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Senior Network Engineer Resume

Washington, DC

Professional Experience


  • Sr. NMS HP Tools Engineer/Team lead within Confidential team framework supporting multiple premier accounts. Assess network monitoring needs and determine future tool requirements Document NMS application process flow and administration Perform NMS Application installations and configurations. Perform operational testing of NMS Applications. Perform as necessary NMS Application production transition. Perform as necessary NMS Application redundancy configuration Implement Confidential load balanced, redundant or fail over instance of NMS Applications as appropriate. Assess NMS program state, correct any identified issues, recommend any identified optimizations or enhancements perform application System file configuration changes work with HP tools product developers to troubleshoot and debug code issues for customer issues
  • Assist with the research and evaluation of new NMS applications and system solutions for HP software application network management projects for multiple operating systems, Linux, Windows, HPUNIX and VMware systems in Confidential LAN/WAN network enterprise infrastructure.
  • Propose HP Tools technical software solutions directly to HP partners and enterprise services engineers assigned to multiple sites.
  • Provide consulting for HP Tool software infrastructure to include the following applications: Advanced Network Node Manager I including integrations with BSM, Network Automation, Network Metrics Performance server, Quality Assurance and Traffic Monitoring software SPIs.
  • Perform integration of HP Openview tools and maintenance, build, test and release associated versions with managing and reporting of networks, systems and services utilizing NNMi integrations with BSM, Universal Configuration Management Database (uCMDB), Discovery and Dependency Mapping (DDM), Sitescope integration, Operations Manager for Windows (OMW)(OMU) Integrations and

Performance Insight including all the following integration processes:

  • Install, deploy and maintain discovery jobs; troubleshoot access or debug code and/or scripting errors as needed
  • Install and troubleshoot Operations Agents on Windows and UNIX servers.
  • Create, edit, deploy and troubleshoot Operations Manager policies.
  • Configure and troubleshoot network discovery, polling and event alarming mechanisms.
  • Install and configure the iSPIs and MIBs.
  • Develop, deploy and troubleshoot performance reports and custom reports.
  • Install, configure and troubleshoot service targets and service objectives and remote probes.
  • Create, deploy and troubleshoot HTTP transaction service targets.
  • Provided support on Confidential Federal contract for the NSA for Operations Manager (OMU/OMW) and NNMi products for several years before joining the NNMi product support group.


Held SCI Clearance

  • Sr. Network Engineer under contract to the AF executive command network systems technical teams providing complex C4ISR WAN/LAN networking projects for Air Force One aircraft and executive airlift command voice/LAN/WAN rnetwork infrastructure
  • Primary duties were to perform hands-on engineering development under the 789 th AF Sam fleet lab for design, test and implementation of detailed, multiple networked systems. Propose designs directly to military officers for approval. Provided tier III troubleshooting for the networks to include the following: Cisco 3640VPN series routers, 2811 VPN series routers, 7200 series routers, Calalyst 2900 series switches, KG-175 (Taclane) encryption devices, Harris wireless encryption devices, AES software/hardware, KIV-7s, Mentat Skyx Satellite enhancement devices, Cisco PIX 525 and 515 series firewalls, NET Promina 800, NET Shout 900 VoIP, Cisco VoIP, Expand Accelerators, DS-3, T-1, ISDN BRI/PRI circuits and all related hardware/software for the network voice/LAN/WAN infrastructure.
  • Manage small contract of six and military teams to integrate network management systems for several military NOC sites which serve as the ground entry point support for the aircraft. Conduct fault isolation on network related problems and assure quality of service for wide-area communication links
  • Provided senior level project support to the 789 th comm squadron and multiple AF sites to include working with the Boeing aircraft Internet service provider, McChord Air Force Base NOC, Executive Office of the President and WHCA.
  • Perform complete installations and configuration of HP Openview NNM, CiscoWorks RWAN and DNS services on Win2k servers and Sun Solaris servers for all infrastructure network management
  • Provide Tier III support and assistance to the 789 th Com Squadron for the Mystic Star Network and the Executive Office of the president for WAN and Secure Video Teleconferencing installations and router configurations.

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior Network Engineer

Held SCI clearance

  • Primary duties included the installation, configuration and troubleshooting for Cisco 2500, 2600, 7200 series Cisco routers, Catalyst 1900, 2900 and 5000 series switches and related software for the State Department’s Global WAN/LAN infrastructure. Routing protocols utilized include EIGRP.
  • Provide operations support for all Cisco routers and Cisco switches to include, conducting fault isolation of network device faults and fault isolation on circuit related problems for WAN communication links
  • Provide network installation and troubleshooting from the NOC working remotely with customers at overseas Embassies and various lSPs; replaced faulty network related equipment; configured and installed network devices for remote locations.
  • Served as systems security officer (ISSO) in performing the planning and implementation of the global security configuration of Cisco Catalyst switches for the Network Intrusion division utilizing Cisco SPAN and ACS/TACACS+. Also implemented additional security utilizing encryption on Cisco routers via classic DES and ACLs
  • Performed the complete installation and setup of CiscoSecure (TACACS) on HP/NT platform for all Cisco routers and switches
  • Provided Cisco technical support and assistance to the State Department’s ISP Office (DTSPO) for WAN installations and Cisco router configurations. Cisco router WAN configuration support included: X.25 over Hughes Packet switched network, Frame Relay, DDR, PPP, ISDN/BRI and channelized T-1s. Enterprise Network Management System Tools utilized were HP Openview’s Network Node Manager 6 and Ciscoworks 2000 RWAN on an HP Unix platform.

Confidential, Washington DC

Senior SystemsAdministrator

Held SCI Clearance

  • Certified Novell Engineer (CNE) for eight years with five years of Microsoft Server/client systems providing design, configuration and troubleshooting for the Secretary of the Senate’s campus LAN/WAN.
  • Performed the team management migration of Confidential 500 node campus LAN from Netware Ndirectory Services 4 to Windows NT along with the migration of Confidential Cabletron switched infrastructure to Confidential Cisco 5000 series switching infrastructure.
  • Responsibilities also included providing all network planning. installation, hardware configuration, and upgrades directly to the Assistant Secretary of the Senate.
  • Performed traffic monitoring, troubleshooting and assisted Cabletron on Confidential FDDI (fiber backbone design) which spanned between Senate office buildings.
  • Utilized Cabletron switches and MMAC hubs
  • Held DoE TS/SCI while at the Senate


Network Cable Technician/Installer

  • Performed complete installations and maintenance of cabling infrastructure for the commercial sector, the Pentagon, CIA, and Bolling Air Force Base.
  • Provided installation support for Ethernet, Token-Ring and fiber optics.
  • Extremely involved with all data cabling installation standards for client/server data systems to include wiring hubs and patch-panel wiring standards.
  • Also performed several installations of ROLM phone systems.

Summary of Technical Skills

Principal Network Engineer (Was certified CCNP/CCNA for 8Years) Provide data network infrastructure design, installation, configuration and troubleshooting of Cisco routers and switches; 2500, 2600, 2811, 3640VPN, 7206vxr, Catalyst 1900, 2900, 5000, 5500: provided security implementations via ACS TACACS+ and Cisco PIX firewalls. Routing protocols utilized include EIGRP WAN circuit experience includes Frame Relay, DDR, PPP, ISDN/PRI + BRI, channelized T-ls and DS-3s.

Perform complete installations and setup of HP Tool network management systems running on Win2K servers, Win2K Professional workstations and Sun Solaris V240 UNIX servers

Data cabling - install, troubleshoot and maintain cabling infrastructure for the commercial sector, the Pentagon, the CIA and Bolling Air Force Base, including Ethernet, Token-Ring and fiber optics.

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