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System Administrator Resume

Philadelphia, PA


MCSE candidate with diverse background in System administration and Network operations, seeking for Full time position, experience working in Government, private, banking, academic Strengths includes:

  • Project management · Cross functional teaming
  • IT infrastructure management · Customer interface/service
  • Training and mentoring · Conflict resolution skills
  • Organization/multi - tasking skills · Migration /deployment

System Administrator


  • Administer network devices such as virtual servers and physical servers, router and sw itches
  • Troubleshot, configure and manage roaming profile and shares folders in window 2008
  • Manage shares access to file servers, create modify user account in AD as requeted
  • Manage, Data center, Host, Mirtual machine and guest operating system via Vcenter 4.0
  • Install and configure Vsphere 4.0,sqlserver,Vphere client, Vcenter, for testing purposes
  • Create server documentation for servers in MS Visio , create network diagram and other procedure
  • Configure what’s’up gold configuration to monitor network traffic, notify admins, and perform all sorts of configuration such as threshold, Action policy, alerts, and active monitor . Administer E x change, Domain controller, file server, W eb server, print server, backup server, and Pro x y server.
  • Create and manage projects for all IT Projects in MS projects 2010. Develop procedures and methodology for Projects and manages all phase such as server cleanup, group policy implementation.Monitor and manage Virtual servers. Window 2008and2003 via V-Sphere client. Perform maintenance on all server and desktop via SCCM . Manages all network device performance via what’s up Gold IP Switch and OpenManage Essentials. Manages backup via backup exec, and restore data as requested.

Senior System Administration

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Provide leadership, planning, implementation, maintenance and support of the DHS Network Infrastructure. responsibilities of management included Monitoring T1-T3 circuit bandwith and IP management system via the Web, also monitor all switches, routers port security alert maintain connectivityIDS, servers - domain controllers, various application servers such as, file servers, print servers, SharePoint server and deployment server. Manage AD, Exchange server, Project server, BES , Share-Point server and support all aspect for E-mail administration and Blackberry account for mobile users. Manages develop, create and managed user account via AD and Share-Point 2010 .Monitor and ensure all deployment servers such ( Bigfix ) have updated all desktop and servers with necessary biweekly security patches. perform constant research and conduct weekly meeting to meet clients objective. Develop, initiate and manage, projects as needed or requested from clients. Monitor all server log/queue and event viewer for any alerts and problems. Troubleshot technical issue with all servers, desktop, blackberry, laptop, encryption, VPN , air-card. Participated in yearly disaster recovery exercises. Performed server rebuild, upgrade, ghost re-image installation and repair. Analyze and Test backup restore and recovery on a regular basis, support the day-to-day operations of the DHS network infrastructure. work directly with team to improve work-group processes. serve as a project manager and manage all project life cycle from beginning to end

Site System Administrator/Engineer

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Assisted Federal staff on technical issues with cases on the BPLS database. Manage overall network operation, responded to inquiries on issues relating to account reset and other network device issues. Implements and maintains Windows servers such as Fax server, file servers, routers, network printers and other network devices. Manage user account via active directory, system manager and BES . Monitor and manage firewalls and backup servers via Backup exec .v12 . Provided system administration to insure the appropriate installation, support and maintenance of operating systems.develop and maitain processes work-flow. Manage the up time and operations of primary computer systems. Technologies supported include primarily Dell hardware on Windows platform with a blended infrastructure of virtual and physical technologies. Implement disaster recovery testing on backup tape. Manage and modify Access database, pull reports as needs, supported VMware /Vsphere servers, and monitor logs through VMinformer tool serve as a project manager and manage all project life cycle from beginning to end

Application System Eng/Administrator

Langhorne , PA

Supported over 1200 users with technical issues on different application platform, assist with what is needed to perform daily operation. Utilize Citrix to remotely connect to user PC and assist with technical issues. walked and educated user through resolution. Create, manage, and reset all user account. worked with other parties in resolving issues if required. Manage all application and hardware performance. walked user through application training and developed on going projects on creating procedure and guideline to improve organization needs .Manage Micros, Dephi and Opera software

Network system Engineer

Confidential, Blue Bell, PA

Monitor all servers, routers, switches, firewall performance. Performed research, and develop projects as needed. Monitor and managed on-site and off-site data-center for DHS , respond to all inquiries pertaining to servers issues and outage and notify all management. Provided second level support for complex problems related to Windows/Intel system software and operating systems; trouble shots (analyzing reports for production problems) and resolves problems or, if unable to resolve, escalates further for resolution

System Administrator / Technical specialist

Confidential, Philadelphia, PA

Monitored all data center network devices, such a server, switches, generators,T1, line circuit and more via HPopenview . Mantaintained and troubleshhot all Windows servers, system software, operating systems event log as well as all backup and recovery procedures ensuring that the software is maintained at the desired release .level via SCCM, Assisted the implementation of newly-developed and/or purchased network devices, such firewall, HP backup and servers . Monitors system activities and fine tunes system parameters to optimize performance via,IDS and Perfmon

System administrator Loan Pro / Techmical specialist

Horsham , PA

Maintained functional knowledge of the data itself for case management system assist with projects and coordinate all activities. Monitor Scanning system, ensure system is scanning each file to the right case number Working properly and sending notification to each case, Assist with all technical issue with lending application used on environment. General support of overall technical infrastructure related to assigned server environment. Manage all user account and hardware devices

System Administrator, System Engineering

Confidential, Bristol, PA

Managed and monitor all Network performance, such as backup servers, file servers, UPS, Generators, routers, switches. Installed rack and organized cyber -center resources, assist clients with all request pertain to software performance. Assisted and troubleshooting all types of issues related to servers, routers, and other peripheral devices. Performed systems analysis, software evaluation Provides recommendations for improving the server environment, i.e. capacity thresholds, security gaps, patch levels, and hardware recalls. Coordinates with Operations personnel to maintain a current set of system software documentation for all Windows/Intel platforms, manage, and modify Access database, pull queries, and reports as needs

Financial account Specialist\Administrator

Confidential, Philadelphia Pa

Managed all user account on banking system, assist with all inquiries and request on financial transaction. Assist and manage all client account, documentation and Support for all related issues through client operating platforms. Reset acct for user. Support user terminal accessing mainframe resources

System Administrator, Technical Specialist Transworld Mortgage

Gladwyne, PA

Implement technology. Manage network devices such as severs, printer, desktop, and switches, Maintain all application performance and mange user account .Installs, maintains, and modifies develop new strategic and trained users on new software all programs required, assist all staff with technical issue and assist with all incoming documentation, ensure access database is being updated properly, ensure all scan documents are recorded. administer the servers alert and, install configure and maintain server performance serve as a project manager and manage all project life cycle from beginning to end


Operating system used: MS Operating system 2003/2007/ XP , Vista Novel, Exchange 2003, Active Directory 2003

Application system used: Microsoft office suite /97/2007, Fax press, Citrix, logic, Backup exec.11-12 MacAfee PC Anywhere, Identix, Remedy, Remote Desktop, Apps Manager. Adobe suites /VLan GEMS, NFTS, Imanager, Blackberry Enterprise System (BES ), Ms Outlook Cisco VPN Nortel SQL Server, Sonic Wall HP Open view, Heat, Ghost imaging, VMware /Vsphere , VMinformer , Symantec EVault ,Autotask . SharePoint

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