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Network Architect Resume

Arlington, Virginia


Experience with configuration of microcomputers. Installation of hardware and software. Tempest certified. Currently hold Secret Security clearance for major government contract with Army National Guard - Army Reserves. Completed CISCO CVOICE exam, CCDA, (Cisco Certified Design Associate) (Working on CISCO CCVP. CISCO CCNA, CCNP, Microsoft MCSE, MCP + Internet, NOVELL CNE, COMPAQ ASE, HP Certified. Currently working on CISCO CCIE and CISSP certification. Windows 2000/2003 experience. Experience with installation and configuration of CISCO routers and switches. Experience with RIP,OSPF,EIGRP,BGP, and VLSM. Experience with Etherpeek protocol Network Analyzer. Experience with Network Sniffers.


Hardware Experience: IBM, Epson, COMPAQ, Wyse, Everex, Macintosh, Dell and Leading Edge.

Printer Experience: Qume Laser, Epson, Temtek (Tempest Printer), and Hewlett-Packard.

Software Experience: WordPerfect (4.2, 5.0, 5.1, 6.0, 7.0) Crosstalk, Lotus 1-2-3; MS-DOS, system utilities and diagnostics, Freelance, dBASE III & IV, and Novell NetWare ver 2.15, 2.2, 311,4.1.,5.0 WordPerfect Office 3.01, WordPerfect Office 3.11, Windows 3.1 WordPerfect for Windows 5.2,6.1,and 7.0. Groupwise 4.0, Windows 95, Windows NT 4.0, Lotus Notes 4.5, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer,Windows 2000 experience and NetWare 3.x, 4.x certified. Completed Windows NT 4.0 accelerated training program. Internet Information Server 4.0 Experience with setup of Web Servers. Experience with all models of COMPAQ servers and workstations. Experience with COMPAQ Insight Manager and COMPAQ Smartstart. Experience with setup and configuration of Web servers and virtual directories. Experience with Microsoft BackOffice products Experience with Windows NT 3.5, 4.0, and Windows 95 and 98. Experience with Frame Relay, TCP/IP, and IPX.


Confidential - Arlington Virginia

Network Architect for Confidential sible for designing and implementing data and voice network integration concept for DCA and IAD Network. Use Visio to design concept and attend meetings with 3rd party vendors to gather customer information to provide guidance on product and pricing information. Look for methods to streamline network for both voice and data while minimizing cost and increasing network high availability which will minimize downtime and cost for the client, Review 3rd party Bill OF Materials (BOM’s) and provide input to manager as required. Coordinate with Network Engineers in NETOPS to gather network device configurations for Backbone design. Currently involved with upgrading core network infrastructure (Data-Voice) for DCA (Ronald Regan International Airport) and IAD (Dulles International Airport). Involved with coordinating with 3rd party vendors to identify circuit upgrades, hardware, software and bandwidth requirements.

Confidential - Falls Church VA

Network Design Engineer - Confidential ) - Coordinate with Confidential government counterpart to gather Government Furnished Information (GFI) to design Cisco Data and Voice solutions for the Army Reserve and National Guard customer. Review all provided network site specific blueprints, Confidential Information Sheet, and DD 1391 to gather the required GFI to allow for designing Visio diagrams for both Data and Voice solutions for required customer sites. Perform site surveys to determine building space and wiring specifications for site design. Configured Cisco Call Manager and Cisco 3560X, 3750X, 2851 and 3845 switches and routers for data and voice. Design Network List Of Materials for purchase of all Cisco hardware and software. Configure Cisco 7911G, 7945G and 7965G phones for voice capability using Cisco Call Manager Express 8.0. Staged and configured Cisco routers and switches for customer site deployment.

Sr. Systems Engineer - responsible for designing the USACAPOC (US Army Civil Affairs & Psychological Operations) network server rollout. This project consisted of providing the initial design and network diagrams for the server deployment Responsible for building and installing the network WEB server and Database Server. Coordinated all aspects of the project with the customer. Provided additional consultation to customer as required by contract. Coordinated all weekly meetings and schedules with customer. Coordinated with Database team to ensure Database extraction toolkit was developed and met customer deadline. Provided all technical oversight of project for SAIC and government counterpart.

Confidential, Fairfax VA

Sr. Network Engineer Global Directory Service - Responsible for maintaining and configuration of the GDS switches and Pix firewalls which are key to support of the GDS network. Duties included providing enhanced security configurations for DISA’s PIX 525 and 535 Firewalls. Created Rules and Crypto Maps for secure VPN connections for JEDS, AFDS, and DMDC. Provided recommendations and consultation to customer regarding purchase of Cisco Hardware for GDS enclave. Met with customer and subcontractor to provide recommendations for enhancing security. Provide consultation and recommendations to Tech Lead and customer as needed. Construct Documentation and testing procedures for testing of IAVA’s and security related components which are fundamental to the GDS and DoD security architecture.

Confidential, Fairfax VA

Network Architect - Responsible for the 1st phase of the Confidential AAR (Alternative Assessment Recommendation) Current responsibilities consist of interviewing FISD( Financial Information Service Division) agents for Confidential and collecting data that will be used to improve the Confidential Network Infrastructure that supports the FISD suite of applications with regard to Confidential field agents and customers. Lead Network Architect responsible for collecting Confidential network data and diagrams in support of the AAR and integrated the information into the AS-IS network deliverable for the Confidential customer. Coordinated with AAR team and IAS (Investigative Application Suite) team to comprise the network section of the AS-IS network document. Attended weekly team meetings for Confidential task updates .Traveled to various Confidential site locations including Confidential headquarters to assess the current network infrastructure. This project was considered to be a highly visible project as the overall goal is to improve network bandwidth and improve the communication and connectivity speed from Confidential remote locations allowing the FISD agents to process clearance information in a more time efficient manner.

Confidential, Fairfax VA

Senior Network Engineer for Enterprise Network Management Service. Enterprise Network Service Manager Responsible for monitoring the USAID network infrastructure. This consisted of using network monitoring tools such as Concorde eHealth 5.7, nGenius 3.2, CiscoWorks 2000, Hp Openview, and Nervecenter. Responsibilities include designing reports on a bi-weekly, monthly, and quarterly basis to meet SLA requirements. My daily duties included monitoring USAID’s global network consisting of all Cisco Core, Distribution, and Edge routers and switches. Tools were used for collection of data to design network health reports on all internal USAID servers. Key reports generated on USAID Mail and DNS availability. Additional responsibilities included but not limited to providing daily network traffic reports to all missions be monitored, setup of nGenius Netscout Probes for data collection and providing consultation to all monitored USAID missions.

Confidential, Fairfax VA

Sr Network Engineer for ( Confidential ) project for the United States Army Reserve (ARNG). Responsible for the Data Baseline of a Nationwide MPLS Network. Responsibilities included collecting data from 6 vendors participating in a nationwide pilot in preparation for a H.323 Voice Rollout. Tools used for capture of data were Visual Networks, ConCorde Ehealth ver 4.5, CiscoWorks 2000, and CA Unicenter. Duties also consisted of designing QoS specifications for 6 vendors in preparation for the VOIP rollout. Designed a Network Assessment Document used as a Baseline Blueprint for a Nationwide VOIP rollout over a 3 to 5 year period. Responsible for QoS design for all Cisco Routers and Switches nationwide. This also involved meeting with the customer on a daily basis to gather network requirements and provide consultation for the customer.

Confidential, Fairfax VA

Lead Network Engineer - Team Lead. Redesigned the HI-ARNG Network Infrastructure. Responsible for the installation of 2 Cisco 6509 series Core Network Switches. Coordinated and installed 55 Cisco 3550 series Edge Switches. Installed and configured CiscoWorks 2000 Server for central management of all Cisco devices. Responsible for coordinating the day to day activities of 4 Network Engineers. Responsible for the installation and configuration of a Cisco PIX 525 firewall. Installed and configured 3 Cisco 4250 IDS Devices for monitoring network activity from outside the HI-ARNG network. Helped with troubleshooting several routing loops from various routing neighbors due to firewall translation errors. Maintain schedule of activities for ongoing PAC-RIM project. Coordinate with customer and management to meet all required deadlines. Provide network consultation for customer based on initial design of Network Infrastructure. Designed a solution for rebuilding the Command’s Microsoft WINS Network including all remote Islands. Provide 3rd level support for ARNG contract. Provided Network Bandwidth analysis for FT Picket ARNG Command site using Etherpeek software sniffer. Provided detailed report of results by protocol and percentage of bandwidth used. Installed CiscoWorks2000 VMS/LMS. Configured Cisco ACS Servers and installed and configured 25 Cisco CSA’a to remote locations including all of Hawaii’s neighbor islands. Acting PM when manager is out. Responsible for all technical requirements and solutions for Alaska and Hawaii for the Army National Guard. Responsible for all technical information included in Infrastructure proposals for Hawaii and Alaska. Key point of contact for all Cisco, Micrososft, and Security related questions related to current project. Currently working on CISSP. Exam scheduled for 9/05. Designed a Central ized Backup solution for the HI-ARNG on Oahu and all Outer Islands using Dell and Veritas 10.0 as a solution.

Confidential, Vienna, VA

Lead Network Engineer - Confidential .Responsible for managing the day to day activities of 8 engineers. Responsible for performance appraisals and career planning of each team member. Provide 3rd level support and Network Consultation for Army National Guard / Reserve. Install and configure CISCO routers and switches for individual Command sites. Lead Engineer with sixteen years experience responsible for coordinating State wide CISCO router install for Texas - ARNG. Lead Engineer for NGB National Guard Bureau OIS activities. Provide Protocol Network Analysis using Etherpeek Sniffer for all Army Reserve and National Guard Command sites. Key contact for group concerning training and consultation of Etherpeek protocol analysis. Completed Confidential white paper providing Command with Network analysis on a protocol by protocol basis. Configure, install, and troubleshoot CISCO routers and switches. Familiar with OSPF,EIGRP, RIP, BGP, Experience with VLSM. Experience with installation and configuration of Windows 2000 Professional and Server. Experience with designing and installing LANS/WANS. Currently CISCO CCNP certified working on CCIE certification. COMPAQ ASE for company. Novell CNE 5.X certified, Microsoft MCSE - completed Windows 2000 training. Acting Manager when manager is out of office. Provide all Network consultation as needed per customer requirements. Project Manager for OIS Network Installation and migration activities at the Confidential in Atlanta G.A.

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