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Network Engineer Resume

Charleston South, CarolinA


Over nine years’ experience in a wide variety of Command, Control, and Intelligence (C2I) projects within the Department of Defense (DoD). This experience includes software integration on UNIX and Windows systems, system design, networking, information assurance, software development, and testing and evaluation of mission critical software and hardware systems.

  • Information Assurance (IA) for Veterans Benefit Management System (VBMS) including weekly security scans and Static Code Analysis (SCA) for VBMS.
  • Assisted with the creation of the Common Development Environment 2.0 (CDE) for United States Transportation Command (USTRANSCOM).
  • Established replication of SharePoint Data in support of Operational Forces in Afghanistan.
  • Provided subject matter expertise (SME) in replication of SharePoint data, establishing a vital data replication link between Afghanistan, Marine Corps Intelligence Activity (MCIA), and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center - Atlantic (SSC-A)
  • Conducted software acceptance testing of the Circadence Corporation product, WARP with which improvements of up to 3000% were observed over standard TCP/IP on a test network.
  • Conducted comprehensive performance testing of application virtualization solutions for use by the Marine Corps in enterprise, deployed, and expeditionary network environments
  • Integrated, secured, tested, and shipped the Expeditionary Virtualization Suite (EVS) in two weeks from the time the capability was requested in order to support the Marines in Afghanistan
  • Helped develop, update, and test System Imaging Toolkit for Solaris (SIT-S)

Languages / Technologies: Java, C++, C, C#, JavaScript, Shell Script, ASP.NET, TCP/IP, VPN

Software: Adobe: Subversion, Perforce, NetBeans, Visual Studio, InstallShield Multi-Platform 11.5, SharePoint, Visio, MS Project, VMware: Workstation/Fusion, Infrastructure Client, Converter, View, and ThinApp, WARP, Infonic, WANem, Linux SRR scripts, Gold Disk, Retina, Spoon, CheckPoint Virtual Firewalls/SmartCenter, Security Center, Nessus, ACAS, HP Fortify

Operating Systems: ESX 3.5.x, vSphere 4.x/5.x, Redhat, RHEV, CISCO, CheckPoint, Fedora, Ubuntu, Solaris, Mac OSX, Windows

Hardware: IBM Blade Center, HP Blade Center, CISCO ASA, PC, Mac, Sun


Confidential, Charleston, South Carolina

Information Systems Security Engineer

  • Run and analyze Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) and Security Technical Implementation Guides (STIG) for VBMS.
  • Create and organize VBMS Information Assurance (IA) Playbook to ensure standardized operations and continuity of knowledge.
  • Stand up Security Center and Nessus scanners to continuously scan and monitor the VBMS environments.
  • Analyze internal scans as well as scans from external audits performed by National Security Operation Center (NSOC) and Office of Inspector General (OIG).
  • Enter findings as environmental change requests to improve the security posture of VBMS.
  • Write Security Impact Assessments (SIA) and Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) as necessary.
  • Work with Production Operations to investigate and improve the security posture of VBMS.
  • Collect evidence and assist with documentation for the Authority to Operate (ATO) submission for VBMS renewal.
  • Conduct Static Code Analysis (SCA) of VBMS software code using HP Fortify and Dynamic Code Analysis (DCA) Burp Suite as well as track and enter defects from code analysis work.

Senior Systems Integrator/Network Engineer - Technical Lead

  • Key member in the creation of the CDE for USTRANSCOM. Work included setting up, patching, and maintaining RedHat Linux Virtual Machines (VMs) and network infrastructure.
  • Technical Lead responsible for members in two locations including subcontractors. Daily status updates to the customers, and weekly leadership updates.
  • Responsible for setup and maintenance of CheckPoint R71 Virtual Firewalls and R71/R75 SmartCenters. Create requisite ACLs, routing information,
  • Setup and maintain CISCO ASAs 5510/5520 for remote access into the environment, as well as coordinate necessary port exceptions with SPAWAR.
  • Apply STIG (OS, Application, Network, Policy) to the CDE environment
  • Provided remote and on-site support for the installation of the production CDE at DECC, St. Louis.
  • Compiled monthly reporting of the Charleston team’s accomplishments for reporting to the customer.
  • Conducted Retina and Nessus vulnerability scans on scheduled and unscheduled basis.
  • Technical Lead for development of the CDE System Design Document (SDD), consisting of Visio diagrams and technical descriptions of the environment.
  • Wrote the CheckPoint, Remote Access, Nessus, and Retina section of the CDE System Administrators Guide, totaling 1,500 pages of detailed graphical and textual information.
  • Provide build documentation for the CDE Build Guide.
  • Coordinated establishment of a SPAWAR DMZ port exception for CDE testing and operation in Charleston.
  • Installed, configured and tested DISA’s Assured Compliance Assessment Solution (ACAS) scanning and reporting functionalities.
  • Upgraded the Enterprise Integration Lab (EIL) Agile Transportation for the 21st Century (AT21) stack.
  • Conducted training for and supported the upgraded AT21 stack.
  • Delivered Distribute.mil 2.0 on the AT21 stack.
  • Provided support and management for continued Distribute.mil 2.0.2 development bridge contract.

Confidential, Charleston, South Carolina

Enterprise Network Engineer

  • Assisted in building out the 6.5.3 Image Product Library (IPL) for DCGS-N Enterprise Node (DEN) test suite. Followed by building the cohost IPL for the pre-production suite.
  • Troubleshooting connectivity and authentication issues between remote sites/ships and the DEN.
  • Investigate and prototype a password management solution that can be deployed to a Tomcat server and maintain history and access to the passwords.
  • Work with Joint Communications Activity (JCA) to troubleshoot and fix the production IPL when new products stopped showing up and looking into the logs revealed errors with ingestion.

Systems Analyst

  • Developed a SharePoint search interface to the DCGS Integration Backbone (DIB) using ASP.NET
  • Evaluated, tested, and recommended changes to Circadence about WARP for the USMC. On implementation observed a 600% throughput improvement over real world existing TCP/IP connections.
  • Evaluated, tested and recommended application virtualization technologies in order to promote client software builds that are more secure, reliable, and flexible from the enterprise down to the remote office user.
  • Helped to develop and deploy the EVS and Intelligence Analysis System Family of Systems (IASFOS) Expeditionary Set (IES) systems to Afghanistan. These systems provide the Marines a scalable platform to grow their intelligence collection, production, and dissemination capability without requiring additional hardware.
  • Provided SME for system functionality and operations in support of numerous technical demonstrations of prototype solutions and technologies.
  • Participated in Empire Challenge 2010 Joint Intelligence exercise
  • Member of a “tiger team” implementing a strategy to introduce virtualization technologies into the IASFOS, a classically integrated project which deploys to environments ranging from enterprise wide area network (WAN) architecture to communications and environmentally austere tactical operations areas. Making efficient and effective use of ruggedized blade server hardware, VMware ESX server software, virtual machines and application virtualization, this new capability will enable the Marines to fully and effectively utilize their available IT assets while providing a robust, scalable, platform capable of supporting current needs and future requirements. Prototype capability sets are already operational, with a projected Initial Operational Capability for the larger capability being deployed in mid to late 2011.

Confidential, Charleston, South Carolina

Associate Engineer

  • UNIX Integration lead on the first NavyMobile build based on the 4.x GCCS-M load
  • UNIX development (C++) worked on bug fixes for Configuration Framework for UNIX
  • UNIX testing of two Confidential programs including creating/updating test documentation along with implementing and creating tasks for others to fulfill these plans.
  • Created a new installation project using Install Shield Multi-Platform 11.5 for SIT-S
  • UNIX development (Java and Shell scripts) enhancing and debugging SIT-S. Including the creation of supporting usage and testing documentation as well as submitting and keeping to development and testing schedules

Confidential, Business Operations Analysis Team, Charleston, South Carolina

  • SAP development using Business Warehouse and the Web Application Designer.
  • Created a new production cockpit using queries and JavaScript for displaying statistics related to the performance and usage of the production servers and customer queries.

Confidential, Quality Assurance Team, Charleston, South Carolina

Quality Assurance Tester and Editor

  • Tested math educational software for college algebra, intermediate algebra and business statistics to find incorrect answers or repeated questions.
  • Checked math textbooks for grammatical and mathematical errors as well as incorrect answers in the answer keys

Confidential, Administrative Computing, Charleston, South Carolina

Network Associate

  • Performed initial testing and design for the wireless network that was to be installed.
  • Installed and configured the wireless network once the parts were purchased.
  • Setup, configured and maintained CISCO switches for the wireless network and upgrades.

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