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Systems Engineer Resume

Washington, DC


  • I have extensive experience as a Sr. Engineer working with Vendors and Projects with great attention to details; team - spirit and tenacity in all job related assignments to be completed on time and cost budget. I coordinated the Installation, planning of new services and modification of existing services with various vendors and companies.
  • Acquired vendor quotations and prepared capital acquisition requests(CAR’s), prepared Project Charters, and project authorization costs (PAC’s) documents. Managed all telecommunications related Invoicing for assigned telecommunication regions using eCAS data.
  • Forwarded all project charters for required upgrades to Avaya Telephony and Messaging infrastructure of Confidential in close collaboration with related vendors and upper management aligned with Barclays Bank objects for implementating proposed ‘Center of excellence’ with ‘follow-the-sun’ customer service policies.
  • Used Unicenter (CA) Service Desk Ticketing to manage Troubled Calls; using Clarity for Project and Time Management related assignments.
  • Monitored Voice and Data Networks for performance and reliability to assure minimum interruptions in network and Call Center services. I have extensive experience installing, configuring, optimizing and monitoring the S8x00 Communications Servers, the Gx50 Gateways and its related Circuit packs, working as a Liaison between Vendors during Equipment/Software upgrades and migrations.
  • I have managed Installation Projects with Credit Suisse Bank, JP Morgan Chase, and Sallie with great attention to details: implemented and handed over two Call Centers for Confidential . Experienced in Communication Manager CM 3.1/5.2.1 (Transitional Aura Session/Systems Manager 6.x with Avaya Aura Enterprise Portal 7.x)- my last upgrade to the Barclays Bank Telephony QA Call Center environment for Delaware Area Call Centers.
  • Worked extensively with Call Center Managers on Avaya CMS doing agents assignments to Splits/Skills and retrieval of Call Center Statistics. I have graduate level knowledge of application development in C++, Pascal, programming languages; with good working knowledge of all Microsoft Office suite programs.
  • Previously as a Computer Network Specialist in various job roles, I have managed Cisco Routers and Switches; putting end-user desktops into Networks, troubleshooting all network-related end-user problems with excellent working knowledge of the TCP/IP suite of protocols - RIP, EIGRP, OSPF, BGP, HTTP, SSH, Telnet, and VoIP protocols SIP, H.323, H.264, RTP with extensive working knowledge of Avaya Ethereal and Agilent Technologies ClearSight for all Voice quality troubleshooting problems.
  • I am actively pursuing Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification and willing to learn any new environment or emerging technologies for application into a production environment. Served as a Liaison with Vendors during trouble determination, evaluation and resolution.
  • I have no problems working nights, weekends and holidays and always willing to assist during off hour problems management if confirmed for the position.

AVP- Contact Center Systems Engineer - Confidential

  • Leading the management of existing infrastructure upgrades and updates with diverse technical staff that provides telephony operations management and support in Avaya/Cisco/Verint/Aspect UIP/ CMS Call Center environment.
  • Responsible for ensuring that all telecommunications infrastructure and equipment are maintained within predefined specifications; proactively addressing problem areas to ensure appropriate corrective measures are taken to avoid adverse customer and user impact.
  • Engaging Networking, IVR and Middleware teams in biweekly and monthly update meetings for cross-impact discussions on various ongoing project initiatives, incidents and problem resolutions.
  • Actively involved in all Telecommunications contract negotiations for product and services needed to support internal/external telephony/call center initiatives.
  • Manages the development of project plans for the implementation of new telecommunications technologies and systems with direct reporting to next level of management and outside vendors.
  • Actively mentoring other systems engineers for guidance on all issues VoIP and quality assurance that drives systems availability.
  • Attending all Change Management biweekly scheduled conference calls; monitoring and approving changes to Barclays Telephony Call Center environment.
  • Handling technical and employee issues that drives effective and timely systems operations in a fast-paced, dynamic Call Center environment with all accompanying critical decisions to move initiatives forward.
  • Diagramming evolving Call Center environment with changing systems initiatives for the implementation of Barclays “Center of Excellence” on proposed “follow-the-sun” policies using Microsoft Visio 2010.

Senior Telecommunication Analyst, Confidential, Washington DC.

  • Performed over-all Health Systems assessment of existing Voice and Video Network infrastructure of the Confidential in Washington DC.
  • Managing a staff of two in scheduling belated updates and upgrades to existing Voice and Video servers and associated operating systems and endpoints..
  • Making out Request for Proposals (RFP) for implementation of proposed upgrades to Voice and Video equipment.
  • Helping in the acceptance and analysis of Vendor bids on all submitted request for proposals (RFPs)
  • Using Microsoft Visio 2010, designed a proposed “Quality Assurance Collaboration Test Environment” laboratory Voice Network and made out a work-order for assisting Vendor implementation on all needed equipment and software. The proposed Quality Assurance collaboration test environment laboratory is scheduled to use Avaya Agile Communication Environment (Avaya ACE) and Microsoft Lync 2010 - using Avaya PBX as the Call Controller.
  • Produced and Updated Voice and Video Network diagram of the Confidential using Microsoft Visio 2010.
  • Organized Vendor proposals for equipment needed for the ‘Quality Assurance (QA) Collaboration Test environment laboratory’ and produced budgetary numbers needed for the approval of the proposed @A laboratory.
  • Deployed (Windows 2008) HTTP Server environment for testing firmware updates to Voice and Video endpoints of the Confidential before migrating new firmware to production network.
  • Assisted the implementation of Contingency Voice and Video network system located in Virginia and Baltimore: with emphasis on redundancy, resiliency and recoverability of services in the event of any disaster at the Washington DC office location of the Confidential .
  • Assisted with the project scheduling, management and testing of ongoing migration to Microsoft Lync 2010 from IBM Lotus Notes using Microsoft Project 2010.
  • Pursued funding, documented implementation plans for the Quality Assurance Collaboration Test environment laboratory early year 2013 approved budget.
  • Provided daily support of end-users on all troubled ticket and reported incident issues on desktops, voicemail during and after hours using CA Unicenter Service Desk.

Consultant Engineer - Confidential

  • Organized and managed a vendor meet for the installation project on:
  • Avaya S8800/G450 Survivable Core server in Philadelphia on Duplex S8800/G450 Core Server in Dallas Texas and East Rudderford New Jersey of respective Federal Reserve Banks in Dallas and New Jersey.
  • Provisioned an S8300D/G450 gateway as Remote Survivable server at the Philadelphia Lawrenceville Disaster Recovery site of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Worked with AT&T and Level-3 Networks to provision and Test T1 Trunks for the named Servers at both the Philadelphia Federal Reserve location and the Lawrenceville Disaster Recovery site of the Philadelphia Federal Reserve Bank.
  • Worked with Vendors and contractors providing the necessary cabling and Avaya endpoints needed for the project.
  • Helped setup Avaya IP 96XX Stations for end-users.

Sr. Network Engineer-Voice Engineer: Confidential

Voice Engineering Group

  • Managed Project Installation & support of "Avaya" solutions with a staff of two Using Microsoft Visio and Microsoft Project (e.g. daily administration, MAC Requests, Trouble-Ticket resolution for end-user Analog, DCP and IP Phones as phased into new call center areas.
  • Managed voice communication projects and a staff of two doing CM/AES/SES server updates/ upgrades, MM upgrades and Provisioning Circuits and Trunks to scale up existing Call Routing and Messaging Capacity.
  • Installed and configured voice communication systems and architectures (e.g. PBX, Voice Mail, Audio / Video Conferencing, etc). Serving as a liaison between clients, IT support staff and third-party vendors to troubleshoot and resolve technical problems.
  • Managed wide area network routing issues and organized Vendor (Avaya, Verizon, Sprint, Verint) meet when necessary to resolve call routing and call recording issues.
  • Managed out-of-hour assignments working with Vendors in equipment patching, upgrades and updates.
  • Co-ordinated staff weekly and weekend assignments during off hours, weekends and holidays.
  • Managed and improved Remedy Help-Desk System end-user satisfaction to ninety-two (92%) percent over previous two years before my arrival.


Senior Telecommunications Engineer

  • Managed Call Center relocation project - moving oversea call centers from Bagio Philipines and Pune India to Newark Delaware, with Main S8xxx servers located at Fishers and Muncie Indiana for Confidential
  • Installed, Configured and managed S87XX Servers, GX50 Gateways, Modular Messaging subscribers.
  • Administered and supported CMS Agent add, modifications.
  • Configured and upgraded Circuit Packs, Installed and configured CM 3.X/4.X/5.X and Avaya CCD agent desktop application.
  • Developed contact routing solutions; VDNs, Vectors, Scripting, based on change management requests. -Documented each solutions with pre-determined back-out plan.
  • Implemented corrections - Configuration changes, Stopping processes, Applying Code fixes to Routing Solutions: -Narrowed problems by root cause analysis with potential for impacting normal Routing flow of contacts for Business areas across the enterprise.
  • Recommended systems Configuration Changes to enhance reliability and performance.
  • Recommended new technologies for improvement to Call Centers (or Corporate wide function).
  • Planned and executed software and hardware changes, updates and upgrades.
  • Managed and corresponded with Vendors on problems, fixes and status updates.
  • Planned, implemented and managed Disaster Recovery.
  • Developed systems documentation for implemented procedures.

Confidential, New York, NY

Regional Solutions Engineer

PBX, VoIP Implementation, Administration and Maintenance:

  • Installed/configured Multi-vendor and Avaya S83XX//S85XX/S87XX servers, IP Office, G250, G350, G650, and G700, Avaya Gateways, Extreme, Cisco and Juniper switches; S3x00 Servers, Avaya Site Administration, Provision, VAL Manager, Contact Center, Modular Messaging, Intuity Audix, AES Servers, Multi-Site Networking, Q-Sig Integration, CAS, FXO/FXS, E&M, Call Center Programming (CMS, BCMS, Vectoring), and Third-Party Application Integration, ARS Routing, Uniform Dial-Plan, DS1 and ISDN programming-VoIP, SIP, MGCP, RTP, RTCP, H.323, IPSec, T1/T3, ISDN, CSU/DSU, PolyCom Audio/Video conferencing.
  • Troubleshot/repaired equipment malfunctions. Conducted SPARK trials installations for Sales team.
  • Managed potential or desired follow-up services (sales) or problem escalation.
  • Acted as company consultant in cross-disciplines and viewed as a consultant by customer.
  • Provided solutions to diverse range of complex problems.
  • Took ownership of escalations/troubled tickets to resolutions.
  • Provided Avaya Control Network Design and maintenance guidance.
  • Provided post sales, onsite & remote technical support of software, systems, sub-systems and/or applications for Avaya customers.
  • Provided centralized systems operational support, administration, installation of Gx50 gateways, S8x00 media Servers, S3x00 Modular Messaging Server and maintained telecommunications networks on existing customer and prospective Avaya clients’ environment.
  • Installed, relocated, tested and maintained lines and equipment of diverse telecommunications systems/networks in support of a multi-client, multi-vendor communication (Cisco, Extreme, and Juniper) system software/hardware environment. (e.g. token rings, routers, hubs, bridges, network management system, operating system, middleware, and network management applications).
  • Participated in the conduct of site studies for central and remote locations. Provided basic help desk support for the client areas.
  • Participated with vendors and common carriers during problem analysis/resolution as required.
  • Prepared and maintained standard operating procedures for the network, technical specifications and documents, drawings, system documentation including and operating manuals.
  • Assisted in the evaluation of vendor proposals and the benefits of changes in hardware, communications protocols, switching methods, access methods and tariffs, and in the procurement of software and equipment. Worked with limited guidance on projects within defined criteria.
  • Provided solutions to a diverse range of moderately complex problems.
  • Provided remote post-sales support of hardware systems, sub-systems and/or applications for customers or field personnel utilizing telephone and remote diagnostic capabilities.
  • Supported end-user installations, configurations, upgrades and migrations through problem isolation, verification, resolution and documentation.
  • Supported 3rd party products and occasional on-site support. Worked with limited guidance on projects within defined criteria.

Confidential, NY

Computer Network Specialist

  • Administered and maintained all client system, Windows 2000/2003 Server/Active Directory network infrastructures; ensured smooth and resilient infrastructure operations.
  • Provided third level technical support to all groups within Information Technology.
  • Created, modified and implemented client system standards across all platform environments, including application support standards and computer policy standards.
  • Approved and maintained all client hardware and software standards; managed and maintained all client solutions, including patch management, software management and security management; and provided support and guidance to Help Desk.
  • Managed, maintained and supported server environments, including product configuration documentation; provided third level technical support for network systems; and lead planning and implemented initiatives affecting systems and infrastructure.
  • Interacted with vendors, suppliers, and other department members; planned and implemented changes to supported application environments; managed and maintained all software licensing and service contracts; facilitated swift resolution of issues.
  • Provided External / Internal Help Desk support.
  • Performed maintenance for existing network infrastructure. Tested existing beta applications.
  • Provided Internal User Support; managed Tape Backup rotation Using VERITAS NetBackup.
  • Maintained Software Licensing & Inventory Tracking Data.
  • Coordinated & Managed Partner & Vendor Contact Lists and Sheets. Maintained & tested newest software & hardware drivers, patches, and updates.
  • Supported Resource Computers & Conference Room Equipment. Added / Removed User Access from the network. Packaged & Deployed Software Applications.

Confidential August

Title III Programs - Campus Network Support

  • Provided support for Windows 2000/2003 Server/Novell 5.X Data Center Environment. Designed or re-designed campus network schema.
  • Installed, Configured, Monitored and troubleshoot LAN/WAN networks Cisco 2500, 3550, 3560 series switches, 2600, 2800, 1800, 831 series routers. Completed server, desktop, router and firewall troubleshooting, maintained software through upgrades and patches.
  • Monitored backups, networks and Internet traffic. Liaison between client management and end users.
  • Configured and maintained the Campus network management (Peregrine) system, maintained the campus wide network security systems such as intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, and firewalls, and provide equipment/circuit health status as needed.
  • Assisted in campus wide server/network on-call issue resolution.
  • Assisted in developing documentation and maintained a database of training materials, network diagrams, configurations, circuits, and equipment inventory.
  • Performed network capacity planning and performance analyses in order to size the network properly.
  • Traveled night and weekends for work necessary on other hospital campuses within Delaware.
  • Provided on-the-spot recommendations for fixes to bring the LAN/WAN production components back on-line quickly and efficiently.
  • Performed upgrades to LAN/WAN; Circuit bumps, moves, terminations; Fluking Structured Cabling, patching.
  • Participated in 24/7 support with availability in the event of any escalations.
  • Determined appropriate standard testing routines or scripts; tested various voice or data equipment such as routers, switches, hubs or optical equipment, or multi-function switches, end offices, signaling transfer points, private branch exchanges (PBX), voice mail, and call management system, etc. for maintenance.

Confidential, Wilmington Delaware

Mini/Micro-Computer Network Specialist

  • Provided support for Banyan 7.11/Novell 4.XX/Windows 98/NT4.0 Server Environment/ExcelCare/Cronos software.
  • Installed and maintained network facilities, including hardware, software, networks of the DHSS hospital system.
  • Installed network applications on network servers and implemented IVR voice (Dragon Systems IVR) system; maintained, tested researched and resolved problems.
  • Evaluated Agency problems, identified and specified the application and/or systems requirements, evaluated vendor packages vis-à-vis needs, implemented required software or hardware.
  • Participated in the evaluation of new end user computing packages and equipment, implemented and tested prototypes, applied installation quality assurance tests, assured consistency with standards.
  • Assisted and helped train lower level specialists, nurse practioners, registered nurses and nursing aids. Worked with limited guidance on projects within defined criteria.
  • Provided solutions to a diverse range of moderately complex problems.
  • Provided technical support for internal and/or external DHSS agency stakeholders.
  • Provided technical leadership for problem escalation and resolution.

Confidential March 1995 - October 1997

Laboratory Technician/PC Network Analyst

Environment: Windows 3.1/Windows 98/Novell 3.XX

  • Provided operational support for desktop and LAN related computing.
  • Installed and supported desktop and LAN related hardware and software.
  • Installed hardware and or software required to accommodate new or relocated employees.
  • Reviewed & recommended changes in desktop and network strategies/products.
  • Monitored desktop and LAN security and compliance.
  • Performed analysis, designed and implemented desktops and networking environments.
  • Monitored adherence to corporate disaster recovery policy.
  • Performed testing & quality control functions to maximize system reliability and integrity.
  • Developed & maintained desktop and inventory documentation and configurations.
  • Provided training & documentation for new users.
  • Maintained appropriate inventory of repair/replacement hardware/software, and initiated purchases as required.
  • Monitored facilities and environment to ensure a safe secured operating environment.
  • Maintained cost analysis data and recommended more efficient methods/equipment where applicable.
  • Performed capacity planning functions.
  • Acted as a Liaison with hardware and software vendors for placing initial & change/repair orders.
  • Provided accurate time estimates and status reporting related to project implementation.
  • Diagnosed and resolved problems related to the operation of PC*s on the network.
  • Maintained contact with software/hardware vendors and internal customers to resolve technical and operational issues. Supported the user community with prompt, effective problem resolution.
  • Deployed and maintained end-user and laboratory computer equipment, printers, phones and mobile devices, and related systems.
  • Performed installations, services and repairs.
  • Managed equipment inventory, warranties and licensing. Provided technical support in activities associated with identification, prioritization, research, and resolution of reported problems using trouble- ticketing system

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