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Network Administrator/system Administrator Resume

Jacksonville, FloridA


  • 18 years experience as a Senior Systems Administrator, Project Coordinator, Senior Systems Analyst, Support Engineer and Technical Support Manager. Managed and led teams of up to 10 support personnel working to implement new customer solutions and resolving support issues with existing solutions.
  • As Lead System Administrator, lead a team’s migrating over 600 servers to multiple datacenter locations.
  • Expert knowledge of Windows OS 20002003/2008 Server,Windows Active Directory, VMware, Redhat Linux/UNIX and Sun/Solaris operating systems.
  • Hands on experience with Windows Exchange server and AD and exchange migrations to new platforms and domains.
  • Administration of NetApp, HP, EMC and IBM SAN storage units.
  • Expert hands on experience with both support and installations of PC/Server hardware, Datacenter cabling and wiring, VOIP, PBX, Applications, phone switches, MS 2000/2005/2008 SQL databases including Informix DB’s.
  • Versed in cutting edge server and database monitoring tools including BigFix, Qualys, Nagios, Tripware and Red Gate Toolbelt.
  • Apply the best of technology to improve existing products and systems.
  • Actively participate in team problem solving by proposing and constructing solutions that enable the ability to adapt quickly to changing circumstances, direction, and strategy. Excellent written and verbal communication skills.


  • Tune UNIX/Linux Kernels and compile UNIX programs to improve performance. Tune, install, administer and configure Windows Server 2000, 2003 and 2008r2. Create and edit UNIX/Linux shell scripts. Design, configure and installation of SCO, NCR, Redhat and SUSE UNIX/Linux operating systems on VMware clusters or standalone servers.
  • System Administer over twenty clustered datacenters consisting of 1000’s of servers from one data center location to multiple datacenters with mixed OS environments.
  • Migrating servers from one hardware brand to another. IE HP blade to Dell Blade.
  • Document and track of vendor management relationships between third party vendors.
  • Use of HP ILO and Dell Manage.
  • Manage and Maintain HP EVA and MSA SAN storage units.
  • Administration and deployment of Symantec’s Netbackup 6.5 and 7.5 software and tape management.
  • Install, Administer VMware deployments, installations, V2P, P2V and planning.
  • Administer MS exchange disaster recovery and tape backups including migrations from 2007 to 2010.
  • SharePoint database disaster recovery and tape backups including migrations to new versions.
  • Work with third party vendors for quality testing and implementation.
  • Design, test and implement disaster recovery plans for hardware and data.
  • Administering and supporting relational databases including Writing Advanced Informix, Microsoft 2000, 2005, 2008 SQL server, and Oracle and/or FoxBASE+ SQL statements.
  • Administer SQL monitoring software using RedGate and apply solutions to optimize the database performance.
  • Interpret network statistics, collision packet reports, and decode error and trace logs using Third party Network sniffer programs.
  • Relocate upwards of 50 call centers with over 400+ client’s stations and 10+ Linux/UNIX Windows servers.
  • Configure, test and trouble shoot T1, Frame Relay and ISDN connections
  • Install and Configure and test Local and Wide Area Networks using TCPIP, Net Bios. DNS, DHCP, VOIP.
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot a variety of telephone switches. Avaya G3, Avaya Call visor, Meridian, Nortel, Aspect and DMS100.
  • Develop and troubleshoot user scripts written in MS Visual Basic and/or Advanced Scripting specific for call center telemarketing.
  • Load and administer Windows NT, 2003, 2008, XP and Vista based systems including Confidential proprietary and Microsoft applications.
  • Advance knowledge of call center Technical knowledge including advance reporting, data management, and cost control.
  • Speech analytics with SERTAINTY. Using sophisticated speech recognition technology.
  • Wygant's Encore call recording solution or other major recording vendors on the market..
  • Create call center network layouts using Visio and PowerPoint



Network Administrator/System Administrator

  • Strategic planning, monitoring and project management to ensure the proper design, implementation and operation of technology resources in order to maximize system availability and performance.
  • Administration of RedHat Linux Servers; Network administration / technical support; Administration of Microsoft 2003/2008 Servers; Administration of Virtual Servers; SAN administration
  • Build automated systems and software installation packages for servers and workstations, Apache Web Server, and DNS
  • Support and Administer Alfresco deployment and installations.
  • Responsible for all backups and restores of mission critical systems and applications.
  • Design, implement, test and troubleshoot application systems, Lotus Notes E - Mail & Applications and Windows and Linux based server infrastructures
  • Install new software releases, system upgrades, evaluate and install patches and resolve related problems
  • Perform system backups and recovery
  • Maintain data files and monitor system configuration to ensure data integrity
  • Install, maintain, and perform firmware upgrades of server class hardware (IBM preferred)
  • Manage an Antivirus corporate infrastructure (Symantec Endpoint preferred)
  • Define instructions and pre-established guidelines to perform the functions of network and operations datacenter
  • Assure system documentation including detailed descriptions of the system components
  • Performs maintenance of network and application security
  • Lead projects using PMI Project Management Methodologies
  • Coordinate PCI Vulnerability scans and remediation of issues identified by these scans
  • Assist in after-hours support

Confidential, Jacksonville, Florida

Lead System Administrator

  • Responsible for managing mixed OS environment 300 UNIX servers, primarily Redhat Linux (version 4, 5, and 6) and 30Windows Server 2008 r2 running on standalone blade servers and VMware configurations.
  • Support all HP and DELL Blade servers and enclosures
  • Acted as a liaison with internal and external customers to document and track of vendor management relationships
  • Project coordination of migration of servers between datacenters, coordinate new incoming customer needs. This included server sizing, placement and access following the guidelines of both the business model and client’s needs.
  • Install, configure and support ESX VMware hosts/clients.
  • Administer MS exchange disaster recovery and tape backups including migrations from 2007 to 2010.
  • SharePoint database disaster recovery and tape backups including migrations to new versions.
  • Responsible for VeritasNetbackup 6.5 and 7.0 for Backups on 300 servers.
  • Manage two versions of HP SAN storage, MSA and EVA drive arrays in two data centers with 600 plus drives in each one.
  • Lead System admin for 10 persons on the offshore team in India and Philippians.
  • Responsible for capacity planning the migration of two data centers from Jacksonville FL and Raleigh NC to Boston MA and Chicago.
  • Responsible for writing documents for knowledge base and technical reference guides for other system administrators to follow for trouble shooting, installation of new OS and upgrades.
  • Key lead in moving and converting 100 plus HP blade servers from Hp hardware to Dell hardware including migrating most to a cloud VMWARE environment if applicable.

Confidential, Jacksonville Florida

Senior Systems Analyst


  • Apply ITIL standards to current business procedures and practices.
  • Manage logistics for 3037 enterprise level servers, including clusters, clouds, disaster recovery and Virtual Servers.
  • Liaison between Disney, IBM, Sun and HP by scheduling 30+ system administrators for critical patch deployment.
  • Determine risk assessment and business impact for critical updates.
  • Maintain database of deployed updates and server software versions by combining BigFix, Qualys and TripWire reports.
  • Provide executive management weekly status reports detailing risk analysis and critical vulnerability.
  • Design Reports using Business Objects and Excel for other departments for use in determining business outages and risk probabilities.

Confidential, Jacksonville Florida

Systems Analyst

  • Current System Analyst position required a relocation of 537 IBM, HP, Dell and Solaris servers from Quincy, Massachusetts to Minneapolis, Minnesota and Jacksonville, Florida.
  • Determining best cost effectiveness solutions for the server migration to HP460 blade servers.
  • Installing and configuring VMWARE (VSphere), RedHat Linux 4.0, 5.0, Windows 2008 R2 if the application could not comply with current technology Windows 2003.
  • SAN architecture was redeployed, calculated and best practices applied using HP Storage Works on 45 database and Web Application blade enclosures.
  • Network TCPIP specifications, DNS re-hosting and active directory tasks where scheduled and implemented.
  • Coordination of this project completely remote by using Microsoft Communicator and Microsoft Open Live Meeting via my home office working in conjunction with 12 others my direct team.
  • Track project using the latest tools from Microsoft Project, Share data using SharePoint and create and deploy ever changing application and environment requirements.

Confidential, Jacksonville Florida

Technical Support Engineering Manager

  • Provide guidance and assistance to 6 technical support technicians and 3 System Analysts.
  • Streamline communications between clients and development team.
  • Introduce new product releases to customers.
  • Make recommendations to clients for hardware and software upgrades.
  • Manage troubleshooting ticketing software.
  • Create and maintain trouble shooting resolution database.
  • Maintain troubleshoot and install Windows 2003/ 2008
  • Troubleshoot and maintain Linux Based client firewalls and data clusters
  • Install operating systems - Linux, Windows and database servers
  • Manage 20 plus call center moves and relocations, Including moving 100+ client stations and 10 plus servers each move, includes cabling to end use.
  • Consult and advise clients on call center improvements from database to call script and reports.

Confidential, Dulles Virginia

Senior Product Support Engineer/ Systems Analyst

  • Provide senior engineer level support and complex problem resolution assistance to Technical Support Engineers requesting troubleshooting assistance, custom scripting and root cause diagnosis.
  • Act as a liaison between Engineering, Product Support Engineers and Technical Support Engineers requesting assistance for complex or unresolved problems according to procedure.
  • Provide status updates to management, TSEs, engineering, and customers throughout escalated problem resolution process NCR UNIX, SCO UNIX, Linux Red Hat, and UNIX Ware-install, configure and administer.
  • Windows 2003 server - Install, monitor and analyze server resources to ensure optimal performance. Networks - Gateways, switches and routers - Cisco, 3com, HP. Telephony - Inbound and Outbound call center technology. T-1 - troubleshoot, set up and design, troubleshooting and fault isolation.
  • VOIP - install, configure and support VOIP using frame relay, ISDN, internet and /or T-1's and DS3's. SQL databases- MS-SQL server, Informix, Oracle, DBAccess- Design, administer, support and troubleshoot database structures including fault tolerant technology, RAID, duplexing and mirroring. Setup and design fault tolerance and emergency backup plans for server farms.
  • Represent Customer Operations in product release meetings and make decisions based on operational needs to be included in new products. Work on new release testing and bug fixes. This includes Q&A of all releases and procedures to insure that Field Support Engineers would not encounter any installation issues while on site.
  • Assists development in testing and certifying new hardware and software.
  • Plan, manage, and implement complex technical installation and migration projects. This includes all facets of a call center. Inbound and outbound T1 lines to predictive dialer, to PBX to client stations to server to the local and wide area networks. This including working with customers third party venders and holding daily progress conference calls with management.
  • Conduct classroom training for customers and field engineers on all new hardware and product releases.
  • Travel to customer sites to conduct on-site training which included administering, configuring and maintaining the call center dialer. Customer was taught to configure the dialer for maximum return on their investment, receiving training on database queries, Script Building using Visual Basic, and Excel/DBAccess for custom reporting.
  • Provide technical assistance and training to first and second level support staff
  • Write, review and edit all documentation for installation and configuration for new software releases, third party software installations and hardware. Ensure company security standards and document guidelines are adhered to.

Product Support Engineer/ Systems Analyst


  • Provided senior level technical support and complex problem resolution assistance to CSE's, training staff, engineering and customers.
  • Liaison between Engineering and CSE's requesting assistance for complex or unresolved problems according to procedure.
  • Provided status reports to management, CSE's engineering and customer throughout escalated problem resolution process.
  • Attend product release meetings and participate in conference calls representing Customer Support interests Preformed various administrative functions including report generation, log and database maintenance, ticket analysis, trend reporting, and updating procedures.
  • Deliver occasional classroom or on the job training to CSE's in specific areas or expertise

Technical Support Engineer/ Systems Analyst



  • Provided 1st and 2nd tier support for customers requesting assistance for complex or unresolved problems according to procedure.
  • Report and assist Product Support Engineers in performing various administrative functions including report generation, log and database maintenance, ticket analysis, trend reporting, and updating procedures

System Engineer,


  • As a System Engineer, installed, configured, added expansions, upgrades and repairs to Windows and UNIX based server hardware and software.
  • Configured troubleshoot and installed Call Center Networks and Telephony systems and components. WANs, LANs T1's. Ds3 etc.

Confidential, Jacksonville, Florida

Technical Support Engineer

  • Provide Technical Customer support for Windows, Dos and Macintosh.
  • Progressed from entry level tech to senior call center tech in one year.
  • Received award and bonus for lowest call time per customer support call.
  • Multiple awards for excelling in Team Building skills and customer service

Confidential, Jacksonville, Florida

Support and Installation

  • Maintained and trouble shot network LAN's.
  • Installed and supported desktop Personal computers network printers, scanner, modems, Trouble shot common office network and user issues

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