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System Administrator  Resume


Information Technology Specialist that is looking for a stable position with a stable company. Adept in infrastructure environments doing network management, desktop management, and system administration as well as project work and design.

  • Network operating systems - Novell Netware
  • Desktop Management Tools - LANDesk, Policy Maker, Remote Desktop, Terminal Services, VNC, Windows System Center, SCCM, Ghost, Windows imaging, Remedy, Magic Service Desk, USD, and various proprietary Internet based ticketing solutions.
  • Windows Administration - Terminal Services, Active Directory, Group Policy and tools from NT4, 2000, 2003, 2008, and 2012 server.
  • Operating Systems - Windows 3 to 8.1 and Redhat enterprise 5.0.
  • Databases - MS SQL, MS Access, MySQL, Oracle 8i and 9i, Dimensional databases, Mongo
  • Windows Imaging - Windows AIK, Windows PE, SCCM 2012 and Symantec Ghost for re-imaging.
  • Web Programming - scripting (SQL, VBScript, JavaScript), C# data conversion, Dreamweaver, ASP, Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), database configuration and development, documentation, and projects.
  • Network operations - Network Topologies, TCP/IP, Cat5, RJ45, Network Interface Cards, Routers, Switches, Modems, RAID, Network Protocols, Orion, Standards, Security, protocols, LAN, star and ring topologies, WAN, client-server environments, Network Management tools, Protocol Analyzers, wireless, etc.
  • Office Suites - Microsoft Office Suite - Open Office, Word, Access, Excel, and PowerPoint versions 95 thru 2013
  • Reporting Tools - Report Generator, automation tool CRD, Crystal Reports 7 to 13 runtimes, and Access reports.
  • Project Management Tools - UML, Oracle 8i and 9i, Rational Suite design tools, SQL, MS Project and Visio
  • Telecommunications - VOIP, Infinity, Kshema, Amtelco, Infinity Supervisor, Call Logger, Exacom, Quintum, Cisco switches, Grandstream handy-tone 486
  • Development Environment - Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, and Design tools.


Technical Analyst

Project to migrate 900+ computers from Windows XP to Windows 7 including troubleshooting errors for the engineers. Imaging using windows imaging (WIM) and a pre-execution environment (PXE) using different servers for different tasks. Working through different problems and testing them to send feedback to the engineers. Project software Clarity to keep track of hours on project and other functions as needed. Deployment of machines to production environment in a call center and troubleshooting to ensure that they are working properly. Testing of images to ensure reliability. Installation of different programs such as Crystal Reports 11.5, Avaya, Cisco NAC, SCCM 2012, supervisor, and workflow tools.


Break / Fix of servers, computer, printers, network equipment, peripherals, point of sale (POS), and other technological software and hardware. Various tasks replacing hardware and updating software in different environments. Examples are:

  • Installation of POS server for worldwide fast food restaurant. Replace server, data migration, and test functionality. Took pictures and submitted forms to company.
  • Migrated 5 computers to Windows 7 and installed new hard drive in controller at retail establishment in Santa Fe.


Operated my own business

I built several websites to sell products, do remote online support, and my business site. I coded HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build websites and search engine optimization (SEO) to optimize the number of hits and clickthrough’s and conversions to my sites. Used Microsoft and Linux based server tools that were provided by hosting companies to render websites online. Used Editpad, Notepad, Macromedia Dreamweaver, and graphic tools as well as different FTP programs to send this code to hosting web servers. Advertising using Google ads and Facebook. I used a remote control program called Anyplace Control to access customer’s computers for support reasons and I set up a VoIP phone system for telephone calls as well as credit card processing that used PayPal to process payments.

Desktop Engineering support


Windows PE, Windows imaging, and SCCM 2012; Symantec Ghost, Scripts using batch files and command line to backup and restore registry and data, including user profiles using USMT 3.0 on Lenovo workstations, laptops, and servers. We installed Symantec Endpoint for encryption. Backup, image, and restore computers with bad hard drives and other problems. Printers and desktop computers repaired. Update, patch, and migrate computers using SCCM 2012. Configure machines and users with Group Policy and Active Directory for user, machine, and network policy in Desktop Administration. Registry editing and file backup to back up user profiles in Outlook settings. Computer moves in a large corporate environment. We installed programs and patches on user machines. Microsoft profile and Outlook configuration problems were solved. Diagnose and research different problems and document same. We had to get Lenovo certifications for Lenovo, and IBM (Consultant) procedures as far as warranty and replacement of parts for this position. I ordered new hardware from Lenovo for warranted hardware. Workstation and application support for all problems occurring in the enterprise environment related to users workstations. We used a proprietary ticketing system for support. Computer moves to new headquarters.

Confidential, Consultant

On call break / fix support technician support doing h/w, s/w, servers, networking, and printers for Global Services network doing contract warranty service work for State Farm offices, HP, Dell, and generic computers and printers. Installation of motherboards, hard drives, memory, power supply, DVD and CD Rom’s and operating systems that were tattooed for new equipment on proprietary machines in enterprise and warranty work.

  • Repair consultant for HP, Dell, and other desktop warrantied computers.
  • State Farm Insurance office computer and network repair for Confidential and networking problems for Eastern New Mexico area.
  • Install and configure components of a computer including peripherals and printers.
  • Motherboard, hard drive, CPU, power supply, video and audio cards, PCI and AGP cards, and memory installation and configuration
  • Project installing print kiosk at Wal-Mart stores that included HP printers and other equipment for their retail photo operations.

Desktop Administration Consultant

Resolved customer (user) issues in the areas of software and hardware tools, monitored, tested, troubleshot, and provided support on performance and access problems with local network, workstations (desktop/laptop, peripherals, etc.), software applications, and server systems, recommended repairs and changes using Active Directory, user accounts, profiles, machine domains and rights, forests and trees. We installed printers, security patches, documentation, and research using USD call center ticketing software with AMI database that conducted routine hardware and software assets audits of workstations/servers for compliance with established standards, policies, procedures, and configuration guidelines.

Registry Edits to repair problems with applications and malware. Windows imaging using PXE for every machine. We installed software remotely from an application repository that used bPOWER and Remote Desktop. We installed, configured, supported, and maintained On Track, SAP, Acrobat 9 Pro, Kipp, AutoCAD, Nero, Cisco VPN, MS Office, Lotus Notes and Outlook, among others. I repaired Outlook email problems, such as excess personal storage table (.pst) and off-line storage (.ost) files as well as data loss and corrupted profiles. I interfaced with vendor support service groups and support to ensure appropriate notification during outages or periods of degraded system performance. Monitored and used Solar Winds Orion, Netflow Analyzer, and Advanced Subnet Calculator on Dell machines. Worked on many small projects under Project Manager moving and consolidating functional departments as need arose.

System Administrator

System Administrator in data center with 400 servers that were Dell, HP, and others, switches, routers, patch panels, Terminal Server, SQL Server, Exchange, NOC center, Red Hat 5.0 Enterprise, Windows Servers 2003, IIS 7.0, 2008 Server, Active Directory, and Group policy. Linux and Windows environment that had a gigahertz Cisco networked environment that was 24/7. This data was part of a worldwide set of data and development centers that were networked with companies such as BMW and McDonalds. Various administrator duties as assigned by management to keep environment running, up to date, patched, backed up, and maintained including exchange, MS SQL, server and blade hardware and software builds, network connectivity to switches, routers, and other equipment internally. Used different types of servers that were tower, rack, and blade from HP Proliant with ILO; Dell 1950, 2950 rack, 1900, and 2900 series tower; Intel Xeon 3100 & 3300 series; AMD Opteron 1300 & 2300 series and other series and types of servers. Data center included backup SAN and NAS solutions that that used copper or fiber. Position included crimping custom length cable that was run on raceways throughout for cat5e and cat6. Data center was networked and virtual with other data centers in architecture. COTS software installed included Windows 2008, SQL Server, and Exchange. This job used NetBIOS, TCP/IP, LDAP, SNMP for Lotus Notes, Network, switches, routers, hubs, Internet, MS Office, Windows, MS IIS, DOS (batch files), MS Word, MS Excel, and HP, Dell, and other servers.

MIS administration and Crystal Reports Programmer

Overall support included networking, Terminal Server, desktops, Windows Server 2003, Active Directory to create user accounts for the operators, recording system, applications, and VOIP for 50-seat call center. Migration project of Crystal Reports schedules to CRD using CRD and cleanup of Crystal Report fields. We used MS Access and Excel to aid with computer programming by encrypting Crystal Report form fields and HIPPA rules compliance. Computer installation and repair, patch panels, switches, routers, SSH, and firewalls including configuration using console access. Emergency Response Center (ERC), Traditional Answering Service (TAS), and Medical Research Screening using Amtelco programs of TAS/Call Center, eCreator for scripted calls, Infinity, Call Logger, Call Archiver, Report Generator, and Infinity Supervisor. I installed, configured, and maintained workstations, networked devices, and 2003 server in support of business processing requirements and network connectivity. Installed new software releases and system upgrades; evaluated and installed patches and resolved software related problems. Used software and hardware tools, monitored, tested, troubleshot, and provided support on performance and access problems with local network, workstations (desktop/laptop, peripherals, etc.), software applications, and server systems and recommended repairs and changes as necessary. Installed new software releases and system upgrades; updates and patches and resolved software related problems. Used software and hardware tools, monitored, tested, troubleshot, and provided support on performance and access problems with WAN, LAN, workstations (desktop/laptop, peripherals, etc.), software applications, and server systems. Backed up Exacom server with double and triple-sided DVD's for VOIP calls. Connected call center computers that use Exacom recording system to system so that all calls could be recorded and sent to a remote server for ERC Hippa and legal requirements, as well as TCP/IP network connectivity. Oversaw Dell Poweredge 2950, Exacom hindsight-Net N6 digital network logging recorder (24 channel), 3448P Dell Switch, Sonicwall TZ170, Cisco 5505 switch, Quintum Tener AX series, Shortel Shoregear-50 for phones, Catalyst 3560G switch, and APS battery banks. 24-channel voice recording, and Exacom EARS Net logging software that saved WAV files and uploaded them to remote backup server via FTP. Windows 2003 Server, Exacom Server, VOIP switches, Windows XP, and McAfee Enterprise Suite firewall and anti-virus.

Confidential, Installer Consultant

Forest Service project doing data migration and desktop rollout that included the installation of new computers and operating systems located in Idaho, Montana, and Wyoming. Project included connecting to local and remote server, Terminal Server, Active Directory to set up user, and setting up network on desktops. Installed new software releases and system upgrades; updates and patches and resolved software related problems. Used software and hardware tools, monitored, tested, troubleshot, and provided support on performance and access problems with local network, WAN, LAN, workstations (desktop/laptop, peripherals, etc.) for rollout, software applications, and server systems. This was an enterprise IBM project that encompassed all states in the U.S. and was logistically difficult.

Desktop Management Consultant

Project included updating desktops with security patches and application updates to comply with NIST standards for a security audit as part of software project to automate patch management for DOE at Idaho National Laboratory using LANDesk, Policy Maker, and Remote Desktop. Pushed remote patches and updates through data center to Windows XP computers using Terminal Server, Group Policy, Active Directory, LANDesk Manager and Asset Management, and updated network information SQL Server Database as needed.

We investigated vulnerabilities using websites and knowledge base to determine solutions that could be applied to workstations. Installed new software releases and system upgrades; updates and patches and resolved software related problems. We implemented server security and procedures for project so that patches were securely implemented. I reported to owner, Director and Project Manager on the progress and problems with development of patch management solution being programmed.

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