side by multiple sources including Arena and Summit software versions 4.X gen. Ledger, e-commerce, etc. based platform databases. Summit Enterprise Version 4.X, Summit OX and Summit Pro were three flavors of Summit that were tuned modified and / or installed for clients in the field. The Summit platforms were used to provide up to date sales and client data to brokers and traders in the fixed income / REPO trading areas. Internet backend experience including PROXY SERVER, TUNNELS AND GATEWAYS was required. System security, (SAM) and encryption using ciphers and encryption keys was also required. Used TIBCOs ActiveExchange, ActivePortal, and ActiveEnterprise and ActiveExtensibility enterprise software to set up and tune TIBs. ADB and File adopters as well as generic coded adopters using the SDK were set up and used across thirty two client platforms in the field as needed. Advanced knowledge in hacking behavior and how to stop the same was exploited. Databases included DB2, ORACLE and SYBASE. Strong object oriented systems level C++, STL, C# programming was required to write the server side programs and future development tools. LINUX, XML, XMLSPY, OPENSSL API, APACHE server software, PowerBuilder, SQL Server, MS/SQL, MYSql, SAP R/3, stored procedures, Java, EJB, JRULES, Java Beans, ILOG, Object Oriented Programming was a requirement. TogetherSoft group development tools, Sybase, UDB, UNIX/SOLARIS, XML, AIX, JSP, Clearcase, Weblogic, Weblogic Integration Server etc was needed for certain client side development. MQSeries/MQSI Workflow (MQWF), NEON, COM / DCOM was used to align and integrate certain client organizations resources and capabilities with business strategies, accelerating process flow, cutting costs, eliminating errors and improving work group productivity. UML, Lotus Notes, Lotus Freelance, Lotus 123, Lotus Wordpro, etc was used for project design, reporting and performance tracking and accounting.

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