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Telecomm Network Engineer Resume



  • As an accomplished Team leader, in both military and civilian employment, I recognize the need for decisive but yet economical solutions to complex challenges facing today’s industries.
  • Developed and put into operation systematic and methodical countermeasures to accommodate customer’s evolving needs and aggressive scheduling.


  • I offer a multifaceted skill - set and keen insight within the field of Communication and Navigation, Industrial Control, and Telecommunication Optical Networks.
  • I specialize in Research and Development of possess qualification and implementation, software/ firmware validation, and hardware reliability analysis.

Knowledge /Innovation:

  • Over twenty years of professional experience working in a broad field of Technology and Avionic, I possess an extensive and advanced knowledge base which has prepared me to be highly adaptable and capable of offering immediate contribution.
  • I am a highly competitive and proactive individual, often tasked by management to find innovative measures to increase productivity and cost reduction.

Interpersonal/Work Ethnics:

  • I am a highly motivated and reliable individual with high expectation for achievement and commitment to success.
  • As a Team Leader, I value high morale, constant communication, trust and readiness with high regards and a blueprint to a positive team performance.


Telecomm Network Engineer

  • Hired and promoted to team-lead within 3 months and managed over 30 Technicians within our production and RMA process.
  • Promoted to NPI (Engineering) researching and developing Network equipment for systems such as: Photonic layer (6500, WSS, Colorless, MSPP, and ROADM), Switching (Centaur, Core director, DWDM, and TDM) Edge (CN4200), Transport (Core stream).
  • Vast knowledge of OSI layers 0-4 and services (OTN, SONET, Packets, and Ethernet).
  • Advanced skills in troubleshooting Network faults within LAN/WAN/Metro at both system and production level.
  • Extensive software knowledge and usage with VxWorks, Linux, Window, CLI, ProComm, TeraTerm, Agile; System level software: TLI, Node Manger Interface, etc…
  • Created and published technical documentation establishing test and process procedures


Avionic Communication & Navigation Specialist

  • Promoted to Flight Chief with the command of 40 troops which earned honor flight status.
  • Promoted to Dorm Chief with the responsibility and accountability of over 20 Air Force personnel.
  • Assume Responsibility and Accountability of testing, inspecting, troubleshooting, repairing, and operating mission critical and high value military assets in accordance with technical documentations.
  • In charge of systems such as: Communication (HF, VHF, UHF, SatCom, Surveillance, Frequency hopping, secure voice, etc…); Navigation (TACAN, RADAR, VOR, GPS, Crypto devices, Beacon system, etc…).


Service Manager

  • Hired as a technician and promoted to Service Manager.
  • Responsibilities included maintain and control of inventory; report directly to the company president; directed and coordinated daily operation with personnel assignments; Increase sales and productivity by establishing a first-class customer rapport.
  • Tested, troubleshoot, repaired, and maintained office equipment such as: facsimiles, printers, computers, copiers, routers, etc…
  • Certified Canon, Brother, Konica, and HP Technician.


Industrial Control Technician

  • Maintain, troubleshoot, and repair Industrial components such as: robotic controllers, laser scanners, switches, conveyors, scales, PLC, 3 phase motors, etc.

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